75 Strikingly Beautiful Ombre Hairstyles (With Pictures)


Ombre hair color has grown in popularity in recent years. There are a lot of varieties to wear it as you’ll see from the pictures we’ve put together. You’ll see a variation in brown ombre as well as a darker ombre. We have some beautiful shots of short and long hair as well as what it looks like on black and red hair. There are some beautiful variations in blonde hair as well as some brown to blonde images.

ombre hairstyles

ombre hairstyles

ombre hairstyles

When initially deciding you want to do an ombre look, here are a couple of things to consider. Choose an ombre dye that has great reviews and is known to do a great job. Establish how much of your hair you want to dye and then decide on the coloring. Then do it and have fun! Enjoy your new, edgy look to the max.

1) Red Ombre: Check out this light pink and red ombre look.
This is a beautiful look that is fun and sassy. She totally rocks it. What do you think?

3060416-ombre-hairstyle2. Blonde to brown ombre: This is a gorgeous free falling look.

We love the windblown look in this shot. It appears so natural and fun.


3. Light brown ombre: Check out this fun example of a short hair cut ombre look.


4. Blonde ombre pigtails: These gorgeous braids really bring out the color in her hair.


5. Blonde and Brown: This style even has some hints of red.


6. Dark brown and Blonde: This bob is adorable and has the perfect amount of shading.


7. Dark brown with warm undertones: We love the style she chose here. It’s fun and gorgeous.


8. Long hair style: Check out the beautiful waves she’s added to her brown and blonde mixture. It’s stunning.


9. Braided look: This is a beautiful look with hints of blonde shining forth.


10. Long blonde ombre: She started at the top with brown and it cascades down into a rich blonde coloring.


11. Wavy look: This style is on point. Her stylist did a tremendous job of blending the colors together.


12. Beach look: Check out this stunning beach style. It’s so natural and looks like it’s been sun kissed.


13. Styled bun: This is a really fun way to style ombre hair.


14. Wavy blonde: This is a great way to style hair especially with summer coming up. Adding some blonde will only help your hair get lighter as you’re in the sun.


15. Brown long hair style: She chose a richer brown for the top of her hair and it progressively gets lighter towards the end. It’s an excellent choice.

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16. Short hair option: This is a superb choice for summer. It’s short, light and easy to manage.


17. Ombre with bangs: We really like the way she has styled her bangs and the way it gets lighter with the blonde ombre towards the end of her hair.


18. Bold waves look: This style is bold and sassy.


19. Stark contrast: We’ve seen a few examples where the look is more subtle but this is a great shot of a more drastic difference between colorings.


20. Softer ombre style: Here’s a more subtle version of being darker and then going lighter.


21. Ombre bob: This is excellent. It’s a great way to show how to rock a bob with elegance.


22. Red and blonde style: The red is a gorgeous main color and the blonde accents it so well.


23. Excellent red and blonde: This is a another look with the red and blonde going really well together.


24. Dark brown bob: We love the dark brown bob with the blonde ombre added.


25. Lighter blonde undertones: She chose some gorgeous colors as the undertones for this piece.


26. Blonde ombre with highlights: This is a gorgeous look that seems so natural.


27. Natural dark roots: She stays true to her original coloring here and add a little bit to offset it at the end of her hair. It’s such a great mixture.


28. Soft brown vibes: We love the gentler tones of brown in this style.


29. Really long hair: She has some beautifully long hair with blonde mingled throughout. Notice the blunt ends and the way it’s not tapered off. What do you think? We kind of like the bold end to her hair. Long hair is so fun and you can do so much with it.


30. Brown to blonde mega contrast: She chose a bolder color contrast. What do you think?


31. Foxy look for events: Here is a really pretty look that might not even appear ombre at first. We totally look this. It is so shiny and healthy!


32. Pink is in: Check out these fun and free pink curls. The added hue looks really great and makes for a fresh look.


33. White vs Purple: You’ve probably seen the growing trend of grey-ish white hair but have you seen it mixed with ombre yet? It looks gorgeous, don’t you think!?


34. Hot Orange and Pink: This is a stellar look. Her hair is styled to near perfection and the mixture of colors is stunning.


35. Blues anyone? Check out this Smurf blue and pink variety. It’s a fun idea that’ll definitely turn heads.


36. Pink Ponytails: She has quite a few colors going on in this shot. The brown, blonde and pink look fantastic, young and free.


37. Deep Red Hues: Here’s a beautifully done red number that is vibrant and breathtaking.


38. Light brown to blonde look: This ombre choice is an excellent, summery choice. It’s light and fun and has a fresh look to it. It almost looks like she has a bit of strawberry blonde in there as well.


39. Blonde with pink ombre: This is such a subtle and beautiful way to integrate pink into her style without being to overwhelming or underwhelming for that matter. She did a fantastic job.


40. Three color tones: These hues are stunning. The top of her head with it’s darker black is on point and she did an incredible job choosing the lighter shades. It shows so much contrast and artistic creativity. It is a beautiful look.


41. Violet as the main color: The light violet that she chose here is so soft and exotic. It’s paired with a light brown to blonde undertone that is perfectly suited to this look.


42. She’s a natural: This is a stunning example of how to mix colors so that they appear like they go together naturally. The end of her blonder tips look sun kissed.


43. Brown integration: This stylist did a phenomenal job choosing colors that are creamy and blend indescribably well. It’s not too much and it gives her hair a vibrant, healthy look.


44. Blonde forever: This style is really cute because bob’s are just fun looks but they did a really nice job with the blonde highlights. They are slight at the top and then gain momentum towards the end of her hair.


45. Dark brown to white blonde: This is a fun, easy going and laid back summer look that’s hard to beat.


46. Three color triumph: This look is fun and sassy with the purple, reddish hue and black mixed together.


47. Stunning blonde highlights: We love how she’s styled it to look so carefree. It’s great for any climate and we like the idea of rocking this style in the summer. What are your thoughts?


48. Gorgeous brown to blonde ombre style: This has a bolder overall look just because there is such stark contrast in between the colors.


49. Brown ombre at its finest: The stylist blended this splendidly. There is definitely an ombre look here but it’s quite subtle and tends to have a more naturally brilliant vibe that is hard to create. This is a stunning look.


50. Glossy brown looking demure: Her hair is so healthy and shiny! The way they’ve added the blonde to the tips really sets the whole piece off and ties the whole thing together. There’s a slight wave going on that really pops and takes it from being a typical look to something extraordinary.


51. Purple like you’ve never seen it:This is a dramatic look that is quite dreamy. The various hues blend quite nicely. It has a rocker chick look yet can be worn in more laid back environments as well.


52. Light brown and reds that are stunning: They chose a breathtaking color scheme to create this masterpiece. Every aspect of this is really great. They chose beautiful colors to blend and the curling just really sets it off to be fantastic. This is a great look for just about any occasion.


53. Easy going bob for your best summer look: This is such a fun look for the summer or really whenever because of the darker roots. When would you choose to wear this look?


54. Blonde bombshell style you must have: Her bangs are near perfection. The blonde is not too overwhelming and has a more honey vibe to it. The further down it does, the blonder it gets which set off a more natural blend.


55. The best looking side bangs ever: They did a great job with these highlights and showing contrast. This is a fun and sporty look that is perfect for any environment. She added a bit of wave for this formal event which makes it more fun and fresh.


56. Blonde ombre with a rocker vibe: Such a fierce look. There is quite a bit of contrast between the dark roots and the blonde ends. It is intense and dramatic and goes well with her styled look.


57. White hair, don’t care: This reminds us of Lord of the Rings. Does it remind anyone else? We love the way she’s done her up-do with the straight down the middle part. It looks fantastic.


58. Red hues you’ll need today: The colors are so vibrant. They are bold and make quite a statement. They have this mysterious look to them, don’t you think?


59. Gorgeous tones for the bold fashionista: Her style exudes confidence. There are about three to four shades going on here. The stylist did a fabulous job blending it all together.


60. Curls and blonde and brown, oh my: This has such a down home and country vibe to it. The coloring is absolutely gorgeous. It’s full and voluminous and has so much character built in. It may be her natural hair that is so full or it could be excellent product.


61. Stellar look for winter: These deep hues are so glossy and fine. This is such an intense look with the deep red and darker roots. She’s paired it with a lighter lipstick which is a such a great idea because it doesn’t come across as fierce, but rather as gentle and kind.


62. Highlights to near perfection: Here is an excellent integration of blonde highlights. This is a fabulous, sun kissed summer look for anyone who has brown hair and wants to add in some blonde.


63. Healthy and fabulous looking hair: Those ends are our favorite! This style is gorgeous. Long hair is so in (although you’ll be seeing the shoulder length coming back in full force soon) so this is a great way to style those lovely long locks. The almost white blonde at the end is on point.


64. Windblown and sun kissed is the perfect combination: It’s definitely a gorgeous look. It’s a fresh style that is easy to manage and maintenance.


65. Wavy brown with hints of blonde:This stylist did a stunning job with her look. From her bangs all the way to down to her curls, we just love it all.


66. Long hair, stunning look: This is a well put together style for a formal event. It’s simple yet timeless and easy to fix if it gets windblown. She has it clipped on the top of her head so that it keeps the hair up and off of her face, but still allows for the sides to fall near and around her face.


67. Purple like you won’t believe: These tresses are gorgeous. They are blended into a deeper shade of purple towards the bottom, creating a trendy and cool vibe that is very hip.


68. Brown to blonde ombre with a twist: This is a beautiful style that never goes out of style. The hair split down the middle is a classic Hollywood look that always looks fabulous.


69. Deep hues and deep emotions: This is a beautiful choice for a winter look. It’s bold and daring and the hints of lighter color really ties the whole style together.


70. Stark contrast with beautiful finish: This is a fun idea if you want to mix a variety of colors together.


71. Bangs you’ll want tomorrow: How fun are these bangs? They are pretty short, but she rocks them well. The red bangs looks beautiful when paired with the lighter highlights on the ends of her hair. This is a great ombre choice.


72. How many color variations do you see? This is a fun look that mixes quite a few colors together.


73. Wavy and classy ombre style:The wavy look is so dreamy. It appears so effortless and is such a fun way to style hair, especially in the summer months when windblown is totally in style.


74. Blonde and beautiful: If you are looking for ways to style bright blonde hair, this is a cool way to do it. She has some darker color in there for variation, but the lighter blonde encompasses her face in an elegant way. This shoulder length look is coming back in style quickly. It’s easy to manage, chic and fun.


75. Creamy hues at their finest: Her hair is so healthy! It’s so shiny and full and the stylist did a beautiful job of blending all the hues together in a seamless flow.


76. You’re going to love this purple ombre: Her whole style is cool from her fierce makeup to her bold hair statement.


77. Blue and pink like you won’t believe: This is a fearless look. She’s making a statement and if you have any desire for pink and blue hair, here’s a great option to check out. It’s hard to blend such contrasting hair and yet her stylist did a pretty great job. You can see where the blue ends and the pink starts picking up. It is not a super stark contrast and the vibe is really cool.


77. This red style is rad: Long hair has so much potential and this look is on point. She chose some pretty rad colors and it makes her hair look so healthy and well put together.


78. Subtle blonde that is striking: She has the added waves that makes her look very natural in appearance. She has darker roots with lighter, blonde beginning around the eyebrow and getting lighter all the way down to the ends of her hair.


There are so many ways to style your hair so see what you like and talk to your stylist about trying it out. The best part about hair is that it always grows back and if you want to change the color, then you totally can! Hair is a great way to express yourself creatively so find the style that works best for you and enjoy it and then when you’re ready to change it, you can!

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