94 Incredible Styles That Have Side Bangs


If you are looking for a way to create a new style without changing your look a lot, then simply adding a side bang might be a good idea. It changes up your look without doing anything major to your hair. Bangs are more popular now than ever before. If you feel like you are in the mood for change than you can’t go wrong with a side bang.

There are many different ways to create a side bang that can change up your book. There are so many different styles, so you are sure to find something that will flatter your face. There is choppy bangs and straight cut bangs and the ever popular side-swept bangs. They are a great way for you to update your look without making any really big changes. If you like long hair and you don’t want to cut it, then no worries, you keep your length and can still update your look.

Check out these 94 Incredible Styles That Have Side Bangs:

  1. Celebrity Styles

Kirsten Dunst has rocked this style for many years and it suits her very well.

side bangs

2. Simple Style

If you prefer styles that are really casual, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

3. Sexy Looks

A side bang can really vamp up your overall look for your next event. The bang itself doesn’t need to be curled while the rest of the hair is.

4. Short Styles

Just because your hair is short, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a side bang. This style is edgy and cool.

5. Simple and Wavy

Another simple look that wouldn’t be hard to maintain.

6. Longer Bangs

Bangs don’t have to be short in order to provide you with the look that you want.

7. Layered Look

This sexy style has a ton of layers in it. You could choose a side bang with this style but the solid straight bang in front also breaks up all the layers.

8. Cool Styles

Another great wavy style that has a lot of volume to it. The side bang is an added addition to the style.

9. Messy Styles

Who says that you have to have a polished look to have bangs? This simple look will be very easy to manage.

10. Blonde Bombshell

It’s been a while since Rachel McAdams has been this blonde, but it’s a color that looks amazing on her.

11. Sexy Waves

How could you not love a style like this one? It’s sexy and wild. We all like to feel a little untamed at times.

12. Vixen Styles

If you have a hot date coming up, then you can’t go wrong with this style. It’s truly one of a kind and so very sexy.

13. Volume Galore

This is another sexy style that is sure to get you a lot of attention.

14. Vintage Styles

Taylor Swift always looks awesome with vintage style. She has the perfect look that always looks glamorous. A side bang can look great with a vintage style as well.

15. Sweet Bob

Talk about a sexy bob, who wouldn’t want to rock out one of these styles this year? If you want to freshen up your look, all you need to do is add a side bang.

16. Shaggy Styles

If you like more of a relaxed style, then this is the look for you.

17. Multiple Looks

The side bang can be used in many different ways, just like you see in these pictures.

18. Sleek Styles

Even if you are someone who prefers a more polished or sleek look, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

19. Bold and Bright

This sexy style would be great for someone who loves to live on the edge.

20. Long Styles

Another great look that you can have is one that is simple with a long bang.

21. Sophisticated Styles

Sarah Jessica Parker has always had a sophisticated style. She is cool and casual with this style.

22. Side Sweep 

This gorgeous bob has a long bang that is swept off to the side.

23. Choppy Styles

Bangs come in many shapes and sizes and in this case we have a long pixie that is very choppy.

24. Sleek Looks

A bold look like this is one that is sure to turn heads.

25. Sophisticated Grace

Another great style that is elegant and soft. You are sure to love this style.

26. Wavy Looks

A simple style like this could be worn to your next event.

27. Sleek Styling

Reese Witherspoon looks amazing in this sleek look. Her bangs are short and swept off to the side.

28. Sweet and Soft

We have Reese with another style but this time she has added some waves, which softens up the whole look.

29. Edgy Cool

Kim Kardashian is clearly a trendsetter, so you can’t go wrong following her style choices.

30. Sloppy Styles

Another casual look that anyone would love.

31. Tight Curls

You may have thought it was impossible to have bangs with such tight curls but as you can see here, she is pulling it off and looking amazing.

32. Stunning Ponytail

This ponytail is so amazing and awesome that you could wear it for a night out clubbing with your girlfriends or even to a formal event. Be prepared to turn heads wherever you go.

Keeping Bangs In Place

When you first get your bangs cut, it can be hard to make them behave themselves. We have some tips that will help you along the way. Frank Cassi Beauty Stylist, Greg Reis on his tips and tricks for making bangs stay right where you want them.

Side-Swept Bangs

“It all starts with the very beginning of your blow dry,” says Reis. “If you allow your hair to air dry, it will dry in the direction that the hair grows.” If you want your hair to stay where it’s supposed to, then follow these steps.

Step One: Make sure you always start with wet bangs. That’s usually the case when you get out of the shower anyway. Separate bangs into four sections.

Step Two: use a small amount of medium hold gel and put it on each section.

Step Three: Blow dry your bangs using a small round brush in a diagonal direction to whichever side that you normally wear your bangs.

Step Four: Spray a little hair spray on your hands and run them through your bangs to keep them in place.

33. Sweet Styles

Emma Stone is so young in this photo and we love her casually cool style.

34. Glamour Looks

This is a very fresh look and it’s one that would make you feel glamorous.

35. Making The Cut

Cutting a bang is so simple and easy and only takes a stylist a couple of minutes.

36. Bold Choices

Another messy style that you can wear anywhere.

37. Casual Styles

Jennifer Garner has had the same style for years but it really suits her well.

38. Flipped Bang

These bangs have been flipped off to the side for a different look.

39. The Deep Part

If you don’t like a short bang, then this is a great example of a long one.

40. Soft Styles

This is another soft look that would be great for a night out on the town.

41. Sweet New Looks

This is a very simple look that can be worn anywhere.

42. Bold Designs

Kim Kardashian is sporting a much lighter shade here and a longer bang.

43. Sweet Sophistication

Katie Holmes looked stunning in this sleek bob. It’s definitely a style that you can try out.

44. Bold Bobs

The side-swept bang really compliments the whole look here.

45. Subtle Styles

This would be a very easy style to put together.

46. Bold Looks

Sometimes trying out a bold look is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

47. Cool Styles

A short style like this is cool with a side-swept bang.

48. Trendy Looks

Another simple look that you can wear anywhere.

49. Choppy Layers

A great look like this is wonderful for someone who likes edgy looks.

50. Bold Colors

The bang here is quite simple while the rest is all about the color.

51. Stunning Waves

A short style like this is everything you need in a fresh new look.

52. A-Frame

Sometimes you can create a whole new style by having the bangs on both sides of the head as if it’s an A-frame design.

53. Supermodel Style

This is another great example of bangs on both sides of the head.

54. Glamorous Styles

With this style, you can pull all of your hair back into an updo and leave out a long bang. It’s gorgeous.

55. Simply Wavy

Another simple look that you could still pull off at an event.

56. Fun Waves

If you like the casual look, then you are sure to love this one.

57. Simply Short

Another style that is short and simple.

58. Elegant Styles

This would be a great look if you have a wedding to go to.

59. Sleek Styling

If you love straight hair, then this is the look for you.

60. Pixie Cuts

Side bangs are perfect for pixie cuts.

61. Pixie To Ponytail

She sure had us fooled. Either way, the bangs look great with both looks.

62. Elegant Bun

This is just more proof that the side bang can be used with any style.

63. Multi-colored

We just love the colors here, they are so unique. We love that the bangs are two different shades.

64. Gorgeous Curls

This curly style has lots of lengths and a simple bang.

65. Short Pixie

Another great look that has an edgier bang.

66. Sleek Bangs

Even the bangs here are sleekly style for you to love.

67. Cute Looks

This is a simple and adorable look that you can wear anywhere.

68. Sleek Ponytails

Who said that ponytails had to be boring? This is a stunning style that any girl would love.

69. Before and After

From A to B and suddenly you have the look you want. It’s that easy.

70. Sweet and Fun

This is the kind of fun style that you can wear anywhere whether it’s a BBQ or the beach.

71. The Sweeping Bang

This sweeping bang looks awesome with this style.

72. Wavy Looks

We have Taylor Swift once again rocking out her side-swept bangs.

73. Simple Ponytail

Reese is sporting a very casual ponytail but she’s even bringing it to the red carpet.

74. Cool Ponytail

Another great option for a ponytail style.

75. Cool Vibes

This soft look is sure to put a smile on your face.

76. Warm Looks

We love the color here because it just warms her whole face up.

77. Sleek and Sassy

This cool look is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

78. Both Sides

Jennifer Lopez is showing off another example of bangs that go on both sides.


79. Celebrity Styling

This fresh new look has everything you need for a cool style.

80. Shorter Bangs

Jessica Biel has a simple look that is casual and easy to manage.

81. Sweet Bangs

If casual is what you are looking for, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

82. Layered Designs

This style is cool because the side bang blends right into the layers.

83. Sexy Styles

This sexy look is one to try out this year.

84. Simply Simple

Another casual look that you can wear as your everyday style.

85. Cute Bobs

This cute bob is sure to make you feel special.

86. Casual Designs

If you love casual styles, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

87. Sharp Styles

This edgy style has sharp edges, try it out and turn heads wherever you go.

88. Stunning Waves

This is a gorgeous look and you can wear it for a casual day or for a formal event.

89. Long Sweeps

A casual look that has a really long bang swept to the side.

90. Choppy and Bright

If edgy is what you are looking for, then you came to the right place with this style.

91. Cool Designs

This is another style that is simple yet beautiful.

92. Icy Hot

This awesome style has amazing color and flare.

93. Side Bangs

Here we see the bangs on both sides with an updo.

94. Fun and Edgy

This short look is fun and edgy, it’s the perfect look is you want a change.



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