97 Cool Rainbow Hair Color Ideas to Rock Your Summer


If you are looking for a fresh new color this summer, then you must try out the rainbow color. It’s one of the most popular colors that are trending this year and you can’t deny that the colors are incredible. The rainbow coloring isn’t just for celebrities any longer. It’s time for you to try out a new shade this season and we have so many options for you to choose from.

It doesn’t matter if you have short hair or long hair, thick hair or thin hair, you can rock the rainbow shades. The rainbow colors come in bright shades or light shades; the sky is the limit for what you can do. Try out the vivid shades if you are brave enough. There are so many colors that you could choose from and we have a list for you to look at. You are about to fall in love with some amazing colors.

Check out these 97 Cool Rainbow Hair Color Ideas to Rock Your Summer:

  1. Shirt Styles

These colors aren’t bright and vivid, but with short styles, you are able to take more risks because it doesn’t take long to grow out your hair.


2. Vivid Shades

There are so many bright and beautiful shades here to try out. The great thing is that you can try them all at once.

3. Bright Colors

We love these tight curls and they have some pretty bright colors.

4. Green Shades

We have a few different greens in this amazing hairstyle. There is even a touch of purple to please you.

5. Rainbow Colors

You won’t find a more beautiful hairstyle than this one. The shades are pretty and bright altogether. We love it.

6. Neon Shades

If you are looking for something a little edgier, then you should try out some neon colors.

7. Shaved Styles

A great style that is truly unique. The shapes are shaved into the head and colored in wild ways.

8. Sweet Shades

You don’t have to have bright, vivid shades to try out the rainbow shades. This style has some amazing lighter shades to it.

9. Bold Shades

Braids are definitely a great way to showcase different colors. How could you not love this style?

10. A Touch of Color

You don’t have to color all your hair with rainbow shades. You can just have a bit of color to brighten up your day.

11. Envious Green

It’s mostly green, but there is a touch of red to it as well.

12. Back Shades

These colors are part of a peek-a-boo style. You would see a peek of color throughout the black.

13. Bright Pink

The base shades are mostly pink and purple, but we have a touch of rainbow throughout.

14. Descending Shades

This is a very different way of showcasing your color, but we have to admit that it’s just as beautiful as the rest.

15. Bright Coloring

You don’t have to color your entire head to enjoy the rainbow shades.

16. Stunning Shades

it looks like light reflections all over this style, it’s truly a unique look.

17. Glowing Colors

These light shades are practically glowing, they are so breathtaking.

18. Bold Pastels

Pastel colors are great for rainbow shades and they don’t bring around too much drama.

19. Bold and Bright

These stunning shades are sure to put a smile on your face every single day.

20. Bright Purples

Light shades can also be bright and these ones are truly breathtaking.

21. Primary Colors

We love how these bright shades stay hidden and just peek out every now and then.

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22. Glow in The Dark

Why not try a shade that glows in the dark? This is a shade that you will love for a long time.

23. Lighter Looks

If you’re not into the dramatic looks, there are plenty of light shades to choose from.

24. Rainbow Bright

That’s exactly what this style looks like. These are some pretty bold colors.

25. Bright Highlights

A great shade has some pretty bright highlights to it.

26. Hot Styles

If you want something edgier, then try out these amazing bright shades.

27. Solid Shades

You will love these shades because they are in layers. They are beautiful colors.

28. Dark Shades

A great shade that is dark and mysterious. We love these dark blue shades.

29. Bold and Dark

A great set of colors that hide wonderfully underneath her natural shade. A great color combination like this will be great for the summer.

30. Hot Colors

These gorgeous shades are hiding carefully underneath this gorgeous shade of blonde.

31. Sweet Shading

These colors are breathtaking because they are light and bright. You will feel incredible all summer long with these amazing shades.

32. Stunning Purple

Rainbow colors are gorgeous when they are dark. We love these beautiful colors.

33. Breathtaking Shades

These colors are so light that they are almost white. We love these shades and they will look wonderful in the sun.

34. Glowing Colors

Bright and bold colors here are all you need to make your summer a bright one.

35. Light Pastels

A great hairstyle that has some amazing shades to it. They are light and will provide you with a pretty hairstyle for this season.

36. Bright Reds

A few bright colors will really brighten up this whole look.

37. Sunset Shades

Hot colors like this one are truly going to brighten your day. If you really want a bold look, then this is the one for you.

38. Blue and Bright

Most of the base colors are in blues with some added rainbow shades; this hairstyle is absolutely stunning. You will be turning heads all summer long with this color.

39. Hot Yellow

These bright colors look amazing with the grey and it will give you a pretty amazing color overall.

40. Small Highlights

These are some pretty pinks that look great with the overall style.

41. Awesome Shades

You can’t go wrong with some pinks and purples for this season.

42. Awesome Braids

A great style that you are sure to love because of the bright shades. There are only some colors here, not the full style.

43. Hot Shading

These are two different hairstyles and they both have some amazing colors. One is quite light while the other is super bright.

44. Light and Bright

These bright shades are truly unique and beautiful. A great new color for this summer.

45. Underneath Shades

We can’t help but love these shades as they stay hidden underneath her natural shade.

46. Green and Yellow

One side is green and the other is yellow. It’s a very unique hairstyle that you are sure to love this season.

47. Normal Shades

Another great example of some bright colors that will brighten your day.

48. Hot Rainbow

If you want a really bold look, then try out this stunning hairstyle. The colors are so bright and eye-catching.

49. Black With Colors

If you have a dark base then this might be a hairstyle that you are looking for. Bright shades will give your dark base a nice contrast.

50. Pixie Styles

This stunning hairstyle has some bright shades that really make the whole look pop.

51. Shaved Styles

A short style that has some pretty amazing colors.

52. Black Designs

These bright colors are sure to bring a smile to your face because they brighten up the entire look.

53. Muted Shades

These colors aren’t bright, but they are no less beautiful. We love the lighter shades they make for great hairstyles.

54. Shockingly Bright

These bright shades are sectioned off and super bright. If you don’t mind a lot of attention, then you are sure to love these colors.

55. Bright and Blue

A great shade that you are sure to love because of the beautiful blue shades. These gorgeous colors go wonderfully with purple. The rest of the colors are lighter and they fall at the bottom.

56. Different Looks

We love shades like this because the colors are unique and not like the primary colored rainbows.

57. Neon Coloring

Another example of a great peek-a-boo hairstyle that has some bright neon shades.

58. Dark Blue

Another great example of adding colors to your natural shade without coloring all of your hair.

59. Stunning Braids

This is an amazing style to try if you have the peek-a-boo colors. When you use the upside down braid, you get to showcase your color for all the world to see.

60. White Shades

We love how bold this granny is. Her base shade is white and she doesn’t mind rocking out some bright shades. It just goes to show that age doesn’t matter when it comes to coloring your hair.

61. Bang Colors

The colors here are only on the bangs as well as just a touch in the front of the style.

62. Bright Pink

Every part of this style is bright and bold.

63. Grey Designs

Another short style that is sure to please you. If you want something edgy, then this is the style for you.

64. Stunning and Bright

You are sure to turn heads wherever you go with this amazing rainbow style.

65. Glittery Shades

Imagine this style out in the sun, it will look like it’s glittering. We love the colors they are truly precious. You will be the hit of the party wherever you go with this style.

66. Hot Pink

A classic rainbow style and one that will make you feel like a goddess this year.

67. Natural Shades

You can barely tell that there are colors under this style. If you are looking for a subtle change, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

68. Bold and Beautiful

Bold colors like these ones are sure to steal the show. You won’t be able to get away from all the compliments you will receive with this hairstyle.

69. Red Hot Shades

This color is so red hot that you will feel like your hair is literally on fire. We have both cool and hot shades in this hairstyle for a great contrast.

70. Cool Blues

The blue is the main shade in this color combination, but there are plenty of other bright colors to join it.

71. Curly Colors

The curls are gorgeous in this style and the colors go well with it. It’s the perfect style for a child because it’s not a full color.

72. Mermaid Colors

The blues and purples are often associated with the mermaid shades. We love these gorgeous colors.

73. Bold and Gorgeous

Another great example of a style that incorporates black with some bright colors.

74. Sexy Shades

These vibrant shades aren’t too bright, but they are also not subtle. If you are looking for something that is more in between, then you can’t go wrong with these shades.

75. Pretty Shades

These light shades are always the perfect choice for spring and summer. These are beach curls that you can wear anywhere.

76. Ponytail Shades

She has more of an ombre coloring that just shows up in the ponytail. It doesn’t appear as fi the top of her hair is colored at all.

77. Pink Styles

Styles like these are all about just picking a few of your favorite colors and not using the whole rainbow of colors.

78. Shorter Looks

If you want to vamp up your short style then why not try out some bright shades, you will love them.

79. Neon and Hot

There is nothing hotter than neon colors. This girl is sure to draw the eye wherever she goes.

80. Stunning Colors

These colors are going to be hard to top. They are so vibrant and beautiful we can’t help but love them.

81. Fresh Shades

Another great example of combining stunning shades together to create a truly unique style.

83. Patches of Color

If you are looking for something different then why not try out this style. The color is applied in a very different way and it gives you a unique style that you don’t see every day.

84. Sweet Styles

We love these dark colors because they give off a whole different look. Blue is definitely the most defining shade in this style and if it’s your favorite shade then look no further than this style.The longer your hair, the more color you are going to be able to enjoy. This is one of the most gorgeous rainbow styles out there. It’s amazing.

85. Hot New Looks

Another peek-a-boo style that starts off with a soft blonde but underneath is some pretty amazing colors. We can’t get over how bright these colors are.

86. Shaved Designs

One of the best ways of showcasing your color is with a mohawk and a shaved design. We love these bold colors. If you are looking for edgy styles, then darker and brighter colors work best for them. As you can see here, she is really rocking the style.

87. Striking Styles

Sometimes the lightest colors create some of the most breathtaking shades. We love these light colors because they will look even better when you go out in the sun. This is a perfect summer shade for you and you will love showing it off to the world.

88. Green Designs

The base here is mostly green and it gives off a very different look.

89. Softer Shades

Another great rainbow hairstyle that you will be dying to show off all summer long. We have two photos here that are showcasing the gorgeous colors with a style that has braids and waves.

90. Two Buns

These two buns are a great style that you can wear to a formal event. These bold colors will always be great choices if you want an edgy style. If you want a fun new style this year, then this would be a fun option to try out.

91. Cool Ponytails

Ponytails are the best style ever because they can be formal and casual all at the same time. This ponytail is doing a great job of showcasing her amazing colors. We love it.

92. Blonde Styles

Blonde hair is a great start to getting amazing colors like these. We love everything about these gorgeous colors. They have a shine and brilliance to them. These two pictures show how they created this amazing braided style. It’s something that you can wear to your next event.

93. Brilliant Brunettes

If you are a brunette and you don’t think that you can pull off the rainbow style, then you would be dead wrong. It’s another peek-a-boo style that looks incredible. These styles are really popular with tweens and teens.

94. Bold Reds

This cool red is a great way to show off color. It’s like having fire go through your hair. We love it.

95. Multiple Braids

Braids are always a great way of showing off a mixture of colors because once they are in braids, they are all mixed up together in creative new ways. This style has a ton of braids in it and it really shows off many different color combinations.

96. Bright Shades

These are very thin highlights of color throughout the black hair. They shine through and really brighten up the whole look. The colors are stunning.

97. Circus Colors

If you are looking to make a statement in your life, then you really can’t go wrong with colors like this. They are bright and bold but also beautiful as well.


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