45 Photos of Rockin’ Red Box Braids


Box Braids refer to a unique but time-consuming hairstyle, composed of hundreds (give or take) of small braids atop the head that are divided in squares – thus the name “box” braids. StyleInterest has compiled 45 photos of some amazing hairstyles that are all done in red box braids – from long and sleek to twisted and adventurous. If you’re considering box braids or have them already, view these ‘dos to get some inspiration for your next hairstyle. Red just makes them more vibrant, beautiful, or punk depending on your very own style and how you carry it.

red box braids

red box braids

1. Like an Anime Star
48110216-red-box-braidsWe’re all aware of those anime shows that show the girls wearing pigtails and buns atop their head. Red box braids are great for creating a look that’s similar, perfect for a concert or fun night out.

2. Criss-Cross Applesauce & Headband Twist
1110216-red-box-braidsHere we have a simple yet lovely way to place your braids up in a ponytail on the left, with just enough added style to make your ‘do unique. To the right, you can twist your braids around your head like a halo and place the length on top – a sleek twist that’s great for any occasion.

3. Symmetric Lightening Bolt
47110216-red-box-braidsWhile the hair isn’t divided into perfect little boxes here, it is divided using similar symmetry. A powerful and warrior-like hairstyle.

4. Sleek Top Twist
46110216-red-box-braidsThe smaller your red box braids and the more that you have of them, the more gorgeous and posh your hairstyle can be. Look at all that hair! And only half was used to create that big bun atop her head.

5. Bigger is Better
45110216-red-box-braidsFor those of us that like the bigger red box braids, you can still achieve amazing hairstyles that are unlike any you’ve seen.

6. Vivid Pony Tail

You can choose to have your red box braids done in a variety of different shades. This girl decided bright and vivid was for her.

7. Big, Sexy, Mysterious
43110216-red-box-braidsThis pic compares four different styles, all of which can portray a different aspect of your personality. Note how large the box braids are – which are actually box twists. They can still be easily styled into different fashions meant to perfectly match any occasion you’re attending.

8. Long and Smart
42110216-red-box-braidsYou can choose non-traditional braids. Here we see this girl has decided to have fishtail braids – a unique addition to her already fabulous hairstyle.

9. Braids & Sunglasses
41110216-red-box-braidsRed box braids never looked so chic. Paired with sunglasses and black lipstick, you can portray yourself as encircling a variety of different subcultures.

10. Polished & Ready for Business

red box braids
Even if you’ve a job that requires you to look professional, red box braids will still have you looking professional and clean-cut. Just put them down and let them speak for themselves. Granted, you have to have a great stylist to have them look as fab as this.

11. A Sweeping Sensation
39110216-red-box-braidsThis gorgeous hairstyle shows us how creative we can get when having longer braids. This isn’t your average pile-top hairstyle – you can see she has a specific angle and twist to create the unique bun seen.

12. Scarf Beauty
38110216-red-box-braidsSometimes, all you need is to fashion a scarf on your head to give your hairstyle that added piz-zaz it needs. Creating a look using a scarf like above adds color and the “wow” factor to your style.

13. Colorful & Casual
37110216-red-box-braidsThese large red box braids show you just how gorgeous you can look while using a simple hairstyle – a cute bun/pile atop the head.

14. Reddish Purple Intuition
36110216-red-box-braidsThis pic is a great example of the variations red has to offer us – this one bordering on purple but still containing the red factor. When you’ve got mini red box braids, you can fashion them into even bigger braids like seen above.

15. Twists and Shave
35110216-red-box-braidsAs if red box braids weren’t enough to help satisfy your need for fabulous change in the hair world, you can always add a shave – either of the nape region as seen here or even a shave on the side of the head.

16. Leisurely Lovely
34110216-red-box-braidsThis woman has created a large warp with her braids that extends around the head, and she’s perfectly positioned a single red braid in the center of the hairdo from the front.

17. Braided and Punked Out
33110216-red-box-braidsAnother amazing ‘do of red box braids and a shave of the head – this time, the side is shaved with the added two lines on the side. Have a hairstyle like this and look completely punk.

18. The Process
32110216-red-box-braidsHere you can see the process of adding on box braids. It’s the same, no matter what hair type you’ve got.

19. Root Braids
31110216-red-box-braidsIf you would rather have a head full of curls, you can always have braided roots like seen here.

20. Added Style
30110216-red-box-braidsThere are only a few red box braids here, the rest black – but those few can make a huge difference when you decide to style your hair, adding the added element of style you’re searching for.

21. Top Bun
29110216-red-box-braidsA fab bun created out of red box braids!

22. Boxed Details
28110216-red-box-braidsThis pic shows you how the hair is separated in order to fashion box braids.

23. Unique Shave
27110216-red-box-braidsThis hairstyle’s shave works extremely well if you’ve got a Widow’s Peak (a hairline that points on the forehead).

24. Anime Pig Tails

red box braids
Another amazing example of a hairstyle that’s reminiscent of an anime cartoon.

25. Long and Posh

red box braids
These red box braids are long, sleek, and ready to impress with how vivid they look and clean-cut they appear.

26. Dreaded with Accents
22110216-red-box-braidsInstead of red box braids, why not red box dreads?

27. Up or Down?
21110216-red-box-braidsYou can completely change the way you have people perceive you and your style simply by fashioning your hair either up or down. You can clearly see how sexy hair is down, while sophistication arises when hair is put up.

28. Out of the Face
20110216-red-box-braidsIf you’re someone that’s always on the go, you can always find a way to keep your braids out of your face to ensure they don’t get in the way.

29. Dreads of Perfection
19110216-red-box-braidsThese box dreads are stylin’ – adding little trinkets to the hair like seen above adds dimension to your fashion.

30. Dark and Elegantly Pulled
18110216-red-box-braidsThese braids are reddish-purple, a gorgeous shade if you’re trying to look like celebrity material.

31. Messy Box Braid Bun
17110216-red-box-braidsOnce you’ve had box braids for a while, you’ll discover they begin to fray a bit from all the styling and sleeping you do on them. You can use this to your advantage by turning them into a messy bun, which can be worn to nearly any occasion.

32. Ready to Rock
16110216-red-box-braidsEven foreign celebrities on stage are rockin’ the red box braids look. They’re easy to style and easy to keep out of your eyes.

33. Side Sleek
15110216-red-box-braidsBox braids fashioned into a bigger braid, with one side shaved… Very awesome look, very unique.

34. Punked Out Mess
14110216-red-box-braidsOnce the hair grows and you can see the roots the braids are connected to, you get an awesome punked or rocked-out look like seen above.

35. Tiny & Long Head of Braids
13110216-red-box-braidsThese braids are super tiny – and super chic.

36. Perfect DJ ‘Do
12110216-red-box-braidsTo have red box braids when your profession is a DJ is almost perfect – you can toss them around as you listen to music without worrying about messing them (your hair) up, you can easily fit headphones on your ears over them, and if they’re red, they can match every type of music genre fashion.

37. Curling Tips
11110216-red-box-braidsAnother example of having the roots in braids and the ends loose – but these loose ends are smaller so the curls stay out of the way.

38. Star Sensation
2110216-red-box-braidsAgain, these braids aren’t divided into perfect boxes, but the symmetry is fabulous and the fact that small stars are fashioned into these rows just screams that this hair stylist is one of the best.

39. With Attitude

red box braids
These box dreads are gorgeous, and have lots of sass in them due to their wearer. Whether you’re wearing braids or dreads, you can always search for those trinkets to add to each segment of hair for an added dazzle in your look.

40. Whirling Love
8110216-red-box-braidsDid we mention that when you have long red box braids, you can whirl your hair around like this and look like a goddess? Note how some have black braided into the light red/pink – a great idea for those looking to spruce up their braids.

41. Short but Vivid
7110216-red-box-braidsShort, vivid, and unique. Done, done, and done.

42. Amber Coil
6110216-red-box-braidsThese red box braids are done in a shade of red reminiscent of amber.

43. High Top
5110216-red-box-braidsA lovely example of how symmetry goes a long way in style – look at her hairline. Another unique way to pile up those braids.

44. Paired with a Bandanna & Blue Lips
4110216-red-box-braidsRed box braids can help your vivid color of lipstick stand out.

45. Casually Twisted
3110216-red-box-braidsInstead of traditional braids, these boxed segments of hair were simply twisted, fashioning a gorgeous style that’s different than the rest seen above. You can also decide to create fishtail braids or the likes.



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