45 Fantastic Braided Mohawks to Turn Heads and Rock This Season


Sporting a mohawk is not for the faint of heart and it’s certainly a hairstyle that sets you apart from everyone else. The braided mohawk is a huge trend these days and if you can pull it off you will have a hairstyle that will save you loads of time when getting ready in the morning. There was a time when only punk rockers sported mohawks but that is certainly a thing of the past.

Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk

there are many different ways of showing off your braided mohawk, the sky is really the limit for this hairstyle choice. Check out the following suggestions and find your signature look.

  1. The Punk Rocker Look

braided mohawk 1Some people long for that rocker look and this one certainly fits the bill. This look gives you the combination of a Mohawk with braids and a little spray in color to set the tone. Every other braid is colored white to give almost a Frankenstein appeal to the look. This could be something you use when going to an event to catch everyone’s attention. The great thing about this look is you can add any color you want whether it be red or pink or even blue to create your own signature look.

2. The Updo Mohawk

braided mohawk 2Take this fashionable look to any event or party and you will be a hit. Talk about a knockout look, this one is inspired by the look of the side shave but with a braid instead. Pair it with a classic updo look and you are ready for any party.

3. The Classy Mohawk

braided mohawk 3

If you are looking for the Mohawk look without all the drama you are sure to love this look. The braid itself is long and pulled up in Mohawk fashion. This gives you the look without the commitment to the Mohawk lifestyle.

4. The Badass Mohawk

braided mohawk 11This look is badass for a few reasons; you have a classic red that is all the rage these days as well as the braided Mohawk look. This particular look has different sizes of braids and the smaller one’s interlock with one another to create a truly unique look.

5. The Braided Updo

braided mohawk 12Talk about a conversation piece. This updo is rather extraordinary. This is a look you really need to commit to as it has the shaved element to it. There is an all around side shave with the braids piled up on top of the head. The grey and black color offer a striking contrast.

6. The Marilyn Mohawk

braided mohawk 13This is the kind of Mohawk I imagine Marilyn Monroe would have grabbed onto had she lived in our era. It’s classic and elegant and has that combination of badassery and elegance. This look too has the all around side shave with a thick braid on top combined with some natural curls.

7. A Flipping Mohawk

braided mohawk 16

Bleach blonde hair meets a surfers wave. This hairstyle is all about the flip. The braiding to the side is just an accessory to the all over look of the blonde hair flip. The braids too have a unique look as they move vertical instead of the traditional horizontal braid.

8. The Elegant Mohawk

braided mohawk 23

This Mohawk is no less badass than any of the others but it allows you the Mohawk look without the commitment to shaving your head. Everything is pulled tightly to the sides and the braid make sup the actual Mohawk. It’s elegant and can be pulled off by anyone.

9. Mohawk With Some Volume
braided mohawk 43

Another look that does not require a shave. If you love volume and a dramatic look this may be the Mohawk you are looking for. The blonde sets the tone for this truly original look.  Try a side braid and pile the rest on top for maximum volume.

10. Fishtail Mohawk

braided mohawk 56

The fishtail Mohawk has everything you need for a dramatic look. The head has an all around side shave with the best fishtail braid that I have seen in a long time. The combination of the blonde with the intricate braid trailing behind. If you have the length you can really achieve an eye-catching look.

11. A Trio of Mohawks

braided mohawks


These three looks all have the same theme: shaved heads. That’s what makes them all similar, the hawks are what makes them different. Try short with some red on top or if you have long hair do an updo ponytail or if curly hair is your love then piled it up high.

12. The Runway Mohawk

braided mohawk 133

I can picture this Mohawk walking down the runway at a fashion show. It has all the key elements with a size shave and some serious volume on top. Add some waves and a few splashes of color to complete this fashion trend and you will be ready for any event.

13. The Alien Mohawk

braided mohawk 134

This look is very reminiscent of the Alien movie franchise. If you are searching for a look that is going to have everyone talking, then this is it. The ice cold blonde cools down this whole look and there is no need to shave your head. The tight braid wraps upwards into a tunnel formation to complete this extraordinary look.

14. The Classic Updo

braided mohawk 154

This look has beauty in its simplicity. The all around side shave is there but there is no overboard drama with this one. The hair on top is styled in a classic updo that can be paired with any dress for an evening out on the town.

15. A Mohawk on Fire

braided mohawk 343

If you long for a red hot look and you have length to spare, then try out this outstanding Mohawk. You will require a lot of hair or some series extensions to make this dream come true but the pairing of the massive amounts of hair with the side braiding helps to achieve a look that will set the world on fire.

16. The Pinkett Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 1

Jada knows style and this Mohawk is no exception to her taste. Her side shave is blonde while the rest of her color falls in the caramel category. The rest of her hair is placed in an elegant updo that stands on it’s own.

17. Black and Rockin It

braided mohawk hairstyle 2

This Mohawk has the same rocker appeal as some before it. The black hair really allows for some serious contrast. The Mohawk is high in rocker fashion and the horizontal braids almost reach to the back of the head to give a more pulled together look.

18. Mohawk for the Prom

braided mohawk hairstyle 4


19. The No Braid Mohawk

braided mohawks


This look is all about the long hair and shave. This girl has long black hair that looks stunning left loose. Her all around side shave is closely shaved to give a dramatic look to the overall picture. This is a great look for someone who wants a Mohawk look without the braid.

20. The Artist’s Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 6

I call this the artist’s Mohawk due to the circular spindle of braids that are on the side of her head. It’s an extraordinary look if you have the time to invest in it. It would sure me the talk of any event. The Mohawk itself is a combination of volume and mini ponytails trailing down the back with a bang to complete the look.

21. The Curly Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 7

If you have curls to spare, then this is the look for you. I love how the blonde curls contrast with the black of her natural hair color. The curls make up the massive Mohawk while the braids make up a striping pattern that trails to the back of the head.

22. It’s All About The Braids

braided mohawk hairstyle 8

This Mohawk is truly all about the braids. There are so many different braids going on in this hairstyle that it’s making me dizzy. The sides have their own unique design with more braids piling on top to form a Mohawk.

23. The Viking Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 9

If you are a fan of the TV series The Vikings, then you will die on the blade for this look. There is so much going on in this picture it’s hard to say what I love most about it. You have a traditional blonde Mohawk with a side fishtail that is made even more beautiful by the accessories attached to it.

24. The Short Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 10

The sides are saved on this Mohawk look and left natural. The contrasting ice blonde on top really makes for a striking look. It’s got a side braid and this look is truly one that will save you time in the morning. If you like short hair, then try out this short sexy Mohawk on for size.

25. The Spider Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 11

This curly look is one for the ages to be sure. The side braiding almost looks like a web or maybe even a spider itself. It’s a cool design and striking in any color. The curls are left short and they make up most of the Mohawk.

26. The Pony Mohawkbraided mohawk 12341

Here is a step-by-step process to achieving a Mohawk that is all about ponytails. It’s simple and easy and takes no time at all to create a classic look. There is no shaving necessary and the Mohawk itself is made up of multiple ponytails trailing down the back.

27.  A Wedding Mohawkbraided mohawk hairstyle 12

This is a look that I can totally see at a wedding, whether you are a bride or a guest. It’s a classic blonde look that requires no shave just a pulled back look. The curls are all placed in a row to achieve an elegant Mohawk. If you are brave enough to be a bride sporting a Mohawk, then this one is for you!

28. Long Braided Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 13

Another step-by-step example of how to achieve a tight Mohawk braid. It’s a look that can clearly be done on children as well as adults. It’s a perfect combination if you want to have a Mohawk without the shaved look.

29. The Grunge Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 14

This sexy Mohawk is for the girls who like to blow minds. It’s the wild girl look that is calling to you if you want something that’s going to look slamming. The Mohawk portion is crazy and wild and the side braids are intricate and woven to the back. This is not a look for the faint of heart but if you can pull it off it will be amazing.

30. The Hot Rocket

braided mohawk hairstyle 15

The braids wrap around to the back in this gorgeous rocker look with woven threads within each braid. The blonde rocker locks are high and pronounced in a classic Mohawk. Add splashes of hot pink throughout the blonde and you have one hell of a hot look. Take this look to the latest concert and rock out.

31. The Zigzag Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 16

This Mohawk is full of curls and coolness. The color is traditional and the shaving is unique. The shave ventures to the sides and the back in a zigzag formation. The design is wonderfully cool and it’s the kind of look that you can wear anywhere.

32. A Mohawk is a Ball of Fun

braided mohawk hairstyle 17

There is no shave with this classic look but the braiding almost makes it appear as if it is. The hairs is piled up on top into balls of braids that give the Mohawk some serious height.

33. The All Braid Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 19

This look is all about braids, every square inch of it. Braids are stretched to the side and the Mohawk has the whole braids criss-crossing together. The Mohawk trails down the back and can be a great look for children throughout the summer.

34. The Boneyard Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 20

This Mohawk look is comprised of different types of braids/ A thin one on the size decorated with bone-like accessories to give it an edge. As if it needs any more edge with the high Mohawk on top that is stunning in it’s creation of a new braid formation.

35. The Spiral Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 21

Can you say crazy? That’s what this look is all about and it is one that you will need to invest some time into. The sides are all braided into intricate designs and the bottom portion of the braid leads up to the Mohawk itself. The Mohawk is comprised of one full braid to complete the look.

36. Mohawk for the Prom

braided mohawk hairstyle 22

The most appealing part of this Mohawk is the multicolored curled braid on top. The shave is an all around side shave that compliments the look. The contrasting colors set the tone however for this elegant look.

37. Violet Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 23

I absolutely love the violet tones of this particular look, it’s stunning. The shave is extreme and makes up most of her head with the Mohawk resting on top of it all. The back of the Mohawk is braids and ends in an elegant updo with a studded clip.

38. That’s a Voluptuous Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 24

There is no shaving necessary for this extraordinary Mohawk. This is a great look for an evening out on the town or to a gala. It’s elegant and different from anything most people will be trending at the next event. The Mohawk itself is position quite high with maximum volume while the braids are left to the side producing an exceptional look.

39. Model That Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 25

This Mohawk is a staple for anyone looking to try something new. The sides are shaved and left natural while the top is beautifully blonde. The braid is thickly woven and sits upon her head in a Mohawk design.

40. A Mohawk on Top

braided mohawk hairstyle 26

These styles are all similar in the sense that shaving is unnecessary. They are all striking forms of a Mohawk that allow for the braid to stay on top to form the Mohawk itself. Despite the color or design you choose these looks prove that anything is possible.

41. The Far Back Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 27

This is a design with an unique braid design on the side that will have people envious at any event that you go to. Again the style with take some time to implement but once it’s there you will love it.

42. The Short Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 28

The sides are saved on this Mohawk look and left natural. The contrasting ice blonde on top really makes for a striking look. It’s got a side braid and this look is truly one that will save you time in the morning. If you like short hair, then try out this short sexy Mohawk on for size.

43. A Mohawk With No Limits

braided mohawk hairstyle 30

This Mohawk has no limits and no competition. Between the blond hair and the side flip this Mohawk is exceptional. The added side braid just makes the look that much hotter.

44. A Flipping Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 32Bleach blonde hair meets a surfers wave. This hairstyle is all about the flip. The braiding to the side is just an accessory to the all over look of the blonde hair flip. The braids too have a unique look as they move vertical instead of the traditional horizontal braid.

45. An Ice Cool Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyle 33This look requires some length and some ice cool blonde color. The braids move vertically to create a unique look.

46. The Butterfly Mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyleThis Mohawk is elegant and loose, trailing down the back. The shaved butterfly design gives it an unusual flair.


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