70 of the Most Stylish Short and Curly Hairstyles


If you are looking for a short hairstyle that goes well with your curly hair, then check out these amazing styles.

Short and Curly Hairstyles

Short and Curly Hairstyles

Short and Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair is something that people either love or hate. It seems that all the people that have curly hair want to straighten it while all the people with poker straight hair long for those cascading curls. Curly hair can be a dream come true if you have the right hairstyle to compliment the look. There is something romantic about a hairstyle that is both curly and short. There is just a sort of flair to the style that speaks of elegance. Whether your hair is naturally curly or whether you curl it daily many different styles compliment the curly look. It could be a messy curly hairstyle or a shaggy do; even a curly updo would be appropriate.

There are many bob hairstyles that showcase vivacious curls or texturized ends that can make your summer look appear effortless. To keep a curly look from appearing too bulky, many hairstylists will texture the curls so that the hair appears thinner. Medium curly styles can be adorned with accessories that will bring elegance to your look, or even the addition of braids can create a whole new look for you. There are short, curly Mohawk styles that are also growing in popularity. These styles can be very feminine looks for someone seeking a big change. They don’t need to be tough or fierce looks; the modern Mohawk can be very sexy. Plunge into the world of short curly hairstyles to see what these designs can offer you.

Whether you find your curls to be a blessing or a curse, there are many attractive styles that can have you loving your hair again in no time. If you are used to having straight hair, then there is no reason to continue to envy the curly hair when you can have it for yourself. There are many different ways to get the curls that you want, whether it’s by using a curling iron or by getting a perm.

Many people believe that short hairstyles are not good for curly hair, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Women are always tempted to cut their hair for the summer to alleviate the discomfort of the heat. They tend to hesitate however as there is the worry that styling curly hair can be a nightmare with short styles. There are many great hairstyles to choose from however that won’t leave you wondering about whether you should cut your hair. Get inspired by all the looks that we have available for you.

The Best Way to Style Curl Hair

The best thing that you can do for your curly hair is to make sure that you take care of it properly. If you take care of it, then it will be easy to style. By using the proper shampoo and conditioner, you can make sure that your hair is easy to style. Even using a mask on your hair weekly will benefit the structure of it greatly. Certain products can moisturize your hair and nourish the follicles which will help with the frizz that comes with having curly hair. By using certain products, your hair can become more obedient. If you have naturally curly hair, then certain hairstyles tend to last longer. The only thing holding you back from incredible style is having a lack of moisture to your locks. The serum is a great product to have when it comes to curly hair because if you add it to your hair after a wash, you will be locking in the moisture that your hair thrives on.

The Most Popular Styles Available for Curly Hair

The best way to achieve those luscious curls is to blow dry them while smoothing them out with a round bristle brush. Once this has been achieved, you can shape those gorgeous curls with a curling iron. If you normally wear your hair straight, just use a smoothing balm and add it to your damp hair. Blow dry your hair and then use a flat iron to achieve the look that you desire.

The best possible hair to have to achieve gorgeous curls is messy hairstyles because they are the easiest looks to style. You can create your curls simply by using a diffuser to dry your hair when it’s wet. It’s not as harsh as a blow dryer, and you will get bouncy, beautiful curls.

If you have curly hair naturally then you are probably aware that it’s very porous. The last thing you want is to buy products or mousses that are only going to weigh your locks down more. It’s best to buy products that are considered to be light hold.

Hairstyles that Are Both Curly and Short

There are many short styles that look great with curly hair. Modern looks today offer short bobs and pixie styles that look fantastic with curly hair. Some styles require layering which will only benefit your curly hair because it won’t look so thick. The thicker your hair is, the more volume it will appear that you have with a short style.

There are many trendy styles that can be great for loose waves or bigger curls. Everyone loves the beach look or the bedhead styles because of their big and bouncy curls. The shape of those big waves is very appealing for women everywhere. One of the most major trends now is adding highlights to a short hairstyle because it really can make a look pop even more.  Contrasting highlights can really create a great look, and they always stand out so much more in curly hair. The light just seems to know how to hit them right. These highlights are best handled by a professional, however, so always do your coloring at a salon for the best results.

Once you find the style that you love, then book an appointment with a skilled hairstylist to get the short look that you so desire.

Below are 70 of the Most Stylish Short and Curly Hairstyles:

  1. Blonde and Curly

This curly short look is stunning with the blonde. It looks as if the layers are longer in the front than the back. It’s a stunning look that can be worn anywhere.


2. The Beach Look

Everyone loves those surfer waves, and I’m not talking about the ocean. These gorgeous waves look great with long styles, and the color is stunning.


3. Short and Stylish

This short style is about chin length, and the curls are very bouncy. She has a side part that brings about a lot of volume.


4. Voluptuous Curls

This short style is parted off to the side.The curls are large, and there are even added highlights that bring out some color to the gray look.


5. A Shaggy Bob

These curls are a little more electrifying. The overall style is sexy as a one-length bob. There is a small bang also off to the side.


6. The Lawrence Style

When Jennifer Lawrence cut off all her hair, people thought she was crazy. But the actress has proven that she can rock any length of hair. This short style looks amazing on her. It’s parted off to the side with some subtle waves.


7. Pink Style

Pink has always sported short styles as they suit her face shape the best. This pixie look is much shorter on one side than the other. The shorter side has been shaved, and the color choice really makes the overall look pop.

7280816-short-curly-hairstylesshortpink8. Sexy Updo

If you are looking for an updo for your next event, then look no further. This sexy updo is elegant and easy to do. It’s parted off to the side with some curls and a jeweled accessory.


9. The Hollywood Look

Charlize Theron rocks this elegant and glamorous look. It’s parted to the side with cascading curls. This short style is all about the Hollywood glamor.

9280816-short-curly-hairstylesshortcharlizetheron10. Glamor Shorts

Another example of a glamor choice. The hair falls just to the chin with some bouncy curls. The blonde just sets the right tone for the whole elegant feel of the style.


11. Fiery Red

I’m not sure what’s better the color choice or the cut, but they are both pretty great. It has large sweeping bangs that are pulled to the side. The look goes well below the chin but is still considered a short style.


12. The Center Part

Miley Cyrus has sported a million different styles, but she definitely looks great in this one. It’s a two-toned color, and the cut falls below the chin. The center part gives the style a very different look and can be low maintenance.

12280816-short-curly-hairstylesMileyCyrusMar13. Flowing Waves

This short look sits above the shoulders. The rippling waves really create a magical look that you are sure to love. It has a wide side part that adds volume to the style.


14. Classic Bob

This classic bob is great for people that have thin hair. The waves fall naturally, and the overall style is fuss-free. A side part will allow for some volume.


15. Just a Few Waves

This is a truly original updo that can be worn anywhere fancy. It’s a simple ponytail that turns into a bun. The waves are created on the sides and accessorized.


16. Add Some Bangs

This short style looks fantastic with some side bangs. The blonde coloring looks great with the overall style.


17. Curly Pixie

This short pixie look is amazing with curly hair. The curls are held up high while the sides are shaved. I love the patch of blonde highlights in front of the hair.


18. Gorgeous Updos

It’s not a very short updo, but it’s still a gorgeous one. If you need a style for your next wedding, then try this one out. Add some accessories and you’ll be set.


19. Maximum Curls

These curls are very tight and can make a short look appear even shorter. The color itself is extraordinary.


20. Short on One Side

This style allows you to have short and long hair at the same time. One side is cut short while all the length is pulled off to one side.


21. The Siren

If you are looking for a style that is mysterious and dramatic, then try this one out. It’s very short and polished. The curls are in small waves and created with care.


22. Choppy Bob

This bob is a lot edgier than the classic bob. It’s about the same length, but it has many layers all over the head. These layers are then styled outward to give a free-spirited look that you see here. The dark areas in front compliment the overall look.


23. A Striking Updo

This is a beautiful updo that would be perfect for your next wedding. It’s parted off to the side and styled perfectly with curls. It’s then adorned with some flowers to complete the look.


24. Longer Layers

These long layers look great with the curls, but it’s not your standard short style.


25. The Pixie

This pixie is low maintenance and fuss-free. The choppy layers keep the curls in place while giving you a modern day style. It’s the kind of look that would be easy to do in the morning.


26. Angled Bob

This curly bob is angled so that the back is a lot shorter than the front of the hair. The curls give it the perfect amount of volume.


27. A Shock of Red

This redhead knows how to rock a short hairstyle. This updo is full of curls and parted off to the side. It’s a classy look that would be great for any event.


28. The Shaved Back

This bob is full of length on top but has a shaved back. The curls add extra volume to the top to give the appearance of a fuller style.


29. Short and Sexy

The style is not too short, and it has a side part. There are no bangs, but the style doesn’t need it. The sexy blonde coloring is very appealing.


30. Sexy Bob

This sexy bob is longer on one side than another. The soft waves on the style are just perfect. The highlights bring out the shape of the curls.


31. Standard Bob

This bob is all one length and in a striking color. The curls are very loose and can still be pulled back into a ponytail.


32. Curly Pixie

This look is parted down the middle and is extra curly. It’s very short in the back, and the top is full of volume.


33. Sexy Bob

It’s a sexy look, the combination of blonde highlights with the angled bob. The loose curls look great even in the back where it’s shorter.


34. Kinky Curls

These kinky curls are loose and longer in the front. It’s another example of the angled bob with a much longer length in the front.


35. Cute Curls

This stylish look is one that could be worn casually or to an event. The curls are bouncy and beautiful. The side bangs are sweep to the side.


36. Ice Blonde Curls

This look isn’t too short if you are looking to keep some of your length. The loose waves add volume to the style, and the color is stunning.


37. Angled Curls

This angled bob is extra curly. It’s hard to tell it’s angled because of the loose curls.


38. Thick Curls

The short bob is cut really short in the back. The texture of the hair is very thick and is probably tapered throughout to alleviate some of the volume.


39. Flipping Pixie

The pixie look is very short with some spiky layers on top. The layers above can be styled in various ways. The sides are shaved to give a very chic appearance.


40. Curly Cue

This curly look is only in front of the hairstyle. The rest of the style is loose waves. The style is very short in the back with the long curls in the back.


41. Sexy Waves

These loose waves really compliment the short style.


42. Tight Curls

A shirt style that is very full due to the loose curls that hang tightly to the head.


43. Choppy Layers

A stunning blonde coloring that looks amazing with these choppy layers.


44. Stacked on Top

Short in the back with the curls piled high on top of the head. The style looks great in black.


45. Side Bangs

This short style has the extreme part allowing for plenty of volume.


46. Cascading Colors

The angled bob has an array of colors that are sure to please your creative soul. It’s short in the back and gets longer in the front.


47. White Curls

These white blonde curls make this angled bob really pop.


48. Thick Curls

The texture of the hair is very thick, so thick that it almost needs to be texturized. There is so much volume that it’s hard to see the style.


49. Large Curls

The curls are so loose they almost look like waves. The short style is cut short at the bottom.


50. Loose Waves

These loose waves create a stunning short style.


51. A Signature Style

Meg Ryan has always had a signature style, and this look has been a popular choice for her.


52. Sexy Styles

Short on one side and longer on the other. The gray, blonde coloring is striking.


53. Rockstar Purple

You don’t get a wilder short style than this one.


54. A Mess of Curls

There are so many curls to this look and more volume than you will know what to do with.


55. Spicy Curls

Another example of the angled bob with some curls.


56. Modern Pixie

A popular pixie look that is modern and sexy.


57. A Shaved Side

One side is shaved while the other has long curls.


58. Curly Sue

These striking curls are a stunning example of what a short style can really do for you.


59. Long Bob

A longer style that can still be categorized as short. This style is a classic curly short.


60. Angled Length

This angled bob is a lot longer than most of them.


61. Tight Curls

Another example of the lopsided bob. These tight curls don’t offer a lot of volume.


62. The Pixie Curl

A soft pixie with some loose curls. A sweet style that can be worn anywhere.


63. Corkscrew Curls

These corkscrew curls give a unique look to the bob.


64. The Classic Bob

This classic bob is parted in the middle. It’s a gorgeous style.


65. Curly Shave

A close shave with a mountain of curls on top.


66. A Stunning Blonde

Another example of a blonde angled bob.


67. Tight Pixie

These tight curls are perfect for a short pixie.


68. A Classic Style

This is a popular short look that is easy to maintain.


69. Hello Red

A stunning red shade that is sure to catch the eye. It could be the perfect combination to your short hairstyle.


70. Piled on Top

Another red style that has the curls piled on top of the head.

70280816-short-curly-hairstylesshortcurlyhairstyleformaturewomenComment below on your favorite style!

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