There are so many amazing Senegalese twist ideas out there that you are sure to love this season.

1. Free-Flowing Rope Designsenegalese-twist11041612

When done correctly, these two-strand twists are less time exhaustive to place in and get rid of than customary three-strand plaits as well as with care could last up to two to three months. 

2. Cute Jumbo Braids


The versatility of this fashion is impressive, and it seem to have no limit to what you could and cannot do for a dramatic look. This exacting design involve weaving the hair in to some huge locks and create a soft side part by push some of the jumbo braids at the frontage section to the side.



This is a very pleasant and stylish look that you could wear on special occasion. The first item you’re going to do is to create a side part of the hair that you desire to use as your bangs. After that, create a high ponytail.

4. Inventive Half Pony


It is astonishing how versatile this design could be, and even something as easy as changing the course of the free-flowing locks could create a exclusive look. In this fashion, the braids have a flexible part at the front from wherever you must push them to the back in two section. The cause for this is to create a covered design, and you must then tie the upper coating into a ponytail.

5. Massive Twists


Big braids are simple to make, and they would only take you a couple of minutes, however they can furthermore help you get a wonderful haircut like this one. Here the huge twists are pull to the center of the head as well as tied into a neat and tight bun that furthermore looks very refined.

6. Twisty Crochets


Here the braids are long and very thick but what gives them an edge is their styling. Although they form a face frame design, it looks unique because of the layering of some of the locks on the crown.

7. Flawless Senegalese Color Blend


Adding up some color to your braid would always give you an gorgeous look though the big locks are faultless and with a straightforward push back style, this is not sufficient to make them stand out, as well as so the color blend on the hair plays a very important role in creating the hairdo.

8. Hand Twisted Perfection


It is hard to consider that the locks in this approach are hand twisted as they are nothing small of perfect. individually from looking very usual, they are all uniform in length and size, and this shows just how important it is to use the services of a skilled stylist.



Grey hair is the newest style of spring and summer! Are you bold sufficient to try this hair hue? Grey hair will not make you instantaneously look middle-aged, we guarantee! Style your grey twists into a tall ponytail. Wrap few twists about the hair stretchy to hide it.

10. Unique Faux Locks


Sooner than go with the customary weaving technique you could create a exclusive look with these creative faux locks. They look approximately like dreadlocks, however they are not since they are a product of divergent weaving. The hair also has a attractive shade of brown as well as the ends are finished with several beautiful curls and accessorized with attractive metal rings.

11. Dramatic and Smooth Twists


These braids are the whole lot that a lady can wish for her hair. Their color, length as well as the simple style are nothing short of ideal. though, the finest thing is that they are simple to make, and the color is furthermore very common, and so you would not have a hard time discovery it.

12. Highlighted Twist Braids

senegalese-twist11041623Also See:

Twist braids are simple to make, and so you must never settle for anything small of perfect especially while getting them from a expert stylist. This design demonstrate how to make perfect box braids easily. Apart from the consistency in length and size of all the entity braids they furthermore have some cool blonde highlight to spice them up

13. Hanging Twists senegalese-twist11041624

This headdress involve pulling the strands at the topmost together and then covering them into a bun at the frontage The rest of the locks must then be left to hang downward at the back and what make them significant is that they lengthen the neck profile whereas the bun elongate the woman’s face.


14. Straight and Simple


Twists might not get simple than this since the wearer does not effort to weave or else style them in any fancy way. They are diffident medium size black braid without any complicated styling, and the only item you have to do is to bind them with a hairband. though, they still look outstanding due to their neatness.


15. Twisted Half Up Half Down


If you get several brilliant braids, you would not have any difficulty with style them as there are several things you could do with them. However, the easy and fast style like this half up half down are the most excellent. an additional thing that make this hairdo exclusive is that it has the quality of both crochet braids plus Senegalese twists.

16. The Fabulous Purple Combo


This fashion is an eye catcher that combine braids that pour to the side as well as a lovely updo. The purple tone of the hair as well helps to bring out the two different styles in the headdress. To duplicate this style you must wrap about the twist on the topmost of the head to make the updo but do not make stretched so that you could have some of the lock flowing from it.


17. Chunky Crochet Twists

The chunky crochets in this fashion give you the prospect to wear diverse looks with ease. You could pull and wrap them on the tiara to make a lovely top knot design, or else you could leave them to flow liberally to the side or back. Their large size make them easy to weave and maintain in addition to so it would be ideal for ladies who prefer somewhat simple and stylish.


18. Simple Twist Braids


Twist braids are simple to make, and so you must never settle for everything short of perfect particularly while getting them from an expert stylist.


19. Simple Twist


After making a knot on the topmost of head split hair as well as twist it until the end. use a flowery hair band.



After make a knot on the topmost of head split hair as well as twist it until the end. use a hair band at the end of ponytail

21. BRAIDED TOP KNOT  senegalese-twist11041632

Start by separate your hair into two sections. Take the top segment and safe it with a hair stretchy. In this step, your hairstyle must look like a half-up and half-down ponytail.

Separate the ponytail into three section and initiate braiding a dutch braid. Wrap the braid about your ponytail base. safe it with bobby pins. You are done



We  identify you love this hairstyle as a lot as we do! It’s easy yet awesome. Section the top of your hair as well as twist it in a bun! safe it with an elastic hair band or else bobby pins.  sound easy, right?

23. Summer Senegalese Twist


This summer is the time for my twist to come back!

24. Crochet Senegalese Twist


Getting the correct crochet could make the entire process turn into shorter in time. For faster and more expert look you can use pre-twisted braiding hair like this  twist.



Elegant plus classy are two words that totally describe this stunning updo. As you can see, you could dress up your twists in a quantity of ways. This beautiful woman style her front part of hair in a stern top knot whereas the back is merely collected in a elevated ponytail. Give it a go!

26. Afro Kinky Braids


 To expand the span of your hair, you could use quality strands or else dreadlocks

27. Beautiful Braids


Kinky twists are an adaptable way of protecting your natural hair.



Here’s an additional cute and simple half updo! The twists could be expensive and protracted to install, however they are certainly worth the cost and time.  Absolutely stunning!



First on our listing of Senegalese twist hairstyle is this grand but simple half up do. This haircut is easy to make as well as looks super attractive! It is perfect for spring plus summer daily wear since the braid would  keep your twist out of your face.

30. Beautiful Kinky Twist


It is a stylish hairstyle that could make your look neat and contemporary. You can create wonderful designs which could be worn every day or else for special occasions.

31. Braid Styles


Whether you have short hair or else long hair, the kinky twist braid styles could always make you look astonishing. This hairstyle could make you look like you are all dressed up for a time even when you are simply wearing jeans.

32. African Kinky Braids


This is extremely easy to style as well as is also very easy to maintain. twists could give you a chic as well as funky look.



Ah, braid. We do not have anything more to say. The image and hairstyle say it all, correct?

 34. Simple Twist


This model has a plain Senegalese twist style. The twists are shoulder length as well as allowed to naturally drop as they want. The result is numerous lengths on the twists in addition to a wavy texture all around.

35. Twists and Braids


This model shows off her twists plus braids. The braids make beautiful lines on the sides as well as back with the top twisted. The comprehensive twists from a tight form sweeping crossways her forehead.

36. Smooth Look


The twists are set in different orders with multiple part so they hang about her face down in numerous lengths. The think twists create for a smooth look as well as show off highlights plus color variations.

37. Fun Knot


The fun item about twists, is you could do just about everything with them. This fashion shows just how adaptable they are. Some are sweep back into a knot on top of her head, others are hang loosely about her face and they all work jointly to create layer of twists that emphasize her face.

38. Fun and Flirty


The fun item about twists, is you could do just about everything with them. This fashion shows just how adaptable they are. Some are sweep back into a knot on top of her head, others are hang loosely about her face and they all work jointly to create layer of twists that emphasize her face.



Yes, you could even rock a braided mohawk through Senegalese twists! The top part of her curls is braided to give the result of a mohawk. The hairstyle is ideal for women who are not ready to totally shave their sides.

40. Sweet Combo


Here is a blend of braids and twists. One side she has curved braids close to the scalp foremost up to the circlet where the long thick twist cascade down. The smooth twists are a stark distinguish to the tight braid on the side.



Make an elevated ponytail. Since the Senegalese twist are pretty broad and long, it’s suggested to use stretchy head band.

Split the ponytail in to two section, then  twist one section about going back. Tuck it beneath the elastic head band.




If you like your top knot large and chunky, we got your enclosed. make half-up ponytail and divide it in two similar sections. Wrap one segment around the front as well as other crossways the front. Pin in set with bobby pins.

43. Dramatic Effectsenegalese-twist11041654

The long twist down the back could hang down or be swept over the shoulder for a additional dramatic effect framing her whole face. The long twists and set on top of her head to form a sweeping knot show off the braids all along the side.



Bring all your hair to one side as well as start braiding it into a two thread twist. Braid it freely. Now convey the twist up and insert as many pins as you require. Easy updo that look like you spend hours building!

45. Elegant Style


A simple and stylish method is the twisted side half up do. This fashion takes the coils as well as twists them together frame the face and keep them back. The rest is left drop down the back. This look is rapid to style and take down.

46. Rain Twists


This half-up and half-down style with by back flip-knot and some beautiful electric twists is a quick, easy fashion for those with little time on their hands.

47. Conservative Look


For this style you would use a Dutch braid for the front segment of hair and you could then place it in an area ponytail. This take a conservative look as well as spices things up. The broad braid on the surface is an attention getter however keeps the hair under control

48. Quick and Easy


Another fast and easy style that look elegant. Place the top layer of hair in to a pony tail as well as then split into two sections. Then you just twist the two jointly and safe the ends. Wrap a couple twists about the base of your pony tail as well as your ready to go!

49. Twist the Twists


Turn your little Senegalese twists into big rope twists as well as braid them together for this polished look. The smaller twists are section off and twisted again into the in chunks rope twists, that are than braided for a final touch.

50. Elevate Your Style


Twisting your coil together like this make a circlet around your face adding instantaneous style with little attempt. The long coil from the back tuck beneath the crown giving the look more detail as well as sophistication.

51. Elegant Look


This women has created elegant look by placing the braid downward the back. Simple but stunning and great for an evening out.

52. Wrap the Braid


This braid though is wrapped about the front of the head to make a crown. The rest is left to hand downward under the braid. This will be great to add some fun hair piece into so as to dress it up.

53. Complicated Updo


This looks require more time and effort however you can see the outcome are well worth it. The multicolor twist aid in seeing all the feature that goes in  to this fashion.



If you are not brave sufficient to rock bright twists, a pop of red color could do the trick. This fashion is perhaps the easiest on our list however we totally love it! It’s pretty exclusive.

55. Confident


A women’s hair is an addition of her personality. Here we have a lady that is positive and not afraid to attempt new things. The bold lavender looks great with her skin tone as well as the intricate knot completed from her twists is enjoyable and different.

56. Ponytail Style


Another pony tail fashion here, this time take the partition hair and freely twist it about the front crossways your forehead. The brush up of the twists add height and draw the eyes up

57. Ultra High Bun


This high bun method is dramatic in it’s stature and the twists highlight the movement of the hair in to the bun. To make this look you start with a ponytail as well as split it in two that wrap them in irregular directions about the base and secure. The consequence is a high bun on the tiara of the head

58. Classic Bun


This Senegalese twist up do is easy to create. Start with all the hair pull to one side as well as dived in to two parts. Twist the two parts jointly and now bring up as well as pin into the preferred look you want. You could make this look as simple or else as complex as you desire.

59. Combo

senegalese-twist11041670For a combination of an updo as well as long twists down the back this fashion is an eye catcher. Start with a pony tail as well as divide into two section wrapping them about the base of the pony tail to create the knot shape. This look in fact elongate the face.

60. The High Bun Bow

 A high bun that freely falls into a girly bow is an immense compliment to the hair list of any gal up and about. Ideal for medium to big twists, it is for those who want to have an avant-garde hair style without all fuss.

61. High Twists

We know this hairdo looks hard however it’s in fact easy. Make a usual half updo ponytail. Pick up the ponytail as well as loosely and somewhat twist it. Tie it up with few loosen twists. Quick, easy as well as super hot!



Perfect hairdo for those ‘bad’ hair time! Try it for your next Party  or for an after-work event. This twisted side half updo would  take you less than 4 minute to do.

63. Exotic Look


For this fashion you will finish up with 3 braids to your twists. The topmost is a Dutch braid formed to the side leaving the other side uncovered to see the gorgeous coils pulled tight to the scalp. The residual twists are separated and put into two French braids make an exotic look.


Make a high ponytail. as the Sengalese twists are attractive thick as well as long, it’s suggested to use elastic head band.

divide the ponytail in to two sections, then  twist one segment around going back. Tuck it beneath the elastic head band.

65. Spiral Twists


A side part is playful and fun. The element is held in place with a crocheted braid on each side. The long rope twist is feminine.

66. Cool Marley Twists


Black women with long, thick hair could recreate this simply by making stocky two-strand twists, but even if you do not have long strands, just add in “Marley” hair to duplicate the style shown. The bump of the twists give off a carefree vibe that look only cooler as they are turninging messier.

67. Multicolored Twist Hairstyle

senegalese-twist1104162 Besides a gorgeous twist style, from time to time a color could make a world of disparity. Bring drama and exclusivity to your fashion by introducing some strand of a complementary color, whilst keeping others the natural shady hue.



Pompadour hairstyles are stylish and classic. The hairstyle is ideal for special occasions or as a work updo. It would take you everywhere.



Perfect hairdo for those ‘bad’ hair days! Try it for your next night out or else for an after-work event. This warped side half updo would take you less than 4 minute to do



This hairstyle need only an elastic headband as well as a few minutes of your time. Start by insertion your headband above your twists. It must sit low about your head. Now it is time to bring those twist up! Tuck the twists about the headband till they form a roll

72. Twists Plus Braids


The traditional Senegalese twist in an easy, pulled-back relaxed style is suitable for low-stress chic that require little to no effort. Use middle size twists for a convenient half-ponytail or else make a full pony.


73. Red Twists Half Updo

We know this haircut looks hard however it’s in fact easy. Make a usual half updo ponytail. Pick up the ponytail as well as loosely and somewhat twist it. Tie it up with few loosen twists. Quick, easy as well as super hot!



Even a newbie might master this fashionable hairstyle! How to do this half updo?  Grab a segment of your front hair as well as twist it hardly. do again the same for the other side. Connect the twist from the both sides as well as twist them together. The most excellent part of this half updo? It’s very rapid to make.



Start by braiding the frontage section of your hair into a dutch braid as well as secure it with an stretchy hair band. Now, you could secure the braid on the rear of your head with a bobby pin or else you can tuck it in a side sweep ponytail. You can furthermore bring the braid more up as well as braid another dutch braid on the additional side. Either way, the look is outstanding!



Take one section as well as start twisting it. cover it around the stand you have created with your ponytail.Secure the segment with bobby pins.Take the second segment of the hair as well as wrap it the opposite way. yet again, protect it with bobby pins

77. Back Bun Twist


The extra-long twist emphasizes the stylishness of the low bun. This time it’s a calm bun that is freely braided or else twisted around itself. This take no time to create and the results are fairly impressive. 

78. Twisted Half-Up Do

Show off the face, this half-up do add a unique flair. It is an additional effortless style made for a tiring woman or a woman who wants low-maintenance however attractive hair.



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