90+ Creative and Artistic Hip & Waist Tattoos


Nothing is sexier in the realm of tattoos more than a superiorly inked piece of body art wrapped around a woman’s hip or waist. Creative ideas can be seemingly endless for this area of the body, and finding the right design can take time. This is why we’ve composed a photo gallery of 95 creative and artistic hip and waist tattoos that will help you out on your journey finding that right piece of body ink. You’ll get a general idea of what both large and small tats on the waist and hips look like, whether you want to embark on covering a larger area of skin, and what kind of designs will be right for your personality.

You’ll find dark and mysterious tats along with light and trendy ones – tats covering a wide range of genres and styles.

  1. Shamanic Skull
    95200116-hip-tattoosOur first example is an immense skull with a Shamanic headpiece worn by several Native American tribes. You can always get creative with how you décor the skull.

2. A Fitting Quote

It’s a little hard to read here, but having a single quote stretch across the waist is a sure way to have it placed perfectly for people to read when you’re sporting a short shirt.

3. Pearls and Roses
4200116-hip-tattoosThese pearls were enhanced using white ink, giving them a shimmer unlike any we’ve ever seen! Having roses entangled with pearls is an elegant way to add your own personality to an otherwise simple design.

4. A Curled Heart
5200116-hip-tattoosSome of us don’t want to cover up too much skin on our hip or waist, so a simple design such as the one seen above is both easy and cost-effective.

5. Spirit Animal
6200116-hip-tattoosAdd some creative twist to an animal tat by having one side become an abstract design. It’s a lovely way to have your spirit animal with you always.

6. Two Words: Always Destiny
7200116-hip-tattoosHave a small saying that’s relevant to you? You can choose to have it done on your hip bone in any font you choose.

7. Fleeting Bird and Single Rose
8200116-hip-tattoosInstead of having double roses or double birds, this tat wearer decided to grab one of each, pulling their own twist on classics.

8. Creative Elephant
9200116-hip-tattoosDon’t just choose a tat out of a tat book at the tat parlor. Create your own design – it can be a design within the silhouette of your fav animal.

9. Cluster of Body Art
10200116-hip-tattoosThis girl got a quote and a face done on both her hips, adding to a cluster of tattoos that all have some meaning to her.

10. Detailed Dream Catcher
11200116-hip-tattoosDream Catchers are a favorite for the hips because you can make them large – the hip being a big patch of skin to work with concerning body art.

11. Semicolon in White
12200116-hip-tattoosThis tattoo is simple and done in white – perfect for a person that doesn’t want to be too dramatic with their tat and still sport fashionable dresses with clean skin to events.

12. Freedom of Flight
13200116-hip-tattoosHere we can see the details you can create within the simple design of a flying bird.

13. Trailing, Swirling Geometric Designs
14200116-hip-tattoosThis piece of body art almost looks like a dragon, but upon looking closer, you realize its just a bunch of amazing geometric designs that extend down the leg and up the torso. Hot!

14. Petal Flowers
15200116-hip-tattoosThese flowers have delicate petals rather than the thick ones/roses we’re accustomed to seeing. Their placement is also unique to the wearer.

15. Never a Failure, Always a Lesson
16200116-hip-tattoosHigher up on the waist, we have a saying that’s perfect for those of us that want a life lesson to trail with us throughout our lives.

16. Loving that Archer
1200116-hip-tattoosThis tat is of a famous cartoon character named Archer that airs on Adult Swim. You can choose to have any type of cartoon inked on your bod – so long as you have the right tat artist that can fashion it the way you want.

17. A Favorite
18200116-hip-tattoosAnother example of a tat of a famous film artist. Be sure your tat artist can do human faces!

18. Symbols of Meaning
19200116-hip-tattoosThe hips can even sport small tats of personal relevance to you, no need to cover up the entirety of the hip or waist with ink.

19. Trailing Paw Prints
20200116-hip-tattoosThese cute little paw prints are a great addition to your body art, especially if you love animals.

20. Vivid Blossom
21200116-hip-tattoosThis tat has some vivid colors (the rest of the photo in black and white the emphasize this. Around any flower you may choose to fashion, you can create a unique design catered to your liking.

21. Fleeting Birds
22200116-hip-tattoosThese tiny little tats are a nice touch to the hip bone for those of us that enjoy subtle details.

22. Dragonfly Ink Blotch
23200116-hip-tattoosThese patches of color are reminiscent of a dragonfly – a creative way to display something you love in a unique manner.

23. Colorful Petals and Leaves
24200116-hip-tattoosYou can always cover up your hip and waist with a plethora of colorful and vivid flowers, wrapped up in either leaves or designs instead like in the pic above.

24. Family Art
25200116-hip-tattoosThis is a great way to show your love for your family members, having each represented by an animal. Elephants are a great choice to do this with, since they can hold one another’s tails with their trunks.

25. 3D Sunflowers
26200116-hip-tattoosThese flowers have a unique twist, looking 3D as if you could reach out for the one that’s on top. A number is inscribed in a petal in Roman numerals, perhaps displaying how old someone was before they passed.

26. Guitars, Guns, and Roses
27200116-hip-tattoosCarry around heat with you always by having your favorite type of gun tatted on your hips with roses surrounding them – like a Quentin Tarantino film.

27. Thick Lines
28200116-hip-tattoosWe see this pic in black and white to highlight how thick you can choose to have your lines done in your tat.

28. Twin Tails
29200116-hip-tattoosLocated right above the hip bones, these birds are perfectly placed to show off any time in public.

29. Circling Love Birds
30200116-hip-tattoosInstead of having a bird on each hip, this tat wearer decided to have them both flying around one another on one hip.

30. Only the Spots and Details
31200116-hip-tattoosYou don’t need every tat outlined – you can have specific details inked in instead for the appearance of containment.

31. In Color
32200116-hip-tattoosWe have the same pic from above in color here, to help display the vivid colors done with the thicker lines in this design.

32. Peek-A-Boo
33200116-hip-tattoosYou can just make out the pedals of roses here.

33. Reaching Elephant
34200116-hip-tattoosThis lovely elephant has unique designs all over its body, and is reaching up with its trunk blowing water. Have fun with different positions your animal can be standing in.

34. An Owl for Grandma
35200116-hip-tattoosYou can always dedicate a piece of your skin on your hip to someone you love, such as your Grandma like in the pic seen above. Accompany the name with something they loved in life.

35. Yellow Vegan Roses
36200116-hip-tattoosExperiment with colors – not everyone has yellow and black roses! Especially with the word Vegan written between… This person must really be dedicated to the lifestyle.

36. To Match the Rest
37200116-hip-tattoosThese little birds on both hips match the colors of her other tat designs perfectly.

37. Displaying a Message: Hopeless Romantic
38200116-hip-tattoosA good amount of us out there are hopeless romantics, and what better way to be okay with that than to have it permanently tatted on ourselves. At least our lovers will know…

38. More Roses – In Detail
39200116-hip-tattoosYou can see that these roses done on the hips accompany a dream catcher design found further down on the hip, complimenting each other nicely.

39. Flying Vivid Blues
40200116-hip-tattoosMany people sport around birds, but not everyone has the unique and vivid colors you can decide to have inked within them.

40. Diamond Time Capsule
41200116-hip-tattoosThis piece of body art is unique to the wearer’s style. It’s a combination of pink diamond design within what looks like a golden heart with wings, resembling a pocket watch.

41. Miniature Birdies
42200116-hip-tattoosA cute example of the classic flying bird designs on each hip, but on a smaller scale. Keep in mind that smaller hip tats will be easier to hide if that’s what you’re after (just in case!).

42. When Words Fail, Music Speaks
43200116-hip-tattoosA lovely quote that holds meaning to the wearer, accompanied with the treble clef and base clef to look like a heart – granted, the treble clef is upside to complete the look.

43. Mini Mouse Bows
44200116-hip-tattoosThese bows remind us of Mini Mouse because of their color and white polka-dots. When creating your tats, make sure you aren’t creating a design reminiscent of something you’re not trying to copy!

44. Dark Bows
45200116-hip-tattoosThese bows peek just above the belt line, being strategically placed.

45. Fem Love
46200116-hip-tattoosTwo female symbols entwined with one another, and rainbow bracelets – we can be certain this woman is for equal rights, and what better way to express what you believe in by having a permanent piece of body art that displays it.

46. Medusa’s Empty Stare
47200116-hip-tattoosMedusa’s tale is a tragic one, and we aren’t sure if this tat simply isn’t finished or if the wearer decided to keep the eyes blank, given their power within the myths.

47. Double Shark Attack
48200116-hip-tattoosInstead of birds, this person had awesome sharks tatted on their hips instead. You can have any animal placed on the hip bones and have it look sexy.

48. Orangey Red Roses
49200116-hip-tattoosThese roses are different in that they have been placed with more petals and display a vivid red, close to a deep shade of orange. Keep in mind inks will take different effects on different skin tones.

49. Arches of Stars
50200116-hip-tattoosStars are classic, always in, and can match many differing personality types. Having them arch over the hips gives you a lovely cosmic effect.

50. Oriental Dragon
51200116-hip-tattoosDragons can twist and wind up and down the thigh and hip, looking as sexy as you deem please.

51. Towards the Back
52200116-hip-tattoosInstead of having matching birds or whatever animal you choose to have tatted on the front of your hips, try them on the back for a different, unique effect.

52. Diamonds are Forever
53200116-hip-tattoosDiamonds on the hip bones can display your love of either a rich and luxurious lifestyle or of carbon – what we’re all made of.

53. Anchored in the Skies
54200116-hip-tattoosA hip and waist tat can creatively extend up and over – across the stomach area. You just have to have a creative design to pull it off effectively.

54. Text of Another Language
55200116-hip-tattoosIf you come from a diverse background, you can have one of your native languages placed on your hip, just be sure your grandma doesn’t notice.

55. Hidden Flowers
56200116-hip-tattoosPeeking just above the panty line are symmetrical flowers, perfect for sexy photoshoots or to enhance mystery with a lover.

56. Differing Blossoms
57200116-hip-tattoosThis tat wearer took fashion to the next level, creating her own pair of open jeans to specifically show off her tattoo. Doesn’t look like she’s wearing underwear…

57. A Trail of Hearts
58200116-hip-tattoosTrails are especially fun to create in the tat world when you can take a simple design and make it your own, several times – like seen above with a simple heart.

58. Simple Dream Catcher
59200116-hip-tattoosThis dream catcher is less detailed than the ones we’ve previously seen. But the design is still gorgeous, placed perfectly for this wearer to show off at the beach.

59. Flowing Feathers of a Peacock
60200116-hip-tattoosThe details of these feathers are incredible, flowing every which way and not being extremely symmetrical or geometric like we’re accustomed to seeing. You have to find the right tat artist for lovely designs like the one above.

60. The Beginnings of a Rosy Bouquet
61200116-hip-tattoosThis tat isn’t finished, but we like the placement. Size of the flowers is realistic and the angles of each blossom are unique.

61. The Beauty of Death
62200116-hip-tattoosNot all tats have to show a lighter side of the wearer or be extremely girly. This one shows remarkable detail in the skull, and the roses compliment it. If you look closely, you can see a flower design on the skull’s chin.

62. Red Velvet Roses
63200116-hip-tattoosThese roses extend all the way up the torso instead of down the leg, and have some violet highlights to make these roses stand out as if having a velvety  texture.

63. Snake Charm
64200116-hip-tattoosNo roses here! Instead, this person decided a snake would look great with a skull. Not all tats have to be sunshine and rainbows…

64. Fleeting Feather
65200116-hip-tattoosThis pic is artistic, with the wind in her hair at the same angle these birds fly away from the feather tatted on her back. This design is increasingly becoming more popularized by emo culture.

65. Broken Chains
66200116-hip-tattoosThis piece of body art uses simplistic lines, lacking finer details, but for this particular design they’re unneeded – displaying a message only the wearer fully knows and leaving the rest of us to analyze.

66. Blues and Greens of a Bird
67200116-hip-tattoosFilling in colors can be a fun decision, you can make your birds look like they have pretty landscapes within them or whatever suits your style.

67. A Belt of Native Beauty
68200116-hip-tattoosWe’ve all seen the designs that extend around the arms, but have you seen one that extend around a waist almost fully? This belt is reminiscent of what some Native American women would wear, complete with hanging feather and all.

68. Details of Death’s Head
69200116-hip-tattoosFor anyone that wants a huge skull on their body but can’t decide where a large design would look good, the hip and waist area has you “covered”. Details are easy to pull off on this area of the body too.

69. Flowing Air of the Butterfly
70200116-hip-tattoosThis is the image you saw as the features image. It’s large, beautiful, colorful, and filled with lovely details. The swirls represent wind, swirling around the beauty of the flowers and butterfly almost like a dream in action.

70. In Memory Of
71200116-hip-tattoosYou can always dedicate a piece of your hip or waist line to someone you love that’s passed, and show off that love for them whenever its spring or summer.

71. Flaming Cherries
72200116-hip-tattoosCherries are a hot commodity. They look good in drinks, on desserts, they taste great, have naughty appeal and even look fab as ink on skin.

72. Honesty is the Key
73200116-hip-tattoosIf you’ve got a certain morality that you can fashion into a piece of art, give it a try. This person was able to express her belief that honesty is the key to a healthy relationship.

73. For Those I Love, I Will Sacrifice
74200116-hip-tattoosA wonderful declaration for family and friends.

74. Five Petaled Flower
75200116-hip-tattoosThis design is sexy and simple, perfect for a perfect waistline.

75. Faces of Beauty
76200116-hip-tattoosSee no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil – an interesting twist using beautiful faces extending down the thigh to portray such a message.

76. Symmetrical Peacock
77200116-hip-tattoosThis peacock doesn’t have individualized feathers, but symmetrical ones. If you’re a fan of each feather looking perfectly alike, this tat will inspire you.

77. A Colorful Personalization
78200116-hip-tattoosHere’s a unique design that’s abstract and almost tribal-like, with colors and flowing lines that no one else will have. Create your own tat to ensure no one else will have the same as yours.

78. Coy Fish
79200116-hip-tattoosThe popularized coy fish that bring luck and happiness, with unique designs in the fins. This is a great display of the fish, as if looking down into water as they’re accompanied by lily pads.

79. Creative & Distinguished Feather
80200116-hip-tattoosEvery feather doesn’t have to look the same, you can create a feather with interesting designs within – like the one seen above – to add personality and make it your own.

80. Flower Splotches
81200116-hip-tattoosThis person got creative and decided to create flowers that look like water color designs. Ensure your tat artists is good at the type of “texture” you’re after in your tat.

81. Native Shaman Skull
82200116-hip-tattoosAnother fabulous Native American Shamanic skull, with interesting designs on the skull and finer details in the feathers. This one descends down the thigh, close to the knee.

82. Single Rose
83200116-hip-tattoosThis perfect rose is all this girl wanted, and it seems to suit her hip just fine.

83. Hanging Mandala
84200116-hip-tattoosThis beautiful tat is reminiscent of gorgeous mandalas, representing the seat of life and flows of energy.

84. Flower’s Butterflies, and Stars
96200116-hip-tattoosThis girl went crazy with large, beau tats of stars, butterflies, flowers, and vines – a perfect combination for a girly girl.

85. Love Mom – Flying Feather
86200116-hip-tattoosAnother wonderful tat that’s been created in the memory of a loved one.

86. Immense Hanging Dream Catchers
87200116-hip-tattoosThis large dream catcher is a perfect example of just how large you can create a tattoo for your hop, waist, and even thigh.

87. Leopard Print
88200116-hip-tattoosFor the wild animal that’s in us all…

88. Blood Rose
89200116-hip-tattoosThis rose is different from others in the fact its color is quite appealing, vampiric, like a blood rose. Even the leaves are a distinct green. Keep in mind different inks will look different on differing shades of skin.

89. Geometric Colors
90200116-hip-tattoosThis tat could have been even bigger if the wearer had chosen to have it so, but it perfectly displays how large a mandala can get on the hip.

90. Wrapping Waves
91200116-hip-tattoosThese waves are unique, wrapping around this wearer’s power animal and making it look as if its in stormy waves. You can even see the theme on her is of the sea, as an anchor sits below.

91. Finer Details
92200116-hip-tattoosYou don’t need a design of roses, butterflies, or any specific thing/animal on your hips to look sexy. Simple designs reminiscent of the Victorian Age (or French design) can look amazing, similar to the Fleur de Lis.

92. Hint of Dia Des Los Muertos
93200116-hip-tattoosColorful skulls are always reminiscent of Dia Des Los Muertos, and are decidedly beautiful in comparison to skulls that look too real.

93. Little Bowed Gun
There are even diamonds on this small gun, along with a cute bow to make this metalwork more feminine. Have your holsters and weapons of choice permanently inked on your hips to show just how badass you can be.


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