41 Fun Mother Daughter Hairstyles to Try Together


If you have ever wanted to try a cute new style that you can match with your daughter, then please continue reading. It can be hard to find a matching style that is both youthful and appropriate for a 40+ woman. Either way, it’s a big age difference so you want a style that will look cute on both of you.

There is no need to worry; we have all the styles that you are looking for. In fact, you will probably have trouble choosing just one. These are styles that will look great for both of you regardless of age. If you are looking for a new way for you to bond with your daughter, then we have found the hairstyles for you. The bond between mother and daughter is an unbreakable bond. Choose a style that is going to make you both happy.

Check out these 41 Fun Mother-Daughter Hairstyles to Try Together:

  1. Add Some Colors

Adding colors is a great way to have some fun together. You can also use semi-permanent color for your daughter’s hair so it will eventually wash out.

2. Sweet Buns

The double bun style is one that is sure to make everyone look great together. We love that the three of them are in a row together to show off their awesome styles. W think that’s pretty cool.

3. The Cool Bob

These two look great with their matching bobs and bangs. It’s a simple style that is also low-maintenance.

4. The Braided Bun

If you have an event coming up then why not try out matching braided buns. They are stylish and pretty cute together. These are the kinds of style that can really steal the show. They also have matching headbands that just makes the style that much more amazing.

5. Double Braids

How cute is this double braided style? It’s an elegant style that you can both wear to the next wedding you are attending. If you have a formal event coming up for the both of you, then we would suggest this great style.

6. Modeling Together

Talk about a cute look for the runway, but you can also take this into real life as well.  It’s a simple style that you can wear anywhere that you guys go to.

7. Matching Looks

These looks are simple for a day out together. If you are going out for the day, then a simple style is all you need. Just pull it back and you are ready to go.

8. Curly Styles

These girls look amazing together with their matching curls. These long curls are styled back and they look great on both mother and daughter.

9. Blonde Styles

You don’t have to have the same hairstyles to match, try a matching color instead. These blonde celebrity bombshells are sure to turn heads wherever they go.

10. Natural Styles

Sometimes a cute cut is all you need to match as a family. This family prefers to keep their style natural and loose.

11. The Family Fro

This matching style is completely adorable.  Everyone has the same matching fro and they look pretty cool together. The matching shirts are pretty cool as well.

12. Tight Braids

This cool style is one that you are going to want to rock with your little girl. It’s a style that can be worn for a long time as well so you can match for longer.

13. Curly Looks

These matching curly styles are truly unique and beautiful. The mother’s hair is short and loose while the daughter’s hair is in pigtails. A very cute matching style.

14. Be Unicorns

These hair accessories are so cute, try them with your little one. You can style your hair any way that you like and then just add the accessory.

15. Matching Headbands

Fishtails are so much fun and we just love their matching headbands. Fishtails are great because they are classy so you can wear them to an event as well.

16. Sweet Buns

Another great look for mothers and daughters is the simple bun. These girls are at it again, but this time they are rocking buns. They must have a lot of fun trying out new styles.

17. Bold Styles

These small and big fros are ones that are sure to draw the eye. Steal the show together this time.  These styles can be worn to events and that’s where you will get lots of compliments.

18. Sweet Curls

Both their curls and their outfits match. We just love these sweet styles. Their matching bathing suits are so adorable together. These cute mother-daughter looks are so unique.

19. Simple Braids

These braids are really easy to create and the two will you will look great together. They also have the same kind of dark and light in their hair. Great styles for two bonding girls.

20. Long Braids

These girls are at it once again and they are showing off cool braids. These styles are so cute and can be worn anywhere. Rock these styles out; they are beautiful.

21. Loose Locks

There is nothing like leaving your hair down to show off your matching styles. Their outfits really pop out as well. Blue really works for this family.

22. Beautiful Waves

One style is short and dark while the other is light and long but they do have gorgeous matching curls. These two are truly bonding on this special day.

23. Light Styles

These gorgeous blondes look their loose looks together. We love their matching purple crowns as well. The two of them together are really breathtaking.

24. Curly Haired Styles

The mother probably can’t wait until she grows into her curls but for the time being, they are enjoying matching styles even though the little one has short curls. The mother’s curls are a breathtaking look and it looks as if the daughter has inherited those curls as well.

25. Matching Fro Styles

When you have hairstyles like these, you just have to show them off. This matching mother-daughter style is truly amazing. They are casual looks and yet they are so cool.

26. Twisty Braids

These styles are not only convenient but they are looking pretty cool as well. These are styles that you can wear for months so they would be perfect for the summer months off of school. They also will work to protect the hair from damage so give them a try.

27. Loose and Lovely

There’s a lot of love shown here and we can’t help but love their loose and lovely style. Waves are so easy to create so this is a great style to choose.

28. Short Styles

These two bobs are totally cute and fashionable. If you want a look that will suit mother and daughter, then you can’t go wrong with a bob. This celebrity knows what styles will suit both her and her daughter.

29. Great Ponytails

Matching ponytails are always a great look and they are a convenient style as well. These would be easy to put together. If you are having a casual and relaxing day together, then a ponytail is perfect.

30. Matching Reds

These two love their long and loose looks. Their hair color is natural of course, so no need to dye your child’s hair. We can see the resemblance in more than one way.

31. Letting it Loose

Loose styles are always great to create because you can wear them anywhere. It looks like her mother is getting her ready for an event.

32. More Braids

This cool mother-daughter look is sure to turn heads wherever you go. It’s a fun style that you can wear for days. We love how classic this look is and it’s a look that will never go out of style.

33. A Curly Fro

These cool girls look like they have everything under control with their amazing matching hairstyles. We love these cool looks.

34. Curls For Days

Another example of the curly fro that you can match with your daughter. These cool styles are totally refreshing and it’s always fun to be able to match with your daughter.

35. Full Head of Braids

This is a great style for both mother and daughter. It allows you to protect your hair and match for months at a time. The two can look stylish and cool all summer long. Try it out this season and see how you like it.

36. Bold Designs

Another great example of the braided look. It’s a very popular and stylish look. It is sure to keep you cool all summer long as well.

37. A Model Style

You would think that these two were models with their long and luscious locks. The outfits are pretty awesome too. Try matching with both hairstyles and outfits.

38. Loose Looks

These amazing styles are left loose and we have to say, they do look pretty cool together.

39. Bold New Looks

These two are rocking their fro’s and we have to say, they look amazing together.

40. Plenty of Attitude

These girls are showing off their beautiful buns and their attitude as well.

41. Small and Big

Their styles are different sizes, but they still match perfectly together.



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