72 Stunningly Creative Updos for Long Hair


Updo’s are classy and sophisticated. They are easy to manage and look great for any formal and even informal gatherings. Below is an array of classic look that can be worn with any hair length. Whether you have long or short hair, there is definitely a look here for you.

  1. This is a striking up-do that is bold and quite beautiful. Check out the amazing detail in the braid. This look is fantastic for someone with long hair.

11easy-updos-for-long-hair-1004162. This look is whimsy and dream like. It’s  the perfect look for any occasion. What would you wear this look to? The added accessory really ties the whole look together. It gives it a sophisticated elegance.

12easy-updos-for-long-hair-1004163. Here is a two toned up-do with the blonde layer on top and a darker undertone beneath. Many people enjoy garnishing the look with an added accessory as you’ll see here with the feathers.


4. This is a swooping, messier up-do that is super chic right now. It makes the overall appearance effortless and laid back and looks fantastic. The way that it’s tied up on top of her head really brings out the highlights in her hair. It’s a great summer look.


5. In this example, she added a headband to complete the look. It’s a beautiful choice. We love the way it’s set up closer to her forehead. It gives it a chance to really stand out and be noticed. It ties the whole piece together.

15easy-updos-for-long-hair-1004166. This is an intricate look that took a lot of time to complete. The interwoven pieces of hair look gorgeous. This is a tighter look that has a lot of product in it. You’ll notice how the ends don’t look quite as sprayed together.


7. Here’s a fish braid look that is very stylish. This is a gorgeous look for whatever event you have, but especially for a formal or a fundraiser. You can wear it with just about anything and you’ll be sure to get lots of compliments. We like how she opted to leave her bangs hanging freely in the front.


8. This look is great for a variety of events and will be the perfect choice if something is outside. It’s a bit messy and windblown but that’s the look she’s going for here. The fishtail braid on the side is so pretty and is the focal point of the style.


9. This is a bold look that is beautiful. It’s sophisticated and complements her eyes quite nicely. It’s somewhat off to the side which makes it all the more gorgeous.

19easy-updos-for-long-hair-10041610. We love the messy bun and sweeping bangs in this style. She has a little bump in the back that provides some added volume to the overall look.

20easy-updos-for-long-hair-10041611. This is a classic up-do that is reminiscent of a fairy tale princess. It’s both elegant and timeless. She reminds us of a modern day Cinderella princess. The pearls in her hair are simply exquisite.


12. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do a multi-braid low hanging style. Each step is detailed and will be super helpful in helping you create this look yourself.


13. This is a beautiful look that is easy to manage and keeps your hair out of your face. She added some beautiful curls at the end with her curling iron.


14. Check out this easy to navigate tutorial on a stylish braided look that you’ll definitely want to try this summer! We like this look particularly because at a few places you can stop and it looks finished. There are several options on how to wear this do.


15. The waterfall braid is so popular right now. It’s an easy and effective way to ensure a stylish look for the busy woman.


16. The timeless, messy bun never goes out of style. Here’s a step by step guide to make your bun seem effortless and beautiful.


17. Check out this dutch braid guide for people with curly hair. It’s a fun, big and bold braid that’s a bit off to the side for an exaggerated and sassy look. She rocks it well.


18. Have you ever wanted the perfect bun but didn’t know quite how to do it? Check out this amazing tutorial for the perfect ballet bun.


19. This is a beautiful idea for the next date night!


20. We are swooning over this look. The braid underneath is a gorgeous idea for a big, swooping bun.


21. The added accessory is the perfect addition to this bun.


22. This is a very beautiful look that is classy and fun. It’s great for work or a fun night out with friends.


23. This is a multi braided look that is lovely.


24. If you have wavy hair, this is a wonderful look.


25. This ombre look is gorgeous in this up-do.


26. This is a fun choice for date nights.


27. This tiny braided look is so pretty and fun. It’s intricate and easy to do. Check out this step by step tutorial.


28. This big braid is fun to do and easy to rock. Try it out this weekend!


29. Use your favorite curling iron to make this dreamy look a reality.


30. We like the subtle blonde hints in this look. It’s a fun and elegant look for your next formal.


31. What’s your favorite part about this look? The bun is huge but she wears it well!


32. The variations of highlights look beautiful with this up-do.


33. The added pearl accessory is so elegant.


34. This sophisticated look is stunning. You could easily wear it to work and then out with friends afterwards.


35. This tutorial exemplifies how to do this look in a step by step guide. Grab your spray bottle and brush and have fun trying out this look.


36. This look has a fun and fresh look that has a beach vibe. It’s great for a beach atmosphere or just about anywhere. Her highlights really showcase the braid well.


37. We love the bow here! This is a fun and feisty look that is bold and beautiful.


38. The hair is swept back in a tight look in the front and it’s a little big looser and laid back behind. It’s a very elegant look.


39. Here’s sleek look with a low bun in the back. It’s simple and timeless.


40. Here her hair still frames her face, but the rest of it is swept up in the back.


41. This is a simple and elegant swoop over to one side. It has a friendly look to it. Where would you wear this style?


42. We love the braids in this up-do. It’s a clean and seamless look that is perfect for any occasion.


44. This is a fun and easy do that is perfect for any occasion.

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 24: Actress Olivia Wilde attends the 2011 Glamour Reel Moments at the Directors Guild of America on October 24, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

47. This mid level bun was braided into a bun. It’s a clean and elegant look that showcases her face and her shoulders. It’s a great choice that complements her dress as well.

48. Check out this lovely look with the red highlights. It’s flawless.


49. This large bun looks very important and serious. It’s bold and daring look that is sophisticated.


50. All the variations of braids here looks fabulous. It’s paired with her bangs into an up-do that is laid back and perfect for any occasion.


51. This is a classic look that is a wedding day essential.


52. The high lights really get to pop in this look.


53. The added array of flowers gives this style a whimsy sort of feel to it.


54. There are quite a few braids weaving together into the lower bun at the bottom. It’s a great way to keep fly-aways in check.


55. The weaving of the different lengths of hair in this image is beautiful. Initially you might not notice all the different details but after a closer look, it’s incredible how this was done.


56. This looks to have one large braid that was wound around into a bun. The free flowing hair around her face is a great added touch.


57. There is so much going on in this picture. The different levels of braids and curls creates a busy yet elegant look. This is a great idea for prom or your next formal event.


58. This is gorgeous. There are several different braids here that frame her face. The fish tail braid is forefront and then the larger braid is behind. It’s a laid back style that is near perfection here.


59. This is a classic up-do that has been enriched with the Baby’s Breath flowers.


60. Here is another gorgeous look with the braid in the back that goes up around the fun. It’s such an original look to an otherwise classic bun do. The way the braid goes around the braid makes it look so detailed. Even the bun is perfection. This is ideal in a number of different settings. Depending on your attire, this could be a casual look or something for an elegant dinner event.


61. She opted for three braids on the tops to be woven into the end bun that rests atop her head. This is a lovely look. It’s great for a hot day when you just want your hair up and out of your face. The bun is looser so she’s able to style it up or easily let it down for a totally different look later on. The versatility with this style is on point.


62. Here is an easy and laid back look that goes with just about anything. It’s a great style for work because it’s edgy and stylish but also quite professional.


63.This is a more classic look and is best suited with longer hair. This is a beautiful style with it’s large curls and dramatic overlaps. This would be an ideal style for an important event where formal attire is essential.

1easy-updos-for-long-hair-10041664. Here is a braided up-do that is not over sprayed with hair spray which in turn gives it a free falling overall look. This is a fun, fresh spring or summer look. It will display highlights favorably and creates a laid back, beautiful look.

attends "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" premiere during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival at Ryerson Theatre on September 8, 2012 in Toronto, Canada.65. This is a gorgeous look where the hair is swept up back off of her face and tied into a neat bun arrangement in the back. It really emphasizes her face and allows her to walk confidently and she doesn’t have to worry about her hair getting in the way.


66. The added roses makes her hair look as dreamy as a garden. This has a whimsy feel to it. It’s a fun look that is perfect for brides and bridesmaids alike. Where would you sport this look?

4easy-updos-for-long-hair-10041667. This is an ideal look for a wedding, especially if you are interested in wearing the veil. It’s helpful to have longer hair to pull this off.

5easy-updos-for-long-hair-10041668. Here is a very simple and yet very elegant look. The added piece that holds the ponytail in place is a great accent. The style is perfect for a myriad of events.


69. She tied her hair in a lower bun and then used the curling iron to make the top and front a bit more wavy. It’s a simple bun in the back, but it’s a classic look that is very lovely.

7easy-updos-for-long-hair-10041670. The flowers really offset the hair to make this a more elegant piece. It’s perfect for a bride or even to wear at showers and engagement parties.


71. This is a stunning finish. This was a complicated up-do but the stylist did a fabulous job. There are so many details within the piece that causes it to look somewhat exotic and very beautiful.


72. Here is a complete 360 degree view of this beautiful braided up-do. We love the way they left some hair in the front to give her bangs. This helps frame the face and creates a softer look. The braids are absolutely stunning. It appears that there are a couple different braids that all come together in the back bun.


73. Check out this amazing tutorial. You can have an elegant side bun in 3 easy minutes! This is a quick and easy way to rock a gorgeous style without stress.


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