97 Striking Pink Hair Colors That Will Turn Heads


If you are looking to make a splash this year, then a change in hair color might be just what you are looking for. Pink is one of the most popular shades these days and there are so many options to choose from. Millennial, bubblegum, watermelon, neon, pastels, there are so many different options for pink hair that you may have trouble deciding on what you want.

pink hair


pink hair

Even celebrities are jumping on board the color train. Stars like Katy Perry, Rachel McAdams, Rita Ora, and Gigi Hadid have taken pink for a ride. It’s a bold and fun move for anyone looking for a change. We highly recommend doing a color change like this in a salon because it’s not the kind of thing you want to try at home. We have a ton of looks that will inspire you to make a fresh new change.

Check out these 97 Striking Pink Hair Colors That Will Turn Heads:

1. Palest Pink

A great shade like this is perfectly pale.

pink hair

2. Pink Mohawk

A great shade like this is everything that you have been looking for in an edgy style.

3. Complementary Shades

Her roots are grey and the rest is pink and the shades go so well together.

4. Fushia Shades

If you are looking for something that’s a little bit darker, then you can’t go wrong

5. Light Pink

This is a gorgeous shade that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

6. Bright Pink

If you want to lean more towards a fashion shade, then you can’t go wrong with this color.

7. Stylish Looks

This style has a Marilyn Monroe vibe but with pink! You can’t go wrong with a cool shade like this one.

8. Neon Shades

Brighten your day and everyone else’s with this bright pink shade.

9. Soft Shades

This is a soft shade of pink called rose gold. If you are looking for something subtle, this would be a great color for you.

10. Cool Shades

Even Kim Kardashian hit up the pink shades and she looks pretty cool with it.

11. Pretty Shades

This is a stunning shade and one that you can try out yourself.

Tip: If you are using any type of fashion shade pink, it is important to wash your hair in cold water to avoid fading. Hair will fade twice as fast in hot water. 

12. Subtle Shades

This style goes from light to dark with a beautiful shade.

13. Hot Pink

This hot pink shade is all you need to turn heads wherever you go. It’s a stunning shade for those who like to live on the edge.

14. Cute Curls

She just has her tips in the pink shade but it suits her look so well.

15. Lighter Shades

A great shade for anyone who wants to test pink out. If you already have blonde hair this will be an easy color to transition into.

16. Bold Choices

This pink is bordering on a mauve color and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

17. Subtler Shades

We love the style with the short bangs. This is one of the lighter options to choose from.

18. Glamorous Styles

A stunning shade that goes from pink to rose gold. We love how glamorous she looks with curls.

19. Stunning Shades

This is a great look with many different dimensions of color.

Tip: Make sure your hair is as healthy as possible before you color it. Unhealthy hair doesn’t hold the color as well as healthy hair does. 

20. Purple and Pink

We have a combination of purples and pinks with this color.

21. Highlighted Shades

You can try out a few different shades with this hairstyle.

22. Hot Styles

This style is sure to put a smile on your face, the colors are incredible.

23. Bold Shades

Pink! always has edgier shades and her style, in general, is edgy. We love the pink mohawk with the shaved sides.

24. Cool Ombre

Her hair goes from blonde to bright pink in a beautiful way.

25. Neon Shades

If you are looking for shades that are super bright, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

26. Bold Pink

It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is, pink suits everyone.

27. Pretty Ponytails

This is a cute look that you can try with your new pink shade.

28. Pink Braids

Braids are the best way to showcase a new color.

29. Pretty In Pink

Short styles like these are always great with fashion shades.

30. Fun Styles

There are a few different shades with this beautiful style.

31. Rockstar Shades

A great shade like this is all you need to feel like a rockstar.

32. Cool and Dark

You don’t have to go blonde in order to appreciate pink shades. She has a dark shade which looks great with a darker shade of pink.

33. Cool Ideas

Even Salma Hayek made the pink plunge at one time.

34. Stunning Shading

This is another great example of a stunning shade of pink to try out.

35. Different Shades

Pink hair comes in so many shades to try that you may want to try them all.

Tip: Bleach your hair. If you expect your hair to look like this, it’s going to require bleaching it first. If you have dark hair, and you apply this color, it won’t show up anywhere near as well. It’s important to bleach the hair first and then apply the color. 

36. Fun In The Sun

Short pink hair is exactly what you need to get you through the summer months.

37. Brighter Shades

A hot pink shade is sure to get you a lot of attention.

38. Fashion Styles

Even fashion designers like to play around with pink hair.

39. Cool Colors

This is another fun shade to have, try it out and see how much you love it.

40. Different Dimensions

These are all great options and they are all very different. Find the color that suits your personality.

41. Hot Looks

We love this stunning shade of pink, it is so alluring and eye-catching.

42. Rose Gold

Rose gold is a beautiful shade of pink and one that you will love.

43. Cute and Light

We love this gorgeous shade and it looks perfect with her complexion.

44. Cool Shades

You can see how dark Kim’s hair is naturally here so you know it would require a lot of bleaching to get her hair to the level it takes for a pink of this shade.

45. Peach Shades

This pink is close to a peach shade and it’s one of a kind.

46. Bold Styling

Another stunning shade of pink that you are sure to love.

47. Shining Styles

This is a fun style of pink that could run in the bubblegum family.

48. Dark Shades

This is a medium shade of pink and it’s bright enough to get your attention.

49. Pretty Pinks

This is a beautiful shade of pink for those platinum blondes out there.

50. Cool Coloring

We love these bubblegum pink colors, they are so much fun.

Tip: If you don’t want to have high-maintenance hair, then chose a darker colored pink. They won’t fade as quickly as the others. The lighter the shade the higher maintenance it will be because they fade really quickly and that means more salon visits for you.

51. Fresh Colors

This shade goes from dark to light.

52. Bold Pinks

A great shade of pink that you are sure to love.

53. Shades Of Pink

We love everything about this style from the color to the bangs.

54. Gorgeous Looks

We love the fact that she kept some of her own natural color with this look. It’s as if she just got some pink highlights. It’s a great combination.

55. The Process

Getting pink hair can be quite the process at the salon and can usually take a couple of hours.

56. Fun Curls

The color goes great with these fun curls.

57. Paler Pink

This is a very pale pink and would require a lot of maintenance to not fade to blonde.

58. Glimmer Shades

These colors make us feel like we are in a fantasy.

59. Double Trouble

Grab a friend and you can both have the same amazing hair color.

60. Pale Pinks

This is a gorgeous shade of pink and we love it.

61. Bold and Brave

If you really want a bold and edgy style then try this one that combines purple and pink together.

62. Muted Shades

There is nothing bright about this pink but it’s still a beautiful shade.

63. Hot Colors

You will feel like a goddess with hair color like this.

64. Pink Highlights

You don’t have to get a full color, you can start with some highlights to see how you like it.

65. Gorgeous Shades

A bold color like this is all you need to turn heads wherever you go.

66. Pastel Shades

This is another shade of pink that won’t be too bright.

67. Hot Designs

This is another edgy style that has spiky hair and bright pink colors.

68. Fun New Looks

This is a fun shade because it’s close to a beige blonde. It’s not about flash, it’s all about elegance.

69. Gorgeous Pink

Now, this is the kind of pink that wants to get noticed. You are sure to turn heads wherever you go with this amazing shade.

70. Gorgeous Looks

An edgy color like this will grant you all the attention you deserve.

71. Glamourous Shades

This is a shade that’s going to make you feel like you belong on the red carpet.

72. Bold and Beautiful

How could you not love a shade of pink like this one?

73. Attention Seeker

We adore this attention seeking pink and you will too. Why not go all the way if you are going to try pink?

74. Hot and Brassy

Blow away the competition with a shade of pink like this one.

75. Fashion Pink

This fashion pink is hot and sassy. This color would require a lot of maintenance to prevent it from fading.

76. Popular Colors

This is a stunning shade that any girl would love.

77. Edgy Pinks

This edgy pink is sure to get you a lot of attention this year.

78. Rockstar Looks

This is the kind of color that will have you feeling like a true rockstar.

79. Different Shades

A few different shades of pink will get you a look like this. You can also leave some of your natural shade there as well.

80. Siren Pink

We’re not sure that you will be able to find a brighter pink than this one. It’s stunning and it’s sure to get you a lot of compliments.

81. Soft Pinks

This is a soft and pretty shade of pink, one that you are sure to love.

82. Soft and Pretty

A pretty shade of pale pink is perfect for any season.

83. Gorgeous Pinks

A great shade of pink like this is exactly what a girl needs to feel beautiful and unique.

84. Fun and Cool

Having pink hair is all about having fun with your style.

85. Multi-Colored

Don’t stop at pink, why not get a mixture of colors?

86. Mauve Pinks

This color is a combination of purple and pink.

87. Hot and Spicy

A color like this is truly one of a kind.

88. Stunning Shades

Another great example of a pink that goes so well with her complexion. Try it out for yourself.

89. Gorgeous and Hot

Another hot pink shade that is going to make people envious of your style.

90. Fun Combinations

From dark to light, this is sure to be a color that you will love.

91. Wispy Pink

Another light shade of pink that just blows you away.

92. Cool Braids

Braids always help colors to pop.

93. Fun and Perky

A stunning shade like this is going to have you loving pink all over again.

94. Stunning and Bright

You are sure to turn heads wherever you go with an awesome shade of pink like this one.

95. Cool Pink Colors

Another great example of a cool pink shade.

96. Shiny Colors

It’s pretty obvious that this girl’s hair is very healthy. You can see that in the shine. It’s always best to have your hair be healthy before you color it.

97. Pink Pixie

This is a sweet color to have on a pixie. It’s definitely a one of a kind style choice.


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