60 Remarkable Selena Gomez Hair You Can Mimic


Selena Gomez has come a long way from the girl that used to act on the Disney Channel, she broke out her own music career and she’s never looked back. Not only does she have a successful singing career but she’s acted as a producer for TV shows like 13 Reasons Why and also dabbled in acting in movies such as Spring Breakers. She’s a multi-talented artist, so it’s no wonder that people want to copy her style. She always looks good regardless of what’s she’s doing and she’s had some pretty cool hairstyles over the years.

If you are a fan of Selena Gomez, then you are one of many. She has a huge following on social media and her record sales are always through the roof. She is definitely a beauty and she has caused many trends to come about through her clothing and hairstyles. She is an inspiring person, so it’s no wonder that many want to copy her trends. We have scoured the internet looking for her most popular hairstyles. If you are looking for a new style then why not find some inspiration through Selena Gomez’s personal style.

Check out these 60 Remarkable Selena Gomez Hair You Can Mimic:

  1. A Loose Look

You really can’t go wrong with a style like this one because you can wear it anywhere.

2. Straight Styles

This is a common look for her, a straight style with her hair parted in the middle.

3. Curly Styles

Selena Gomez has thick hair, so her curls always add extra volume to her hair. We can’t help but love it.

4. Purple Styles

Sometimes all we need is a fresh new color and we feel like brand new women. This style is truly beautiful.

5. A True Blonde

It doesn’t matter what color her hair is; she’s a true beauty. Try blonde out if you are looking for a striking difference.

6. Short Styles

If you are looking for a big change this season, then try out a shorter style and you will feel instantly lighter.

7. Tons of Volume

Selena Gomez looks amazing with all these curls. There is so much volume to her style.

8. A Stylish Updo

If you have an event coming up then try out this stylish updo. It’s simple to put together.

9. A Ponytail

It’s a simple style, but it’s sleek and makes a big impact. We love this style for any event.

10. A Messy Style

Sometimes the messy look is just the way to go. She is breathtaking with this hairstyle.

11. Gorgeous Styles

It’s a messy updo, but it would be perfect for any event.

12. The Beach Wave

The beach wave is a popular look for the singer and she is stunning in this shot.

13. Bangs or Not?

With these two shots, you have the choice between having bangs or not having them. Both styles are great; it’s just all in your preference.

14. Simple Styles

The one thing that Selena Gomez likes, and that’s a simple style.

15. Super Curls

All these curls make Gomez look a lot younger than she is. Maybe that’s the secret.

16. Short and Sweet

This is a lovely style that is perfect for the spring and summer.

17. An Edgy Look

This is one of her more edgier looks. Not only is it messy but it’s also bright blonde as well.

18. Long and Straight

She has a lot of length here, but it’s possible that it’s extensions. Either way, it’s a great look.

19. Stunning Style

If you are looking for a sexy new look, then try this messy, long style.

20. Different Layers

Maybe all you need is to just add some layers to your existing style and change it up slightly.

21. Model Style

You probably need to be going to a fancy event to pull this one off, but the curls are beautiful.

22. Lighter Styles

An updo with a lighter shade could be the perfect change for you.

23. Stunning Waves

We love this gorgeous style because it’s long and it’s pulled back into a romantic style.

24. Plenty of Volume

This is one of her favorite looks and we can’t help but love it. It’s long and wavy, truly gorgeous.

25. Blonde Styles

This updo is stylish and pretty, try it out for your next event.

26. Sleek Styles

She is seen here sporting a gorgeous sleek bob. Her hair has been so many different styles over the years.

27. The Vacation Style

Doesn’t she look like the perfect beach bum, a surfer girls with all these stunning waves? This is a gorgeous style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

28. She Has a Secret

Her secret is an edgy blonde style that is sure to wow this season.

29. Bold and Bright

A stunning look that is sure to draw the eye. Selena Gomez looks amazing as a blonde.

30. Tight Curls

These curls are stunning and they are always great for a prom or any fancy event.

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31. The Stunner

Maybe she looks shocked because her hair is always stunning no matter what she does to it.

32. A Formal Do

If you have a fancy event coming up, then this would be the perfect style for it.

33. An Ombre Style

The Ombre look is still very popular and you can try it out with any color.

34. Long Layers

This is an edgy look that is very sexy. We love the long layers in the front.

35. A Smiling Style

Another great example of Selena Gomez with her blonde locks.

36. Simple Styles

This is a simple style and one that would be easy to re-create.


37. Mermaid Style

These waves are very reminiscent of the mermaid style. We love all these beachy looks.

38. A Stylish Bob

A sleek and sophisticated bob that will turn heads at any event that you go to.

39. Red Carpet Style

Selena Gomez knows how to rock the red carpet with this amazing style.

40. Rockstar Colors

Another great example of her Ombre color choices. This one is very rockstar indeed.

41. Sleek Updo

A great updo that is polished and sleek. It’s a simple style to pull off.

42. California Girl

A wonderful style for a girl that likes to keep things simple.

43. The Wet Look

This style is beachy and wet looking. It’s one of those styles that you want to rock out on a hot day when you are on the way to the beach.

44. The Partial Updo

This is an elegant look that you can wear to any event that you choose.

45. A Short and Stylish Bob

Even if you have a bob that doesn’t mean that you can’t still pull off a stylish partial updo. This style is really cute on her.

46. A Little Windblown

You don’t need to go overboard with a style to be beautiful. Sometimes simple os the best way to go.

47. Sleek Ponytail

A simple ponytail is all you need to show off your star potential. It’s a sleek style that has a lot of impact.

48. A Braided Style

You don’t get much more casual than this simple braid. It’s perfect for a day of running errands or even for that upcoming BBQ this year.

49. Thick Styles

You can tell that she has really thick hair and that’s where she gets all the volume from. She looks stunning in this messy look.

50. Medium Length

Another example of a simple style that she has pulled off. It’s simple and in this case, it’s not too long or too short.

51. Red Hot Style

There’s no doubt about it; her style is always sexy and on fire. We love it.

52. The Girl With Bangs

This is a very edgy look for Selena. Her hair is cut very severe and she’s added bangs to her look. If you are looking for a big change, then this might be exactly what you are looking for.

53. The Side Sweep

A stunning style that is curled and swept off to the side. It’s glamorous and sexy.

54. Sexy Siren

This sleek ponytail is a very sexy look that you can wear anywhere.

55. Bold Styles

Another great example of her blonde look and we absolutely love these bold styles that she has.

56. A Fun Style

This is certainly a loose style that you can have fun with. This is a great look for a casual day or a fancy day; the sky is the limit with where you can take these loose locks.

57. Sleek and Straight

Who doesn’t love long straight hair? This is a sleek style that will work for an everyday look as well as an event.

58. Sweet Styles

Another great style that is short and has a long bang. It’s sleek and will be a simple style to pull off. This is not the kind of style that takes a long time to re-create.

59. Casual Look

If you are looking for something that works for every day, then this is the style for you. Try this one out for the season.

60. Stylish and Sophisticated

This is a great style that you can wear to the office or to an event.


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