102 Awesome Hairstyles Inspired by Rihanna


Rihanna is known to be one of the most stylish celebrities in modern times. Not only does her music tend to get the crowd up on their toes, but she has also been a massive influence on teenagers due to her ever-changing fashionable hairstyles.

Here, we will take a look at some of the funkiest and stylish hairstyles that Rihanna has sported over the years, and how you can get one also!

1. Short-trimmed Side

rihanna hairstyles

First one on our list is the classic short hair hairstyle with the hair extending to the front and rolling towards the side of the face. The key to this hairstyle is the short trimmed hair on the side which ensures your face gets a very slim look from the front. This would look best on someone who has a narrower face and a sleek jaw.

2. Vibrant Afro

One of the many unconventional hairstyles in this list, this afro hairstyle is something that Rihanna could easily pull off. Having an afro cut is something that requires a lot of prior commitment as it would completely change the look of your face. The best part is that you can experiment with colors as much as you want with this hairstyle.

3. Plaited Girl-Next-Door Hairstyle

A very girl-next-door hairstyle, the hair can be left undyed to pull off this hairstyle. The top part of the hair is very casually combed into a plaited look to look natural while the rest of the hair is tied cleverly into a pigtail, extending downwards from one’s shoulder rather than on the back. A recommended daily look for girls who want to look effortless in their looks and style.

4. Classic Short Hair

Another classic short hair look on our list, this would go just well with any type of look you are going for. Whether it is a formal business meeting or a casual evening party, this gorgeous plaited cut would accentuate the shape of your face while not taking the attention away from your sweet smile. Again, go natural or choose a color with this hairstyle – either will work out just fine.

5. Casual Medium-Length Hair

Another casual look from our list, this hairstyle is perfect for those messy hair days when you just want to pull all your hair to one side and get on with your day. The perfectly parted hair rises from one side of the scalp over to the other side, creating a very simple and casual look. While this is perfect for women who have medium-length hair, those who have long hair can give it a go as well.

6. Bun with Hanging Curls

A very trendy and upscale hairstyle, this might require some good hours of dressing at a parlor to get perfectly right. While the hair is pulled all along the back to make a messy and big bun, a few curls of hair will hang on your cheek. This flowing hairstyle creates a very upscale look and will be the perfect option for any important event you have to attend.

7. 90s-Inspired Ponytail

Next on our list is a very 90s look which can be pulled off by only those bold enough to sport it on them. The hair is cleanly combed and pulled to the top and back to create a high ponytail on one’s head. The strands of the ponytail are weaved to the side of the head to give one’s face some extra width which makes them look fuller and charming.

8. Straight Mid-parted Hair

For those who want to go with a very simple and casual look, this straight hair mid-parted hairstyle is for you. Bound to work with all kinds of dresses, the simple hairstyle features a mid-parted straight hair cut with one’s hair flowing seamlessly off the shoulder. A highlight of peach or brunette color would look perfect to match someone’s light skin tone with the hairstyle.

9. Rebel and Quirky Look

A quirky and fun hairstyle, this one screams out “I am a rebel” by nature. The hair is tightly pulled together to make a top bun falling to the back of one’s head. The bun itself is left tangled with the hair curls falling in every way to create an untidy but fashionable look for you. A highlight of golden color on the curls would definitely make you stand out of the crowd.

10. Classic Flowing Curls

For those who want to play it safe, the classic flowing hair look is a good option. The hair is curled up using rollers and allowed to flow freely down one’s shoulder. Parted mid-ways, you can go for a streak of peach or shiny golden color with this look. Best suited for formal party gatherings, this hairstyle would look best with modest makeup and a dark colored dress.

11. Simple Straight Hairdo

This one is for those who like to keep things simple. A very minimalist hairstyle, you just have to straighten your hair and pull it to the side and off to your shoulder to complete the look. Again, you have the option of keeping them natural or adding streaks of color to highlight your tenacity to do something out of the box.

12. Floral Bob

A hairstyle that has been in style and will remain in style for the years to come, the floral bob is the best way to put your hair in a bun and still carry yourself elegantly. Just pull your hair back, make a loose pigtail out of it and roll it into a floral bun at the back of your head. It’s a classic hairstyle that will go perfect with an open back evening gown.

13. Midway Spike

One of the trendiest and unconventional looks from our list, this hairstyle is a different take on the classic midway spikes sported by punk band members. While the hair from the side is trimmed cleanly, the hair on the top is raised from the back to create a wave spike on one’s head. This hairstyle should not be put on for day-to-day activities as it requires some amount of chemical hairsprays to keep the hair intact like that.

14. Shiny Flowing Curls

For those who like to experiment with colors on their scalp, this hairstyle will surely make you look like a famous pop singer – without the skills and fame though. The hair is carefully dyed in a pretty shiny cherry color and curled to create a flowing pattern around your face. Not only does the cherry color add glow to your face, but the bounce and length of the hair also make you look much merrier as well.

15. Short Hanging Curls

Another exquisite look from our list, this short curly hair look is a perfect option for those who have short hair and wish to do something unique on a day out. Parted just side of the mid-way, the look is completed with short curls hanging from the side of one’s face. This look will work best for those who have a round face.

16. Short Side Cut

The next hairstyle is the classic short hair cut which is plaited perfectly to suit the length of your face. The hairs on the side are trimmed short, and the top hair is straightened to form a clean cut look. The endpoints of the sidecut can be customized in accordance with your facial length to give an even sharper look.

17. Hip and Trendy Curls

Those who like curls will be the one going for this hairstyle. A very hip and trendy hairstyle, the hair is curled up tightly to its lengths and allowed to flow without any bands or pins. The curls themselves add an extra layer of thickness to your hair and give you more bounce when they walk around straddling your perfect curls.

18. Freefalling Ponytail

This upscale teenage hairstyle is largely popular among those who want to give a sporty impression and look for maximum functionality while keeping their hair manageable. The entire hair is pulled back to form a pony on your head, and the hair is allowed to fall openly on your shoulder. This hairstyle would look best with dark makeup and a short dress.

19. Bangs with Open-End Ponytail

This hairstyle is designed for those who like to look banger with bangs. Specifically, this hairstyle would make you look like a princess out of one’s castle. Part of the hair is cleanly pulled to the back and tied into an open-end ponytail. The look is completed with mid-length bangs falling out of the person’s front to just cover the forehead and give it that cute and royal look.

20. Side Cut with Flowing Pattern

The next hairstyle on our list is another one of the classic Rihanna side cuts where the hair is carefully cut and straightened to form a flowing pattern across the face. Ideal for short-haired girls, one’s hair is cut and matched onto the length of their face and forehead to weave the hair from one side to the other without falling onto the person’s eyes.

21. Simple and Trendy Side Trim

A very simple and trendy look, this hairstyle would not work with everyone’s face length and shape. The hair is trimmed to the side and the top hair is allowed to fall in its natural state hanging from the side of one’s head. The look is completed with the hair dyed in dark peach color and a piece of minimal jewelry on one’s ear.

22. Homey Diagonal Cut

A very homey look, this hairstyle is perfect for those who want to get maximum results out of a minimal effort in keeping their hair intact and stylish. With the hair straightened to its end, the partition is done just across mid-way to add a few soft diagonal hairs running across one’s face. The hair can be tied or left open to fall softly on the shoulders.

23. Short Hair with Top Rolls

The next look in our collection is a trendy one-way hairstyle that would require some pretty short lengths of hair and an even bigger commitment to the look you want to achieve. The top hair is carefully rolled on to the one side of the hair, creating weaving patterns on one’s head. Best donned with a shining white evening party wear and a glass of wine in your hand.

24. Short-Trimmed Side Hair

A very unique hairstyle, this one would also make you feel like a famous pop star who’s on her way to a concert of her newest album topping the charts. The side hair is trimmed short to give more length and focus to the other parts. The front hair is kept short to create and expose more of the face while the back hair is allowed to grow in its natural shape and state.

25. Short Hair Weave

Next on the list is this very sensual short hair weave look which would go well with any kind of dark color makeup on your face. The hair is dyed in a strong maroon color and cut just short to make it flow from the top of your forehead. You can select the hair color in accordance to your skin tone as well.

26. Diagonal Cut

Another classic Rihanna cut where short hair is placed perfectly across the head to create a simple yet stylish hairstyle on one’s face. The side hair is trimmed lightly, and the top hair is allowed to sweep across one’s forehead from one end to the other, cutting diagonally across the face to create a clean finish to your natural short flowing hair.

27. Side Trimming with Curled Ends

Next on our list is a very unique and upscale hairdo which might not be the way for you to go if you are attending an important business meeting. The hair from the side and back is trimmed short while the upper portion is colored in a dark golden color. Lastly, the hair is curled on the ends to split and fall in its natural way.

28. Natural Flowing Girl-Next-Door Look

Another girl-next-door look, this hairstyle would do justice to anyone who wants to try some fresh color on their natural curls. With a very natural length, the hair is dyed into a light peach color, leaving just a patch of hair on the top of the head. The hair is allowed to flow naturally on one’s shoulder to create a casual yet elegant look.

29. Sideway Parted Flowing Hair

Choosing a hairstyle for that next carpet walk can be a tough job, but sometimes, keeping things simple is the way to go in any situation. Parted sideways, this flowing hair look is made by straightening the hair and allowing it to take a few turns naturally before falling on to the shoulder. This look would go perfectly well with a fancy evening gown on any occasion.

30. Short Hair with Bangs

Bangs have always been a good way to go when one needs a change of the hairstyle. This classic look is created by adding bangs to a short length of hair flowing naturally around one’s head. The curls added to the bangs give a wider definition to your head, highlighting your eyes and other facial features.

31. Natural Colors with Side Flowing Hair

One of the simplest looks from our collection, you can get this hairstyle with no frills at your home only. The hair is allowed to flow naturally to either side of the face. With natural curls adding a sense of elegance to the look, the hair is allowed to shine naturally in this look. Best for someone who is looking for a new hairstyle for daily life.

32. Early Morning Look

While you may confuse this for an early morning hair, this carefully styled hair is a perfect choice if you want to attend an offset event while carrying an unconventional hairstyle. The hair is tied well onto the top of the head, allowing it to fall in every direction in a contained manner. A few curls of hair are allowed to hang from your face to add a charming finish to this hairstyle.

33. Cherry Blossom Hair

A hairstyle that was popular among everyone during the 90s, this might just be the new look you are looking for. The cherry blossom colored hair adds a sense of merriness and shines to your glowing face. A hair band is used to part a few locks of hair and allow them to fall effortlessly on one’s face. The perfect look for every day or even a retro party.

34. Natural Freefalling Curls

Curls are a great way to highlight your facial features while adding more volume to the overall look. With the ends covered in a light golden color, the curly hair is allowed to fall naturally on your shoulder while keeping the volume to the maximum. Complete your look by pairing this hairstyle with a light colored shirt and denim.

35. Shiny Red with Curls

Red hair is a look that will go with any kind of skin tone. To create this look, your hair’s length and volume are kept normal while a dark and shiny red tone is dyed onto your hair. Natural curls are added by turning the hair with rollers to add more flow to the natural length of your hair.

36. Short Side Trimmed Hair

Another unconventional look on our list, this short hairstyle will surely make you stand out of the crowd. The hair on the side is trimmed short to add highlight the top portion of your hairstyle. The top hair is pressed on to a wave-like formation giving you a very trendy look. The raised part of the hair is further highlighted with shiny peach color.

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