93 Polished Ivy League Haircuts For Men


The Ivy League haircut comes with many different names. It was first called the Harvard clip or even the Princeton haircut. It’s a style that combines the side part with a classic crew cut. It’s a great style that is going to make you feel like you are suddenly at the head of the class. These styles are always great for professional atmospheres.

Check out these 93 Polished Ivy League Haircuts For Men:

  1. Polished Looks

This Ivy League style is going to have all the ladies talking.



2. Messy Looks

Just because it’s Ivy League doesn’t mean that it always has to be polished.

3. Side Swept

If you like fashionable styles, then you are sure to love this one.

4. Cool Looks

This is a very popular style right now because it’s easy to manage.

5. Celebrity Styles

Will Smith is awesome at pulling off cool looks.

6. Longer Looks

Leonardo DiCaprio has always sported longer looks when he’s not working. This style is truly awesome one him.

7. Clean Looks

If you are looking for a more polished style, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

8. Crisp Lines

The edges here are being styled to perfection.

9. Sexy Looks

Liam Hemsworth is totally killing this sexy style.

10. That Clean Look

If you need a look for your professional life, then this is the one for you.

11. Shaggy Styles

A messier version of the Ivy League look.

12. Stylish Looks

This look would be great for your next event.

13. Slick Styles

You don’t get much more polished than this one.

14. High Styles

If you like dramatic looks, then give this one a try.

15. Cool Vibes

This is another cool look that is very popular right now.

16. Flipped Style

The sides are clean while the top has a bit of a flip to it.

17. Bold Moves

This badass look is for the guy that loves fashionable styles.

18. Fun Styles

This fun style is one that you would expect from an Ivy Leaguer.

19. Side Sweep Styles

A great look that is clean and fashionable.

20. Sexy Style

A great look that is perfect for someone who likes a little stubble.

21. Cool Looks

Matt Damon has always kept a polished and cool vibe to his style.

22. Clean Cut

A style from his Bourne Identity days but no less popular now.

23. Sleek Styles

A great look that you are sure to appreciate this year.

24. Short Styles

This style is really short and would be easy to manage daily.

25. Cool Fades

This is a longer look that has a really cool fade to it.

26. Cool Waves

This haircut is styled like a wave with a high fade.

27. Stylized Fade

The fades that have crisp edges are super cool.

28. The Bond Look

How could you have any cooler style than this Bond look?

29. Thick Hair Styles

If you have thick hair, then you are sure to love this look.

30. Shaved Designs

You can literally shave anything you want into the side of your head, but these lines are super popular.

31. High Top

A great look that will have heads turning wherever you go.

32. Faded Looks

This mid fade is creating an awesome look.

33. Styles With Bangs

Styling your hair like this gives you bangs.

34. Styled Backward

A polished look like this is great for business.

35. Fresh Looks

If you have a beard, it will be easy to blend your haircut in with your beard.

36. Polished and Cool

Styles like these are really easy to style in the morning.

37. Bold Styles

You will feel like the cool guy in the room with this style.

38. Celebrity Looks

This style is longer and this actor is rocking it out of the park.

39. Spikey Styles

A cool look like this is crisp and clean. You can style this one a few different ways.

40. Bright Fades

This is one of the more dramatic fades that we have seen.

41. Cute Styles

The ladies will all be drooling when you walk in the room with this style.

42. Clean Cut Style

If you like the clean-cut style, then this is the look for you.

43. Bold Looks

Try a bold but simple look like this one.

44. Stylish Vibes

This style is longer, and it can be styled in a messy fashion or a polished one depending on the day you are having.

45. Choppy Styles

A cool look like this is sure to have heads turning.

46. Edgy Fades

if you want an edgier style, then this is the one for you.

47. Crisp and Cool

Another great look that is easy to manage.

48. Flat Looks

This is a very different look than what we have already seen. If you like polished styles, then this would be a good one.

49. Cool and Stylish

Another great example of an Ivy League style.


50. Sweet Looks

This style is fairly short except for the front.

51. Slick Styles

A great look like this is sure to get you some attention with that dramatic high fade.

52. Amazing Styles

A style that is longer on top with much shorter sides.

53. Simple Styles

These popular looks can be styled in so many cool ways.

54. Cool Styling

Another great look that would be easy to style in the morning.

55. Deadpool Styles

Ryan Reynolds is always a fashion-forward guy and following his trends would never be a bad thing.

56. Flipped Looks

This style is pushed forward while the rest is left long.

57. Cool New Styles

Channing Tatum always has cool hair and this is one look you are going to want to copy.

58. Polished and Cool

If you have an event coming up, this would be a great look to try out.

59. Wavy Styles

If you like casual and messy styles, then try this look on.

60. Shorter Looks

If you want something clean and short, then take some style advice from Ryan Reynolds.


61. Messy Looks

A cool look that is long and fashionably messy.

62. Straight Styles

A great look that is not only clean but it’s also very stylish.

63. Sweet Styling

Brad Pitt rarely has a bad haircut so you can be sure that you can sport the same styles that he is.

64. Bearded Vibes

You might think that an Ivy League style would not go well with such a shaggy beard, but you would be wrong.

65. Clean and Sleek

Zane is a master of short styles.

66. Curly Styles

This style is all about embracing your curls and letting them run wild.

67. Short Looks

Another great style that is short and sweet.

68. Clean and Rugged

George Clooney is all about the polished looks these days.

69. Simple Styling

If simple and cool is all you want, then you found the right look.

70. Simple and Fashionable

Ryan Gosling is proving that you don’t need drama, to have a stylish look.

71. Celebrity Vibes

Another great look that Ryan Reynolds is rocking out.

72. Edgy and Cool

You can’t go wrong with a cool style like this one.

73. Spiked Styles

David Beckham is the master of cool hairstyles. Feel free to follow his every stylish move.

74. Cool Guy Style

This is a perfect example of the Ivy League style.

75. Stylish and Sexy

If you want a sexy look that is great with your beard, then you have found it.

76. Bold Shave

The shaved sides are right to the skin and the top is fairly shirt as well.

77. Trendy Styles

This style is so trendy right now that you are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

78. Clean Cut and Cool

A great style that is going to be low-maintenance throughout the year.

79. Curl Control

Justin Timberlake has naturally curly hair and he controls those curls by keeping his hair short.

80. Silver Fox Styles

You can wear these cool styles at any age.

81. The Great Part

This style is long on top with a slick part.

82. Casual Styles

This style is very casual and one that you can easily style.

83. Side Sweeping Hair

You don’t get much more polished than this style and it’s going to make you feel like you have control over any situation.

84. Bold Waves

A great style that is sure to have the ladies smiling your way.


85. Cool Fading

A very stylish fade that is eye-catching.

86. Red Carpet Looks

Zac Efron has been a trendsetter for years, try this look on for size.

87. Cool Sweeps

A sweeping style that you are sure to love.

88. Sweet Waves

A cool style that has some fun waves at the front.

89. Simple and Casual

A casual style that would be very easy to style for work or an event.

90. Great Looks

Another casual style that would be easy to manage. If easy is what you are looking for, then you can’t go wrong here.

91. Bold Parts

This is a very dramatic high fade with a shaved part. If you want to draw the eye,then this is the style for you.

92. Cool Guy Looks

Be as cool as Matt Damon is with a style like this one.

93. Shaved Part Lines

These shaved parts really make your hairstyle stand out. The high fades also work with it and the top is left long.


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