90 Sexy and Sophisticated Short Hairstyles for Women


If you are looking for a big change in your life, then it might be time for a short haircut. Cutting your hair can be a freeing experience. We love short hairstyles they can be sexy and sophisticated and how can you not love that? There are so many different short haircut styles that you are sure to love.

Short styles are truly amazing because they can be as edgy as you want it to be. There are sassy styles that are truly eye-catching. We love short styles and you will too after you see these amazing styles. These sexy short hairstyles will have heads turning wherever you go.

It doesn’t matter if you have thin or thick hair then is a short hairstyle out there for you. There are straight styles as well as wavy styles, the sky is the limit for what you can achieve with a new hairstyle. Whether you want something conservative or punky, we have a hairstyle for you.

Check out all the options you have available for you.

Below are 90 Sexy and Sophisticated Short Hairstyles for Women:

1. Sleek Styles

A great short style that is truly alluring. A pixie cut is truly inspiring.

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2. Short and Curly

If you have thick hair then this might be a great style for you.

3. Shockingly White

This shaved style is truly amazing, if you are looking for something edgy then this is sure to be a style for you.

4. Mohawk Styles

A sexy style that has a shaved style and a stunning Mohawk. This edgy hairstyle is remarkable.

5. Sleek Bob

This great bob is sleek and stylish. Add a braid to make a lovely hairstyle.

6. Short Blonde Styles

A blonde style that is truly amazing. This blonde design is truly edgy.

7. Shaggy Styles

An amazing style that is bold and original. We love the waves in this hairstyle. If you don’t want to go too short then you are sure to love this style.

8. Long Lengths

A great style that allows you to have some length even with a shirt style.

9. Shaved Short Hairstyle

A stunning shaved style that has stages to it, with the top layer being the longest.

10. High Styles

A great style that has some high lengths with the sides shaved.

11. Curly Designs

We love this short style because it offers a lot of volume to it.

12. Shiny Styles

An edgy style that is stunning and has many choppy layers to it.

13. Choppy Styles

A side bang that is choppy like the rest of the style. We love it.

14. Stunning Bob

A great bob that has some unique stylings that you are sure to love.

15. Shaggy Styles

A great style that is cute as a button. We just love these amazing waves.

16. Tight Curls

This gorgeous style is truly eye-catching. We can’t help but love these tight curls because that add so much volume to it.

17. Edgy Styles

One side is shaved while the other side is showing off an edginess that we can’t help but love.

18. Pixie Styles

A pixie cut that is beautifully done. If you want to go really short then try out a pixie cut.

19. Shocking Blondes

A beautiful blonde style that is so popular right now. If you want a short style then try this one out for size.

20. Bold Curls

A great curly style that has always been popular.

21. Twisty Styles

If you want a style that is a little more simple and conservative then you will love this style.

22. Creative Bob’s

A great style that is so stunning it will shock you. This bob is not your average bob, it’s truly unique and gorgeous.

23. Shoulder Length Styles

A great style that is truly amazing. If you want to cut your hair it doesn’t mean you have to go super short, just keep it to your shoulders.

24. Spiky Styles

This straight style is spiky and unique. If you want a great new style then this is it.

25. Bowl Cut

If you really want a different look then look no further than this one.

26. Stunning Blondes

A great style that is sure to turn some heads.

27. Choppy Pixie

A great style that has some choppy edge to it.

28. Braided Designs

Sienna Miller always has a stunning style and this hair cut is no different.

29. Sideswept

A great style that is gorgeous all around. It’s a gorgeous style that is more than edgy enough.

30. Short Styles

This is a sophisticated style that anyone is sure to love.

31. Bold Curls

This top model knows how to have some serious style. It’s gorgeous and the curls are colored creatively.

32. Tight Pixie

A great pixie that is a sleek as it comes. It’s a style that is super short.

33. Shaggy Styles

A great style that is short on one side and a little shaggy on the other. It’s a sexy style that is truly remarkable.

34. Tightest Curl

These curls are truly amazing because of the tight curls. With this short style there is plenty of volume.

35. Bold and Beautiful Curls

Gorgeous curls that are trulyeyee-catching. You won’t find a sexier style than this one.

36. Shaved Back

A stunning short style that has a shaved back. These styles are always shaggy and this one is absolutely amazing.

37. Stunning Styles

If you love short styles then you are sure to love such a sexy style. The curls in this style are truly amazing.

38. Wavy Styles

A great style is truly amazing because of the soft waves. You don’t have to have a super short style to have a great haircut.

39. Bold and Stunning

A great style that you are sure to ove because of the beautiful curls.

40. Curly Mohawk

There is nothing more badass than a mohawk. This style has everything you need to be cool. It’s edgy and curly all in the same style.

41. Selena Gomez

A great style for this celebrity and she shows off just how cool short haircuts can be.

42. Short and Shaggy

A crop top is a great way to get some attention. It’s a style that you will love for a long time.

43. Long Braids

A great style that is soft and romantic. We love the braid that is in this short style.

44. Nape Designs

A short and sexy style that will turn heads wherever you go. It’s a simple cut and one that you can love for a long time.

45. Bold Blonde

This stunning blonde knows how to get the cameras flashing. This stunning cut and color is a popular one.

46. Fun Styles

This haircut is very spirited and free. If you want something fun and loose then try out this style.

47. Soft Designs

A soft style with plenty of waves.

48. Bold Red

A bold red is everything you need to make this short style edgy.

49. Great Styles

Another great example of a style that is just above the shoulders. It’s soft and really pretty, a wonderful style that will take you all year long.

50. Strong Styles

This short cut is very strong and bold. The color is amazing and really badass. The top is longer than the rest, a short cut that makes a strong contrast. The best part of the style is a shocking color. We love these styles because they are very different.

51. Edgy Crops

The layers for this cut are pretty cool.

52. Purple Designs

Is the best part of this cut the purple color? A shaved style that has a pretty amazing Mohawk. If you want a sexy style that will draw some attention then this is a great one for you. We love the bright purple, it’s stunning and you won’t find a color that is better than this.

53. Perky Styles

This cut looks fresh and fun. If you want to cut your air but not go to short then you should try a style like this one.

54. Classic Pixie

A great style that has a classic look. This is a very popular pixie cut that has been around for awhile. It’s not a style that is just a fad, it’s been a popular style for short haircuts for a long time.

55. Shaved Designs

An amazing style that is edgy because of the designs in the back.

56. Shocking Styles

A great style that you are sure to love because of the braids against the shaved style.

57. Gorgeous Blonde

How can you not love this simple blonde, short style?

58. Edgy and White

You won’t find a more badass color than this one and the cut is pretty awesome as well.

59. Fishtails

Make your short haircut amazing with this small fishtail.

60. Short Pixie

If you are looking for a drastic change then you just might love this short style.

61. Curly Cue

A short styles that is full of curls.

62. Creative Designs

A short style that has some great contrasts.

63. Short and Sweet

We just adore this short celebrity style.

64. Blonde Curls

A short style that has bouncing curls.

65. Bold and Stunning

This messy style is very sexy and it would be the perfect new change this season.

66. Sleek Lines

A great style that is truly amazing. We love how sleek and perfect it looks.

67. Sophisticated Looks

We can’t heklp but love this celebrity style, it’s sophisticated and sexy all at the same time.

68. Red Highlights

Grab a stunning haircut and some gorgeous red highlights. This style is perfect for the fall.

69. Stunning Braids

We can’t help but love this soft and simple style. The braid is a great addition to the look.

70. White Styles

This amazing style is great because of the edginess of the style and the color.

71. Contrasting Shades

This badass look is amazing because of the contrasting colors.

72. Wavy Styles

Another stunning example of a wavy look that is truly amazing.

73. PINK

PINK has always had short hair and she always makes the best of it. This style is sexy and edgy all at the same time. We love her Mohawk and the edgy colors that she uses.

74. Cute Designs

This cut is really simple but it’s also adorable as well. We think this simple style is all the rage.

75. Shaggy Styling

This short style offers up some bangs. If you want something different then look no further than this style.

76. Braided Bun

You can still have the benefits of a braided style while still having short hair.

77. Ashlee Simpson

This girl has had her hair short and long and many different colors. We love her short and sleek bob here.

78. Side Style

This sexy style is pulled to one side and we adore the shaved style. It’s a gorgeous style that you are sure to love.

79. Fun Styles

If you can’t help but love blonde then this short style is for you.

80. Wavy Elements

A gorgeous example of a beach wave with a short style.

81. Bold Black

We love this edgy design, there is a lot of volume for this style.

82. Sexy Shave

A great shaved style that has a great Mohawk. I love the white blonde, it’s absolutely stunning.

83. Creative Curls

A sexy style that is so amazing because of all the volume. We love this style.

84. Creative Braids

If you have shoulder length hair then why not try this style on for size. It’s sexy and has a bit of a romantic air to it. 

85. Love Styles

A simple style that would be very low maintenance.

86. Shaved Curls

These curls are amazing and they show off the curls on top in an amazing way.

87. Classic Cut

A great style that is lovely because of its simplicity. We love the classic look because it’s truly amazing.

88. Red Hot

If you want a bold style then look no further than this one. We love the red hot color.

89. Shocking White

A simple cut that is very short and white! If you want a dramatic style then this is the look for you.

90. Bold Colors

These styles are great for thick hair. The shaved side is amazing with the thick Mohawk. These colors are an added bonus to such an amazing style.


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