47 Low Fade Hairstyles That Will Freshen Up Your Look


If you are looking for something new this year, then why not try out a low fade. They are one of the most popular haircuts available for men. It’s even growing more popular than the high fade. If you are looking for a fresh style, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

It doesn’t matter if you have long hair or short hair, you can work a low fade into your style. Even if the hair is growing out, the low fade is still going to look good. You can actually manage to go a couple of weeks with the style without having to get another haircut.

Check out these 47 Low Fade Hairstyles That Will Freshen Up Your Look:

  1. Stunning Fades

The hair on top is fairly long and styled off to the side. If you are looking for a fresh style, then this is the one for you. The low fade looks amazing as it blends in with the beard.


2. Curly Top

He has thick hair which is always a little easier to style. We love this style for a lot of reasons. The fade is cool and the top is flipped back.

3. Low Fade

The low fade here looks amazing as it’s brought in to meet the beard. This is a style that you should totally try out this year.

4. Bold Looks

This look is a little shorter and cleaner than most. The style is parted off to the side and kept crisp.

5. Bearded Styles

A style like this is one that you are sure to love. If you like a business style that you can take to work with you, then this is the style for you.

6. Messy Styles

Having a fade doesn’t mean that you have to have a polished look. This messy style means that you like things a little edgier.

7. Standing Up

This style is a little all over the place and it’s one look that is cool and clean all over. Try it out this summer and let us know what you think.

8. Flipped Back

The hair here is very thick, so there is a lot of body to it. It can actually make it a little easier to style as well. The style is long on top and it’s flipped back. It’s a pretty sexy style and one that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

9. Longer Looks

Another great style that is long on top and has a cool low fade. You don’t need a full beard either to pull off the fade as you can see with this style. It’s messy and styled all over the place with this look.

10. Polished Looks

If you are looking for something that isn’t edgy and is a little more on an Ivy League level, then this is the style for you. A style like this will also be very easy to style as well.

11. Crisp and Clean

A style like this is awesome one so many levels. We love how the stop looks like waves crashing. It’s a cool look that you can totally rock out all year long.

12. Square Cuts

If short styles are what you are looking for, then you can’t go wrong with this style. The front is shaved to perfection in a square fashion. If you like a fresh style with a bit of edge, then this is the one for you. How could you not want to try a cool style like this one? It’s funky and edgy, everything you want in a cool new look.

13. Softer Looks

This style isn’t going to take a lot of time to style in the morning. You basically just have to toss it around a bit and you are ready for your day. If you love low-maintenance styles, then you can’t go wrong with this style. We love the flowing waves; it just proves that keeping your natural look will totally work for you. Embrace it as much as you can and don’t worry about cutting these curls out of your life.

14. High Top

If you like fashionable looks that really make an impression, then this is the look you are going for. It’s bold and it’s sure to draw the eye wherever you go. The ladies are going to love it because they know that means you have a bit of edge to you and you fashion sense is on point. This style is meant to be eye-catching and not everyone can pull it off. A style like this will likely match your personality and that’s something to keep in mind when you are choosing a hairstyle. A confident and bold guy is required to pull a style like this off.

15. Even Styles

A short style that is easy to manage. If you like low-maintenance, then this is the style for you. This is the kind of style that’s basically just wash and go. We love that the beard and the fade are at the same length. These styles always look cool with beards and we love how they all just blend so easily together. If you need a fresh new style this summer, then this simple one is perfect for you.

16. Flipping Style

Another cool look that is fresh and crisp this year. Styles like these are gaining popularity every year. It’s fashionable and has some classic elements to it. The part is small and simple and the rest is flipped back. The low fade, in this case, is longer on the side which will, of course, create a much more dramatic look for you. It’s a more dramatic look that is sure to draw the eye right to you.

17. Shaved Part

The shaved part is a style that is about drama and flare. It obviously stands out a lot more than the regular part does. It also says something about your sense of style too. This cool look is fresh and it really stands out which is exactly what you are going for this year. The shaved part seems to be growing in popularity over the years and it’s the look to try out this year for sure.

18. Styled Forward

You don’t even need a beard to rock out the low fade as you can see with this photo. He has a messy top that doesn’t need any styling. There is barely even a beard in this situation. It’s a sexy look that girls will love to run their fingers through. If you want a cool style, then you can’t go wrong with a fun style like this. People will assume that you are up for a good time because of the personality behind a look like this.

19. Curly Top

This guy is totally embracing his curls and making the most of it. Curls can be hard to tame at times but he seems to have everything under control. We love how the beard blends in perfectly with the beard. It makes a super cool look overall. Curls and fades always go well together and you are sure to see that with this cool style.

20. Crisp Styles 

A great style like this one is super tall on top. It’s one of the more fashionable styles that you will see on the list. It’s very popular right now and it’s not hard to style either. The fade works with the whole style as well. If you are looking for cool, then you just found it. Impress your group this year with a cool style that is sure to blow away the competition.

21. Clean Cut Styling

Whether it’s for work or play, this kind of style is one for the books. It’s clean and cut quite short. If you want this specidic style, then you are going to have to get good at using gel. It’s a polished look that is great if you are in business or academics. It’s the Ivy League style and you are sure ot turn heads wherever you go. We love the sharp edges around the style; it really makes the whole look pop.

22. Badass Styles

Let your style run loose as this one does. There is a lot of badass edge with this style and it’s one look that you are sure to love. The low fade is cool and collected, a style that you are sure to love no matter where you are adventuring to.

23. Flatter Styles

Another classic look that never goes out of style. This one is easy to style in the morning, it’s more of a no-fuss hairstyle. The fade here also isn’t as close to the skin as some of the others. You don’t have to go to the skin if you’re not into that style.

24. Preppy Styles

A great style like this is preppy and clean. The part is crisp and the fade isn’t as drastic as some of the others have been. It stands out pretty great though overall. The long hair on top is styled off to the side. This is a professional look that you can use for business just as much as you can for pleasure.

25. Wavy Styles

The low fade here is on point and it blends great with the beard. The top though is wavy and easy to manage. It’s a low maintenance style that will take you little to no time to get ready in the morning. Is it really possible to look this cool without the effort?

26.Slicked Styles

This slicked style has a lot of gel in it to keep it in place. It all depends on how comfortable you are with using products in your hair. The low fade isn’t as dramatic as the rest and it also fades right into the beard.

27. Sexy Styles

If you are looking for a sexy look, one that will turn the heads of all the ladies, then you will love this style. The best part is that it takes no time at all in the morning to create. If you like keeping your look short, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

28. Cool Designing

The shave on this style had been designing in a  square manner. Styles like this are meant to be eye-catching and they certainly are. The fact that his hair is so dark makes the look stand out even more.

29. Disappearing Edge

In this photo, we kind of get to see how they are able to shave the hair so perfectly. They are basically drawing their lines on and then following along. This fade is very unique because it basically disappears so you don’t really know where the beard starts and ends. It’s a crisp look that is going to make you feel pretty fresh this year. Try it out this year and you will see what we are talking about.

30. All Around Fade

Fades typically go all the way around the head and we like the unique visual that we get with the low fade. It’s another great style that you are sure to love. Summer is all about trying new things so why not try a style that not only looks cool but it’s also manageable as well.

31. Bold Lines

If you like to keep your hair a little longer, then why not try this style out. We love how he just embraces his natural curls in this free-flowing style. The low fade travels right down to the neck to give you a very fresh and edgy look that you can sport this year. These styles are all visually appealing.

32. Spiked and Shaved

Not only did this guy try out a cool low fade but he also had a cross shaved into the back of his head. You can shave just about anything into your hair to create an edgier look. these styles are more than just a little unique. If you have a statement that you want to make, then try shaving it into your hairstyle. He has thick hair which probably helps him spike his hair easier. This is a style that is very popular right now.

33. Thick Hairstyles

This is another example of a guy that has thick hair. Having thick hair can sometimes make it easier to style your hair because it probably stands up all on it’s own anyway. This low fad is done very close to the skin which gives you a completely different look.

34. Darker Styles

The top is long and it’s styled forward which of course will give you a completely different look right there. There isn’t much of a beard there, but it is still there. The low fade blends right into the beard. We think this is one of the edgier styles that we have seen so far.

35. High Fashion Styles

If you like fashion and being part of the trendy crowd, then these styles are perfect for you. Not only do we see a severe part but the hair is styled off to the side. If you want a style that is not only great for going out with the guys but also a style that you can rock out in your professional life, then this is the style for you.

36. Slicked Back

You can style your hair forward, or in this case style it backward. Styles like this will require using some products in your hair. The beard is a little thicker in this style and we can see that the low fade has blended right into it.

37. Shorter Styling

Another great style that is truly badass is this short style. You can’t find a style more low-maintenance than this one. It’s short all over except for the fade which is even shorter. If you don’t want to have to even think about styling your hair, then this look is perfect for you.

The bottom three styles show you just how edgy you can make your style if you really want to.

38. Ivy League Styles

If you want a polished look for work and play, then this is the perfect look for you. Be comfortable using gel however because you will require it with this style. This low fade is much lower than some of the other styles.

39. Shiny Styles

How shiny is this guy’s style? It’s perfectly coifed and styled off to the side. One side has the appearance of being longer while we see the low fade on the other. It’s a little longer than most but it’s a great example of how you don’t have to go right to the skin if you don’t want to.

40. Edgy Flow

This badass style is all about creating depth in the hair. It’s dramatic and sexy and it’s a style that you should definitely check out. The low fade is also dramatic and it makes the longer top stand out even more. The top is styled forward in many different directions.

41. Sleek Style

This is another great example of a polished hairstyle. This look is long on top and styled to perfection. This is a perfect style if you are in business because people will automatically start taking you seriously. It’s a popular style because it’s trendy right now. The beard is much thicker than most of the style that we have seen but the fade blends into it quite nicely.

42. Trendy Looks

Another great trendy look that is easy to manage as well. If being fashionable is important to you then you can’t go wrong with this style. It can also be worn anywhere so work and play is still an option for you. You can’t go wrong with a cool style like this one.

43. Edgy Lines

If you want a fresh look that is also edgy, then you have found the style for you. The low fade is very short and it actually disappears at some point. The edges are squares and there is a lot of products on the hair which makes the hairstyle stand out even more.

44. Simple Styles

There are natural curls in this style and this is a great example as to why you shouldn’t cut them off. Curls should be embraced and as we can see in this style, they can create a very low-maintenance style as well. The top is long and the low fade blends in perfectly with the beard. If a simple style is what you are looking for, then you can’t go wrong with this style.


45. Thick On Top

You do have to have thick hair in order to pull off a style like this one. If you have thin hair, it’s just going to look very different. The thickness of the hair is what creates this unique look and it usually takes fewer products to create it because it’s so thick. A style like this looks good styled or you can leave it loose like in this photo. There is a low fade and we see it with this bearded style. There isn’t much of a beard there but he’s rocking it pretty good.

46. Bolder Styles

There are disappearing edges with this style and when you look at it, you wonder if the lines are actually even there. The top is medium length and styled with gel. With this kind of style, it’s very versatile so you can style it in a few different ways. The fade is very close to the skin which offers you a very different look.

47. Short and Sexy

Another great style that is easy to style and leaves you with very little fuss in the morning. If you like casual styles but still want to look cool, then this is the style for you. This fade also has a disappearing edge to it and one that you are sure to love.


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