111 Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles For Any Occasion


If you are looking for a cool new style that you can wear this year, then you can’t go wrong with the ponytail. It’s literally one of the most versatile hairstyles that you can have. There are many elegant ways that you can wear the ponytail whether you are going to a fancy event or just to the beach.

Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail Hairstyles

If you have mid to long hair, that’s the perfect length for a ponytail. Sometimes it just feels good to pull our hair out of our face especially if we have a busy day ahead of us. Ponytails allow us to have a style that we don’t have to think about all day. There is no need to have just any ponytail hairstyle though; we have plenty of options for you so that you can take your ponytail game up to the next level.

Check out these 111 Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles For Any Occasion:

  1. Braided Styles

This is a very high ponytail so it would be perfect for a formal event. Braiding it also puts it on a whole other level of style.

ponytail hairstyles

2. Celebrity Looks

Anna Kendrick looks like a rock star with this simple ponytail. She is wearing the look to a red carpet event, but you could literally wear this style anywhere.

3. Straight Styles

She has a short shave on the side and she showcases it by putting her hair up into a ponytail. When you straighten your hair, it gives you a completely different look.

4. Ponytail Twists

This is a very simple style that gives some added elegance to your style.

5. Tight Styles

This is a very tight ponytail and it’s usually considered to be a high fashion look.

6. Curly Styles

This is a really cute style that she is wearing to work. You could easily wear this style to a formal event as well.

7. Fishtail Braids

There is just something about a fishtail braid that makes any ponytail 100 times classier.

8. Cute Bangs

This style is super cute and it would be perfect for the beach or a backyard BBQ.

9. Polished Styles

If you need a professional look for the office, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

10. Bold Curls

If you have a ton of curls to control, then putting them back in a ponytail will probably be a relief for you.

11. Cool Looks

This is a shorter style but as you can see you can still successfully pull it back into a ponytail for a formal event.

12. Formal Styles

Whether it’s prom or another formal event, you are sure to love a style that is as cool as this one.

13. Simple Styles

A simple style like this one is all you need to get yourself through any bad hair day.

14. Crowning Braid

Another simple style but this one has an added elegance because of the crowning braid on the side.

15. Soft Styles

This is a messy ponytail that has a few added twists to it that give it a signature style.

16. High Braids

A high braid style is a popular one right now. It gives your whole look a little pop. If you love creative looks, then you are sure to love this style.

17. Wavy Styles

If you like ponytail styles, then you are sure to love one that is simple and well put together as this one.

18. Straight Looks

Ariana Grande is pulling off a polished look that would be great for any formal event that you.

19. Cool Braids

Braids just make any hairstyle cool and we love that part of it.

20. High Styles

You can pull off a ponytail even with short hair. Cameron Diaz is showing that she can make a short ponytail look very cool.

21. Simple Ponytail

If you need a style that is simple and casual, then you can’t go wrong with this style. Just pull it back in an elastic and you are good to go.

22. Side Ponytail

This is an elegant style that would be perfect for a formal event. We love a side ponytail, it’s a very classy look.

23. Sleek Styles

You will definitely feel like a high fashion model with a style like this one.

24. Loose Fishtails

Fishtails are one of the most stunning braids that you could have. This style is loose and polished.

25. Tight Braids

Styles like these are meant to be protective for your hair. You can keep them in for a few months at a time. It’s a look that is well put together.

26. Double Ponytails

There are so many cool ways to wear the ponytails these days and this fun look is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

27. Hot Styles

Tight ponytails are often worn by models because they are considered to be high style. You can literally wear the style anywhere.

28. Sweet Styles

This is a very sweet and elegant style that would be great for your next event.

29. Pretty Styles

Another elegant style that is really pretty. You can wear this style to an event or to work, it’s a very versatile style.

30. Long Styles

She has a lot of long and thick hair in order to create this style. It’s a mid-length ponytail that has a lot of volume to it.

31. Cool Ponies

Another polished ponytail that will blow away the crowd.

32. Celebrity Styling

Kim Kardashian is really rocking out this cool style.

33. Bold Styles

This gorgeous style looks amazing because it’s a little polished and wild all in one.

34. Loose Braids

This braid is a little looser and the style is overall pretty cool.

35. Bold and Pretty

This style has elegance and a rock star vibe all rolled into one.

36. Different Styles

We have two different styles here, but we get to see how a braid can really change up your look in unique ways.

37. Swirling Style

A look like this just screams elegance and class. If you have an event coming up, you should definitely try this style on for size.

38. Side Braids

This messy ponytail has a braid on the side that is weaved right into the ponytail.

39. Sweet Ponytails

We get to see this ponytail from a few different angles and we are loving every minute of it. It’s a cute style that you can wear anywhere.

40. Front Braid

This high ponytail has a braid that follows along the front of the head. It’s a great style that is sure to get you a lot of compliments.

41. Kid’s Styles

Ponytails and braids are great for kids because it keeps their hair under control.

42. Cool Styling

A simple style like this is on another level as soon as you add the small braid against the back of the head.

43. Opposite Styles

These two styles are completely opposite ponytail looks, but they are both beautiful in their own way.

44. Cool New Styles

We have three different styles here where some are curly and some are straight. These looks are all gorgeous examples of formal ponytail styles.

45. Very Long Styles

If you have really long hair, then you should try out one of these styles. The fishtails are a romantic look that will blow away the crowd. The middle one is more polished and the end style is all about your wild side.

46. High Top

Another polished look that you can totally rock out for your next event.

Ponytail Hairstyles


47. High and Polished

Kendall Jenner looks amazing in this polished ponytail.

48. Cool Vibes

Kate Beckinsale is a big fan of ponytail styles for red carpet events. Celebrities are proving that ponytails are great for formal events.

49. Side Styling

This cute ponytail is polished and pulled off to the side.

50. Simple Looks

You don’t get much more simple than this ponytail style.

51. Cool Ponytails

It wouldn’t take long to put together this awesome style.

52. Cool and Unique

This is a cool style that you could try on your daughter for her next event. It’s the kind of style that really makes people talk.

53. Mysterious Braid

A hairstyle like this is polished and clean. We barely notice the tight braid against the scalp.

54. High Braids

Another great example of a high ponytail that is created with a braid.

55. Rock Star Styles

If you are looking for an edgier style, then you have to try out this ponytail.

56. Gorgeous Looks

How could we not love such a cool style as this?

57. Twisted Styles

An awesome style that is polished and has a little twist in the back.

58. Multiple Braids

This would be a cool look for a day at the beach or a day of surfing. How could you not love a style like this one?

59. Large Braids

A large braid will give you a very different look from the rest.

60. Double Braid Style

This romantic style could be the perfect wedding look for you.

61. Short Styles

Who says that you need to have long hair to rock a ponytail? This actress is proving us all wrong.

62. High Bumps

These ponytails are all created with high bumps on the top of the head. It creates the illusion that there is more volume to the hair.

63. Twisting Looks

Another ponytail style that has a few twists to it.

64. Bold and Grey

This high ponytail looks awesome with the grey coloring.

65. Polished Waves

Even the waves in this hairstyle look like they are polished.

66. Cute Children’s Styles

This is an adorable ponytail style and it’s so easy to create at home.

67. Bold Waves

Another great wavy style that you are sure to love.

68. Cool and Polished

It’s so easy to create this polished look with a little bump on top.

69. Crinkled Look

This wild style is sure to get you all the attention that you want.

70. Tight Curls

A fresh look like this is all you need to feel great at your next event.

71. Sweet Ponytails

Another romantic look that you can wear anywhere.

72. Flowing Styles

This pretty style is a work of art and one that is sure to impress the people around you.

73. High Top Styles

Another great example of a high and polished ponytail.

74. Messy Looks

Messy ponytails can style be worn to events. These styles are cool no matter what.

75. Unique Styles

If you want a style that is going to catch people’s eyes, then this is the one for you.

76. Unique Braids

This unique braid creates quite the eye-catching ponytail.

77. Side Designs

These box braids create a style that you can keep in long-term. It’s a protective look that is also popular and very stylish.

78. Creative Designs

A bold look that shows that you put a lot of thought into your style.

79. Pretty Braids

A cool ponytail style that has an incredible braid with it.

80. Casual Looks

A great long look that is a style that you can wear anywhere. It’s a casual style that you can wear to the beach or even out for lunch with your friends.

81. Multi-colored Looks

A polished style that has some highlights through the look. If you want a look for your next formal event, then this is the look for you.

82. Cool Designs

Another polished look that is sure to put a smile on your face.

83. Awesome Ponytails

A few different ponytail styles that you can wear for any occasion.

84. Bang Styles

This simple style shows off a ponytail with your bangs. It’s a very casual look that you could still pull off at a formal event.

85. Wedding Styles

These two formal styles are different but equally gorgeous. These are glamorous styles that will be perfect for a formal event.

86. Big Designs

It requires quite a bit of hair to create a style as amazing as this one is. It’s a stunning style that you are sure to love.


87. High Bump

The styles with a bump always look really classy.

88. Bold and Beautiful

Beyonce always has some really cool styles. This is just one of them.

89. Bold and Crinkled

A great look that has some kinky curls that you are sure to love. We love the added color in the style.

90. Great Waves

A style like this has some pretty waves that create a unique look.

91. Sexy Styles

Sexy ponytails like this create amazing looks that are bold and beautiful. This look would be a great for a night out on the town.

92. Gorgeous Looks

A style like this would be so easy to put together and yet you could wear it to a formal event.

93. Children’s Braids

Another great braided look that you could try on your child for a summer look.

94. Outside Braid

This gorgeous ponytail has an outside braid on the side. It’s a style that is perfect for a formal affair. You could use it as a wedding look as well.

95. Messy Looking Styles

This messy style is made complete with the awesome high top braid. It’s a great style that anyone would love.

96. Shiny Waves

A look like this has some glossy and gorgeous waves cascading from the ponytail. If you want a show-stopping style, then this is the one for you.

97. Wedding Styling

A beautiful style that you could wear for your next wedding look. It’s a bold look that you could accessorize with sparkling elements.

98. Straightening Styles

A casual look that has been straightened. It’s a cool look that you can wear for a girl’s night out or a beach day.

99. A Stylish Design

This style is great for any event that you have this year. The waves are soft and they cascade down from the ponytail. If you want a cool look, then you just found it.

100. Simple High Ponytail

You can wear this style anywhere, it’s such a classic look. This style would only take a few minutes to put together and yet it gives you such an awesome style.

101. Sleek Styling

These tight curls look incredible, but sometimes we need to tame them. The sleek polish of the style controls the curls into a ponytail.

102. Pretty Curls

This fun and flirty look are perfect for summer. Go to a patio with your friends and rock out this style.

103. French Braids

Another great style that you can try on your daughter this year. She is sure to love the style.

104. Higher Styles

This is a very high ponytail for a more dramatic look.

105. Big Curls

A great look that you are sure to love for your next formal event.

106. Horizontal Braids

This pretty style has a different braid that goes across the back of the head.

107. The Wet Look

This is a very casual design that you can wear anywhere. This style could be worn to the beach or just for a day of running errands.

108. Extreme Curls

Another tight style that has some bold curls to it.

109. Twisty Braids

A fresh style that is easy to put together and creates a fun new look.

110. Tight Tops

These tight braids on top create a very different look for the braided style. The ponytail itself is polished with a straight style that is very pretty.

111. Tornado Styles

A stunning style that has a breathtaking tornado look to it. You must try this style out this year.



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