61 Chic Long Bob’s That Are Sure to Turn Heads


There are usually two different reason why somebody wants to change their hairstyle. They want something more fun, that can also make them look young or something exciting that will just change up their look a little bit. Going short can be hard for someone who has always had long hair. We get it, cutting y our hair is not easy. But changing your look can be the best thing you ever did.

long bob hairstyles

long bob hairstyles

We’re talking today about the long Bob, or “LOB” as it’s called in the industry. The “LOB” just means Long bob and it’s a great style for people who don’t want to cut their hair too short. These long bobs won’t shock you; they won’t be jarring when you look in the mirror at the salon. They are long enough for you to still be comfortable but they also give you the change that you need.

With the long bob, you still have the freedom to style it the same as when you had long hair. You can still use your curling iron and straightener to style just as you always have.

The bob is a very versatile style. It’s not just your hairstyle right now but cut shorter. The bob is its own entity and it’s a very popular style. You will see many celebrities sporting this style on the red carpet because it’s really awesome. It can be hard to cut your hair, but sometimes you just need to take the plunge. If you are looking for a change, then you really can’t go wrong with the long bob. There are so many different types of bobs as well as many different ways of styling it.

Check out these 61 Chic Long Bob’s That Are Sure to Turn Heads:

  1. Celebrity Styles

Jessica Alba has been rocking the long bob for a while now and as you can see it’s a very chic style.

2. Stylish Designs

Kim Kardashian is really rocking this “LOB,” it’s one of the longer styles and it’s very sleek.

3. Angled Bob

The angled bob is one that has been in fashion for a while now and it’s likely to stay that way.

4. Thin Styling

This is basically what you would be looking at for a style if you have thin hair. There isn’t a whole lot of body to it, but it can be created with a product.

5. The Beach Wave

Everyone loves the beach wave and as you can see, you can still have it with a bob. You can still have some wave to your hair even if it’s shorter.

6. Gorgeous Designs

This choppy style is all the rage right now if you are looking for a style that isn’t prim and proper then this is the one for you.

7. The Layered Look

This style is much longer than a normal bob and it has a lot of layers. Sometimes the change that you need can be accomplished with just adding some layers to your style.

8. Sleek Styles

Not only is this style sleek but it’s sexy as well. If you are looking for a polished style, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

9. Edgy Designs

Another example of an angled style that is a trend right now. These types of styles never seem to go out of style. We love the coloring as well with the haircut.

10. Beach Bum Style

A great style that you are sure to love because of the sophistication of it. We love these styles; they are glamorous and elegant.

11. Elegant Bobs

You will turn heads wherever you go with a hairstyle like this one. We love how sleek and put together it looks.

12. Full Volume

Her hair has all the volume that she needs to rock this style. She had thock hair to begin with but adding some wave to the style certainly helps.

13. Icy Styles

A style that is longer than most and we love the ice blonde color. You won’t find a more beautiful style than this one. This is the kind of look that generally draws the eye because of the color.

14. Softer Styles

Her style is breathtaking because of the softness of it. She has thin hair and it just falls gently around her face. This actress knows what looks good on her. If you have thin hair, then this would be a pretty look for you.

15. Standard Bob

This is what a standard bob looks like; there are no angles to it, all the hair is one length and parted in the middle. Charlize Theron looks amazing in this style and she has always preferred a low maintenance style. She’s a busy girl, so we can see why.

16. The Long Bang

If you prefer a bang within your style, then this is a great look. The bang is also long and the rest of the hair is in layers. The layers are cut in a fashion so that they almost look feathered. It’s an edgier style that isn’t over the top.

17. Long Styles

Jessica Alba has rocked the long bob in varying lengths for some time now. She looks amazing whether they are long or short. Try out a style that is sleek and simple like this one. It’s recommended for people with thin hair.

18. Purple Styles

Sometimes all the change you need is a fresh new color. We love this messy bob because of the bright purple highlights. It’s certainly a longer bob so you don’t have to worry about losing too much of your length. The color is gorgeous and so are all those waves.

19. Bold Waves

We love this short look because it has a lot of layers. This style has a lot of body to it which will make all the difference in the world. If you like the layered style, then this kind of bob is perfect for you because it frames the face as well.

20. Before and After

You can see what a big difference a bob can make in your style with this before and after. We love how it changes her look complete. It doesn’t have to be a big change for you to be happy. Try to take off a small amount at first and then take more length off as you go alone. This style is absolutely beautiful.

21. Simple Designs

A great style that can be worn anywhere. It’s a style that is simple and low maintenance. If you have a busy life, then this is the perfect style for you. It can simply be brushed out when you get up in the more. How much you want to style it is totally up to you.

22. Bright Lights

This girl’s highlights just jump right out at you. We love these icy colored because they are always high impact designs. The highlights her just pop off the page. If you are looking for a more dramatic style, then try this one out, but don’t forget the highlights.

23. Uniform Style

This style is stunning and it’s cut so that it angles inward. We love these styles because they always look so polished. It’s sleek and stylish, something that would be great for the office. Try it out and you will find how much you love it too.

24. Extreme Angle

We love this style because it’s both long and short. It will still appear as if you have long hair in the front, but the back is quite short. It’s definitely an extreme angled bob, but it’s awesome. If you want something truly different, then look no further than this one.

25. Sharp Lines

This look is very polished and you can see that in the fact that the angles are quite sharp. If you are looking for a sleek design, then you found it here. All you will need is to add a bit of product for shine and you’re set to go.

26. Full Styles

Kim Kardashian has always had thick hair, so her styles always have enough volume in them. Her bob here is a little more curly than she usually wears it. We think she looks really good with curly hair even though we typically see her hair straight.

27. Beautiful Designs

Another example of a sleek and straight style that is simple and yet still sophisticated. Who needs waves when you can have a style as perfect as this one. Style it any way that you want it and you are set for the day. A beautiful style!

28. Flowing Styles

With a long bob, you are still able to have your hair up in a bun or a ponytail. It’s still long enough to do that.

29. Red Carpet Styles

We love these looks because they are classy and elegant. Naomi Watts looks incredible with her beach waves as she walks the red carpet.

30. A Chic Style

If you are all about the fashionista life, then this is the look for you. It’s short and chic and has all the style in the world.

31. Sophisticated Styles

This is the kind of style that is going to make you feel like a class act all the time. We love the slight volume that the style has to it.

32. A Messy Style

You can see that this style has many different layers in it and that helps to create volume throughout the style.

33. Long Designs

Another example of a “LOB” that is much longer in the front than the back.

34. Perfect Style

Tyra Banks has had a world of styles in her lifetime. These bobs though always make her look chic and classy. She also has some light highlights in there as well.

Also See:

35. An Angled Design

The angled bob has always been a popular style and we doubt that it’s going to go out of style anytime soon.

36. Platinum Looks

A shorter angled bob that has some serious platinum color to it. There is nothing better than a platinum blonde style.

37. Curly Designs

Here is a great example of how you can still keep your curls even if your hair is cut shorter.

38. Curls For Girls

We love these curls! You can totally have a long bob and curls all at the same time. This would be a great style for a wedding or any other event you have to go to.

39. Short Layers

this short style is very sleek and did we mention it’s chic as well. We love how they only have a few layers in to frame her face.

40. Bold Styles

This gorgeous style is a much longer bob then the rest. If you are worried about cutting your length, then this might be the style for you. You get the look of the bob, but it’s also not really short either.

41. The Feathered Look

A great look that is sure to please anyone. It’s simple and yet still stylish.

42. Messy Styling

Another great example of a long bob that isn’t too messy. It’s not too short.

43. A Slight Angle

We can’t help but love these styles; they are chic and so very cool. Another angled bob that is a shorter version.

44. Add Some Curls

Whether you are naturally curly or want to get a perm, this is a great example of how you can have curls with a bob.

45. Many Colors

Here are similar looks, except the difference comes in the color. We love the highlighted one because there is a lot more depth to the style. It really jumps out at you.

46. Classic Styles

A gorgeous bob that is part of the classic styles. It’s low maintenance and doesn’t take long to put together.

47. Redhead Styles

This is a classic look for the redhead. We love this style because it’s very simple.

48. Sharp Styles

Another great example of a bob that’s so sleek that it almost looks sharp.

49. Smooth Styles

Straight hair always looks amazing with these styles because they are wonderful. You can wear these smooth styles anywhere.

50. Glamorous Styles

You definitely don’t have to cut a lot of length off for this style. We love the bouncy curls; they are very glamorous.

51. Short and Sweet

This bob is cut in a square fashion and we are loving it. It’s a simple style that is short and sweet.

52. Vampy Styles

It’s edgy and it’s going to make you feel like a badass. These styles will take you to the next level.

53. Bold and Beautiful

These classic looks are always popular because they give a bold look of the bob while still keeping things simple.

54. Simple and Pretty

This is a style that is pretty but still manages to be simple. This is a style that you can wake up with, brush it out and walk right out the door.

55. Curls for Days

There is one thing about curls and that’s they add a lot of volume to your hair. Not to mention they are great for events.

56. Bright Designs

This gorgeous style is amazing because of the color and the cut. No matter where you go, you are sure to get compliments with this style.

57. Gorgeous Style

We have another before and after style here so we can see what it’s like to cut some inches off your hair.

58. All One Length

This long bob is all one length providing you with a very simple style.

59. Edgier Styles

If you want a style with a little more edge to it, then try this one on for size. We love the beach curl that it has, it looks truly amazing.

60. A Touch of Waves

We love waves regardless of the length. There is just something about this style that we just can’t get enough of. If you want a style that is simple yet beautiful, then look no further than this one.

61. Softening Styles

This look is very soft and beautiful. It probably also means that she doesn’t wear a lot of product in her hair which is a good thing. It’s a simple style an done that you can love for a long time because styles like these ones never go out of style.

These are all amazing bobs and as you can see they come in many different lengths. You shouldn’t be scared to cut your hair because you aren’t required to go short. You don’t have to chop all your hair off. It’s okay to start off a little longer and go shorter over time if you are fearful. You don’t have to cut it all off all at once.

These bobs are not only versatile, but they can really change your style. Be open to a new style and you will be happy with it. It’s a new year for everyone and if you are dying to change your style, then you really can’t go wrong with a long bob. Choose a simple one or try an extreme angled bob, the sky is the limited for you and the choices that you have.

We hope that you enjoyed the article, feel free to comment below on your favorite style!


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