109 Easy and Low Maintenance Protective Hairstyles


If you are looking for a low maintenance way to protect your hair, then we have the answer for you. Maybe it’s not even about protecting your hair; maybe you just want to spend less time on your hair during the day. Most women would say as little time as possible, but we also don’t want to look like scarecrows when we go out.

African-American women tend to have thick hair that is dense. This texture of hair allows them to skillfully shape their style into some pretty amazing hairstyles. The downside to that texture of hair is that it can become brittle and dry. That means that this type of style needs extra care and that’s where protective hairstyles come in. These women want to protect their hair from environmental stress as much as possible. There are many different styles to choose from that will provide you with the protection that you need for your hair.

There are many benefits to choosing a protective hairstyle and they include: Maintaining moisture in the hair, protection from the elements, retention of length as well as a stylish look. Not only will these protective styles offer you an elegant look while keeping your locks tucked away from all the harmful elements. There are a few extra things that you can do to give your hair extra protection.

Hair Care Tips For Natural Hair

There are many hydrating balms or natural oils that you can use to nourish your scalp and hair. You can use these before you style your hair for the day. Instead of blow-drying your hair, let it dry overnight. Always wear a hat when you are outside to protect it from hot or cold temperatures. At night consider sleeping with a scarf around your head.

Check out these 109 Easy and Low Maintenance Protective Hairstyles:

  1. Bold Styles

A gorgeous partial updo that has some serious braids all over. There are gorgeous designs in the scalp that you are going to want to try out. They have added thread to the look and it really makes the braids stand out.

2. Braided Updo

If you have formal events to go to, then that isn’t a problem. This thick braid works as a crown around the head.

3. Sweet Styles

This gorgeous style has little pigtail balls in the back. The braided style is glamorous and truly intriguing. We love the golden accessories throughout the style.

4. Creative Designs

You won’t find a more stunning style then this one. It’s remarkable and you will love showing off this style for months on end.

5. Stylish Braids

A gorgeous partial updo that is not only convenient but you can wear this style anywhere.

6. Long Styles

A great style that is long and loose. This is one that can be worn anywhere as well.

7. Big Braids

This medium length style is sexy and glamorous. You will have fun showing this style off and you won’t want to even take it out.

8. Cool Designs

These high pigtails are really awesome. A style that is going to turn heads no matter where you go.

9. Gorgeous Ponytails

If you are looking for a cool style that you can wear anywhere, whether it’s casual or formal then this gorgeous ponytail is a great choice. We love the hair accessories in the style.

10. Long Ponytails

If you have a lot of hair, then this is certainly a style that you are going to love. We love the scalp designs with this high ponytail.

11. A High Bun

A great style that has a ponytail and a high bun. This style could easily be worn to a formal event if you needed one.

12. A Star Style

If you are looking for a jaw-dropping style, then you can’t go wrong with this one. We love how the scalp was designed to show off a star.

13. Stylish Buns

A stunning style that has a very polished bun. We love the scalp designs as well.

14. Bold Ponytail

This long ponytail is truly eye-catching. The scalp design is so beautiful and it totally completes the look of the ponytail.

15. Large Braids

A beautiful braid that is truly showing off so incredible style. The braid is thick and this style is going to be worn anywhere.

16. Thin Braids

These loose braids look gorgeous. We love how the braids wrap around the head before going off to the side.

17. Simple Styles

If you are looking for a simple style that you can wear anywhere whether it’s a casual day or an event, then this loose style is a great option for you.

18. Flower Bun

A gorgeous style that has a few braids that create a stunning floral bun.

19. Red Styles

A stunning style that is all about the color. You can’t go wrong with a bold shade like this one.

20. Pigtail Balls

This style is all you need to turn heads wherever you are. It’s a cute style that is growing in popularity.

21. A Side Part

These loose styles are truly amazing. This side part is one style that will have you feeling confident and sexy.

22. A Curly Style

This high top style is truly beautiful. A protective style like this is very low maintenance.

23. Stunning Updos

We love styles like this because they are classy and sophisticated. This would be a great style for a formal event.

24. The Highest Bun

One great style that you are sure to love because it’s fashionable.

25. Children’s Styles

Protecting your child’s hair throughout the summer or winter months is very important. This is a cute style that your girls are sure to love.

26. Circular Styles

A great style that is incredibly beautiful. It’s a polished bun that would be amazing for an event.

27. Twisty Braids

A stunning loose style that has some amazing twisty braids. It’s a casual look that you are sure to love.

28. Glamorous Styles

A long and loose look that will turn heads at your next event. A stunning look that will make you feel beautiful.

29. Head of Braids

Another example of a loose look that can be worn anywhere.

30. A Simple Braid

If you are looking for simple styles, then this single braided ponytail is all you need.

31. Circular Designs

A circular braided style that wraps around the head. These stunning styles would look amazing at an event.

32. A High Ponytail

One style that is truly remarkable. It’s casual and very beautiful.

33. Styled Backward

A style that has braids designed on the scalp and trailing backward.

34. A Simple Braid

Sometimes one braid is all you need. It crowns the head and finishes in a bun.

35. Dreadlock Styles

Dreadlocks are a great way of protecting the hair for the long term.

36. Thinner Styles

A casual look that is created using thinner sized braids. This is a great style that you can use for any occasion.

37. Stunning and Fashionable

If you are looking to blow everyone’s mind at the next party, then this is the style for you.

38. Large Bun

You will feel like the belle of the ball with this hairstyle. It’s incredibly stylish and it’s sure to turns heads.

39. Polished Styles

One ponytail braid is all you need to keep your hair protected long term. Then once the braid comes out, you are left with these stunning waves.

40. One-Sided Style

This sexy style mimics the shaved look, without the commitment. These are sexy styles that you can wear to any event.

41. Beautiful Braids

Another example of the side braided style.

42. Dreadlock Bun

A gorgeous style that has the dreadlocks twisted into a bun.

43. Remarkable Partial Updos

You won’t find a style more stunning than this one. We love these low-maintenance partial updos.

44. A Long Look

If you have really long hair, then this style is going to blow you away. We love the fact that it’s long and loose all over.

45. Bold and Beautiful

A loose and special design that starts from the scalp and is left loose.

46. Wonderful Looks

How can you not love these loose styles? They are low maintenance and they will protect your hair for a few months.

47. A Messy Style

If you prefer a messier style, then try this one on for size. It’s simple and it’s a versatile style that you can wear anywhere.

48. Accessories Are Everything

Sometimes adding a little thread to your braids can change the whole look. These are simple designs, but they now pop with the thread around it.

49. Short Styles

We get to see this short style from many different angles. You get to see the design of the scalp as well as how the braids fall.

50. Tiny Braids

If you want a completely different look, then you can’t go wrong with these tiny braids. They completely change the style of the loose look.

51. Gorgeous and Simple

This style may look complicated, but it’s actually very simple. This braided look is one that has the wow factor to it. Simple beautiful!

52. Crazy Kinks

A great style that is as unusual as it is crazy. These kinks are sexy and beautiful. It’s the kind of style that you will be dying to show off.

53. Few Braids

A simple style with a curly bun. There are braids on the top that allow for some protection against breakage in the scalp.

54. The Long Braid

Sometimes all it takes one braid to keep your hair protected for months. It’s a great style that you are sure to love.

55. A Dreadfully Beautiful Sight

Dreadlocks are a great way of protecting your hair from damage. You can wear dreads for months on end.

56. Great Bun Styles

We can see this gorgeous bun style from many different angles. It’s put together nicely and would be a gorgeous style to wear to an upcoming event.

57. Scalp Designs

Only the scalp area has the braids and they are truly exquisite. The rest of the hair is left loose.

58. Braided Pigtails

These gorgeous pigtails are great for an everyday look and they are cute enough for an event as well.

59. Dreadlock Partial

A great style that is elegant and a little classy. This style can be used for any occasion.

60. Thick Braids

A gorgeous style that has some thick braids that have been turned into pigtails. These styles are so versatile that you can wear them at the beach or to a wedding.

61. Many Braids

A bold look that has many braids together to create a pigtail style. These styles are totally casual and will work with your everyday style.

62. Circular Sun

A great style that has a bun in the back. The design around the head has small braids that are styled like the sun. A bold style that is sure to turn heads.

63. Bold Balls

You won’t find a better style than this one. These buns are really awesome and you will be the life of the party with this style.

64. Side Braiding

A stunning style like this is sure to make you feel like a goddess. We’ve never seen such a gorgeous style. Only the side is braided and that’s more for style than anything else. This might be a look you want to try out next.

65. Red Looks

These twisty braids are thick and dense. We love the red coloring as well. This is an awesome style that you are sure to love.

66. Bold and Gorgeous

A simple style that is elegant and unique. The side part is casual and wonderful. Try this for a day on the beach.

67. Thick New Styles

We can’t help but love this amazing style. Try this one out the next time that you have errands to run. This style is extra long and sure will make you feel good.

68. Beautiful Braiding Designs

These bold styles are gorgeous. It Is a style that is great for a new look. The braids are only on the scalp and they are sure to please you.

69. Circle Styles

These styles have a bit of romance to them and we can’t help but love the unique look. Imagine this style at your next event. You will blow the crowd away.

70. Sexy and Stylish

A great style that you are sure to love. It’s magnificent and we love the side styles.

71. Zig Zag Designs

A bold style that has zigzag elements to it. These are great styles that you will love all year long.

72. Long and Loose Styles

Another example of a style that you can wear anywhere.

73. Stunning Bun Styles

Another great style that is sure to be a showstopper at your next event. This is all about creating styles that will protect your hair long term.

74. Three Braids

These amazing styles are beautiful and unique. It consists of three braids in a swirl and has some awesome hair accessories.

75. Thin and Tiny

A gorgeous style that is created with thin braids all across the head.

76. A Couple Braids

Another great style that has just a few braids on the side.

77. Inside Braids

These unusual braids start from the back of the head and it almost looks as if they are part of the scalp. It’s a truly unique style that you are sure to love.

78. Pretty Styles

The round ball buns are really popular styles. This one includes a braid and it makes for a pretty style.

79. Dread For Days

Another example of a loose dreadlock style that will put a smile on your face.

80. Pretty Twirls

Another loose look but this one incorporates loose twirls. We love the style because it’s so versatile.

81. The Goddess Style

Between the accessories and the braids, this style is amazing. You are going to want to try this one out.

82. A Rounded Top

A special style that has a rounded top. These partials are truly wonderful.

83. Spinning Top

If you are going to keep a style in for months at a time, then it better be an awesome one. You came to the right place with this style.

84. Simple Side Braids

A simple style that can be used for any occasion.

85. Lighter Shades

Try these new styles with a different shade. The color itself is sure to make you feel good.

86. Exotic Styles

Some of these styles are truly magnificent. We love how they are styled around the head as if the braids are in motion.

88. Bright Red Styles

We love a bright color when it comes to hairstyles.

89. Long and Wonderful

These uniform braids look amazing and if you have the length, then you should try this style. It’s elegant and we love how all the hair is pulled off the face.

90. Egyptian Styles

You are sure to feel like royalty with a style like this. We love the gorgeous thick braids and the gold accents.

91. Cool Designs

Another great example of a casual look that you can wear for any occasion.

92. The Process

The process of getting thin braids in your hair is not an easy one. Depending on how much hair you have and the style that you are looking for, you could be sitting in a chair for hours. It’s best to talk to your stylist first and get an idea of what is involved with the style that you are looking for.

93. Thick Dreads

Like braids, dreadlocks can come in many different sizes. In this case, we have dreads that are thicker than most and they are piled high in a bun.

94. Thin and Pretty

Another great example of thin braids that wrap around the head. It’s a sexy look that would be awesome for the summer.

95. Simple Bun

Another braided design with a bun.

96. Gorgeous New Designs

This style is amazing because of the two braids that go down the middle. They help to create a very distinct look that a lot of styles don’t have.

97. Shorter Styles

We don’t see too many of the braided styles for short hair, but they do exist. This style is pulled away from the face and kept in medium-sized twisty braids.

98. Different Colors

These dreads are in different colors and that also provides you with a very different look.

99. Dreads on Top

Another great example of having dreads styled into a bun.

100. Add Some Bangs

The two braids in the front sort of look like they could be bangs. It’s a unique style that trails down the center of the head. If you are looking for a different style, then this is the one for you.

101. Sectioned Styles

This is another hairstyle that provides you with a very different look because the braids are sectioned off.

102. Celebrity Styles

If you have a formal event coming up, then you must try this elegant style out. It is sure to blow everyone away. You will be the envy of the event.

103. Special Designs

Make sure you get a special design for your scalp and then create your own overall style. These gorgeous hairstyles are truly one of a kind.

104. Blonde Ambitions

This is the perfect style for the upcoming summer months. You will be turning heads all over town.

105. Stunning and Simple

Another great style that allows you to keep your braids loose and full.

106. Different Strokes

Another amazing style that has some uniqueness around the ears. If you are going to have a style for the long term, then we suggest you pick an awesome one. Why not turns heads at every opportunity.

107. Messy Dreads

If what you want is a simple style that you can wear to many different places then you can’t go wrong with dreadlocks. They are simple and they won’t be a lot of work to style.

108. Kinky Twists

This sexy style has kinky twists throughout and we love it. It’s gorgeous and very fashionable. Try it for your next event and wow the crowd.

109. The Cyborg Look

You will truly feel like you are another species with this wild look. Between the color and the style, it doesn’t even look like hair anymore. If you want a look that people will be talking about, then try out this badass style. You won’t regret being different this time.


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