44 Stylish Pompadour Haircut Ideas That Are Hip


If you are thinking about a fresh and cool new style then why not try the stylish pompadour hairstyle. It started off as a female style, but now men are rocking it all over the world. The style, of course, was made popular by the legendary Elvis Presley. Of course, people are styling it just a little bit differently these days, but all and all it is the same style. These days, of course, it has become a very popular style indeed. We have some pretty amazing variations of the style here and we also have a step by step styling guide provided by Men’s Hairstyles Today.

If you’re not familiar with the pompadour style, then it’s similar to the faux-hawk because it’s short on the side while the top is long and styled in an amazing manner. The word pompadour comes from the “pomp” in regard to the volume on top of the head. It’s long and higher in the front than the back.

If you aren’t sure how to style the hair, then follow this step by step styling guide from Men’s Hairstyles Today and you will be rocking the pompadour style in no time.

Styling the Pompadour:

“To style a pompadour haircut, follow these simple steps:

Dry your hair with a towel till slightly damp.

Blow dry your hair on light heat while combing with a round brush. The goal is to style your hair into the general shape of a pompadour by brushing from front to back or front and diagonally, depending on how you want your pomp to look.

Get some pomade, rub it evenly between your hands to warm it up, and work the product into your hair evenly by running your hands through your hair. We recommend starting with your sides (unless you have a faded pompadour) and slowly moving to the top. Grab more pomade to hold your front, if needed.

Now comb and style your hair to expose the roots to the pomade, thereby creating a firmer hold. You can start by combing the sides back and then the top. If you want to have a part in your pomp, create it now.

To give the pomp the volume it needs, comb the front upwards. You can do this by combing straight up and using your other free hand to guide your falling hair into place. This technique will also help you control how low or high you want the front.

If the previous method didn’t work for you, another way to style a pomp is by placing your free hand in the middle of your head, so it is lightly touching your slicked-back hair. Push this hand forward slowly while simultaneously combing the hair in front upwards.”

There are many variations to the style and we have lots of options available to you.

Below are 44 Stylish Pompadour Haircut Ideas That Are Hip:

  1. The Side Part

This stylish pompadour is all about the side part because it gives a lot of volume.

2. High Styles

A style that is much higher in front of the hair and very short on the sides.

3. Presley Style

This amazing style is reminiscent of Elvis Presley, a true performer. With style like this, you are going to have the ladies all over you just like the King did.

4. High Style

This sexy style is sure to bring in the ladies! We love how high it goes in the front.

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4. James Dean Style

This Pompadour style looks a lot like James Dean’s style back in the day. It’s short on the sides and a lot longer on top.

5. High on Top

It’s very similar to a faux hawk and this style is all the rage these days.

6. Shaved Style

Pointed styles that are shaved. The shaved areas go all the way around the head and there’s a pointed edge in the back. The top is quite high.

7. Messy Styles

Some of the styles are polished while others are messy and they are awesome both ways.

8. Sculpted Styles

A great style that isn’t too high on top.

9. Polished Looks

If you have an office job, then this style is going to be perfect for that.

10. Soccer Style

David Beckham has always been considered to be a stylish and handsome man. His style is not over the top but totally stylish and BOSS.

11. The Legend

If you want to follow a legend they why not take a cue from the guy who could draw in the ladies without very little effort.

12. Slick Styles

The pompadour has been around for a long time. These sexy styles have only improved for the new generation.

13. Celebrity Styles

Robert Pattinson drove women wild for years with this style alone. We loved the devil may care way that he styled his hair.

14. Great Styles

This hair-raising style is one for the books. We love how badass he looks.

15. Sexy Styles

As you can see, there are a lot of celebrities that love the pompadour style.

16. Stunning Style

A short shaved style that isn’t all about showing off.

17. Top Style

A great style that any one guy is sure to want to rock out.

18. Tight Part

There is a pretty severe part her where one side is shaved and the other is high and long.

19. Bieber Love

There is a reason why Bieber is loved by the world and a lot of it has to do with his personal style. Girls just love him.

20. Long and Messy

The hair is long all over and just styled away from the face.

21. Slow Style

How can you not love this style? It’s badass.

22. Shaved Styles

Another Beckham style that you are sure to love.

23. Simple Style

If you are looking for a pompadour style that is simpler, then this is the one for you.

24. Slick and Sexy

A sexy style that is all about the product.

25. Salt and Pepper

This sexy style has a salt and pepper edge to it.

26. Structured Style

This look is very polished right down to the designed shaved sides.

27. Legendary Style

If you want a style that says you too are a legend then check this one out.

28. Shaved and Stylish

A great style that has a bit of height and the sides are shaved.

29. A Tall Style

This pompadour style is quite high. If you want a style with a little drama, then try this one out.

30. Pulled Back

This pompadour style has a great fade to it.

31. Close Shave

A high-style that has a very close shave.

32. Stylish and Suave

A great style that has a simple edge to it.

33. Dramatic Style

This style is sexy and very dramatic. If you want an eye-catching style, then you will love this one.

34. Badass Style

A great style that is truly amazing.

35. Textured Style

Textured hair can make a huge difference on how your style looks on you.

36. Polished Style

If you are looking for a polished style, then you will love this one.

37. High on Top

The sides of this style aren’t very short which leaves you with a messy style.

38. Choppy Styles

This guy has all the style in the world. The top is quite choppy and messy. We love how great this style is because of the choppy lengths.

39. Shiny Styles

A sexy high style that is very polished. The sides are left short. The top is very high and it takes some serious product to keep it in place.

40. Interesting Style

This sexy style has the usual high top, but the shaved sides are very different. We love how there is a double part shaved in. If you want a special kind of style, then this is it. It’s amazing in every detail. You have to show off this amazing style.

41. Deep Part

Having a deep part always gives you a lot more volume on top. Shaved sides give you are more stylish look. A gorgeous style that will have the ladies come running to you. These days men can be as stylish as women are and these pompadour styles prove that.

42. Perfect Part

A very high part that is styled to perfection. The shaved style is virtually perfect, with a solid part. If you have the kind of style that is polished and even elegant, then you are sure to want to give this style a chance.

43. Perfect Brow

The brow and forehead are perfectly shaved so that it has a design on its own. The top is styled high. The sides are shaved and truly amazing. The high tops are messy and incredibly suited for the whole look.

44. Model Style

These handsome men are stylish and they know how to look good regardless of where they go. They look like models with their high fashion style. Between these nine styles there but be a style that is sure to please you. Some of them are long, while others are short. It doesn’t matter what your age is these styles can suit anyone.


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