46 Edgy Kids Mohawk Ideas That They Will Love


If your child is looking for a new hairstyle and they want something edgy and cool, then you can’t go wrong with a mohawk style. It’s a style that has been popular and cool for some time now. It’s a style that looks adorable on kids and they will feel awesome wearing it.
If your son is looking for a cool mohawk style, then we have lots of options for you to choose from. The style peaked in the 80’s, but it has come around as a popular style for kids. It’s a timeless style and one that kids love because it’s considered to be an awesome style. The look on a child comes off as mischievous and sweet. It doesn’t have the same hard edge as when adults wear it. There are a few styles here that can be worn by girls as well as adults. It’s not just for boys any longer, although all the shaved styles are meant for boys.

 Kids Mohawk

 Kids Mohawk

These styles are more popular today than they ever were. If you want a great style for your son, then you can’t go wrong here.

Check out these 46 Edgy Kids Mohawk Ideas That They Will Love:

  1. Spiky Styles

A great style that is super cute for your child. The sides are shaved short and the top is extra spiky.

2. Shorter Sides

Creating a faux hawk doesn’t mean that you have to shave the head at all. These styles can be created by just cutting the hair shorter and manipulating it to the top.

3. Big Styles

This is a style that you are likely only going to use if it’s for a party or Halloween. We’re fairly certain that the hair is just a wig. We’re not sure how long his hair would have to be, but it would take a lot of product to get it to stand up like that.

4. Choppy Styles

This cool style has some designs on the shaved sides. It’s a cool style that your son is sure to love. These are edgy styles that the kids can wear anywhere. Whether it’s a real mohawk or a faux hawk, it’s a popular style.

5. Cool Styles

Your son could feel just as cool as this kid feels with this edgy styles. It all depends on how comfortable you are with shaving your child’s head. If you’re not, then go with one of the faux hawk styles.


6. Short Styles

It’s not as short as the other styles, but it might be a style that you are a little more comfortable with. If you are unsure about shaving the head, this could be a beginning style until you see how you like it.

7. Faux Styles

Another great example of a faux hawk styles that gives you the look of a mohawk without shaving the head. These are styles that are great for parents who don’t want to shave their kid’s hair. It is still cool enough that your kids will be happy with the results.

8. Girl Mohawks

If your girl wants a mohawk style, then you can mimic it with the popular braid styles that are coming out now. This braid on top style is huge right now and we can see this style being worn to a formal event. She can be edgy and elegant all at the same time.

9. Cool Designs

How cute is this style on this little boy? We love it. The top is high and it goes down the back of the head. The sides are shaved in a fade design and it suits this little boy to a tee. His style is pretty swag and we can see why he would want an edgy style like this one.

10. Top Styles

These pictures are just too cute. There are shaved sides with this style and the hair on top is a little longer than most.

11. Colorful Styles

The hair on top is definitely longer and thicker on top. They have added some purple coloring to the style as well. It all depends on just how edgy they want to go.

12. Shaved Designs

One of the popular styles right now is to make designs into the shaved sides. This allows a little more creativity to the style.

13. Longer Styles

This kid wants one of the original versions of a mohawk. The top is quite long and the sides are shaved.

14. Sleek Styles

The hair on top is long, but instead of it sticking up, it’s slicked back.

15. Biker Child

Before you panic, those are fake tattoos. This kid loves looking like a little biker.

16. Wave Styles

This amazing style looks like there are waves on top. The side design has been done by a talented artist. Make sure you take your child to a barber that is known for talent like this.

17. Toddler Styles

This cute style is great for little kids because it doesn’t matter if their hair is super short or not. It grows back quickly enough.

18. Stylish Designs

This cut is more about style than it is about having an edgy look.

19. Gorgeous Styles

This glamorous style is created without shaving the head. Your daughter is sure to look amazing at her next event with a style like this one.

20. Top Styling

Another great example of a mohawk inspired style that is created with braids and buns. There is no need to shave your daughters head with this style.

21. Curly Styles

This mohawk has some pretty tight curls to it. The sides are shaved tight.

22. Corkscrew Curls

Even adults love a great mohawk style and this glorious one doesn’t even require you to shave your head.

23. Perfect Styles

This shaved look is shaved perfectly. The lines around the head are shaved to a style that is meant to look perfectly aligned.

24. Adorable Styles

If your daughter has long hair, then you must try this mohawk inspired hairstyle. She is sure to feel just as cool as she looks.

25. Stunning Braid

This is another beautiful mohawk inspired style and this one is created with an incredible looking braid.

26. Rats Tail

The designs on the side are pretty cool looking and this mohawk has a rats tail at the bottom.

27. Gorgeous Styles

The styles on the sides are pretty unique and creative.

28. Small Styles

Another cute style that doesn’t require shaving.

29. Braided Styles

These braids are huge! They create the look of a mohawk with a shaved side.

30. Cute Curls

This mohawk has some pretty cute curls to it.

31. Spiky Looks

This sweet style is one that you are sure to love on your little one.

32. Cool New Looks

We think this style is perfect and it will be easy to put together in the morning.

33. Cool Braids

A fresh mohawk inspired look that will also work to protect the hair. Try this style all summer long.

34. Unique Styles

We love this gorgeous style, it’s truly unique. If your son wants a different style, then this is the one for him.

35. White Styles

This boys hair has been cut and colored a white shade of blonde. He likes his style to be piled high on top.

36. Red Styles

A shockingly cute style that your child is sure to love. The red dye is likely a wash out dye.

37. Stylish Mohawks

A great style that is long on top and short on the sides. This is such a cute style.

38. Short and Cute

A very short style that will have your little man smiling all day long.

39. Cute Designs

A cite design in the side is all you need to make this style awesome. We love how shaggy the top is.

40. Braided Mohawk

This is a cool looking mohawk that was created using braids. It’s a very unique style that you are sure to love.

41. Bold Styles

A long style that you are sure to love no matter where your child goes. He’s going to think that this style is the coolest thing ever.

42. Sharp Styles

This style literally looks like it could be sharp. The designs on the side are definitely fun. It’s a style that really stands out.

43. Fun Designs

This little cutie is definitely looking sharp with this style. We love the creative design on the side and he will too. It’s not a style that’s too short or too drastic.

44. Thicker Styles

The hair is obviously much thicker here and the style very unique. If you are looking for a style that stands out, then you are sure to love this look.

45. Shaved Head

The head here is shaved right to the skin and it gives off an original vibe. The Mohawk on top is shorter than most. It’s a style that not all parents will go for but the good thing about boy’s hair, it grows back really fast.

46. Curly Mohawk

Another great style that is clean and sharp. It’s not a drastic style and it’s one where your son can embrace his natural curls. The Mohawk itself is not high on the head.


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