51 Beautiful Lilac Hair Ideas That Will Rock Your World


If you are looking for a great new style then why not try the lilac hair color? It’s gorgeous. It’s not an easy style to accomplish and it requires bleaching your hair to a platinum blonde level. If you are not already a platinum blonde, then the first step to achieving this look is to get your hair to that white blonde level. We would recommend you do that in a salon but it’s up to you, bleaching can also be done at home.

Here’s how to get lilac locks:

Bleach is a harsh treatment on your hair that’s why we recommend doing it at a salon because they know how to treat your hair when it gets dried out from bleach. We wouldn’t recommend doing it if you already have damaged hair because you could damage it to the point of having it fall out.

It’s always best to bleach hair that is unwashed rather than clean hair because you will have less itchiness or skin irritation. If you are lucky enough to already be a blonde, there is a good chance that all you will need is a toner which is great news because there’s less risk of damage to the hair.

If you choose to do it at home, there are a few things that you should know. When you are buying bleach, you want to check out the developer number. For blondes, a 10 volume is more than enough. But if you have darker hair then you will have to go with 30 volume. If you are unsure, then the best thing that you can do is a strand test.

A great tip to getting the right consistency is to mix your purple dye with white conditioner; it will apply easier as well. Whatever color you get in your bowl is the color that your hair will be so mix it to the shade that you desire. Fashion colors will always fade so if you want it to last longer than opt for a darker shade of purple.

Lilac is an amazing color but make sure that you can handle it in any social situation. Will you be okay with wearing it to both a rock concert and your office job? There are many different shades and ways in which you could wear lilac hair.

Below are 51 Beautiful Lilac Hair Ideas That Will Rock Your World:

  1. Medium Shade

A stunning shade of purple makes this braid a really awesome style.

2. Dimmer Shades

This lilac is closer to the gray shades that are available, but it’s no less beautiful.

3. Bright Purple

If you want a style that is a little more dramatic, then try this bright shade.

4. Different Shades

Here we have a multitude of shades for anyone looking for a lilac color. There is a shade here for everybody.

5. Softer Shades

This gorgeous color is a lighter shade and it’s totally badass.

6. Rainbow Shades

These shimmering shades are truly wondrous. We love all the different colors that look great with lilac.

7. Celebrity Style

Celebrities love the lilac shade.

8. Highlights

This ombre style looks amazing with an ombre shade.

9. Soft Purple

A great shade that anyone is sure to love.

10. Light Purple

Emma Stone looks amazing in a light lilac shade.

11. Lighter Shades

A great shade that is so light that it’s almost gray.

12. Different Shades

This style starts off quite dark and goes into a light purple shade.

13. Darker Shades

If you have darker hair and don’t want to bleach all of it, then this might be the style choice that you are looking for.

14. Sweet Styles

You can’t go wrong with a color like this one.

15. Bright Shades

A few highlights are all you need for this style.

16. Pastel Colors

This lilac coloring is amazing because of the pale shade.

17. Bright Lilac

A stunning shade that is truly bright and eye-catching.

18. Dark Highlights

A great shade that’s remarkable. If you don’t want to drastically lighten your hair, then this is a great style choice for you.

19. Pale Shades

A great style that is very light. You see both the lilac and the platinum together.

20. Beautiful Tones

This gorgeous shade it truly popping off the page. If you want an amazing shade, then this is it.

21. Purple Braids

A simple shade of purple that you are sure to love.

22. Stunning Shades

Another celebrity style that is shockingly perfect. This lilac shade is sure to draw the eye.

23. Bold Shades

A great shade that is striking because of the highlights.

24. Pastel Shades

A gorgeous pastel lilac shade that will make you feel like a Princess.

25. White Hot

If you have platinum blonde hair, then this will be the perfect shade for you.

26. Purple Love

A great shade that you are sure to love because it’s sexy and beautiful.

27. Neon Shades

If you are looking for a bold shade, then try neon colors.

28. Lilac Love

A great shade that is pretty and low-key. It’s not too bright or crazy; it’s just right.

29. Dark Elements

A great shade that any badass lady is sure to love. We love the light and the dark together.

30. Pretty Highlights

If you want to try highlights then why not try lilac ones.

31. Soft Designs

A great shade that is very simple and sophisticated.

32. Different Purples

There are many different shades of purple and these are great examples of it.

33. Gray Designs

A great style that has a gray and purple edge to it.

34. Blue Styles

A great shade that has a bluish purple tinge to it.

35. Bright Lilac 

This lilac shade is very bright and it’s a gorgeous style.

36. Shocking Shades

If you are looking for a bright new shade, then this is the one for you.

37. Contrasting Shades

A great style that has black and lilac mixed together for an amazing style.

38. Rock Star Style

A great style that is short with some funky shades to it.

39. Light Colors

A stunning shade that is sure to brighten up your entire day.

40. Striking Shades

You won’t find a prettier shade than this one. The purple is striking and it really stands out.

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41. Simple Shades

This one is a darker shade of purple, so the shade itself is likely to last longer.

42. Braided Styles

These braids are made more beautiful with this stunning lilac shade.

43. Bright Lilac

If you like a little drama in your life, then you must try out this stunning lilac shade.

44. Purple and Gray

Another example of a purple shade that has a gray tinge to it.

45. Medium Shades

A gorgeous shade that you are sure to love for every season.

46. Light and Bright

Another great example of a bright purple shade that you are sure to love.

47. Bright Light

A gorgeous lilac shade.

48. Lilac Designs

We love the bright lilac shades.

49. Darker Lilac

Another darker shade that will allow you to keep the color for longer.

50. Soft Purple

You won’t find a more stunning lilac shade than this one.

51. Bright Elements

A great example of a purple shade that you can wear anywhere. It’s a great color that will work in the office as well as in the club. You can’t go wrong with a color like this one.


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