57 Insanely Amazing Styles with the Poetic Justice Braid


If you are looking for a braided look, then try out the poetic justice braid.

It’s a modern look that has always been a trendsetter. It’s a box braid style that looks as if it’s been turned or twisted. It can be a style that is left down or pulled up into a stylish updo perfect for the kind of woman who feels a little sassy. Janet Jackson was the first one that started the trend many years ago, and it has only gained in popularity. Due to Janet’s epic sense of style, it was a look that lasted through the ages. The poetic justice braid has stood the test of time, and it’s a style that keeps coming around.

So, what is a Poetic Justice Braid?

If you haven’t seen the look before, it’s a very simple style. They were made popular after a movie was made called Poetic Justice that starred Janet Jackson. It was because of her role in the movie that made the style so popular; people just loved the look that she inspired. Her character was sassy and had these thick box braids. Ever since she starred in that movie people have been crazy about the look. Janet Jackson was the sole reason why the look was so epic and why it’s popularity has thrived throughout the years. If you are looking for a sassy look that is sure to draw the eye, then the poetic justice braid might be just the look for you.

The Benefits of Choosing the Poetic Justice Braid

You may not think that there are any benefits to these braids aside from some epic styling. But these braids actually offer some protection to your hair. Your natural hair is covered and protected by these braids as they are woven together. By creating the poetic justice braid style, you protect your hair against the sun and environmental damage. Not only that but you can give your hair a rest from blow drying or using styling tools.

When it comes to braids the options to style your hair are truly endless. There are just so many varieties of hair options available to you. These braids can be created in a thinner way which is the same style you would use for most braids, but there is a lot more staying power with the poetic justice braid.

Not only do they look great but these braids are a fuss-free hairstyle. Once you have them styled you’re done, and you never have to style them again unless you are looking for a change. You can leave them completely alone until your next salon appointment. There are things that you can do to make sure your braids last as long as possible, but they are simple methods. Sleeping with a scarf on will help them to stay intact longer and using moisturizers in your hair will help it to stay looking healthy. That’s minimal styling options, aside from that it’s a low-maintenance style.

Poetic justice braids can last for months if you treat them with care. Make sure to keep up with the maintenance and your braids will last a long time. If your hair can last for months with little upkeep, then imagine the time you will save in styling your hair.

Poetic justice braids will allow you to change your hair color without worrying about damage to your hair. Imagine the color choices that you can finally try out without a care in the world. Not only that but you can achieve many different style options with the box braids. Maybe you have always wanted to try blonde out for size, with these box braids you don’t have to worry about bleaching your own hair. You can try lighter shades without damaging your own hair. It’s a win-win situation. There is less worry when it comes to box braids, which means that you can experiment more with your hair.

Disadvantages of Poetic Justice Braids

When it comes to braiding your hair in any manner, there can always be a level of discomfort involved. Make sure you have a skilled hairstylist that is familiar with braiding to make it a little easier on your head. It’s possible for the hairstylist to add too much tension to the braiding and your can experience some pain in the scalp because of it. Braiding isn’t something that you go in and get completed in a couple of hours either. Braiding takes a long time because it’s a delicate process. They can often take many hours to complete, so sitting for a long period of time can be taxing. Many people often feel discomfort, stiffness or boredom throughout the process. Believe it or not but braiding can often take between 5-8 hours to complete. Imagine sitting in one position for that period of time. Many people do it however because once it’s completed, they don’t have to think about styling their hair for months afterward.

While you are getting your poetic justice braids, you may have to take time off of work or go in during on of your days off and sit. Your family and friends will have to be put on hold for the day as it is such a lengthy process. Many people don’t have a spare eight hours to sit and get their hair styled, so it’s a sacrifice of time as well.

Poetic justice braids are also not a cheap process as they can be very expensive. You will have to check with your local salon as prices will vary. The braids can be purchased from a store, and you can do them yourself to save some money but it will be more of a hassle and could end up taking up more of your time. If you go to a salon, you can expect to pay anywhere between $150-300.

It’s well worth the cost as long as you are happy with your new style.

Below are 57 Insanely Amazing Styles with the Poetic Justice Braid:

  1. The Long Look

Braids that are super long with a side part, a classic style.


2. Thin Braids

The box braids can come in many different styles and sizes. It’s a simple style that is parted in the middle.


3. Very Long Braids

If you are looking for some serious length, then try out this box braid style.


4. A Flashy Color

A great example of adding color to your look. This red coloring really makes the whole look pop. Add some length with these thin braids and you’re set.


5. Thick Braids

These thick braids create a very different look than their thinner versions.


6. Thin and Long

This look is striking because not only are the braids thin but they are extra long. The style goes well past the butt.


7. Highlighted Braids

Add a bit of color to your braided look with a few highlighted pieces. It really makes the braids stand out.


8. Gorgeous Styles

Another example of a simple style created with thin braids.


9. A Splash of Color

These box braids have color throughout. In each braid, you can see a mixture of the natural hair color along with the highlighted hair. It’s a beautiful contrast.


10. A Casual Style

Add some box braids for a casual, everyday look and have a low maintenance style.


11. Braided Updo

Braided styles can be left down or pulled up into an elegant updo. There is a lot of hair with this style, and it’s all piled on top.


12. The Side Part

Give your style an extra pop by having it parted to the side. It adds volume to a classic look. And talk about added length!


13. Blonde Braids

If you always wanted to try out blonde then here is your chance. Add blonde braids to your hair and don’t worry about any damage.


14. Braids with a Shave

If you are looking for a bolder look, then go no further than this one. One side of the head is shaved while the rest is braided. You still get the length while adding a little-shaved sexiness to your style.


15. Watch the Process

Here is an example of the process of having your hair braided. Notice how short her hair normally is before adding the braids. It’s a step by step process that takes a lot of time.


16. Braided Happiness

This girl couldn’t be happier about her box braids. She has thicker braids that are styled in a design on the top of her head.


17. The Ponytail

Add long braids to your hair and then pull it back into a ponytail for a casual day. You can always let it down at any time.


18. Tiny Braids

These tiny braids are a great look if you want a casual style.


19. A Touch of Pink

This incredible style is full of grace and elegance and a touch of pink. Add as many colors as you want to achieve the look you desire.


20. A Burst of Color

A bold look with many different colors threaded in. It’s fabric threaded into these braids, not actual hair color.


21. Brandy Loves Braids

Brandy has always been known to sport braided looks. They always suit her face so well. If this beauty can pull them off, then so can you.


22. An Extreme Part

This style is parted to the extreme on one side, covering her eye. The other side is shaved close to the skin.


23. Twisty Braids

This style is not so much braided as twisted. It’s a unique look that reminds me of dreadlocks.


24. Large Braids

If you are looking for big braids, then this style is for you. It offers a very different look and in this style, it’s all pulled back.


25. The Caramel Look

Caramel highlights a great because they can warm up any hair color choice.


26. The High Ponytail

This high ponytail is a great look if you have an event coming up. The braids are thin and classic and look amazing in the updo.


27. A Touch of Color

The purple highlights really make the overall color stand out. If you want a bold color choice, you can’t go wrong with purple.


28. A Twisty Updo

Another example of the twisty braids but this time in an updo. The sides are shaved but can be covered once the hair is taken down.


29. A Bold Red

These twisty braids have red hair twisted into them. I love the color it’s divine.


30. A Top Bun

It’s the first short braided look that we have seen, but it’s long enough to still achieve a bun.


31. Multiple Styles

Here is a great example of the kind of styles that can be achieved with the poetic justice braid. It’s a pulled back braid created from braids.


32. A Pink Bun

A cute look that is achieved with some pink braids. The hair is then pulled up into a bun.


33. Double Buns

These thick braids are pulled up and used to make a double set of buns.


34. A Braided Bob

Another short style, this one is shaped into a classic bob. It’s a great looking style that can be kept in place for months.


35. Huge Braids

These box braids are massive, and it doesn’t take many before it’s turned into a style that can be used in this updo.


36. Tiny Colors

These tiny braids are multi-colored and pulled back into a ponytail.


37. A Scarf Design

If you are looking for a dramatic look, then this is the one for you. Add a scarf and some accessories and you are set.


38. Large Updo

Another example of a short look with a bun on top. This one has thicker braids, however.


39. Dramatic Ponytail

With highlights and length, you can achieve this dramatic ponytail.


40. Pigtails

A combination of sexy and cute this style is one for the books. It’s a great look, and it’s been put together nicely with some accessories.


41. Striking Blonde

A great example of why everyone should be a blonde at least once in their lifetime.


42. A Classic Bun

These large braids are pulled up high to create a classic bun.


43. Bold Braids

If you are looking for a bold and creative design, then try out blue and purple braids together. These colors just don’t get more beautiful than this.


44. Half Up, Half Down

A great updo choice that can be worn casual or to an event. It’s a simple design that is easy to maintain over time.


45. Purple Spirals

These thin braids look incredible with the splashes of purple throughout. The side bang is created by just pulling the braids off to the side.


46. A Style So Casual

An everyday look that you are sure to love.


47. A Spiraling Updo

This updo is half up and half down with a spiraling top.


48. A Shade of Green

If you are looking for something different, then try green braids on for size. The colors change throughout giving off a unique look.


49. Burst of Blue

The color of the sea, this unique shade is one that is sure to please.


50. Add Some Curls

The natural hair is left out to add some curls to the look.


51. Angled Bob

Another example of a short braided look that totally rocks.


52. Extraordinary Style

A great example of pairing an amazing color to a great updo. A masterpiece!


53. A Mysterious Design

There is a lot of hair involved in this braid, but the design in the updo is great.


54. Black and Purple

There is a lot of contrast to this look due to the purple. The changing colors are quite dramatic.


55. Elegant Style

This style is so beautiful and one that can be worn anywhere.


56. Top Heavy

A different design on top of the head combined with a great color.


57. A Sweeping Part

There is a side part but for most of the style, it appears to be pulled back.


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