57 of the Sweetest Hairstyles That Your Daughter is Sure to Love


If you are looking for some fun hairstyles for your daughter, then look no further than here.

Little girls are small versions of their mothers and whether we like it or not they are interested in beauty at a young age. Little girls start off becoming interested in fashion and picking out their own clothing and being interested in beauty and hair comes not long after. Beauty is not foreign to them for very long, and they learn things pretty quickly. That’s why little girls are so interested in being princesses because it’s all about glamour and dressing up. They want to wear makeup just like their mothers, after all, they spend years watching us put it on. They copy us because they know deep down that playing with hair and makeup is a lot of fun.

When it comes to hairstyles for little ones there is a lot of room for creativity; the sky is the limit when it comes to the different styles that you can create. There are frisky little pigtails, cute buns, many natural-looking loose hairstyles, and playful braids some with accessories and some without. Little girls want to look special when they go to school or a special event. They want to look cool and be fashionable like their friends. No one likes to be left behind in a world that puts so much attention on appearances. They play with different hairstyles and work with many different types of accessories. We have many different styles for your child to choose from; some special while others are luxurious.

The Hairstyles That Are the Best for Little Girls

You don’t want a hairstyle that is going to be really inconvenient because it takes the fun out of styling it to begin with. You want something sweet that your child will love and want to show off. You can choose the best haircut that suits your child the most. If your child has fine hair, you might want to stick with a bob. It doesn’t take a lot to style a bob, and you can still French-braid the look or adorn it with accessories. That way the hair can be kept out of her eyes.

If your child has natural curls or thick hair, then it’s best to let her hair grow long. She will be able to rock fancier styles and have sophisticated loose styles or updos. She will have the opportunity to try long fancy ponytails, and beautiful long braids. These looks usually are the envy of the neighborhood.

Some mothers don’t like overly braided hairstyles and super tight styles. They worry that their daughters will end up looking like dolls, too pretentious for their own expectations. The last thing they want to think about is makeup on their children because it reminds them of the pageant dolls.

Long hair can be messy at school sometimes, and many mothers want their children to look neat and tidy all day long. They opt more for a braid, a ponytail or a high bun so that the hair can look more put together. Adding accessories such as headband and clips usually keep the hair properly in place. These looks are decent hairstyles and aren’t time-consuming if you are styling hair in the morning before school. If you are looking for a hairstyle for special occasions, updos are always perfect choices. Little girls are delighted to have their hair styled in various ways. They want some Hollywood look, curls or popular finger waves. To soften the whole look, you can attach fun accessories to the hairstyle making it appear more adult-like. Children love the idea of getting dressed up and doing their hair, and you can be part of the fun of that.

Small details can make a regular haircut or style into something special. A natural loose hairstyle can be made incredible with some curls or the right accessories. A couple of twists to even a single braid can turn a simple haircut into a chic new hairdo for your girl.  There are so many different styles that you can choose from to give your child a whole new look.

57 Sweetest Little Girl Hairstyles

  1. Spiral Ponytail

This is an extraordinary design that your girl is sure to love. It takes a simple ponytail and turns it into something special because of the braid that is twisted throughout.


2. A Simple Bow

This is not some ordinary bun, the bun itself is made into the shape of a bow which is so cute. There are braids through the style as well that pull together quite a look.


3. Special Flowers

This loose hairstyle is changed dramatically with the addition of these three flowers made from braids. The design is very cute, and your daughter is sure to love it.


4. The Heart

On the back of the head, there are two braids and those braids have come together to form a heart. It’s such a special design to try out.


5. Starstruck

These pigtails are adorable on their own but with the addition of the star, it becomes extraordinary. The star is made up of simple twists that are pinned in place.


6. A Crown Headband

Most of the hair is left down except for a crown in front turned into a braid. The braid is unique as well in the design.


7. The Halo Style

This unique style is gorgeous for a young girl. This is the perfect updo for an event; it looks like a little halo.


8. Circular Designs

This braid is twisted into a circular design that looks like so much fun. Your child is sure to love it.


9. Watch it Happen

Here’s a great example of a ponytail that is made from a braid. It’s a free design and a unique one.


10. Circular Sun

Between the circular design and the color, it almost looks as if it’s the sun. It’s a fun look that is sure to make your child happy.


11. Classic Bun

The style here is that of a classic bun which is an elegant design. There are small braids on each side that really bring the look together.


12. Sprockets

What a fun hairstyle, the twisty buns look like sprockets. It’s a unique style that will have the other children envious. The second look is just as fun with the spirals all over her head. There is a lot of fun to these styles. The last look is loose and no less fun than the rest of them.


13. Adorable Pigtails

It’s such a simple look, and yet it’s so adorable. These loose pigtails really make the look extra special.


14. Loose Curls

If you are looking for a hairstyle for an event, then look no further than this one. It’s stunning, and the little flower accessories just add to the flair of the whole style.


15. Spiders!

These pigtails fall to the back of the head with a criss-cross design down the middle. Add spiders as an accessory and she will be ready for any Halloween party.


16. Backwards Braid

This partial updo looks elegant, something that you would expect a princess to have. The braid is long and full, and there are smaller braids intersecting within the large braid.

17. Connecting Braids

This is a unique design because the braids aren’t actually braids at all. It’s a partial braid, and each one has a braid coming out of it. The bands give the look some color.


18. Add a Headband

This style is a great example of how you can turn a simple bun into something special with the addition of a headband.


19. Halo Braids

There are three braids here that crown the head. It’s a sweet style that wouldn’t take a lot of time to do.


20. The Mohawk Pony

This is an edgier look for the girl with a little sass. A ponytail in the shape of a mohawk that looks like so much fun.


21. A Proper Bow

These two braids on the side fall below to form a bow on the end. It’s an adorable style that your child is sure to love.


22. The Tight Bun

The hair is pulled back tightly with the addition of braids. The look is finished off with a high bun.


23. A Heart Design

The heart design in the middle is made up of a ponytail. There are braids circling the head to create a magnificent design.


24. A Curly Cue

A curly loose look is always a great style for events. There is a bright white bow that compliments the whole look.


25. A French Braid

There aren’t too many designs that would be more elegant than this one. The bun is proper, and the back of the hair is done up in a french braid.


26. A Side Bun

This is a very different look because the bun is to the side of the head. The braids are also pulled to one side as well, and everything comes together with a pink bow.


27. An Oval Braid

These large braids are created in the back to form an oval that ends in a ponytail. It’s a beautiful design that would look great at a fancy event.


28. A Staircase

These cascading loops make for a unique design. The pins are very colorful and brighten up the whole look.


29. Tiny Hearts

Two pigtails make up this wonderful design with four complimentary hearts. It’s a sweet design that will make your daughter feel like a princess.


30. Tiny Buns

A compact design made up of French braids. Each braid is turned into a flower and an accessory added. Both sides are identical in this sweet style.


31. Multiple Flowers

A relaxed look that is complimented by three flowers. The accessories are beautiful with the look.


32. The Long Mohawk

The top is shaped like a mohawk with the rest of it loose. There are long braids on either side which make the style even more unique.


33. The Fishtail

The fishtail is a popular design for children, but this look is made even more special because of the one braid crisscrossing through the design.


34. An Open Braid

This simple braid intersects at the back, and there is another loose braid connected to the other braids. It’s a pretty style.


35. Spiral Curls

This is another look that’s very beautiful. There are just a few pieces that are pulled up in the back to keep her hair out of her eyes.


36. Stunning Updo

This updo is perfect for a formal event. Not only is it simple to create but it’s absolutely stunning.


37. Intricate Designs

This is a great look for short hair. You don’t need a lot of length, just pull it back into a ponytail. The top is an intricate design that is breathtaking.


38. Beautiful Buns

These braids are formed from the bottom, and they move upwards to create double buns. There are small and large braids involved in the buns.


39. Tiny Designs

These tiny braided buns are just darling. The style itself is pulled tightly back from the head, and the buns are a very cute design.


40. Circular Bun Designs

A stunning design. These braids are formed into circular designs and then pinned up into a bun. Beautiful!


41. Double Braids

These braids are pulled to the side, and they are intersecting each other.


42. Creative Design

This is another example of a relaxed look with a design formed at the top. It’s an original look that is sure to make you both happy.


43. Stunning Details

You don’t get much more beautiful designs than this one. It’s just breathtaking to look at. There are so many different braids going through the design and it’s all made to perfection. The bows are the finishing touch to an already gorgeous look.


44. Diagonal Braids

There is a braid that comes up from the bottom and one that is already formed on top. They both fold into the buns creating a great style.


45. Three Braids

The three braids on the back of the head reach across to form the bun on the side of the head. The rest of the hair is pulled tightly into the bun.


46. Double Hearts

A large braided heart has another braided heart inside of it. It’s an adorable style that isn’t hard to do.


47. Extreme Braids

This is a braid for a giant, but it looks amazing on this little girl. A hassle free design that your girl is sure to love.


48. Add Accessories

This is a great example of how you can add accessories to make an already great design really pop.


49. Side Braids

Large and small, these side braids connect in the back creating an elegant look. The woven in thread gives the look some added flair.


50. Horizontal Rows

This stunning design has the braids going across in horizontal rows. These three braids connect to make the bun on the side.


51. Curly Mohawk

There are cornrows on the side in their own unique design while the top is filled with curls in the shape of a mohawk.


52. A Sweet Ponytail

This ponytail is pulled back tightly and made up of three braids that wrap around the head. The ponytail itself has loose curls. The whole look is complete with a bow.


53. Incredible Braid Work

One large braid is created through many intersecting ones. This braid wraps to the side of the head to create a bun.


54. Tiny Fishtails

The style is another tight one with everything pulled together in a couple of pigtails. The pigtails are made up of tiny fishtails. It’s an adorable look for a little girl.


55. Volumptuous Buns

These small braids go upwards to form two bouncy voluptuous buns. It’s quite the cute little style.


56. From Different Angles

You can see this look created from different angles. The braid goes along the neckline and forms an amazing design. The braid itself is unique, and it changes as it goes through her head. Such a beautiful design with a cute accessory.


57. From Big to Small

These fishtail braids go from big to small. They start off large on top of the head and then very quickly form smaller braids that are banded together at the bottom. They connect with a twist at the bottom and are all tied together.


When it comes to choosing a style for your child, you can’t go wrong with any of these amazing designs. They go from simple to extraordinary depending on what you are looking for. There are designs fo revery day use as well as beautiful updos for the formal events in your life.

The best part is they are all easy design to complete, and some of them can be kept in for a few days at least. Your daughter will feel like a princess every day with these fun designs. Make the most of your time together and show her the ins and outs of beauty. Together you can bond over your favorite hairstyles.

We hope you enjoyed the article! Let us know what your favorite design is!


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