55 Beautiful Short Natural Hairstyles That You’ll Love


If you are looking for fresh new styles that you can use with your natural hair, then you have come to the right place. Many African American women often have trouble finding style because their hair may be difficult to handle or there isn’t enough length. The texture of the hair can also be brittle or dry which can make styling it very difficult. Many women will opt to stay with a short style until their hair is healthy enough to grow longer. The problem is of course how you should style your newly short hair? There is no need to fret however there are many different ways that you can style short hair and you will love all of them.

There are many different fun ways that you can style your short hair and we have found some pretty amazing ideas for you.

Below are 55 Beautiful Short Natural Hairstyles That You’ll Love:

  1. Curly Cue

We love this style because it’s all about fresh styles for people who have curly hair.

2. Braided Styles

You don’t need really long hair to have an amazing braided style.

3. Shaved Style

This gorgeous style isn’t too short and we love how she has shaved the side of her head as well.

4. Shaved Design

If you want to keep your hair really short or maybe you have to because there’s been too much damage, then you should try a style like this one.

5. Short and Sweet

A great style that it’s too short or too long.

6. Bold Colors

A rather large mohawk design that has some amazing bright colors to it.

7. Blonde Highlights

This gorgeous hairstyle has some pretty great blond highlights on top. The style is simple because the sides are shaved and the top is not much longer. This style will certainly keep you cool in the summer.

8. Bouncy Curls

This gorgeous style is high on top with some raging curls. The rest is shaved close to the scalp with some cool designs. We love the unusual curls on the top; they truly are stunning.

9. High Top 

This cool style is all about keeping things long on top and then shaving all around. This style is truly high fashion. We can imagine this style on the fashion runway. It’s something that is truly original because we don’t see it very often.

10. Soft Curls

These curls have a softer texture to them and they look like it would be fun to run your fingers through them.

11. Lightning Streak

Another example of the cool things that can be done with a shaved side. The best part of the shaved style is that the sky is the limit on what you can design in the shaved area.

12. Mohawk Styles

This is one gorgeous style and you don’t even have to shave your head to achieve it. The sides are just pulled in a tight design to achieve this one of a kind mohawk.

13. Beautiful Curls

Aren’t these curls just gorgeous? We would have to agree. We love that she has kept her natural color along with the blonde. It’s gorgeous and we can see this style at your next event.

14. Cool Mohawks

Mohawks are cool and there are so many different ways you can achieve them. We love the unusual styling on the side; it really stands out.

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15. Simple Styles

This short style couldn’t be more low-maintenance. If you want a style that is simple and easy to take care of then why not try a super short style like this one.

16. Great Styles

A soft and simple style that you can wear just about anywhere. Try this style out at your next event and you are sure to have heads turning all night.

17. High Styles

We just love how shiny her hair is, and the mohawk is to die for.

18. Sleek Part

Now, this slick style is truly beautiful. There is a little length on top and the rest is a beautiful shaved style.

19. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has always had a lot of different styles and this one is short and sexy.

20. Close Cut

This stunning style is quite short but perfect for someone that has damaged hair.

21. Blonde Styles

If you love the shaved styles, then you are sure to love this one. Adding blonde is easy because it will grow out quickly the next time you cut it.

22. Twists

Are they curls or are they twists? It’s really hard to tell.

23. Headband

This short style looks great with a headband to pull it all back.

24. Curly Styles

Michelle has always been a very stylish woman and in this case, she’s no different. We love the loose curls that she has in this short natural style.

25. Sexy Texture

The texture of her hair allows for this amazing height. It’s a gorgeous style that you are sure to love.

26. Short Curls

Curly hair looks great whether it’s short or long.

27. Small Braids

A great style that you are sure to love because of its badass nature.

28. Beautiful Curls

Another great example of why we love curls so much. These loose curls are sure to be a head turner.

29. Tighter Curls

An afro style with some very tight curls.

30. Pigtails

This cute style is made up of some amazing braids that end in two circular pigtails.

31. Blond Styles

These curls are gorgeous and we love the blonde coloring with it.

32. Great Styles

Another great short style that has the sides shaved and the length is left on top.

33. Sleek and Straight

If you have straight hair, then this might be exactly what you are looking for. The shiny, the sleek lines and that purple, they all come together for a beautiful hairstyle.

34. Just Braids

This is a pretty cool style that consists of a few braids while the rest is shaved.

35. Sexy Styles

If you are looking for a sexy new style, then this is the one for you.

36. Bold Curls

A great looking hairstyle that you are sure to love if you want to embrace your natural curls.

37.  Twirling Curls

A great short natural hairstyle that has some twirling curls.

38. Gorgeous Styles

A gorgeous style that is short in the back and high on top.

39. Bouncy Styles

A gorgeous short natural style is voluminous because of the extreme side part and the stunning curls.

40. Sexy and High

A bold style that is part of the afro family. Her hair is high due to the texture of her hair.

41. Short and Sexy

If you love short and sexy curls, then you are sure to love a style like this one. We just love those curls.

42. The Side Part

A short style that is straight and styled into a bob. It has a deep part which gives it lots of volume.

43. Square Mohawk

A great style that has some high mohawk style that you are going to love.

44. Sophisticated Style

A great style that has some great curls and short styles on the side.

45. Wavy Styles

A great style that is short and sweet. These wavy styles are truly remarkable.

46. Simply Short

If you love short styles then why not try one that is full of lively curls. We love these styles because they are so full of life. 

47. Partial Updos

A great style that is partially up and down. The style is tight and looks wonderful.

48. Spiral Curls

Spiral curls have been around for a long time. These styles are gorgeous and the curls are free-flowing.

49. Red Designs

A red mohawk is all you need to have an amazing style that you can wear for any season. It’s short at the bottom and high on top.

50. Beautiful Styles

This short style has beautiful waves and the texture looks like silk. If you are looking for a fresh new style that is truly unique, then you are sure to love a style that is naturally wonderful.

51. Short Curls

A great style that is natural and has some seriously tight curls. If you are looking for a fresh new style then why not try something that can frame your gorgeous curls.

52. Bold and Tight

How can you not love a style like this with tight curls that make your short hairstyles looking marvelous?

53. Fashion Styles

If you are looking for something that is high fashion, then you must try this style. There are plenty of curls and they are piled high. We love this gorgeous style because it’s so edgy and cool.

54. Simple and Short

A great style that is about as short as it gets. We love this style because it’s simple and very low-maintenance. If you’ve experienced damage or just want a new fashionable style then why not try a shaved look?

55. High Profile

A style that is sure to impress anyone because it is short on the sides but it has an amazing high top. We love how the curls just have a mind of their own. This is one of the most gorgeous curly styles we’ve seen.


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