61 Short Hairstyles That Black Women Can Wear All Year Long


You love wearing short hair, but you want to change your look.   We have chosen some of the best styles to keep your look fresh at all times.

short hairstyles for black women

short hairstyles for black women

1.Updated Bob:  Kerry Washington is sporting an asymmetrical choppy bob with spiral curls.  The funky length and side-swept bangs make this bob less matronly and more modern.

short hairstyles for black women 12

2. Punky Pixie: Jennifer Hudson’s smooth and silky pixie cut shows off her beautiful face. This chic cut can be parted several ways or accessorized with a jeweled headband for a bit of sparkle.

short hairstyles for black women 11

3.Softer Mohawk: Shorter on the sides and longer on top, the waves sweeping forward frame her face and giver her volume on top.  The sides can go shorter or longer depending upon how dramatic you want your “Mohawk” to contrast.

short hairstyles for black women 10

4.Caramel Lowlights: Mary J. Blige has the most drool-worthy caramel color in this short cut.  Sections have been taken from her side and swept over to create super-dramatic bangs.

short hairstyles for black women 7

5. Classic Coolness: Another, more classic take on the bob.  Rolling sections in hot rollers gives her smooth and subtle waves. We use Diane’s 2 1/2 inch Magnetic Rollers to create waves like this.

short hairstyles for black women 3

6. Sexy Spirals: Pumping up her natural curls with curl creme, this look is a bit sexy librarian.  Coloring the ends copper give her dimension and keeps the curls from getting lost.


7. Golden Goddess: Here Mary J. Blige is rocking a straightened platinum pixie cut.  Sleeking the side section of hair over towards the front accentuates the angles in her face and creates a dramatic bang.

short hairstyles for black women 14

8. Beautifully Natural: With a face this stunning, Solange Knowles doesn’t need much more to make her shine.  Her ultra-short natural curls are youthful and easy-to-maintain.

short hairstyles for black women 13

9.Lovely Layers: This cut shows what a great cut can do for curly hair.  Every curl is cut strategically to look its best, laying in a way that frames her face and creates a stunning shape.

short hairstyles for black women 21

10. Curls for Days:  This cut is designed to leave lots of length up top, which can be styled in several ways.  By straightening the top layers and combing them down, you can create an entirely different look.  This is a style built for versatility.

short hairstyles for black women 1

11. Shaggy Bangs: Longer bangs draw you to her big beautiful eyes and are a great way to conceal forehead wrinkles and age spots.  To add texture to your bangs, try Small Talk’s 3-in-1 Thickifier, Energizer, Styler.

short hairstyles for black women 2

12.Sleek Sophistication: Jennifer Hudson’s hair here is short, shiny and sleek.  To achieve this look, start with a great cut and use a smoothing spray like Blo Pro’s You Only Smoother Advanced Smoothing Spray.

short hairstyles for black women 4

13.Faux Fabulous: To create a bob with long hair, curl with a big barrel curling iron.  Roll the bottom sections underneath and pin in place. Finish with a hair spray that holds while adding shine.

short hairstyles for black women 1514. Ageless Angles: Iman’s angled bob is elegant and face-flattering.  With high and lowlights, her color pops, complimenting her skin tone. This look begins with a phenomenal professional cut.

short hairstyles for black women 14

15. White Hot: This white hot cut is drastic and dramatic – perfect for the woman who wants to stand out.  Her icy make-up and strappy ivory dress complete her stunning look.  To create a wet look similar to this, try Icon’s Mesh Moisturizing Styling Cream.

short hairstyles for black women 13

16. Urban Sexy:  Mohawks are still super-hot right now. This looks makes a Mohawk even hotter with geometric lines shaved in both sides of her head. Hot rollers and stiff spray add more height to the center section. This girl was born to stand out.

short hairstyles for black women 6

17. Pinned Perfection: Here Janet Jackson is sporting a funky fake short style by pinning back her sides.  As I Am Smoothing Hair Gel is the perfect product to duplicate this look with longer hair.

short hairstyles for black women 16

18. Sultry Spikes:  Halle Berry spiked the top sections of her short cut for a new take on the pixie.  Her bronze ends give the cut depth and complement her makeup and skin.  Sebastian Molding Mud will keep your spikes in place from morning until night.

short hairstyles for black women 1719. Overgrown Bob: Rihanna’s longer bob looks fabulous is its pin-straight perfection.  With a side part and asymmetrical length she looks contemporary and cool. CHI’s Ceramic Flat Iron will give you the straightest locks imaginable.

short hairstyles for black women 18

20. Razor Waves:  This look was created with the razor, each individual section being shaped with precision.  The center section is straightened and swept forward.  This look requires a lot of maintenance, but is so worth it.

short hairstyles for black women 19

21. Curled to Perfection: Show off your stunning natural curls with this simple short style.  The right products will keep your curls moisturized and frizz-free all day. Cantu’s Coconut Curl Cream softens your waves and smells amazing.

short hairstyles for black women 22

22.Tousled Twist Out: This laid back look can be created by separating hair into small sections, applying generous amounts of moisturizer followed by the oil of your choice.  Next add curling crème. Gently detangle before twisting. Braid or twist each section and pin the ends to hold the twist. Leave hair pinned for desired time and remove pins.  This model used looser twists for a more tousled look.


short hairstyles for black women 23

23. Blonde Ambition: Rihanna is sporting a higher than high short cut.  This bright blonde gives her a futuristic look.  Crème of Nature’s Exotic Shine Color with Argan Oil in Ginger Blonde will give you Rihanna’s color while protecting your locks.




short hairstyles for black women 24

24.Sophisticated Layers: Toni Braxton’s short cut is layered to perfection.  This shape is best achieved with a professional razor cut.  Shaved underneath with a few longer pieces, this is a cutting edge look – perfect for a trendsetter like Toni.

short hairstyles for black women 25

25.   Fresh Finger Waves: Finger Waves never go out of style.  They are updated for 2015 with her bold red color.  To create these waves, curl small sections into tight curls and then alternate between combing out each curl and flattening it to the head.  Spray for all-day and night hold.

short hairstyles for black women 26

26. Burgundy Bombshell:  Curlformers are a great gentle way to create these ringlets without heat.  Available in corkscrew, barrel and spiral kits, you can change up your curls whenever you please. Adding red to her ends defines her curls and makes them pop.

short hairstyles for black women 27

27. Blonde Mohawk:  Her natural curls are bleached blond and shaped into a Mohawk for this gorgeous style.  By not straightening her hair, she achieves a softer look. Wonder Curl’s Get Set Hair Jelly a great product for defining curls and keeping frizz to a minimum.

short hairstyles for black women 2928.Two-Tone Overgrown Pixie: The contrast in this longer-on-top pixie cut gives it a modern edge.  With a deep side part and pale blond top layers, this look is fun and funky.  Keep this style looking its best with frequent trims around the nape of the neck.

short hairstyles for black women 30

29. Amazing Ombre:  The dark roots trend seems here to stay and this makes many women who dread their frequent touch-ups very happy.  While exposed roots used to be taboo, they’re now on-trend. The graduating darker to lighter color looks great on her silky straight bob.

short hairstyles for black women 31

30.Romantic Curls: This short bob lets her natural curls shine and bounce.  Use a curl-enhancing mousse to bring out the best in every curl.  If you bobby pin the roots while working the mousse through each section, you can prevent them from pumping up.



short hairstyles for black women 32

31.  Copper Curls: This longer bob features looser spiral curls for a more relaxed style.  The copper color complements her skin tone perfectly.  Try Dark & Lovely’s Go Intense Hair Color in Radian Copper to achieve the same shimmery gold look.

short hairstyles for black women 33

32. Edgy Afro:  This look is a little bit afro, a little bit Mohawk.  All of the volume is concentrated in the center section, with the sides left tight.  This style is super easy to maintain with the right moisturizer and regular trims to keep the sides short.

short hairstyles for black women 34

33.  Highlighted Pixie: Kelly Rowland loves to change up her look and we think this is one of her best.  This pixie cut with longer side-swept bangs shows off her beautiful eyes.  Bronze highlights make this a beautiful style for fall.

short hairstyles for black women 35

34. Braids for Days: Twist braids can be time-consuming to create, but they last a lot longer than other styles.  These can be done at home with practice.  Spraying an olive oil and water mixture on each section before braiding makes working with the hair easier

short hairstyles for black women 36

35. Vintage Vixen: This beautiful look was created by curling large sections of her bob with a 1 inch curling iron. Use a heat protectant spray on each section before curling to prevent damage.  This retro-inspired style is great for a special night out.

short hairstyles for black women 37

36. Twist Out on Top: This short cut had added volume on top with her curl-defining twist out.  Auburn highlights brighten up her locks. Twist-outs can last 6-7 days with the right products.

short hairstyles for black women 38

37. Big Blonde Curls: This short cut includes lots of long layers in the center and front shaped into big bold curls.  Duplicated this look with a bright blonde on the tips like Clairol’s Texture and Tones Color in Honey Blonde. Use a 1.5 inch curling iron to make those curls big and beautiful.

short hairstyles for black women 39

38. Ravishing Red: Rihanna loves to take chances, especially with her hair. This claret-colored shaped bob is no exception. To get well-defined spiral curls use a professional curling iron with AG Hair’s Curl Trigger Curl Defining Spray.

short hairstyles for black women 40

39. Gorgeous Gray: Silvers and Grays are not just for seniors anymore.  They are one of the biggest trends for fall.  Not covering your gray every few weeks will surely save you time and money.  But choose your make-up colors wisely when accenting gray. Try soft purples and plums on your eyes and lips.

short hairstyles for black women 41

40. Soft and Effortless: This short straight bob is great for an easy yet classic style that can go anywhere.  Keep the fly-aways at bay with Dark & Lovely’s 6-Week Anti-Reversion Cream Serum.

short hairstyles for black women 42

41. White Box Braids: Box braids are a great way to protect ends and promote growth.  Keeping braids on the thinner side will keep the braids from pulling on your roots. By going with white braids, she’s created modern, fun style.

short hairstyles for black women 43

42. Upswept Glamazon: This short style was actually created with longer lengths that have been swept up and back. This is an updo that’s made to “wow.”  Add some blinged-out accessories and you have a red-carpet look they won’t soon forget.

short hairstyles for black women 44

43.Minimalist Chop: For the ultimate low-maintenance style, go for the chop.  If you don’t have the time or patience for colors or other chemical treatments, this look is beautiful and bold.  Use a trusted scalp conditioner like  SoftSheen Carson’s StaySofFro’s Hair & Scalp Conditioner to keep you short ‘do always looking its best.

short hairstyles for black women 46

44. Cornrows and Curls: This short style was created by cornrowing the top and sides of her hair and pinning the ends up into high ponytail.  She complements her skin tone beautifully with the red highlights on the ends of her curls.


short hairstyles for black women 47

45. Loc Love: Achieve this mini-loc look by twisting small sections tightly all over the head. Weave several of the twisted sections together to create this funky take on cornrows.  Loosen the ends of the twists in the areas where you want to create some volume.

short hairstyles for black women 48

46. Uneven Bob: This uneven bob with the shaved side is super sexy.  This cut needs regular trims to keep the side looking neat, but is otherwise easy to maintain.  If you are nervous about adding a bold color like this electric blue, try a semi-permanent option any of Vero K-Pak’s Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Colors will work well.

short hairstyles for black women 49

47. Braided Mohawk:  Though her hair is actually very long, she was able to create this short style by gathering all of her braids in the center to create a Mohawk.  Using a product like Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse on her braids will keep her braids shiny and flyaway-free.

short hairstyles for black women 51

48. Textured Pixie: Fantasia Barrino loves to sport short hair and she does it so well.  She is always changing up her cut with layers and color.  Her nude lip and plum eye-color make this red really pop.

short hairstyles for black women 5249. Futuristic Flair: This is possibly the funkiest Mohawk available.   The entire head is shaved ultra-close to the scalp except for a thin row down the center which is razor-cut into a fresh Mohawk. Silver, blue and pink would look amazing on this modern ‘do.

short hairstyles for black women 5350. Pastel Pink:  Natural curls are colored with a graduating effect – going from white to pink at the ends.  Pastels are one of the biggest trends for fall.  Finish this look with shimmery make-up and a sexy silver bodycon dress for girls’ night out

short hairstyles for black women 54

51. Disheveled Diva: This is an easy, cute and casual way to sport curls.  Starting with an angled bob, curl small sections of hair all over your head using a 1.5 or 2 inch curling iron. Using your fingers or a pick, very gently loosen the curls to tousle them without creating frizz or breakage. Spray with a good hairspray for all day hold.

short hairstyles for black women 55

52. Gatsby Glamour: Halle’s finger waves are straight out of the 20’s but are just as sexy in 2015. She kept the base of her haircut very short with longer bangs.  Golden highlights make this style truly shine.

short hairstyles for black women 56

53.  Cinnamon Curls: Natural curls look great with a hint of cinnamon color. A pretty headband is a great way to accessorize while keeping your hair out of your face.  Add a headband with feathers or rhinestones for a more dressed-up look.

short hairstyles for black women 57

54. Braided Knots:  Another way to get a shorter style without chopping your longer locks is by creating Bantu knots with braided sections all over your head.  You don’t need to braid the hair before knotting but it does add texture.  To add dimension to your knots, add hints of color to different sections.

short hairstyles for black women 58

55. Partial Cornrows:  The model in this image has longer hair, but this look can be easily adapted to any length.  By creating cornrows front and center, and leaving the remaining hair loose and relaxed, she has created a modern mane.

short hairstyles for black women 60

56. Linear Short Cut: Keri Hilson’s top and back sections are left long, while the sides are shaved with graphic lines.   Her blonde color is rich and multi-dimensional.  She can part this several ways to change her look. Short can be sexy!

short hairstyles for black women 61

57. Wavy Layers: Keri Hilson’s beautiful wavy layered bob is so simple and chic. She added honey highlights and a deep side part to update the basic bob.  To recreate this color, try Dark and Lovely’s Fade-Resistant Rich Conditioning Hair Color in Honey Blonde.

short hairstyles for black women 62

58. Geometric Mohawk: Geometric design is everywhere right now: clothing, jewelry, home furnishings and now hair.  With her center section swept into a full Mohawk, her sides are shaved into graphic patterns to give her a raw edginess.


short hairstyles for black women 63

59. Short Spikes: Heavily texturized with a razor, the model’s fringe is tousled and teased into a messy pixie.  Golden blonde highlights add brightness and shine.  Try Long N’ Strong’s Anti-Frizz Leave-In Texturizing Serum to achieve this style.

short hairstyles for black women 6460. Casual Curls: This short style leaves plenty of length at the top to create this big beautiful barrel curls.  Her sides are slicked down to give the effect of a subtle Mohawk.  She can part this look on either side or straighten her hair for more of a short bob. This style offers plenty of versatility.

short hairstyles for black women


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