45+ Best Hairstyles Using the Fashionable Shade of Purple


If you are looking for a new hair color, make a fashion statement with purple!

Bright colors are becoming increasingly popular in fashion industry these days. Purple has always been a popular shade but you see it more often on the red carpet then ever before. Katy Perry is a great example of someone who sported a pale purple style and hit the red carpet with it. Ask anyone who has dyed their hair a funky color and they will tell you that they do it because wearing cool shades is a lot of fun. There’s just something about the feeling of knowing you are different from other people. Many, aren’t comfortable with that feels but a select few love the feeling of making a statement.




There are plenty of girls who are not able to change their hair color drastically because they just aren’t ready for such a big change. But then there are others that dream daily of changing their hair colors to many different fashion shades.

This article will show many different shades and style that go with the purple hair. Many people are growing to love the purple shade and show their popularity grows. This article will help you to decide whether you are ready to make the jump to a purple shade.

Purple can be an incredibly beautiful look if applied properly. Maybe you want a full color or a just some purple highlights to vamp up your current look. It’s important to choose a hair dying technique that is effective. If you don’t have a lot of experience coloring your hair, it might be best to go to a salon. Highlights are a fun way of experimenting with color without doing a more extreme full color. Highlights can be placed in the crown part or on the lower level like the ombre look.

If you have a darker natural shade, then you will be able to use more of a darker shade of purple in your hair. It will be great to add some dimension in your hair. If you have blonde hair or more of a lighter shade of hair, you might like the softer hues, like lavender. It’s very complementary. Depending on whether you have short hair or long hair may help you decide on a color choice. Longer hair takes a lot more work. If it’s short hair that you have going for a full color won’t look so extreme.

The hairstyle you have has a lot to do with how well your hair color will look. Certain hair colors look best with different hair styles. A beautiful look can be created with highlights with a mix of light and dark. The great thing about purple is that it goes with just about any hairstyle or length of hair.

If you are ready to take a risk and go for the incredible look, that purple has to offer. Purple hair is powerful and rather an impressive look. The reason for that is because it’s a rare color to find on someone. You won’t find too many people walking down the streets with purple hair, but that’s the best part. You can be a true original. Be fashionable and get noticed, it’s time for a change to enhance your already beautiful sense of style.

It’s always best to consult with your hairstylist before making a big change to purple. You want to make sure that it’s suitable for your skin tone and complexion. The last thing you want is to color your hair purple and find that it really doesn’t suit you. Then you will have to change it back and that can cause a lot of damage to your hair. A hairstylist has the know how to determine what hairstyles and colors look best on certain people. It’s also a good idea to use special hair product to protect the integrity of your hair color. With fashion colors such as purple, fading can happen very easily and certain products can really help to prevent a lot of fading.

Below are 46 of the Best Purple Hairstyles

  1. Deep Purple Highlights

If you are looking for highlights, this is a great look. The purple really stands out against the black. If you don’t want a full color then this a great look. The highlights are on the bang and the front portion of the hair. There are a few different shades of purple to the look.


2. Solid Color

Although this is not highlights, it’s also not a full color as well. The purple is bright and stands out in the front and fades away as you get further to the back. If you notice, the color actually fades in blocks the further to the back that it goes.


3. Purple Ombre

Ombre is still very popular. If you are looking for a different look, then color the bottom portion in purple for a standout look. Getting the hair to that degree of lightness will require lightening your natural color in the first place so be prepared for the commitment.


4. The Full Color

This is a full-color lavender with some gray highlights. It’s certainly a unique shade of color that is sure to pop during any event. If you are looking for an all over change with a lighter shade, then try this color out.


5. Stunning Purple

This is a full color in a remarkable shade of purple. If you want to stand out then this is the color for you, the shade is a knockout. The color looks incredible against her pale complexion, making the color stand out all the more.


6. Neon Purple

If you are looking for a vibrant all over look then try this neon purple on for size. It’s a great color that is sure to be eye-catching.


7. Blue and Purple

This girl is using purple highlights to spice up her blue hair. The combination goes really well together. If you want to give your hair, an added touch then try some soft highlights.


8. Purple Ombre

There is a dark purple base with the light purple in the ombre style. It’s a great look for purple, and the lighter shade really punches up the look.


9. Pastel Colors

If you are normally a blonde, then a soft lavender would look fantastic with your complexion. This pastel color is one that is beautiful and elegant.


10. Fuschia Shade

This shade of purple is close to a fuschia, it’s a gorgeous color that can be perfect for your next event. It’s not too dark or too light of a shade.


11. Multiple Highlights

This purple rainbow offers you many different purple shades to create quite an incredible look. There are bright purples and deep purples throughout the style.


12. Just a Touch of Purple

If you are not looking for a big change but you want to try purple out, then just add a splash of color to the bottom of your hair. It’s the perfect way to add a little change to your hair without going over the top.


13. Now That’s Purple

An all over purple is a great choice for someone who likes to draw the eye. The shade is stunning and really makes her eyes pop.


14. A Different Shade

A short style can offer a different look for purple. In this picture, she has mixed up two different shades of purple that go well together.




15. A Hot Look

This color is all about the hottest colors and trends. The hot pink looks incredible with the purple ombre. If you want a hot look for this season, then you won’t be disappointed by this style.


16. Strong Highlights

The base color is a deep purple with added highlights in a few different shades of purple. The colors all blended together are absolutely stunning.


17. A Splash of Color

Another example of how great highlights look against a dark shade. The backdrop is always dark, and these highlights cause quite a boost to the style.


18. Light Lavender

If you are looking for a lighter shade of purple, then try this color out. It’s a light shade that really stands out. An all over color that you are sure to love.


19. Ombre with Purple

The base color is a natural shade while the ombre is a deep purple that looks great with the natural look. Her length allows her to use a lot of different shades.


20. The Lavender Look

Lavender looks incredible with her black hair. She has quite the dark backdrop, and the lavender really looks great with such a dark color.


21. A Blonde Design

If you have blonde hair the try this purple design on for size. It starts off deep at the top and then washes out as it hits the bottom. It’s a great look for someone who wants to keep their blonde hair.


22. Dark Purple

The dark purple underneath the natural look helps the color stand out. You still have your natural color, but the purple gives it a whole new vibe. You get the benefits of keeping your natural look with the added benefit of trying out a new, bold color.


23. Just the Top

This color is used on just the top layer of hair while the shaved underneath stays natural. It’s a very short look that can make your look pop by having the purple just on the top of the head.


24. Mesmerizing Shade

This is a great way to keep your natural shade but give it a small change. There are different shades of purple that really stand out. I love the mix of shades that pull the whole look together. The whole bottom is a rainbow of color; beautiful.


25. Short and Stylish

Fashion colors always look great with short hair because it doesn’t look so extreme. This lighter shade of purple is a great color choice. It’s a faded purple look that seems to have a few different shades to it.


26. The Faded Look

This color is stunning; I love how it goes from such a deep, dark color to one that is almost pastel. The cut also helps with the great color choice because it angles in all the right ways. At the back, you get to see the dark purple pop and it get lighter as the length gets longer in the front.


27. All the Shades

This color design looks as if she’s using all the shades of purple possible. The top shades are stunning but as they get lighter below it’s not disappointing.


28. Bold Highlights

If you have dark hair then adding deep highlights is a great way to give yourself a bold new look. There are a few different shades that compliment each other.


29. Neon Highlights

Another example of how great highlights can look with your natural dark shade. The purple is close to a neon which makes the colors pop.


30. Softer Highlights

You can try out a lighter shade of purple for your base and still go for an even lighter shade of purple for the highlights. The whole look is very eye-catching.


31. Intense Colors

These intense colors are sure to cause a stir. If you are looking for a big change with some bold colors, then try these shades.


32. A Rainbow of Colors

This is a great example of how great purple can be with many different colors. The highlights together really look well together.


33. A Subtle Lavender

Another example of how a small splash can pump up your everyday look. There are just a few highlights, but it really changes the style. If you want a small change, then add a few highlights that will help you to stand out.


34. Rock Star Purple

This rock star look is going to make you feel rock star ready for any event that you go to. Talk about some bold and gorgeous colors. There are many shades of purple along with some white streaks. The white against the purple makes the whole look stand out.


35. Purple Top

The top and underneath of the hair are shades of purple. The overall appeal is blue, but the purple peeks through.


36. Purple Changes

If you want to keep your natural shade without overdoing it then just add some purple highlights.


37. Short Shades

The short look is great with highlighted shades like these. By adding different highlights to a choppy look, you can add some serious style.


38. A Faded Style

This purple style is stunning. It starts off darker and grows pale as it hits the bottom of the hair. The washed out look wins some serious points here.


39. A Touch of Purple

Just a few pieces of purple can really change your look. It doesn’t need to be a full color to add some great style to your hair. The purple is added to just the back of the hair while the blonde is in the front.


40. The Ocean Colors

The natural look can really change with a few chunks of color. If you want a bold look, then you can’t go wrong with some deep chunks of purple and blue. The highlights are just on one side of the head to create a unique look.


41. A Neutral Purple

This is an incredible look. I love how great the deep purple looks with the neutral shades of blonde and browns. It’s the nature look with a little jazz to it. The natural curl really adds some shine to the whole look.


42. Shocks of Purple

This short look is filled with lots of shades of highlights. There are bursts of very deep purple at the base of the head that makes the whole look come together. It’s a bold look but one that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


43. Cascading Purple

A stunning example of light purple with really long hair. There are blonde streaks throughout the color which is very beautiful. The purple and blonde together really compliment one another. You won’t find a prettier shade of purple than this one.


44. Deep Purple

If you are looking for an overall dark look, then try this deep purple shade. It appears as if there are some lighter highlights throughout the hair, but the overall color is a very deep purple. The color combination is a gorgeous one that will look incredible for any event.


45. The Lavender Look

If you are looking for a subtle look, then consider just adding a few highlights to your blonde. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and will eventually fade out. But if you are looking for a small change then put ina few lavender highlights to create a stunning look without any major changes.


46. Dark Highlights

If your natural base is a darker color, then you might want to try out a darker shade of purple so that it adds some shocking color to the look. There are more highlights to this look than the previous one but no less beautiful. In fact, the more highlights you have, the more the color stands out.



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