91 of the Best Platinum Blonde Hairstyles


Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors in the world. Platinum blonde is on a whole other level from that. It seems to be a shade that is increasingly popular over the years. There are so many shades and ways of styling the gorgeous shade that you are sure to feel like a goddess this year.

Check out these 91 of the Best Platinum Blonde Hairstyles:

  1. Grey Style

Grey came on the scene and it’s just as popular now as it ever was.


2. Creamy Colors

This creamy color is a great way to bring some color to your face. It’s a soft shade and will look amazing in the light.

3. Shimmery Shades

This blonde has a silver shade to it and it will give you a glamorous vibe.

4. Root Styles

Blonde styles look great when you leave some of the root showing. It gives you that edgy vibe.

5. Platinum Rocks

This short style is sure to make you feel like a rock style with all this amazing platinum color.

6. Rocking Styles

This sexy style has an amazing platinum blonde shade that you are sure to love.

7. Bold Looks

If you love that blonde bombshell look, then you are sure to love this shade.

8. Star Power

This style reminds us of the many Katy Perry styles we have seen over the years. If you like to make a dramatic entrance, then this is the look for you.

9. Sweet Styles

This color is very pretty and will be perfect for those summer months.

10. Hot Shades

If you are looking for a red hot shade this summer, then you are sure to love this color.

11. Short and Sweet

A classic look that has a very cool color.

12. Stylish Looks

There is just something about the platinum blonde color that just makes blue eyes pop so nicely.

13. Bob Styles

This style is bright white and it looks super cool as a bob.

14. Edgy Blondes

The color is edgy and the style is super cool.

15. Sharp Styles

If you are into classic styles, then you are sure to love this blonde coloring.

16. Sparkle and Shine

Another silver shade that is absolutely glorious.

17. White Hot

If you want a dramatic look, then white is probably the blonde you are looking for.

18. Cool Vibes

This platinum blonde is a very cool color and one that you will love all year long.

19. Sweet Styling

You won’t find a style sexier than this one. It’s choppy and white hot.

20. Cool and Short

Another great example of the white blonde style.

21. Natural Shades

If you want a platinum style that is more on the more natural spectrum, then this is the style for you.

22. Bold Shades

A shade like this is going to have heads turning wherever you go.

23. Celebrity Blondes

Emma Roberts definitely makes a stunning blonde and look at all that hair.

24. Hot Hollywood Looks

Ariana Grande makes being a blonde look super cool.

25. Pixie Locks

We loved when Michelle Williams turned her blonde locks platinum. This short style is super cute.

26. Platinum Curls

These curls look amazing in blonde.

27. Beige Shades

There is a mix of beige and platinum in this style and you are sure to love a look as great as this one.

28. Gorgeous Looks

A great look that you are sure to love.

29. Blended Styles

The top of the hair looks to be more of a natural shade while the bottom is a brighter and whiter shade.

30. Muted Shades

A great style like this is sure to put a smile on your face.

31. Goddess Styles

You will feel like nothing short of a goddess with this long, blonde style.

32. Hot Rock Star

These days, Kristen Stewart is all about the edgy looks. She has come a long way from the dark “Bella” style that she used to have. This white-hot style makes her gorgeous eyes pop.

33. Shaved Look

Kristen took it one step further and shaved all her hair off, but she made sure to keep it platinum blonde though. If you want an edgy look, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

34. Bright Blonde

A great style like this is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

35. Soft Shades

You don’t have to go white hot to take advantage of the platinum colors available to you.

36. Special Styles

Jennifer Lawrence is certainly a trendsetter these days and she looks amazing with her platinum locks.

37. Hot Locks

Here she is again with even whiter hair and it’s also shorter.

38. Glamorous Looks

If it’s possible for her hair to get whiter, then we think it just did. She is going for Old Hollywood glamor with this hairstyle.

39. Cool Colors

A special style like this is sure to have heads turning wherever you go.

40. White Locks

A style like this is all about drama and intrigue.

41. Hollywood Styles

Kim Kardashian pretty much blew our minds when she showed off her amazing platinum blonde hair.

42. Shorter Styles

If you love color, then white blonde hair is the perfect base for adding bright shades.

43. Blonde Looks

A great blonde look that is truly magical.

44. Short and Cool

If you like edgy styles, then you must try out this short style this year.

45. Polished Looks

If you like polished styles, then you are sure to love this classic style.

46. Bold and Messy

Katy Perry looks amazing with this messy blonde style.

47. Natural Looks

If you like natural styles, then this is the blonde shade for you.

48. Cool Shades

Another great blonde shade that you are sure to love.

49. Glamor Looks

Gwen Stafani has been rocking the glamorous platinum blonde look for a while now and it completely suits her perfectly.

50. Simple Styles

This simple straight look is amazing in white blonde.

51. Shiny Shades

Another great shade that is not too bright but is perfect for Emma Stone’s complexion.

52. Silver and Shimmery

The silver blonde shades definitely have some wow factor to them.

53. Bold Shades

Another great example of a white blonde color.

54. Long Layers

This long style has some choppy layers and it makes the color really stand out.

55. Sweet White Blonde

Another edgy style that is about as cool as you can be this summer.

56. Bold and Beautiful

If you are looking for a style that stands out, then don’t look further than this blonde.

57. The Original Blonde

We get a lot of our blonde inspiration from women like Marilyn Monroe because she was the epitome of beauty in her day and she totally rocked the platinum blonde shade.

58. Gorgeous Shades

This dancer knows how to rock a cool shade.

59. Braided Looks

This white blonde looks stunning in a braid.

60. Cool Looks

Choose a cool shade and run with it.

61. Glamor Do’s

Christina always loves a good glamor look.

62. Striking Shades

These silver highlights are super bright and awesome.

63. Cool Curls

Platinum blonde looks amazing with curls.

64. Bright and Beautiful

If you want a look that is going to stand out this year, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

65. Summer Styles

These sexy blonde styles are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

66. Pretty Styles

Blonde hair like this will look great regardless of your style.

67. Creative Blonde

Another great example of a silver blonde style.

68. Art Work

If you really want to get creative this year, just add some colorful designs to your hair.

69. Sporty Style

A blonde style that is sure to get your compliments.

70. Classicly Cool

A great style like this is sure to be the one you choose.

71. Tight Braids

Braids are a great way to show off different shades.

72. Cool Coloring

A great style that is sure to make you happy this year.

73. Dramatic Colors

Another bold look that is sure to make your look pop.

74. Sexy and Messy

A great look like this is sure to make you popular this year.

75. Fun Styling

Choose a color that is going to make you feel alive.

76. Stylish Colors

A cool look like this is sure to make you happy.

77. Icy Hot

Another bold icy cool color that is sure to turn heads.

78. Long Styles

This stunning look is truly eye-catching.

79. Grey Looks

If you are looking for something a little darker, then this is the look for you.

80. White Hot Shades

This bright color really pops off the page,

81. Charming Shades

Another great shade that is sure to make you smile this year.

82. Brilliant Looks

How could you pass up a color like this one?

83. Shimmering White

A great look that is white hot and beautiful.

84. Shaved Looks

You won’t find an edgier look than this.

85. Glittering Grey

An awesome shade of grey that is breathtaking.

86. Short and Amazing

Another great platinum, short style.

87. Different Shades

There are lots of different shades with this style.

88. Rock Star Looks

Get great blonde advice from a legend.

89. Model Looks

This model is totally rocking out this amazing blonde shade.

90. Creamy Colors

These shades always bring a bit of color to the face.

91. Breathtaking Styles

Try to find a style more breathtaking than this one. We dare you.


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