50+ Foxy Hipster Outfits: Which Combination Are You?


The rising subculture of the hipster: It’s stirring fashion sense around the world for those of us in our 20’s and even 30’s. Hipster outfits are defined by their eccentric designs that are off the mainstream, and composed of a mix of differing cultures and time periods. Every hipster has their own unique way of combining accessories and clothing pieces, so we here at StyleInterest have compiled a collection of over 50 fabulous looks that can help inspire your own creative hipster outfits.


Hipster Outfits

Hipster Outfits

1. Bohemian Meets Hippie
dsgvThe flowy, loose materials of the Bohemian style as well as its hair accessories combine with the material designs and hairstyles of hippies. These hipster outfits are definitely in.

2. Posh Meets Rock
hipster outfits 13Those posh tights, shoes, and make-up go surprisingly well with the torn shorts, printed t-shirt, and knitted hat. Hipster outfits like this one are on the rise.

3. Punk Meets Prep
aaaThe matching shoes and tops are quite preppy, but combined with the plaid pattern that’s popular in the rock subculture and you’ve got a great recipe for some hipster outfits.

4. Parisian Meets Street Chic
fvfParis is known for its eccentric fashion sense – and this girl is definitely eccentric. But she’s got an edge to her that tells all who gaze upon her she knows what’s good on the streets.

5. Waif Meets Shabby
fdvrThe comfy, baggy shirts of the waif community clash with the shabby look of quickly selected shorts and accessories that don’t match…

6. Shabby Meets Punk
edeNow we can take the shabby aspect and throw some edge into it. Voila!

7. Lace Meets Denim
dfvfDenim and lace are two extremely separate types of materials. To combine them into these gorgeous shorts was thinking outside the box.

8. Chelsea Chic Meets Swank
vrtThe fabulous heels and tights of the Chelsea chic subculture meets the swanky skirt, scarf, and bag of the swanky high class. Bravo.

9. Country Meets High Street
trg3tFloral patterns and a denim skirt combine rather well with the top and accessories that’re usually associated with city folk.

10. Bohemian Meets Country
ssssLovely and sophisticated, it’s as if the two were meant to collide.

11. Skater Meets Hippie
rdgaefHippie-skaters are amazing. But I don’t think she will really be skating wearing those heels. And the shorts, oh my, they’re so short.

12. Trendy Meets 90’s
juyRemember “Saved by the Bell”? She looks like she’s one of the cast. And yet she has that modern feel…

13. Babydoll Meets Runway
hipster outfits 1Gorgeous. The entire look screams both baby-doll innocence and runway perfection.

14. High-Class Meets Comfy
hipster outfits 2The accessories display just how high-end you are. The dress and shirt express just how comfy you want to be.

15. Grunge Meets Waif
hipster outfits 3This look screams “I don’t care what you think of me, I’m comfy, happy, and know I make this outfit look good.”

16. Rural Meets Sexy
hipster outfits 4Its almost innocent, being floral patterns and lace. But showing the tummy and the cut of the top make it sexy enough to flaunt.

17. Stars Meets Stripes
hipster outfits 5The stars remind me of polka-dots – and it’s normally a fashion faux pas to mix the two in an outfit. But these go surprisingly well together… Patriotic (if you live in the US…)!

18. Astrology Meets Fashion
hipster outfits 6That would be the horoscopes on her shirt. And designer accessories. Awesome.

19. Grunge Meets High Fashion
hipster outfits 7Everything she’s wearing looks either high-end or from a local concert kiosk. Whatever the case, we love hipster outfits like this.

20. Hippie Meets Grunge
hipster outfits 8They kind of go hand in hand…

21. Rock Meets Grunge
hipster outfits 9The studs are usually seen in the rocker’s subculture. The fringe and color combo is totally grunge. These also go hand in hand.

22. Bohemian Meets Street
hipster outfits 10Lovely flowing clothes with intricate designs reminiscent of the Bohemians combined with the thigh-highs, shades, and hat of a city dweller.

23. Posh Meets Country
hipster outfitsThis dress has a top that’s reminiscent of farmer girls back in the day… but it’s designed in a newfound manner with colors and a belt that’s all too posh for the farm.

24. Biker Meets Schoolgirl
hipster outfits 12Hipster outfits that include thigh-highs or knee-high socks are just fabulous, especially with boots like that.

25. Artsy Meets Ruffian
hipster outfits 14Artists are known to have eccentric style. What happens when you mix their interesting taste with a bit of hard-core ruffian? Bam. Some fabulous hipster outfits!

25. Country Meets Skater
hipster outfits 15The little dress with designs on it that mimic a country girl’s night out paired with some  Converse and a knitted sweater… You have a lovely intertwined mix of two very different styles.

26. Punk Meets Hippie
hipster outfits 16Hippies are known to wear peace signs, especially on their clothes, vehicles, and jewelry. This girl added a bit of plaid to the mix, making her hipster outfits seemingly punk-peace.

27. High Fashion Meets Steet
hipster outfits 17The hair, the simplistic jewelry, the lovely shirt all seem to be high-fashion or runway worthy. Those pants though… are quite the opposite. She’s combined street fashion with runway, and it’s working well on her.

28. Waif Meets Skater
hipster outfits 18Skaters have a variety of different looks, including this one that takes large, baggy tops on a slim frame and makes them look sexy – especially with a bra underneath that you can see the outline to.

29. Casual Meets Designer
hipster outfits 19Even designer clothes can come in articles of clothing that are comfy to wear anytime of any day – so long as you aren’t expecting to go anywhere special. This isn’t just a hipster outfit, its a classic lazy day get-up.

30. Sexy Meets Grunge
hipster outfits 20Take some roughed up jeans and make them look sexy by throwing on a short shirt and letting your tummy hang out. This outfit is great if you’ve got a belly button piercing or some fab tats to show off.

31. Rural Meets Cowgirl
hipster outfits 21Here we have a distinct “girl-next-door” look combined with a smidge of country style – the boots, the sweater… Even the overalls can be considered country, but placing all of these together isn’t quite country – it has the added element with modern jewelry and a distinct design in the boots.

32. Biker Meets Rocker
hipster outfits 22Here’s a hardcore combination if there ever was one – we’ve all seen the girls that have a tough personality and crazy style to accent it. This one looks like she could be going to either a concert or a Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

33. Schoolgirl Meets Street
hipster outfits 23All of the elegance of being a top scoring student combined with the fashion smarts of someone straight off the streets. Those shoes are amazing.

34. Librarian Meets Rock
hipster outfits 24Sure, she looks like a rocker girl, but what’s so librarian about it? That bag. Seriously. It reminds me of something Indiana Jones might haul around with him at a University.

35. Boots Meets Scarfs
hipster outfits 25They may seem like a reasonable combination, but scarfs are becoming more and more eccentric these days. They come in so many different styles, you can fashion an entire outfit around them… Same goes with boots.

36. Country Meets Hippie
hipster outfits 26Cowgirl boots go rather well with a lace dress that is almost hippie-like. Well, like a posh hippie… It’s well tailored and necklaces really pull the outfit together, adding a smidge of color amidst the white.

37. Street Meets Trendy
hipster outfits 27As if street fashion weren’t trendy enough, this girl has added the popularized red plaid to a rather grudge and street-like outfit. The shoes are quite trendy, high tops of various sorts definitely in these days… or should I say, off the mainstream since that’s what hipster outfits are all about?

38. Punk Meets Schoolgirl
hipster outfits 28Just adding a few small elements to an outfit can make a world of difference. The spiked headband, the plaid skirt, even the thigh-highs give this schoolgirl outfit the added edge of a rock chick.

39. Gypsy Meets Musician
hipster outfits 29Perhaps its the fabulous angle of the picture, perhaps not… This girl seems as if she’s carrying all that she owns, just like your old-school gypsy might have done back in the days. Her outfit tells us this might be so, with so many elements tossed together it’s hard to keep your eyes in one place. I’ve never seen anyone wear their instrument like that.

40. Casual Meets High-End
hipster outfits 30These comfy, casual clothes look like they might be designer, with perfect stitching and lines and fit. A lovely combo for wanting to feel sexy, rich, and laid-back.

41. Parisian Meets Goth
hipster outfits 31This is like a goth that went on a shopping spree in Paris. One that has great fashion sense. Those pants look like they melt right into the shoes.

42. Librarian Meets Hippie
hipster outfits 32She looks like she’s just smart enough to be a librarian, what with those shoes and that jacket, but her tights and sweater give her more of a free-spirit feel as well. Lovely combination of clothes here.

43. Rural Meets Beach
hipster outfits 33She looks as if she might be on a road trip to the beach from somewhere inland. But those shoes are definitely out-of-the-box.

44. Rock Meets Schoolgirl
hipster outfits 34Just because we study and are improving our futures doesn’t mean we can’t add that bit of spicy edge to our look. She’s done a fab job of combining clothes that make her seemingly mysterious…

45. Comfy Meets Sexy
hipster outfits 35It’s every girl’s dream to be both sexy and comfy. Hipster outfits like this definitely pull it off. Especially with hair like that!

46. Artsy Meets Grunge
hipster outfits 36Hipster outfits that look similar to this one are reminiscent of an art student with edge and attitude.

47. Country Meets Business
hipster outfits 37Even country girls at heart can make a career in the city, and style it up like this fab hipster outfit.

48. Workaholic Meets Casual
hipster outfits 38On the run, no time to talk, no time to think about fashion, but still gotta look good… This is an easy outfit to pull off – it’s all the bag, really.

49. Elitist Meets Artsy
hipster outfits 40It’s the rich girl that is majoring in art and wears eccentric designs with boots that never match. We see you, gorgeous, and we salute your hipster fashion sense.

50. High Fashion Meets Conventional
hipster outfits 41This could be a runway look, easy. But everything serves a purpose on her – it’s simple, without added glamour, and is perfectly conventional.

51. Cozy Meets Aeronautics
hipster outfits 42Everything about her screams warm and cozy. So what’s so “aeronautics” about it? Look at those sunglasses. The accessory that changes everything.

52. Casual Meets Street
hipster outfits 44These clothes are comfy enough to wear casually in the city on the streets. Fitted pants, loose boots, a big warm scarf and denim jacket that’s perfectly fit. Who wouldn’t enjoy an easy-going style like this? This now concludes our article on foxy hipster outfits… For now.

What styles do you combine to create your very own unique hipster outfits?


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