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The Best Highlights for Black Hair – Vivid Colors

Black is beautiful and what can be more beautiful than straight, sleek black hair? Well, highlights for black hair of course. Highlights that give visual texture to a sleek and classic bob, lowlights that add depth to sleek lack hair. We love color and color just loves beautiful black hair.

If you are ready to cross to the dark side or are already here, this article gives the freshest and best ideas on how to mix in color to your onyx tresses.

Mind you, black is not simply black – not in the fashion and style world.

Types of Black Hair Colors

Black has many variations, beginning with natural inky black hair ala Kim Kardashian. Then there’s the blue-black shade that is a tad shy of reflecting deep indigo that is the stuff of anime lovers all over.

For those with lighter skin tones and light-colored eyes, an elvish and intense blue-black hair is especially eye-catching. There are of course other reflective black hair colors such as ones that have warmer red undertones and those with icy metallic undertones.

Whether you are sporting natural black hair or dyed, straight or curly, what matters most is that you love your style. Remember, style is a personal statement and a means for self-expression. Buckle the trend if that is not meant for you. As long as you want it and you are at ease, that will always be fresh and trendy.

Stay Vivid – Taking Care of Your Black Hair Color

Personal style statements aside, some technical know-how is important to maintaining the vivid inkiness of black hair. Nobody wants a dull and frumpy color, right? here’s how to retain your hair color, the highlights for black hair, and just hair in general.

Use the Right Dyes

If you are not a natural ebony beauty, care and maintenance begin at the very beginning and that is when you dye your hair. Your dime store bottled dye will be markedly different from the one your colorist uses. So if you think your hair and looks are worth an investment, go to a trustworthy salon or colorist.

Cooler H20

Use cooler water when shampooing. Also, after dyeing your hair, lay off the shampoo for at least 72 hours. If you have naturally light-colored hair and just crossed the dark dye side, then avoid shampooing too much. Shampoo strips away the hair’s natural oils and that includes the black dye too.

Deep Conditioning is a Must

Condition, condition, condition. We are not just talking about a leave-in conditioner. Go for deep conditioners and conditioning processes. If you don’t have the time, then a moisturizing hair mask is your next bet.

Avoid Breakage

Use less friction on the hair by using cloth-covered hair accessories and avoid styles that will pull the hair too much.

Less Heat, Less Wet

When using the blowdryer, use cold air. Avoid swimming pools and don’t shampoo your hair too often. During autumn and winter, hair becomes more prone to breakage, especially curly hair. So use a ceramic brush and brush your hair gently.

Rethink Your Style

If your hair is brittle and damaged, let is rest before getting another dye job. If you still want to be as stylish as ever, go for a haircut rather than changing your hair color. Also, shorter hair is more manageable – something you can take into consideration.

Fashionable Highlights for Black Hair | Freshen Up Your Style

Black may be staid, but it’s time to freshen up the inkiness with sexy and alluring. Play with colorful highlights or tone down with lowlights for subtlety. No matter what color undertones you choose or haircut of choice you want your highlights to accentuate, take one of our ideas and go see your colorist.

Spark up your style!

Trendy Shaggy Stacked Bob with Dirty Blonde Highlights

The shaggy and textured bob that goes from short to longish is a young and fresh take on the otherwise staid lob. The somewhat messy look is accentuated by the dirty blonde highlights that give the perfect punk vibe to this style.

Beautiful Layered lob with Peacock Highlights

We just adore the peacock colors in this image – beautiful glossy strands of cobalt, aqua, and shiny violets that truly give dramatic highlights. The cut is modern and young, the curls are aft around the edges, and did we already mention the lustrous colors? Yeah, we can’t stop talking about it.

Ash Blonde Highlights to Subtle Sombre and Bold Reds

Black hair is a natural canvas for all kinds of highlights.


Gorgeous Cascade of Mahogany Highlights on Black Sleek Hair

The hairstyle of a black-haired goddess and those mahogany highlights just made darker so much more beautiful. Enhancing the ebony tresses, the rich brown highlights accentuates the sleek hair that softly rounds into gentle curls. Love it! We can just imagine HRH Kate, Duchess of Cambridge wearing this style this season.

Sweet But Sexy Honey Blonde Highlights

The layers give visual depth to the cut while the honey blonde highlights add a softer and more feminine touch, making the style absolutely alluring. It’s a temptation you would want to indulge in.

Trendy Ash Blonde Highlights

Not exactly a cold-brew look but somewhat nearer and the ash blonde highlights give teh caffeine-touch. However, the lighter blonde lowlights give the style a younger and fresher vibe. You can be at home on the campus or the couch with these beautiful highlights for black hair.

Bold and Sassy Magenta Highlights

Not really a dip-dyed job, but the stark difference of the bold magenta highlights leave a vivid and dramatic image. We recommend the style for winter. When everyone is shivering to their icy blonde highlights, you will be fiery and fierce in these reds.

Trendy Highlights for Black Hair – Sleek and Sexy

Straight and sleek may be one of the most popular styles for black hair and why not. From Angelina Jolie to Morticia Addams, we love our dames and babes in black. Check out these trendy highlights that can take sexy sleek black hair to ultra-sassy and suave in a heartbeat.

Lovely Blonde Babylights for Layered Black Hair

The center parting gives a visual edge to the style while the mix of summer to amber blonde highlights add a layer of depth.

Chillin’ with Cold Brew Babylights

Think of your favorite caffeine-laden morning drink with just the perfect dash of milk and ice and you have cold brew. A mix of ashy blonde highlights with a touch of espresso help make these colors the trendiest colors of the season.

Easy Sleek Layers in Deep Browns

Highlights are a mix of deep to mid browns that play up the dark hair vibe. Something simple and easy to maintain, the haircut included.

Chunky Blonde Highlights

Highlights are in chunks of hair rather than painted on like a balayage. The blonde color stands out in deep contrast to the black base hair color.

Glossy Multi-Colored Highlights

All-Over Chunky Highlights

Highlights are interspersed all over the hair which adds a volumizing effect. 

Stunning Hues of Green Highlights

Gorgeous Green Chunky Highlights

The hair is sectioned into chunks and the gregarious green color is applied to give a vivid effect. Do you want drama? Here you go. Do you want attention? You will get it. A truly alluring style that is reminiscent of sirens. 

Dramatic Aqua Marine Highlights for Sleek Black Hair

Neon Green and Everything Nice


Young and Fresh – The Best Ribbon Highlights for Black Hair

Ribbon highlights work best with curly or wavy hair. If you want to another stylish element to your cascade of curls, go for ribbon highlights which are very similar to balayage (the handpainted coloring technique that will probably never go out of style).

Ribbon highlights for black hairstyles not only add visual depth that gives a dazzling effect. Your curls look way sexier and the vibe is a pure style diva.

Warm Beautiful Browns

From chestnut to honey, you have a beautiful mix of warm undertones from the brown family. The ribbon highlights just accentuate the soft curls and will surely be an attention-getting element for teh season’s parties.

Stunning and Bold Chestnut Ribbon Highlights

Wow! We are speechless and in love with the curls, the black hair all divvied up with chestnut ribbon highlights. It’s love at first fashion sight.

Sassy and Blonde Ribbon Highlights

Queen Bey always have the best looks and ribbon highlights on her curvaceous curls? Flawless!

Magnificent Magenta Ribbon Highlights for Black Hair

There is something truly stunning about reddish-purple hair. We absolutely love the combination.

Pretty Gingerbread Brown Ribbon HighlightsEasy Light Blonde Ribbon Highlights

Radical Chic Ash and Gray Ribbon Highlights

Ash blonde highlights with a smattering of gray? yes, please.

Stunning Caramel Ribbon Highlights

Dramatic and Striking Cobalt Blue Ribbon Highlights

This dramatic blue balayage is simply stunning. Add the visual delight that is cobalt and we all end up with superlatives. We cannot stop hyping the color and the style.

Sexy Sombré Highlights for Black Hair

A softer lighting technique compared to the ombré. The colors are subtle and expect some lightening at the ends rather than at the roots.

Stunning in Subtle BlondeSoft Honey Highlights for Black Hair

Warm Blonde Undertones for Sombré Highlights

The subtle ribbon-like effect is just gorgeous. But what we love is the light touch of honey ombré in the highlights. Beautiful without the drama.

Sombré HighlightsLight Brown

Chocolate Sombré Highlights

Subtle Light Natural Brown Sombré Highlights


Big Trendy Highlights for Short Black Hair

Short hairstyles become more dramatic with darker hues. We cannot really put a finger on why short and dark elements just make a sexy and dangerous combination. But one thing we can all agree on, short black hair is always stunning!

California Blonde Highlights on a Playful Pixie

Pixie cuts are always pretty but the California summer streaks add visual drama and add volume. It’s naughty play rather than just simply pretty.

Sophisticated Blonde Chunky Highlights for a Classic Stacked Bob

Audacious Auburn Highlights for a Modern Pixie

The pixie cut is sexy and messy and just the perfect length for a versatile style that can go pretty to punk depending on your mood.

Trendy and Rad Firebird Red Faux Hawk

Avant-garde style is both trendy and dramatic – both the cut and the colors.

Blonde Highlights for Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Nothing subtle about these highlights – it’s shouting blonde in all caps and at the top of its fashionable lungs. We love the classic but edgy haircut. And the side-swept layered bangs are to die-for – the style is modern and funky without being too radical or punky.

Honey and Chocolate Highlights

A beautiful combination of honey blonde and chocolate browns. It’s sweet, delightful and totally charming.

All Curled Up and Gorgeous in Hot Pink Highlights

Oh! Hot mama! Sign us up for this stunning style.

Exquisite Mulled Wine Highlights for Short Black Hair

The mulled wine or soft burgundy highlights are just so exquisite. Coupled with the tight curls and the perfect light reflection, you will have people’s attention and admiration. A sophisticated style for a fashionable woman.

Cute and Foxy Navy Blue Highlights for a Classic Bob


Irresistible Indigo Highlights for a Textured Stacked Bob

The blue-black effect draws the eye again and again. We cannot have enough indigo highlights in our life.

Stylish Glamour in Tight Curls – Highlight for Black Hairstyles

Tight curls and Afro hair have their own styles and effect and we are both mesmerized and in awe. The tight curls call for some protective styling but at the same time, we have volume plus more volume.

Color is a definite style element for Afro hair. So indulge and color depending on your personal style and mood. However, remember to moisturize and take proper maintenance especially during the colder months.

Alluring Chestnut and Mahogany Flamboyage HighlightsBodacious and Sexy Blonde Balayage

Our playful take on blondes having more fun – let’s have more curls too!

Stunning Dark Honey Ombré Highlights for Tight Curls

Perky and Perfect Blonde Highlights for Black Hair

From light summer blonde strands to a hint of light caramel, we have beautiful curls and beautiful colors.

Pretty Blonde Babylights

Playing peek-a-boo with your highlights? The colors are soft and subtle. We love the interplay of black hair and the blonde strands.

Beautiful Brown Highlights for Black Hair

Brunettes and blacks have a gorgeous mix of colors, regardless of whether it’s chestnut, amber, or mahogany. What we love is all those dark hues giving visual depth to hair, sometimes even an intense fashion style.

However, we can admit, the gorgeous combinations of browns and black are really popular. If you are not quite sure where you want to be in the color spectrum, then these shades and hues are the perfect ideas for you.

Or you may not want to be too far away from your natural hair spectrum, take a peek and play with these looks.

Sophisticated Soft Honey Brown Highlights

Nutty Babylights for a Sweet Stunning Look

Sexy and Gorgeous Caramel OmbréSeductive Soft Brown Sombré Highlights

An exquisite play of warm brown colors that will tempt you to touch. The sexy and luscious curls don’t hurt either.

Subtle and Sweet Soft Walnut Highlights

Easy and Relaxed Ash Brown BabylightsSimple and Gorgeous Beautiful Curls with Light Golden Brown Highlights

Feminine and Sweet Stunning Braided Mahogany Highlights

Elegant Dark Chestnut Highlights for Soft Wavy Hair

Glamorous Warm Auburn Ribbon Highlights

Subtle Elegance of Sombré Highlights in Gray and Ash Brown

Beautiful Light Coffee HighlightsStunning Brown and Blonde Balayage Highlights

Chic and Cute Cool Brown Babylights

Lovely Light Auburn and Dark Honey Ribbon Highlights

Gorgeous and Stunning Browns in Flamboyage Highlights

Flamboyant coloring and stunning highlights that are dramatic. You can be elegantly glamorous and pretty and edgy. The secret is all that luscious colored tresses.

Brown Champagne Highlights


Gorgeous Blonde Highlights for a More Beautiful You

Do blondes have more fun? Well, have some more color too. Blonde highlights always give a visual lift to dark hair, so add the texture and the drama. We all have the right kinds of blonde, from subtle streaks to flamboyant strands.

Sophisticated Summer Blonde in Chunky HighlightsGorgeous Curls in California Blonde Highlights

Sweet and Pretty Golden Undertones

Dramatic Platinum Blonde Highlights

Stunning Sandy Blonde Highlights

East Style for a Long Layered Lob with Wheat Highlights

Young and Modern Vanilla Highlights

Beautiful Chunky Butterscotch Highlights

Knockout Honey Blonde Highlights for Black Hair

Stunning and Glamorous Nordic Blonde Highlights

Spunky and Stunning Glazed Honey Highlights for Luscious Curly Hair

Blues are Forever Young – Best Highlight Ideas

From dramatic and deep cobalt that just visually stuns the looker to icy hues of silvery blue, we have the trendiest blue highlights for your black hairstyles. From short to long, sleek to curly, check out and try our recommendations.

Iridescent Silver Blue Ribbon Highlights

Subtle and Feminine Cornflower Blue Highlights

Dramatic and Exquisite Purple and Silver Highlights

All the Right Hues of Purple and Sapphire Highlights

Vivid Purple Highlights

Iridescent Light Cyan Highlights


Bold and Beautiful Copper Highlights for Black Hair

Browns with reddish undertones are so strikingly different from the reds and the browns.

Gorgeous Curls with Copper HighlightsSleek Dark hair with Coppery Balayage


Red Hot and Spicy Highlights for Black Hair

We love red! Red is radical. Dramatic. Beautiful. Stunning. We are running out of words, but red highlights are in a league of their own.

Audacious Dip-Dyed Red Highlights

Magenta Highlights for an Updo

Pretty and Feminine Deep Burgundy Highlights

Striking Red Highlights for a Classic Bob

Beautiful Burgundy Undertones

Flaming Scarlet Highlights

Reds and Purples for a Wavy Textured Lob


Edgy Red BabylightsHot Pink and Flaming Red Highlights


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