34 Gorgeous Homecoming Hairstyles for All Lengths


Are you looking for a stunning style for homecoming? Then look no further than this article. Homecoming although it’s not prom, is a very important event for women. Looking your best is very important. Homecoming isn’t as fancy as prom, but you still want to look your best. You don’t have to have a fancy hairstyle, you can go with something that’s a little simpler. You can choose a hairstyle based on your style or personality, you can even match it to your outfit. It doesn’t matter what the length of your hair is, there is a style for everyone. All that matters is that you look your best for homecoming.

Your hairstyle should be special and memorable. There are so many options to choose from, really the sky is the limit on what you can have for your special day. If you are looking for a great style you can choose between an updo or leave your hair down and style it.

Style for Homecoming

When it comes to Homecoming you don’t want to overdo it but you also don’t want to be too casual either. You want to be somewhere in between. Homecoming is not as formal as prom when it comes to a hairstyle you want something beautiful and stylish but not overdone.

There are usually a lot of options for partial updos because they are a popular style. The styles for Homecoming are often free-flowing and wispy.

Below are 34 Gorgeous Homecoming Hairstyles for All Lengths:

  1. Tight Curls

This is truly a unique style and one that has a vintage flair to it. If you are looking for something that is going to draw the eye than choosing a style that is unique is the best way to do that.

2. One Braid

Braids are always popular for events, in this case, it’s just one braid that crowns the back of her head. A lot of people have chosen this style for all sorts of events like weddings, proms, and Homecomings.

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3. Underneath Braid

This elegant style is really beautiful. The braid is tucked underneath to give you a truly original style. You don’t see this style very often which is too bad because it’s creative and beautiful. If you want to turn some heads, this is a great way to do it.

4. Intricate Braids

A gorgeous style that has some very interesting braids. If you are looking for something a little more glamorous and fancy, then we won’t hold you back. This style is sure to turn some heads at your homecoming.

5. The Twist

A great ponytail that has a little twist to it. We just love the waves in this style. It’s pretty yet simple. It’s the perfect style for someone who doesn’t want to fuss but wants a gorgeous style as well.

6. Twirling Braids

If you want to have some curls then this might be exactly the style that you’re looking for. It’s elegant and very pretty as well. The accessories just take the cake. If you want a touch of class then look no further than this.

7. Blonde Locks

These bouncing curls are just gorgeous and they will really set the tone for your night. There’s nothing better to make you feel like a princess.

8. Classic Updo

If you want to pile it on high then this is a great style for that. It’s gorgeous and elegant and we can’t help but love the elegance of it. It looks like the hair was curled in loose waves and then piled high on the head. It’s a magnificent style.

9. Elegant Twist

A sweet style that you are sure to love with this partial updo. It’s a soft romantic look that you are sure to love all night long. We just love the white blonde hair as well, it gives off a very urethral feeling.

10. The Bowtie

If you are looking for something sweet and special then you are sure to love this precious bowtie. It’s a creative design that you don’t see every day but it’s very eye-catching. We love the simpleness of the bow and the sweet design that it creates.

11. Twisted Knot

If you are looking for something that truly is simple for Homecoming then you can’t go wrong with this twisted knot. Just a few pieces are pulled back and twisted to create the partial updo. The rest of the hair is left long and straight. A simple style for the evening.

12. Curly Cue

There is so much to love about this classy hairstyle. It has everything you could ever want in elegance and flair. We love the curls and we love the fact that she chose an updo. She has glamour all the way and we can’t help but love her choice.

13. Barbie Doll

If you love the Barbie doll look then you are sure to love this style. It’s chic, it’s stylish and it has some high design to it. You will feel like the belle of the ball with this hairstyle.

14. Off to the Side

This elegant style is stunning. It’s got loads of curls and you won’t be able to deny the fact that it’s truly eye-catching for Homecoming. This is the kind of style that you remember always.

15. Curls and Braids

A gorgeous style that is more than just a little appealing. We have a braid but it’s very loose and wonderful. We can’t help but love an updo for homecoming that has so much style and class.

16. Double Braid

This ice queen knows how to pull a homecoming look together. This style is truly magical for many reasons. We love the double braids, the curls and the fact that it’s loose and free-flowing.

17. Fishtail

This homecoming style has a great fishtail braid that falls down the back. It’s not the whole style but it certainly brings the whole look together.

18. Floral Designs

A great partial updo that has a floral centerpiece. If you are going to have a signature style then why not have one where there’s a flower involved. it’s a great look that you are sure to love.

19. Celebrity Style

Blake Lively has always had a great sense of style and this is no different. Her hair is very loose and free-flowing. She has two braids of different sizes. The look is beautiful and can be worn to any event especially your homecoming.

20. Gorgeous Designs

We can’t help but love this hairstyle because it’s truly magical. How can you not feel like a princess with all these pretty curls and a beautiful floral crown?

21. Thick Fishtail

If you are looking for an updo that’s a little different. This thick fishtail crowns the head achieving a stunning design that is sure to make you the life of the party. This breathtaking look is sure to draw the eye all night long. You won’t find a prettier style.

22. Bouncing and Beautiful

A partial updo that has a lot of curls. They are loose and have a wild aspect to them. There are many reasons to try this homecoming style. We love these gorgeous styles because they are eye-catching. There are many styles that you can use with long hair and this is an iconic look.

23. Tight Designs

There are a lot of crisscross designs that you can use to truly create a signature look and this is one of them. Add a little curl and you are set for life. The curls are tight and they look like they are spinning around. It’s a tight style that is so gorgeous and unique.

24. Deep Part

A sexy and stylish deep part that is perfect for a homecoming style that you are sure to love. Curly styles are perfect for homecoming events. A wonderful style that can be used for any length of hair. If you love making an impact when you go out then you are sure to love this style.

25. Tight Braids

An updo that has curls as well as a couple of tight braids that pulls it all together. We love this updo because it’s chic and stylish. If you want a beautiful style for homecoming then this is it. It’s classic and has a lot of romantic charm to it.

26. Long and Loose Fishtail

Another loose style that has some seriously beautiful fishtails to it. The braid is long and loose and even though it’s messy it’s still a very put together and casual style for homecoming.

27. Perfect Twists

A great partial updo that has some perfect twists that hold together a great ponytail. It’s a very simple style that isn’t hard to do or manage throughout the night. You aren’t going to have any trouble creating this style. If you have long hair then this is a great style for you.

28. Add a Crown

We love curls and in this case, there are a lot of them. Plenty of curls that are pulled up into a classic updo. If you are looking for something a little more formal for your updo then this is a great style for you. If you have an expensive and fancy dress then this is the kind of hairstyle that you want to try out for your event.

29. Leaving it Loose

If you want to leave your hair down for the evening then you are sure to love this gorgeous style. There are a lot of flowing curls to this style that will make your homecoming style truly iconic. We love the hair because it’s long, loose and truly gorgeous. It’s a simple style and a classic look.

30. Twisted Braiding

If you are looking for a different type of braids then you are sure to love this braid. It’s wonderful because it’s different but it’s a very gorgeous style. People will be talking all night about this beautiful hairstyle. If you don’t want a braid that’s traditional then you might want to try something like this.

31. Different Styles

Four very similar styles but they are all different as well. They are all gorgeous off the side styles that you are sure to love. These styles are not only beautiful but they are also elegant as well. Whether the hair is loose or braided you are sure to love these styles. Some have accessories while others don’t. You are going to love this style, pick your favorite and run with it.

32. Cute Styles

Elegant braids and beautiful curls. This ice queen look is truly magical. You are going to look breathtaking at your homecoming with this style. We love that the braid is thick and loose, it crowns the head perfectly but it’s not too tight. A great style that you are sure to love every time you look at your homecoming pictures.

33. Simple Styles

A great style that is truly simple. We love these styles because it doesn’t take a long time to complete them and they look marvelous once they are done. Love them! All you need is a couple of twists and the whole style comes together. If you chose a homecoming dress that is simple then you want a simple hairstyle to go with that.

34. Elegant Designs

If you have long hair then you are sure to love this curly style. It’s elegant and beautiful. A one of a kind style that you are sure to love for your homecoming. Add some accessories that have bling in them and you will be ready to rock. The great thing about loose styles is that you don’t have to worry about them falling out throughout the night.

Homecoming is an important day in the life of a young woman. You want nothing less than the best for your Homecoming event. We hope that you were able to find a style that fit your own personality. There are some simple styles while others were a bit more intricate. It’s all about personal choice and what you are looking for to go with the dress that you have chosen.

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