74 Hot Reverse Ombre Shades for This Summer


Ombre styles have been popular for years now, but the reverse ombre is a really special look. The original ombre style had the dark hair on top but then had it getting light as it gets to the bottom. But reverse ombre has the light shade on top and it gets darker on the bottom.

There are so many different color combinations that you could try out to achieve this look; the sky is the limit for what you can achieve. It a great way to have a style that is not only super cool to look at but it’s also very fashionable as well. You can try bold colors or keep it simple; it’s really up to you. If you want to know what’s available to you, then we have the answer for you.

Check out these 74 Hot Reverse Ombre Shades for This Summer:

  1. The Ultimate Contrast

W love this amazing style because it’s truly unique. You won’t find a bigger contrast than this one with a white blonde on top and black at the bottom.

2. Grey Styles

Grey and silver are really popular right now. She has an icy coloring on top that turns into a grey at the bottom.

3. Dark Designs

Another example of a black and white design but this one has a more matte coloring at the bottom.

4. Short Styles

Depending on how long your hair is, it will determine how much of the dark you will actually have in your hair.

5. Brown Styles

A great style that is really different. It looks as if she has kept the bottom as her natural hair color.

6. Green Styles

You are going to be green with envy when you see this amazing combo. Yo get both neon green and dark green with this reverse ombre.

7. Simple Shades

A simple style that combines brown and blonde together.

8. Purple Style

A great style that allows you to show off some bright purple coloring.

9. Subtle Styles

If you are interested in the reverse ombre style, it doesn’t mean you have to go after a bright color. This is a subtle version of the style.

10. Chocolate Brown

A great color that will show off your blonde as well as the deep chocolate brown.

11. Sweet Styles

A great style that has blonde and brown together once again.

12. Red Styles

A great style that lets you try out being a redhead without a full commitment. We love the combination here.

13. Stunning Style

If you love pink, then you must try this color. It starts off subtle and pretty and gets so much deeper.

14. Gorgeous Styles

Another great style that you are sure to love. We love just how deep the brown goes. It’s a stunning color that you are sure to love.

15. Black Styling

A great style that has some natural colors as well as some awesome black shading.

16. Bold Colors

We have a light blonde in two different shades as well as a much darker brown at the bottom. Try one of these great shades this summer.

17. Hot Pink

Sometimes a splash of pink is all you will need this summer.

18. Formal Styles

Look how awesome the reverse ombre styles look with formal updos.

19. Stunning Looks

Another great example of a blonde and brown combination.

20. Simple New Looks

It looks like it’s just the tips of the hairs that have the brown on it.

21. Lighter Styles

A white blonde style that has a little more of a natural look at the bottom.

22. Hot Styles

It doesn’t matter where you go with this style, you are sure to turn heads.

23. Beautiful Colors

The blonde and brown combination seems to be a popular one.

24. Natural Looks

A great style that has colors that are a little closer to natural shades.

25. Blended Styles

These two shades blend together a little more naturally than most shades.

26. Blue Love

If you love blue then why not try a mermaid shade. We love the combination of white blonde and deep blue together.

27. Pink Styling

We love this pretty pink style because it really pops.

28. Black Styles

The black portion of the hair is much larger on this hairstyle then most.

29. Redhead Styles

If you love being a redhead, then you are sure to love this style. It showcases red in the most wonderful of ways.

30. Summer Styles

A great that you are sure to love because it’s perfect for summer.

31. Love Pink

If pink is your signature color, then you are sure to love this style.

32. Violet Shades

We love this gorgeous light purple shade; it’s the perfect transition into summer.

33. Caramel Shades

We love this warm shade because caramel tones are always so warm and beautiful.

34. Dark Designs

This style goes from dark to even darker.

35. Striking Styles

You are sure to love this style this summer because it’s a classic.

36. Stunning and Dark

We love the dark that is underneath the blonde shade. It provides an awesome contrast that you are sure to love for a long time.

37. Copper Tones

These red shades are truly inspiring. You will feel like a real firecracker with a red hot style like this one.

38. Dark Styling

We love how sharp this style looks. If you want a style that’s eye-catching, then this is the one for you.

39. Fiery Red

This awesome style combines red and blonde together and it’s beautiful.

40. Pretty Shades

It looks as if she has a natural shade on top and then just added pink and purple.

41. Lovely Style

Another awesome style that combines brown and blonde together.

42. Stunning Red

This is definitely an eye-catching shade. We can’t help but love the amazing combination of red and black together.

43. Deep Red

This striking color is the combination of red and blonde together.

44. Blended Coloring

This reverse ombre is a little more blended into each other rather than just dark on tip and light on the bottom.

45. Short Styling

A stunning shade that is striking because it’s short.

46. Auburn Shades

If you are looking for a darker shade of red, then Auburn would be a great shade.

47. Light Shades

Pastel colors are great for spring and summer.

48. Light Colors

This light red is a really pretty version of the reverse ombre.

49. A Touch of Dark

There is only a touch of dark to this style, but it still makes an impression.

50. Bold Brown

A popular choice for reverse ombre.

51. Naturally Pretty

A great color that is simpler than the brighter shades.

52. Curly Styles

This curly style really stands out with the contrasting color.

53. Bright Blonde

A gorgeous combination of light and dark.

54. Formal Designs

Formal styles are definitely a great reason to try these shades.

55. Deep Purple

A great shade that you can rock all summer long.

56. Simple Shades

Another example of a simple shade.

57. Pretty Pastel Shades

Purple is certainly a popular shade for ombre styles.

58. Medium Styles

A great style that only has a touch of brown to it.

59. Deep and Dark 

If you love deep and bright shades, then you are sure to love this color.

60. Bold Choices

With this style, there is only a small portion of the style that is left light.

61. Purple Shading

A great style that has a few different purple colors to it.

62. Fuschia Styles

A stunning style that has a bright blonde with some deep pinks to it.

63. Deep Reds

This deep red style is sure to make you feel warm all over.

64. Love the Dark

A great style that combines a light and a dark together.

65. Red Love

We can’t get over the beauty of this hairstyle.

66. Long and Stunning

This long style definitely showcases the ombre really well. The longer the hair, the more of the bottom color you can add to it.

67. Darkening Shades

Another amazing example of the light and dark combo. We love these beautiful shades.

68. Simply Wonderful

There isn’t a whole lot of contrast to this shade, but it’s still a reverse ombre style. The dark bottom is quite eye-catching. We love it.

69. Stunning Grey

Grey is so popular right now and this combo is breathtaking.

70. Hot Shades

If you love purple, then this style will blow your mind. We love the fact that this purple goes from a breathtaking light shade to a very dark purple. It’s the kind of style that is sure to turn heads.

71. Surprising Styles

A great contrast between light and dark. These shades are clearly a very popular style.

72. Dark Red

A great style that has a shock of red to it. Red is always a popular shade and one that you will love all year long.

73. Red Designs

We love these red styles and they are perfect for a new look. The top very well may be her natural red and then she darkened the bottom.

74. Dark Grey

If you want to take advantage of the grey popularity then why not try this striking look. We love that it’s darker and more rugged looking. It’s like a distressed color.



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