65 Hottest Scene Haircuts For a Change in 2021 (with PICTURES)


With 2018 in full bloom it might be time for a new hairstyle to go with the new you. You may be looking for something a little more dramatic to create your own signature look. Bangs are definitely coming back in a big way. If a new look is what you are searching for, then you might want to check out the haircut styles below to find your new look.

Scene Haircuts

Scene Haircuts


  1. Very Short with An Edge

scene-haircut-0604163This is a look only for the very brave not only because of the color, which can be changed, but because of the edgy cut. The layers are very choppy and the side bang is pronounced.

2. Lots of Layers and Some Lengthscene-haircut-0604165Also Check :44 Amazing Emo Hairstyles That Will Blow Your Mind

If you like to keep your length but want to add layers this could be the look you’re going for. It’s a very choppy look that starts off super short at the bank and gets longer throughout. The bang is swept off to the side.

3. Red Hot and Wispy

Another look for really long hair abut with a lot of layers throughout. You have to be willing to lose a lot of hair for these cuts.

4. Long Hair Don’t Care

If you love long hair, then you will love this gorgeous silver look. Parted in the middle, no layers just keeping it long.

5. Angled Bob is Back


The angled bob is back but this one has a new edge. Very short in the back with much longer layers in the front this look is a new take on the angled bob. The layers are choppy and it has a side sweep bang.

6. Blunt Bob


This very short look ends at the jawline with layers falling in a square like frame. The great thing about layers is if you add highlights to your hair it can add a lot of dimension to it. This look also has a side sweep bang to it.

7. Bieber Bob


This hair cut is reminiscent of the hairstyle Justin Bieber had when he first popped onto the scene. It’s a very short bob with lots of layers. You need to blow dry it forward to get that forward sweep look.

8. Teal and Choppy

AM 100%

You can color your hair any way you want but this edgy bob looks quite rock star in teal. This is a cut that requires a lot of layers. It’s a huge commitment because the growing out period would be a tough one.

9. Blonde and Long


Very short on one side while the other holds its length. This particular look looks incredible with blonde hair. The side bang is thicker than normal but compliments the whole look.

10. Bangs Are Key


This look is sensational in black. The bangs are the key feature to this look as the length stays there and it’s the bangs that are more pronounced in the front.

11.Stretched Bang


This look is long without any layers. The bang is the key feature once again and are swept to the side. It’s a thicker bang as well so it’s pulled from the back and brought forward.

12. Fushia Dreams


This cut is all about keeping the hair long and leaving out the bangs. This way you can pull back all of the hair to create this stunning updo. The color is the best part of this look as it just makes everything pop.

13. Blonde with a Little Bang


The haircut here is all about the length. The blonde compliments it completely and the severe side bang is the most appealing part of it. The extreme bang always makes the look a little more edgy.

14. Purple and Perky


This mid-length look is perfect for those of you that don’t want to go too short when it comes to cutting your hair. The purple will make any style pop but you can try any color of your choosing to compliment this cut.

15. Edgy Colors


There is a lot of layers to this look and even the bang itself is extremely edgy. This is not a cut for someone who fears getting hair cuts. The side bang is very extreme and is taken from the very back of the hair and pulled forward.

16. Blue World


This look is a combination of short and long. It looks as if there are long layers in the back but it’s very short in the front. The front has a full bang with choppy layers throughout.

17. Orange You Glad You Cut Your Hair?


This is a very short look for an above the shoulder style. The orange is just fantastic with this cut but again your color choices are your own. The layers once again are all cut choppy around the face.

18. Sweep It To The Side


This look falls just below the shoulders and it looks great with natural color. It has a side bang to it that sweeps over to the side. It has the appearance that it has also been feathered but it just may be a blow-dry technique.

19. Ombre with Bang


This ombre look takes a dark blue and fades it all the way to white. There isn’t much of a cut to the length aside from the side bang.

20. All About That Bang


This look is exclusively about the bang, which is thick and swept over to the side from the back. It’s an above the shoulder look for those of you looking for a big change.

21. Sweeping Fairy


Love the long looks? Then this is for you. It’s all about the centre part and cascading curls. The hair is silver and long and she’s not going to apologize for it.

22. Red Mane


Another long look that falls below the shoulders. There are layers with this cut but they are all below the chin and meant to compliment the long hair. The volume is created with the layers.

23. Not interested in Layers


If you are someone that loves updos then it’s probably a good idea to stay away from the scissors. This style is possible because her hair is long from top to bottom, not a layer in sight.

24. A Bob That Frames


This look is all about class and elegance even with the blue/black color scheme. The hair is cut into a traditional bob that frames the face. It falls just on top of the shoulders and everything is blow dried towards the face. The bang is a soft side sweep that compliments her look completely.

25. I Have The Blues


It’s a short look without any layers. The cut is a soft one without any choppiness. It’s an above the shoulder cut with a side bang.

26. More Than Just a Bob


This is no ordinary bob. From front to back this look is all about taking changes and not being afraid of a pair of scissors. There are choppy layers in many different length all over the head without any rhyme or reason. If you are looking for something edgy and original this is the look for you. Contrasting colors also help make the look stand out.

27. Let’s Tie it Up With a Bow


This look is long with long layers throughout. There seems to be shorter layers around the eyes to compliment the side sweep bang. The curls compliment the long layers quite well.

28. Rocker Edge


This look is not for the faint of heart in fact you have to be pretty badass to want to claim this look as your own. The hair is long until about the shoulders when there is an abrupt cut to the front of the hair from there you see layers of all shapes and sizes haphazardly in an edgy and choppy fashion. The colors suit the whole whirlwind of layers to a tea.

29. Pink and Braided


For those of you that have extremely long hair and would never cut it outside of an occasional trim then you may find this look appealing. It’s long without a layer in sight and the braid just makes the look even more carefree in design.

30. Long Sweeping Layers


This look is casual with the part starting in the middle. The layers throughout are all long, the first one starting below the chin. The ombre look compliments with the range of colors.

31. Length Allows for a Braid


The cut is below the shoulders but for the most part the length is complete. There doesn’t appear to be any layers cut into it. The bangs are cut across the front of the face which is different from most styles that have it sweeping to the side.

32. Rock Star Material


This look gives you really rocker appeal. The look for the most part is long until you get to the shoulders where layers are cut in to the extreme. There aren’t just layers in the front of the hair like most styles but are cut into the entire head of hair all around to the back. It will appear as if you are losing a lot of your hair because the layers are cut all the way around.

33. Zebra Hair


Just like the look before it, this one is a long layered look that has layers going all the way around the head instead  of in the front. The zebra colors make the whole look pop.

34. Queen of the Bob


This look is super short if you are looking for a big change. The layers start around the eye and don’t end until they reach the chin. They are choppy and all over the place. The look is all edge if that’s what you are looking to sport this summer. The side sweep bang again looks as if it’s been feathered to leave it looking soft and wispy.

35. Red and Checkered


This checkered look falls below the shoulder for those who aren’t willing to cut a lot off. There are also no layers to this look aside from a side bang. The red checkered board look can certainly appeal to some but any color would suit this look.

36. Rainbow Sweeps

I absolutely love the rainbow look and all the women brave enough to try it out. With this colorful look the girl has chosen to keep her length but adding in a few long layers throughout but none lower than her chin line. The sweeping side bang looks magnificent with the rainbow colors.

37. Short for Sport


This look is very short and choppy once again for those of you looking for a big change. The cut is just below the chin line and there is quite a bit of layers throughout but just in the front. The layers are chopping and the bang is thick, swept in from the back and pulled forward. The highlight purple really pops out from the blonde.

38. Pixie Dreams


If you are looking for something truly drastic, try out a pixie cut for size. The cut ends at the ear line and stays short throughout. This look is particularly chopping with no rhyme or reason throughout. It’s always a good idea to pair an extreme cut such as this one with a dramatic color of your choosing for added effect.

39. Pink Pigtails


This look is another short one and without the pigtails it would probably fall just on top of the shoulders. The color pink makes the whole thing stand out but your color choice is your own. This look has a full bang across the forehead.

40. Gothic Edge


This look is all about breaking boundaries and taking a hairstyle to the edge. It’s cut very short to the chin and there are choppy layers throughout the cut. The hair has been blow dried forward to achieve the current look. The neon green color just adds to the edginess of the cut.

41. Fairyland Pixies


This look reminds me of Tinkerbell’s pixie look in the original Peter Pan movies. It truly takes a confident girl to pull off this look. The one side has certainly been shaved but not too short. The rest has been cut into a raw pixie with lots of choppy layers that shoot up into a Mohawk. The look is wonderfully wild especially with the added touch of color.

42. Rockstar Pixie


A pixie cut such as this will require a lot of product such as gel to keep those spikes looking as they do. This is truly a rockstar look with so much edge it’s spilling out of the page. It’s short on one side, long on the other and it has a ton of layers.

43. Geisha Styles


A classic look that so many people have still stuck with in the age of edginess and that’s because it’s beautiful. This is another look for those that want to keep their length but possibly add a side bang.

44. Volume and Length


Another below the shoulder look that for the most part keeps the length but also has a lot of edge to it. There is a lot of volume created by layers in and around her face.

45. Shorter Than a Pixie


If sporting a pixie is still to tame for you then try this style on for size. The sides have been shaved all around and you’re left with enough for a Mohawk on top. Try out a brazen color to totally make your hair pop.

46. Queen Rockstar


This is another platinum look that speaks to the rockstars at heart. It’s longer but with a lot of layers so expect to lose some hair. The layers just aren’t in the front they are all around the head which gives it that choppy look to it. The sweeping side bang compliments the whole look.

47. Feeling Blue?


The look is similar to the one before in the sense that it’s long with layers all around. The bank is shorter and off to the side and the blue tone brings it all together.

48. Straight and Slick


Poker straight hair that is super long, either naturally or with extensions. It has layers just in the front but they end just above the shoulders. The bangs are extreme and choppy and straightened so much to give an extreme look.

49. In Angst About My Layers


If you are looking for a super short cut with a lot of badassery this is the look for you. It’s cut around the ears and the layers are very choppy. There is no beginning or end to where the layers will go. Add in some color to the blonde hair and you have a look that is sure to draw the eye.

50. Sweep it to the Side


A short look that still allows for a little length below the shoulders. But it is layered a lot all around the head. The sweeping side bang is thick and feathered. The extreme angle is due to the hair being blow dried forward.

51. Relax and Don’t Cut


For those long hair lovers out there this is a great reason to not cut. You can grow your hair quite long and just add a soft side bang.

52. Red and Layered


This style falls just below the shoulders with plenty of layers in the front to give it that flowy look. The bang is full and across the front to achieve a different style entirely.

53. Cruella De Vil


If you are looking for something extreme, then keep your length and color it just as is. Black on one side and white on the other gives you the perfect contrast. There is a full bang across the front if you are looking for a change.

54. The Jackson Style


Michael Jackson’s daughter has stepped out into the limelight as a fashion icon and her hairstyle is no different. She keeps her color relatively natural but has long layers throughout and a bang across the front.

55. Pale Blue Nightmares


For anyone that can pull off this pale blue I applaud them. The cut is short just below the chin and it’s layered around for maximum volume. There is a thick side bang that’s been pulled in front from behind.

56. Curls for the Girls


This style is very short, possibly around the ear line. You have the option of keeping it all relatively the same length or using the curls as a Mohawk on top.

57. Front Forward Layers


The edgy look is back with this black long layered look. The whole head is layered and they are pushed forward to create the current look. The bang is across the front and chiselled into the sides as well.

58. Long and Layered


For an extreme layered look, you will need very long hair or some extensions. The hair here falls to the waist line and there are layers from head to toe. The is a side part from the opposite side of her head which allows her some extreme volume for her side bang.

59. Short But Cute


This look is a cross between a pixie and a bob. The layers are choppy so the look is extreme if you want to go that short.

60. Extreme Side Parts


Another choppy layered look for those of you that like their length but want some edge. The side part is extreme to allow more volume for the side bang.

61. The Natural Way


The long look is fabulous in this picture and the natural color is really beautiful. The style is long with just a sweeping side bang.

62. Purple Part


Another long layered look that combines purple and black together. The layers stay to the front with a side bang.


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