50 Beautiful Loose Curl Hairstyles With Tutorial


Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bundchen pretty much made loose curls famous. She has sported the style since the beginning of her career and it’s easily one of the most coveted looks out there. For those of us who were not born with naturally curly hair, we often look at loose curls in wonder. It’s easily one of the most beautiful looks available and we want it.

loose curls

loose curls

loose curls

If you are sick of your old style, there is no better way to change your look then adding some loose curls. You can use loose curls with any hair length unless of course, you have a very short pixie. The beachy way is one that you are sure to want to try this spring and summer.

The loose curl is a relaxed hairdo that looks good for a casual day as well as a red carpet event. The style can be worn anywhere; it is very versatile.

You might think that the hairstyle is hard to achieve, but really it’s not. You don’t even need a curling iron. All you need is a few braids and some hair ties and you are ready to go. If you want to have a great look for an event you can also try elegant vintage waves, they are the classy way to go.

There are many ways that you can achieve the loose curl, trust us; it’s not that hard. You can use twisty buns, braids, pin curls or use a curling iron. Believe it or not but you can even get these styles by using a flat iron. These are the kinds of styles that are sure to make a statement this year and you are also likely to turn a few heads as well.

Check out these 50 Beautiful Loose Curl Hairstyles:

  1. Model Style

How could we show off the loose curl without showing off Gisele herself? She is the Queen of this gorgeous style.

2. Using a Curling Iron

Most people know how to achieve curls with a curling iron. It’s very simple and will likely take less than an hour to complete.

3. Braided Style

There are a lot of romanticism styles that incorporate curls and this is a great example of one. We love this one because it’s a really simple style to achieve.

4. Medium Length

You can still have gorgeous loose curls with medium length hair. It’s as easy as using a curling iron. If you are unable to then treat yourself to a salon appointment. It will be well worth it when you see the curls.

5. Criss-cross Style

A gorgeous braided style with curls that you can wear to any event. These unique braids create a special look that goes well with the loose curls.

6. Bold Curls

This is a short style that is showing off some pretty amazing curls. It’s possible to have curls with short hair as long as you don’t go too short. You have to have some length available to create a lasting look like this one.

7. Blonde Curls

A great loose style that looks amazing with blonde hair. The light and dark colors here really jump out at you. We love the style and we are confident that you will too.

8. Long Hair

Long hair is a great canvas to have loose curls on. It’s long and flowing and it’s sure to turn some heads. This style can be worn casually or to an event.

9. A Bounty of Curls

You won’t find too many styles as stunning as this one. If you have really long hair, then these bouncy loose curls are perfect for you. We love how loose they are; it’s like a magical style. It’s definitely one that you will want to try out.

10. Cute Combo

Braids and curls always look amazing together. This is a very fancy style that would be perfect for prom. This is a really great braid. We love that it’s sideways. It’s a unique style and you are sure to be the talk of the night with this stunning style.

11. So Much Volume

This style is gorgeous for many reasons. It has tons of volume and it’s super classy. We love these elegant curls. If you are looking for a show-stopping style, then look no further than here.

12. Ten Minutes for Curls

Who doesn’t have ten minutes to create these amazing curls? See the steps and follow them closely to get yourself some beautiful loose curls. It really is that easy. It’s amazing when you can do these styles right from the comfort of your own home.

13. Wedding Style

This elegant style is exactly what you want if you are going to leave your hair down for a wedding. We love the flashy accessory on the side as well. It’s definitely a style to try out.

14. Soft Styles

This is a great example of soft vintage curls. It will make you feel like royalty. Vintage curls are perfect for the girl that wants to make an impression wherever she goes.

15. The Super Curl

If you are looking for a wild style, then you must try out these crazy curls. This is a great example of how you can have short hair and amazing curls as well. We are loving the color of the curls as well; they are truly stunning.

16. Pin Curls

These gorgeous vintage curls are created from pin curls. It’s an old style, but it gives you some really unique looking curls. This is a style you might want to have a stylist do on you. Taylor Swift is rocking the style easily.

17. A Venus Style

If you want to feel like a goddess, then this is a style that you must try out. We love how long it is and the loose curls are divine. This 90210 star looks incredible. We have to wonder if she’s wearing extensions or if all that beautiful hair is hers.

18. Long Braid

These twisty curls are another great version of the loose curls. We love these elegant styles.  Sometimes you want your curls to be overdone. If you are going to a fancy event, then this is the type of style that you want.

19. Multi-colored Curls

If you want to try a different look then why not try out a loose curl that has some different colors. The Ombre look is still very popular. In fact, it seems to be growing in popularity. Give it a try for your next big style change.

20. Stunning Waves

If your curls are loose enough, they are likely to turn into waves. If you like casual styles, then this one is perfect for you. It’s long, loose and very sophisticated.

22. Bold New Styles

A great style that is sure to please you! It’s a great style that you can wear to any event. Braids always look amazing with curls.

23. Beautiful Curls

There is just something magical about the loose curl. You can wear it to any event and feel like a princess. isn’t that the best part of going to events and galas to feel like a princess even just for one day. We would have to agree and this style is sure to make you feel that way.

24. A Touch of Curl

These curls are so loose that they are just slight waves. If you just want to add a bit of body into your style, then this is the perfect look for you. This look is very popular and one to try out for a Sunday afternoon.

25. Romantic Styles

You won’t find a style more beautiful than this one! It’s elegant and glamorous all rolled into one. We love the braid and curl combination. The braid on top is very loose and full. It’s stunning because there was a lot of effort put into this style.

26. A Top Style

This gorgeous loose curl style starts with a braid on top. We get to see the multi-colored tones with this style. The dark and light together really make the whole style pop.

27. Bold and Blonde

These cascading curls are perfect for a partial updo. We just love these styles because they are truly stylish and elegant. The curls are made even better with this platinum style. There is something about the platinum blonde that makes you feel royal. We adore this style.

28. Straight Styles

The short cut is choppy at the bottom, so the edges look square. It provides a very different look once it’s curled.

29. For Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, then this is what you are to expect with loose curls.


30. Make Some Twists

These gorgeous curls are made simply by twisty your wet hair and using a blow dryer to dry them. Once they are all dry, you will have some seriously beautiful curls.

31. Princess Style

This is another example of the vintage curl style. If you are looking for something formal, then this is the style for you.

32. Simple Styles

This is a really simple style that you can wear for a day at the beach.

33. Crazy Curls

This girl has a ton of hair, so the only way that you are going to achieve these curls is if you have thick, long hair or some serious extensions. They are stunning though, so give it a try.

34. Tin Foil Style

If you love ringlets, then you can achieve the look simply with some tin foil. The idea is to roll your hair up inside the tinfoil, into little balls. Do that all over your head. Then flat iron each ball. Once you pull off all the tinfoil, then you are left with some stunning curls.

35. Add Some Pink

The best part of this curly style is the amazing colors. The blonde is stunning and then there is a touch of pink at the bottom that makes the whole look breathtaking.

36. Standard Styling

This is a loose curl style that you could wear every single day. It’s simple and easy to accomplish.

37. Cascading Locks

These partial updos with curls are so gorgeous; you will have to try them.

38. Casual Styles

This is a simple style that you can wear anywhere.

Also See:

39. Curling Iron Styles

This blonde beauty takes you through seven steps to achieving some gorgeous loose curls. Leave it down and loose.

40. Stunning Locks

Another great example of a loose look that is also very casual.

41. Off to the Side

Taylor Swift is rocking this curl style that she pulled off to the side.

42. Formal Styles

If you are looking for a curly style for the prom or your next formal event, then this is a gorgeous style to try out.

43. Rock the Braid

Braids and curls always look great together.

44. Glamorous Styles 

Another great look that has some loose curls that are truly glamorous.

45. Elegance and Style

These loose curls are truly vintage. They will make you feel like a goddess at your next event.

46. Simple and Stylish

This is a casual look that has a very loose curl. These curls are more like waves and if you have thin hair, these types of curls will fall out easily unless you have a lot of hairspray in your hair. It’s a gorgeous style that you can wear anywhere that you want.

47. A Wedding Glow

If you are looking for an elegant style for your wedding or even the prom, then you can’t go wrong with this style. It’s stunning. We love all the curls and the elegance is brought in by the partial updo.

48. Elegant Accessories

Add some gorgeous accessories to go with your curls. This mermaid look is gorgeous for the prom.

49. Pulling Them Apart

Once you curl your hair, you are going to want to toss the curls around a bit. You don’t want them to look overdone. You want them loose and beautiful. Just pull apart the curls easily and you can finish it off with some hairspray.

50. Sleek Styles

You can still have a sleek style and add curls too. This is a perfect example of combining the two looks together.


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