50 Remarkable Lace Tattoo Designs


Lace tattoos are typically a feminine choice of design. It’ usually a bit sultry and somewhat seductive. As you’ll see from the list we’ve compiled, there’s a wide range designs to choose from.

Who gets them?

Lace designs are typically more popular within female circles. They can often look like garters and then to have a more girly flair about them.



  1. Here is a beautiful back design that extends from her neck down past her lower back. What it lacks in color it makes up in intrinsic detail and exquisite beauty. The thickness around the petals really compounds the beauty of the flower. The lace almost appears like it’s a netting, protecting the flower. The curling inside some of the flowers is painstakingly beautiful.

lace tattoos 20

2. This looks like a real garter. It’s amazing what a great job the artist did in every single detail. The pink ribbon is the perfect touch to this otherwise flawless piece. The heart that holds it together could possibly be symbolic of a romantic relationship as the piece is accented with red and red is the color of love.

lace tattoos 21

3. This red rose seems to pop right off her shoulder. The artist did a remarkable job with the dimensions. This is a pretty recent tattoo as you can tell from the red tint around the ink. This may have taken a couple sessions in order to establish the beautiful layering of the rose over the lace.

Where do you place a lace tattoo design?

Placement varies, but its not atypical to see lace designs on upper thighs, ankles, backs of legs, the back and even as chest pieces. You’ll also notice quite a few sleeve and half sleeve lace designs.

lace tattoos 22

4. This piece looks so life like it’s unreal. The variation in dimensions and details are exceptional. We could go on for days about how much we love it. The colors, the shading, the contrast, all of it is just beautiful. The artist did an incredible job making the sewing machine appear to be going underneath the garter.

lace tattoos 23

5. It looks like she has real hose on. The depth and coloring and shading are just perfect. Whoever inked this is a remarkable artist. It takes skill and insight to be able to create a masterpiece such as this. It’s a very sensual and romantic piece.

lace tattoos 24

6. This bow appears as though it’s floating right off her neck. The image is nearly flawless. The writing adds another dimension we really like. Both are beautifully done.

What colors do they use?

You’ll notice in these photos that a lot of black and the canvas are used for the coloring. Some opted to add in pops of color whereas others used color throughout the entire design. Typical colors that are popular with this genre are red, blue, purple, black and occasionally white.

lace tattoos 25

7. This lace piece almost seems as though it has tribal like qualities to it. There are so many designs within the one image. The way the flower opens in the center could suggest rebirth and the way the whole thing seems to be spiraling upwards seems to notate looking up.

lace tattoos 26

8. This shoulder piece is excellent. There are so many different things going on and the pearl necklace is an added bonus. The flower at the top back of her shoulder seems to be the starting place and from that spot everything else flows downward. At the bottom where the jewels hang is just creative genius.

lace tattoos 27

9. We love the understated elegance of this piece. The lace holds each flower in place which could allude to it being her stability in times of heartache or stress.

lace tattoos 35

10. This half sleeve really pops with the images in red offsetting the other pieces. The artist did a great job tying it all together. They used varying shades of gray, black and red and it flows so well.

lace tattoos 34

11. This is a sassy design with the diamonds in it. It’s fierce and fashionable with a lot of pizazz. It’s so interesting how she added a couple extra roses in there that are smaller and more underwhelming. The lace seems to tie the entire piece together.

lace tattoos 32

12. We like the way this one drapes over her shoulder in an unassuming way. The tattoo doesn’t wear her, she rocks the tattoo. The variation in designs causes for it to pop in a flattering way that catches the onlookers attention.

lace tattoos 33

13. This is a gorgeous back tattoo. Look at the details in there! Wow, this artist was painstakingly patient in his work and it highly paid off. Do you see how each extension has a heart shape in it? Do you think this could possibly represent a relationship? It’s a seductive piece that stretches the entire length of her back.

lace tattoos 31

14. This is a dreamy design with it’s ebb and flow of art. The variation of colors is magnificent. The depth in the roses is really well done. They added black in the mixture in order to enhance the depth which is why it looks so life like. She’s done a great job with this and it could easily have more designs later on and it would look effortless.

lace tattoos 29

15. This entire piece is on point. We love the way it starts at her neck and extends all the way past her shoulder. The design is exquisite and the artist did a fantastic job with the shading and detail. The artist did a great job connecting it so that it flows gracefully down her neck. The detail in each petal and leaf is really good.

lace tattoos 30

16. This geometric shape looks really trippy. It’s a complicated design and it looks seamless on her arm. The artist would have had to have taken ample amounts of time to trace and retrace over her design in order to create the effect she was looking for.

lace tattoos 28

17. We love white tattoos. They’re so whimsy. This one has a tribal feel to it. Against her skin, it’s almost like the design is dancing right off. It’s not symmetrical which could possibly mean that life isn’t always cut and dry. Sometimes there are curves in the road.

lace tattoos 40

18. This is stunning. The degree of variation is rad and the coloring causes there to be several dimensions. The artist is definitely talented and knew exactly what they were doing. The shading here is on point and the flow of the overall piece is exquisite. Every single detail here is impressive.

lace tattoos 45

19. This mixture of blues is ridiculously amazing. No telling how long this took to complete but it was definitely worth it because the finished product is fantastic. The last few posts have had extreme attention to detail. They exude a complicated beauty that is hard to surpass.

lace tattoos 46

20. This is an excellent start to her sleeve. She left it open ended so that it would be seamless to finish the sleeve if she so chose to do so. The lace seems to be more so the backdrop than the featured art. It creates a look that ties the whole piece together.

lace tattoos 47

21. This is a really gorgeous check piece. It’s quite feminine given the intrinsic attention to detail in the beautiful lace design. The red roses really brings the whole piece to life. The detail in the lace is beautiful and took a long time to complete. This probably didn’t make the canvas super comfortable since the chest can be a sensitive area to ink.

lace tattoos 48

22. This is so life like is it not? The gun looks so real and even the lace garter is stunningly life like. It’s such a cool image and we love the choice of colors that they artist chose.

lace tattoos

23. Wow, at first glance you might not even realize the beauty of this detail. This is seriously such a masterpiece of art because it’s so insanely detailed. Each part is so intentional and woven together to complete the ensemble.

lace tattoo 1

24. We love the shading on this piece. It’s alluring and mysteriously put together. The shading here is really good. The artist really only used about 4 colors but it seems so much more vibrant than that. It’s vivid and bold. Even the bow under her leg is great.

lace tattoo 2

25. Props to her for a gnarly time getting inked on the head. Beautiful end result. Notice how thick some of the lines are here. The more ink used, the longer the artist had to penetrate the skin and the more rad this lady is for sitting through it!

lace tattoo 11

26. The art comes to life and is absolutely stunning. Check out the fringe here that surrounds the lace. It would have taken such a long time to do that! The way that the bow curls is really unique because it makes the ends of the bow look like they are floating off of her leg.

lace tattoo 10

27. The flowers here are breathtaking. They take such a realistic shape and look as if they’ve been placed on her shoulders. The added bits of white in the petals creates such contrast. The details in the lace are fantastic. It’s cool how it all stems from the heart in the center of her chest.

lace tattoo 9

28. Another stunning and detailed art piece. We love the detailed lace once again and the little dots in the center of the rose.

lace tattoo 8

29. The lace around her arm is a fun spin to this genre. The thicker lines helps create contrast between the various shapes within the image.

lace tattoo 7

30. Beautiful example of another lace design. Even though it appears simple, it’s really quite detailed. Every lace design is extremely intricate and must be well thought out in order to create a beautiful piece.

lace tattoo 6

31. The side of the hip and down the leg is a tender spot for a design. She chose a rather large image that no doubt took a long time to complete. Notice how the flower is not colored in. Would you go back for color or leave it as is? The black shading surrounding the rose is intense and took a while to complete. It’s very detailed and the artist did a great job adding various amounts of contrast throughout the piece.

lace tattoo 3

32. She chose subtle pastels that really make the lace whimsical and dreamy. The line work here is pretty flawless. This is a gorgeous piece. Check out the design and the way it loops over and over again. This time, the center of the bow is a flower instead of a heart. What do you think that might mean?
lace tattoos 1

33. Around the ankle is another area that is popular for lace work. Notice the minute details. Even the small arrow in the center of the bow with the red all around it. The tiny frills that surround the lace are so exquisite.

lace tattoo

34. Check out the variety of images on her legs and feet. The purple lace garter has a ton of color in it which means lots of ink was used in the making of this design.

lace tattoo hot

35. This is a beautiful example of permanent eye makeup with a lace finish. What do you think? Is this something you’d be interested in? She had to be really still while they worked on her eye here. Notice that really dark spot in the crease of her eye. That’s a pretty gnarly spot to get inked.

lace tattoo awesome

36. This is really interesting because it integrates black lace as well as some white or clear lace. Do you think it could possibly be scars? The whole ensemble is pretty intense. Do you see the beetles interwoven into her lace?

lace tattoo 15

37. This is sassy lace anklet tattoo design. It has quite a bit of detail in it and there is a good amount of shading going on. The hanging chains give it a realistic appearance.

lace tattoo 13


38. She integrated purple hues that really offset the entire look. It ties the whole thing together for a fresh, clean look. The feathers at the wind look as if they are blowing in the wind. Do you see the anchor at the bottom of the lace?

lace tattoos 5

39. Butterfly and lace design that is eye catching and a bit 3D. This is a fabulous piece with the varying degrees of shading and contrast. Even something as simple as the little dots are so detailed and would have taken a really long time to complete.

lace tattoos 6

40. The fishnets threw us for a quick second but take a look at that rad ship. It’s so awesome and extremely detailed. We’re impressed, what about you? The artist mainly used grey, white and black here to express the shading correctly.

lace tattoos 7

41. There’s quite a variation of shading going on in this image. It’s really quite interesting. We like the choice of colors she chose. Every aspect of it is so detailed. The flowers have so much contrast and shading within them. The leaves are contrasting against the flowers beautifully.

lace tattoos 8

42. This swallow with lace is so fascinating. It’s so detailed and at first glance, you might not even realize what it is. Great job and hats off to the artist. Check out the various shades within this design. It creates such an eye catching piece.

lace tattoos 9

43. This back piece is pretty fierce. The artist did a tremendous job and this definitely took a long time to complete. Anyone want to guess how long it took to complete? It’s so beautifully and masterfully orchestrated.

lace tattoos 10

44. Sleeves are so cool and she did something really unique by not really covering up the elbow. That’s not totally out of the box but it’s not as normal as you might think. Probably a good idea too since the elbow is a gnarly spot to ink. The butterflies that are woven throughout probably mean something really special to her.

lace tattoos 11

45. The shoulder and down towards the sternum look is quite sultry. There are so many different facets to this design that makes it so complicated and delicate. This is truly a gorgeous piece.

lace tattoos 19

46. This is a really cool image that could easily transition into a whole leg sleeve. It’s very detailed and creates a stunning look. The way the diamonds fall makes it seem so elegant.

lace tattoos 16

47. Here’s a traditional lace look. Notice the various ways that the artist took this piece and made it original to her. At first glance it might look unassuming, but after further observation, it’s really quite remarkable.

lace tattoos 15

48. Here’s a gorgeous white lace example. It’s really quite stunning. The curves, the details, the ways that all the lines connect is fantastic. What part of this piece sticks out to you the most?

lace tattoos 14

49. A cute twin bow on each leg idea. The one on the left looks fairly new given the redness surrounding it. The artist did a great job with the shading here.

lace tattoos 13

50. A lacy moon is pretty original and she selected a really cool placement for it. The intricate design is delightful.

lace tattoos 12

Lace tattoos are in a word: detailed. They are beautiful if not mesmerizing and downright inspiring. It takes countless hours and probably a few trips to the tattoo parlor before the finished product is ready. These designs aren’t for the faint of heart and the results show commitment and love for tattoo design.


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