80 Lavender Hair Your Inner Goddess Will Absolutely Love


Lavender hair is decidedly feminine, especially as it evokes its floral counterpart. However, the recent changes in modern popular media with all the elves and faes entering mainstream conversation, we can confidently say that lavender is a spicy hot trend.

Moreover, who won’t love sassy but pretty looks? The appeal of purple as a hip color plus some soft undertones have made lavender an increasingly popular hair color option.

The Best Lavender Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Lavender may be a harder hair color to match because of the blue hue and pale undertones. Those with pale skin may end up with a whitewashed look, while those with yellow skin tones may end up being more orangey than they would like. Olive skin tones would also be a hard match. But we have all the pretty looks to match all skin tones.

A deeper lavender hue will fit those with fairer skin, adding hints of copper or reds can balance yellow skin tones. For warmer olive tones, we recommend keeping lavender hues at the hair edges and away from the face as much as possible as the lavender shade clashes with the green tones of the skin.

Here’s our hot recs for lavender hair for all styles and occasions.

Baby Pink and Lavender Hair Balayage

We love teh painted effect of balayage that plays so well with the mix of pinks and lavender hues.

lavender hair

Floral Ombré in Lavender and Cornflower Blue

A perfect rendering of pretty floral colors, from purple roots to lavender and then cornflower blue.

Lavender for Long Soft Waves

Long lavender tresses with subtle light blonde baby lights enhance the long soft waves.

Gorgeous Grape Tresses

Grape colors are kind of hard to work with, but the subtle pink and lavender strands are perfect.

Dramatic Fuschia and Lavender Ombré

The fuschia roots draw attention while the beautiful lavender color holds it.

Silvery Lavender Hair in a Messy Tendril Bun

If you want something simple and easy, a messy tendril bun will do for some casual fun.

Ultra-Long Lavender Hair

A faerie-like nod to long and heavenly tresses,

Cute, Short and Sassy Layers

We love the short hairstyle and the frosty lavender hues make it hip and young.

Alluring Ombré in Lavender and Nordic Blonde

A fairy allusion, lavender hair is divinely paired with icy blonde colors.

Modern Lob in Lavender and Lilac

A long bob layered in colors of lavender and lilac.

Feathery Lavender Waves with Indigo Highlights

Give your long hair a textured touch with feathery edges. Heighten your lavender hair with indigo highlights to add visual depth. This is a perfect style for those who want stylishness and feminine grace rolled into one.

Textured Layers in Indigo and Lavender

Razored edges add texture to layers while the interplay of lavender and indigo gives a dramatic hair effect to the style.

Gorgeous Icy Lavender

We love the icy touch of platinum hues in this lavender color. Gorgeous and otherworldly, it looks simply divine.

Pretty Shades of Lilac

A feminine style that gives perfect play to pretty shades of lilac.


Bombshell Lavender Beauty with Silver Edges

The luscious waves are to die for and the silvery edges coupled with the lavender color is stunning.

Stunning Platinum Lavender Hair

Shiny perfect, a style we would love to touch and look at – over and over.

Silver Blast

A layered medium bob gets silvery perfect.

Fancy Purple and Lavender Ombré

Feathered edges with the ombre of purple and lavender hues make for a beautiful and soft style.

Feminine Allure in Dark Lavender and Ash Blonde

This is a gorgeous combination of perfect length, waves, and colors.

Pearly Lavender Hair Balayage

Chopped off edges are softened by the colors.

Gorgeous Goddes Curls in Indigo and Lavender

A cascade of soft curls that beautifully frame the face.

Winter Storm

Dark grey hair gets an icy highlight.

Halo Braid in Honey Blonde Highlights

A halo braid frames the face while the blonde highlights add depth.

A Soft Lavender Cloud

A visual effect of softness and femininity.

Subtle Lavender Hints

A brunette with lavender low lights? Why not!

Icy Lavender Princess

A doll-like effect that works so well.

Layered Lob in Lavender and Silver

Lavender layers get ombre visual definition with silver edges.

Pretty in Indigo and Lavender Baby Lights

A beautiful and soft style that works very well.

Sassy Bob for Purple and Lavender Hair

Spice up your classic bob with color.

Sweet and Feminine Braided Half Knot

Feminine gets a turn with a braided top knot for long lavender hair.

Awakening a Lavender Beauty

We just love the messy style.

Layered Soft Fringes for Long Lilac  Hair

Long hair gets a soft touch with a layered fringe.

A Touch of Pink and a Hint of Braid

We just love the lilac and pink coloring. The side braid completes the look.


Cool and Urban Indigo Roots for Lavender Ombré

A sassy style for your inner rock chick.

Easy and Simple Fishtail Braid

A loose fishtail braid just adds the perfect soft touch.

Silver Tendrils and Layers

A style that deserves a loving touch.

Ultra Platinum with Lavender Baby Lights

Ultra-long hair needs some visual depth sometimes and the lavender hints work perfectly with the platinum.

Rocker Fusion

Rock the style and color.

Wild Magenta Balayage with Lavender Highlights


Classic Lavender Bob

A classic gets a hip touch. Lavender, anyone?

Pretty One-Sided Style

Reminiscent of 1980s teen movies, we love the one-sided look.

Gorgeous Lavender Hair in a Braided Knot Bun

The pull-through braids work well with the knot bun.

Stunning Lavender Waterfall

A visual delight of color and curls working in stylistic perfection.

Exquisite Textured Styling with Baby Pink Low Lights

Crimping adds texture to an already visual feast of colors.

Playful and Sexy Double Buns for Lavender and Indigo

Easy Layers and Side Part

Mix and Match in Mint, Cyan, and Lavender

we never thought teh colors would work well together but the cyan just puts mint green and lavender perfectly.

Warm Blonde with Lavender Edges

Warm blonde gets a taste of some bluish tones with lavender edges.

Perky in Hipster Rainbow

We love the dyed strands that’s pure fun and hip. Gathered together in a loose braid, it’s perky and sassy.

Elegant Lavender Crown Braid

Simple elegance gathered in a beautiful crown braid.

Stunning Smoky Soft Curls

Soft curls get a smokey effect with pink, indigo, and lavender highlights.

Diva-Licious Waves

Release your inner goddess and indulge.

Lavender for Medium-Length Hair

Playful braiding for medium-length hair with lavender highlights.

Lavender Subtleties in Black and Plum

A dramatic color combination we love.

Winter Beauty with Lavender Hints

Evoking winter sprites, platinum hair get some subtle lavender baby lights.

Braided Lavender Frost

Gorgeous Pull-Through Braids

The pull-through braids for these ultra-long tresses highlight the interplay of color.

Low Tendril Knot for Silver and Lavender

A casual and comfortable look for lazy Sundays.

Beautiful Butterfly Twist Braid

A natural effect with butterflies on a simple twist braid.

Rockin’ the Platinum

Platinum rocks with lavender locks.

Stunning Magenta and Lavender Fusion

A gorgeous combination of dramatic dark magenta and soft lavender creates this winning style. Loosely tied in a tendril bun and you are set for some serious style.

Playful Punky Purple and Lavender

Let’s get punky!

A Hint of Lavender for Long Luscious Hair

Icy hints of lavender dress up this luscious combination of ash, platinum, blonde, and lilac.

Dreamy Pastel Cascade

Pastel colors in lemon, pink, lavender, and blonde low lighst get to play beautifully.

Stunning and Divine in Purple, Fuschia, Pink, and Lavender

We have a few words to say about this stunningly gorgeous color combination – we adore and love it. We want it!

Feminine Lavender Highlights for Honey Blonde Hair

A beautiful palette for honey blonde hair with hints of caramel and lavender.

Candy Gorgeous

A confection of colors that is playful and hip. Adding visual effect with soft curls will heighten the impact.

Stylish and Feminine in a Loose Braid

A beautiful braid that can be bridal to casual with just the addition of floral or silvery accents.

Fancy Fishtail Braid for Stunning Deep Lavender

deep lavender color in long hair gets visual texture with a fishtail braid.

Lovely Lavender Pigtails

Soft and sweet, pigtails just make everything young and pretty.

Playful Amethyst and Magenta Topped with a High Bun

A color combination that is not meant for the color shy.

Elegant Arctic Sky

Can you just imagine the early morning colors in an arctic sky? we can, and here it is!

Carefree Lilac and Lavender Hair

An easy look you will be comfortable with, wherever and whenever.

Messy Brushed-Up Layered Lob

Enjoy some carefree styling.

Black and Lilac Supreme Waves

A dramatic play of black hair and stunning lilac. The addition of those gorgeous curls makes this a superior style.

Feathered Layers for Lavender and Ash

Feathered edges get some feminine touch.

Violet Ombré with Lavender Baby Lights

We just love all the hues in this balayage, from lavender to deep purple.

Charming Soft Waves

Windswept and gorgeous, we love the lavender soft waves.

Alluring Amethyst Balayage

The goddess in you need to have this hair color with these curls and in this length.





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