56 Punk Hairstyles to Help You Stand Out From the Crowd


Whether you’ve got tons of attitude and want to show the world how truly badass you are or you’re just looking for a new way to style your hair that will help you stand out from the crowd, rocking a punk hairstyle will definitely do the trick. It’s true – mohawks, crazy colors, and weirdo hairstyles are usually reserved for the young crowd that frequents nightclubs and noisy concerts, but you don’t have to embrace the entire punk culture to make a splash. A unique, eye-catching hairstyle will help you make a statement, showcase your personality, and own your eccentricity. We’ve gathered a few looks from across the Internet to help you get inspired for your next crazy punk ‘do.

long punk

Do you want to enjoy a bit of punk in your life without enduring critical glances from your conservative coworkers or supervisors? Add a little color to your hair. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy to attract attention – just a dash of orange will help your natural color stand ou and your punk soul to rest easy.


A frizzy look goes great with blonde hair and it’s especially recommended for special events. If a traditional bun is too low-key for you, style it up with an interesting hair accessory. This one kind of looks like a spider, don’t you agree? Very punk rock, in our humble opinion.


Punk hairstyles go great with piercings, so we’re really digging this look. If there’s anything we’ve learned in the last years is that short hair can be sexy, so don’t be afraid to go for something extreme if it fits your style. Shaved hairstyles are all the rage nowadays.


A daring hairstyle that combines several punk trends – colors, braids, and the mohawk. The upkeep can be time-consuming, so make sure you have the patience to maintain this hairstyle before you head out for the salon.


The simplest way to showcase your punk colors? Get a short haircut that highlights your best features. It’s easy to style and looks glam with minimal effort.


Blue is the warmest color, or the perfect ingredient to turn a punk hairstyle from eye-catching to awesome. We love the eye makeup as well.


Hair gel will quickly become your best friend if you opt for a hairstyle like this one. Another great example that there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling short hair.


The undercut with paw-like tattoos will instantly help you stand out from the crowd. Add the pink bun and the green shade into the mix and you’ve got yourself a ‘do that will turn heads instantly.


Another way to keep things simple? Style your hair in curls on top of the head for a frizzy, crazy look. If your hair is bright orange, you win bonus points from the punk crowd. The perfect look for a party.


The layered hair standing in uneven spikes all over her head won us over, and the bangs covering her eyes add a touch of mystery to her overall look. Plus, the bright yellow lipstick is to die for.


Undercut + Mohawk = love, at least in the world of punk enthusiasts. Pair this ‘do with a leather jacket, a tutu, and a smoky eye and you’re golden.


Straight hair combed sideways doesn’t quite scream punk, but the braid and the dramatic eye makeup clearly give this look an edge. We can feel some subtle, but extremely effective punk vibes.

punk rock

Black hair with a touch of purple? Yes, please! As we’ve already said, crazy colors and courageous cuts aren’t the only way to go. You can showcase your punk roots in more subtle ways, especially when you have a corporate job that entails a certain look.

long punk 1

50 shades of blue and a classic fishtail braid to keep things interesting. Recommended for those of you who love to experiment with your hair color.


A classic punk look that never gets old. The braid keeps it fresh, while those earrings are totally on fleek.

long punk 4

Ombre hair is a great choice for punk lovers, especially if you combine blonde with bright pink. Avril Lavigne made this look popular for a reason.

long punk 5

Short in the front, party in the back? We’re always up for that. Especially when the entire look seems so effortlessly cool.

long punk 6

As long as you’re open to the idea of trying some crazy colors, there are endless choices to experiment with. If you’ve got long hair, feel free to combine shades and try different lengths until you figure out what suits your personality best.

long punk 10

Undercuts are sexy, you guys. Even so, shaving part of your head can be a huge deal, so make sure this is really what you want. Hair grows back, true, but it’s best to carefully think about your decision before making the cut. Never do something like this without weighing the pros and cons and talking with your hair stylist. As an alternative, you can use a virtual makeover app to see approximately how the end result will look like.

long punk

Big hair is closely associated with the punk movement, so you can’t go wrong with a similar look. Recommended for special occasions, since we think it would be kinda difficult to navigate everyday life with such a ‘do. Side note: the dark color bangs make this hairstyle stand out even more.

punk rock 1

Such a happy color! We’re in awe.

punk rock 2

Another great example of how big hair can make you look like a badass.

punk rock 3

Greens, blues, yellows… when you’re into punk, your hair is a canvas. Let your creativity shine.

punk rock 4

A punk look that somewhat reminds us of the ‘70s. Hot pink hair, crazy looking pigtails and bangs coupled with aviator sunglasses make for a pretty memorable appearance.

punk rock 5

Style your braid to give it a bit of an edge. This eye-catching hairstyle will surely help you turn some heads.

punk rock 6

A pretty impressive Mohawk. Want to do it yourself? Making sure the top and the back of the Mohawk line up can be a challenge. It’s best to head out to a salon, to increase the chances of it looking perfectly. Also, this is a relatively high-maintenance haircut, but the styling options are plenty. If you’ve got time to style it every day, the upkeep shouldn’t be an issue.

punk rock 7

A classic punk look that has sustained the test of time. Black hair, subtle Mohawk, soft spikes… Classy and glam.

punk rock 8

The ultimate punk statement, always spectacular. Black is classic, but feel free to experiment with different colors for a unique look. Again, keep in mind that this type of hair cut is very high maintenance and implies frequent haircuts and lots of product. Think carefully before you make the commitment.

punk rock 9

Volume goes well with a punk hairstyle, and the short bangs look extremely good on her. A fairly easy ‘do you can style yourself as long as you’re willing to invest in quality styling products.

punk rock 10

We love love love these neon colors! Such a bold hairstyle – especially recommended for punk festivals, where you will truly shine with this look.

punk rock 11

Another variation of the classic mohawk, showing that this type of punk ‘do can be styled in different ways. The braids work particularly well paired with that statement necklace.

punk rock 15

Dreadlocks in combination with green hair look positively dope. It can be time-consuming to care for these lovely bands of twirled hair, but it is totally worth it. This kind of look helps you stand out from the crowd in a jiffy.

punk rock 17

This is a bit more disco than punk, but if you imagine the hairstyle paired with a different outfit or throw a leather jacket into the mix, it can still work. At the end of the day, knots and curls can be very punk. Maybe dial down on the glitter a tad.

punk rock 18

Short and punky? This stylish chick surely knows how to spice things up. Her gorgeous dark hair cut must be one of the most unusual hairstyles we’ve seen so far, and we’re totally digging it.

punk rock

These shades are gorgeous. Combine blue, white, and black and what do you get? A hairdo that’s to die for. As that weren’t enough, we also have the undercut to praise, as it really helps the colors shine. This entire look is perfection.


Rainbow hair for the win! Here we’ve got a hairstyle that blends together several trends, including the undercut and bangs. And what about those ear accessories and that fashionable shirt? We imagine she also has a pair of leather pants on, but a funky skirt would work just as well. All in all, this is a cute hairstyle that leans toward the feminine side of punk style. If you want to show off your girly side, go for it!

short punk 1

Short, pink, very punk. Accessorized with some oversized glasses and a deadly look. She’s ready to break some hearts.

short punk 2

This hairstyle is very Pink – the singer. As for the color, the grey trend has been around for a while. Plenty of A-listers have been spotted sporting gorgeous grey locks: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Kate Moss, Zosia Mamet, Kelly Osbourne, to only name a few. If you’re thinking about embracing the #Grannyhair trend as well, the process isn’t so complicated, but you will have to show your hair some extra TLC to avoid it from damaging. Since you will likely need to bleach your hair before applying the dye, schedule some hair treatments regularly afterward to keep your locks shiny and healthy. Also, it’s recommend you opt for sulfate-free, color-safe products (shampoo and conditioner) to maintain the color. Last but not least, keep you grey color consistent by touching up your roots at the salon every 6-8 weeks. On the other hand, if you like the look of grey hair with dark roots, you can stretch the time between salon visits. The ombre look is still pretty popular.

short punk 3

A brave cut, but kind of impractical for everyday life. However, we like the blue accents and the bangs.

short punk 4

Kelly Osbourne is the queen of punk hairstyles, and this look is no exception. She looks classy and badass at the same time, don’t you think?

short punk 5

A simpler, yet just as glam ‘do. The mix of shades is wonderful, and the styling is flawless. As for that bold lip, we wholeheartedly approve.

short punk 6

A great hairstyle that suits the girl’s face to perfection.

short punk 7

Dare to be different, she seems to hint. Well, if you choose to color your hair as pictured above, you most definitely will. Short hair, spikes, and crazy colors make for the ultimate punk look, so don’t shy away from experimenting.

short punk 8

This cut is very interesting – simple, messy, and with a bit of an edge. A more of a low key look, recommended especially when you are required to keep your appearance classy, despite your punk soul. You can always compensate with your makeup.

short punk 9

The haircut adds a flavor of mystery to her overall look. Plus, this type of ‘do is easy to style – just grab some hair gel and you’re good to go. If you’re always on the run that will definitely come in handy.

short punk 10

A seriously gorgeous Mohawk! Want one yourself? Here are some tips. Firstly, it’s a good idea to put in the hair gel while your hair is damp. For a more spectacular effect, bend over and allow gravity to give you a hand. After you are done with applying the gel, spray both sides of the Mohawk using hair spray. Then, take the blow dryer and dry your hair upside down until it’s hard. It’s not rocket science, as you can see, and it only takes a few minutes.

short punk 11

A Mohawk with a twist! And a braid! Loving this. Here we can see a wider Mohawk than usual and a neutral, medium brown color with lovely blonde highlights. The braid along the hairline can help you add even more definition and personal style to your look.

short punk 12

Mesmerizing shades of blue strike again. As you can see, you don’t have to go for complicated hairdos to get a punk look. A talented colorist will make you look badass in only a couple of hours.

short punk 14

The Mohawk is totally stylish and cute, but the makeup truly stole our eye here (pun intended). Here’s a tip: if you go for such a dramatic (and awesome) eye makeup, keep the lips as natural as possible for a balanced look. However, punk is all about breaking the rules, so think of this only as a general guideline.

short punk 15

Another great example of how good blonde and pink go together. A classic and still eye-catching combination.

short punk 16

With a look like this, you will have no problem turning heads. The cut is extremely interesting, and the purple highlights manage to soften the look.

short punk 17

And what do we have here? A great undercut, a dash of blue, and some wonderful curls. The Mohawk comes in different shapes and forms, and this is a softer version, recommended if you’re not a fan of spikes.

short punk 18

Short, blonde, and messy. The punk overlords surely approve. Heavy layering allows for a ton of texture play – you can either use smoothing serum and a flat iron to keep your hairstyle polished, or rely on molding paste and run your hands through your locks for that attractive ‘I just rolled out of bed’ look.

short punk 19

A neon color makes a bold statement. Cotton candy pink hair looks good on almost everyone, but there’s some bad news: if you have dark hair, this kind of color won’t really show up. You will have to bleach your locks or, alternatively, visit a salon to explore the possibility of a bleach-free look. If you’re not sure about your color choice, buy a temporary dye. You will be able to see how the color suits you and, if you’re not pleased, it will rinse out after a couple of washes. It’s always best to make sure you find the perfect color before you make it permanent.

short punk 20

A look that’s 100 percent badass. There’s no doubt about it. This chick knows how to flaunt her love for all things punk, and her hairstyle is mesmerizing for sure.

short punk

Blue makes another special appearance. Mostly because we’re obsessed with the shade, but also because this ‘do is totally eye-catching. Bright and bold hair colors are staples on the punk rock scene.

In the end, anything goes when it comes to hair. Punk hairstyles that were once considered extreme are now fairly common and can be seen everywhere from the runway to the artsy bar across the street. If you like to be different, such a badass hairstyle might just be the perfect pick for you. It goes great with tattoos, hip-hop outfits, and a ton of confidence.


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