87 Beautiful and Stylish Side Braid Hairstyles


If you are looking for a fresh new look this season then why not try outside braids. Braids, in general, have been around for hundreds of hears and they are a style that’s always going to be around. It’s not the type of design that ever goes out of style.

The great thing about side braids is that they are the perfect remedy for a bad hair day. If you have long hair and you don’t know what to do with it, then why not try a braid one for size and change up your look. Long hair can be a mess at times and it’s a great way for you to try something new with your hair. There are so many different ways to style a side braid that you are going to love these new styles. These side braids are sure to win you over.

Side Braids For Long Hair

When it comes to wearing a traditional braid all the hard work and gorgeous style is all on the back. Sure, other people get to see it, but you never do. The great thing about a side braid is that you get to enjoy the beauty as well. It’s a fun style that is always charming especially for an event. You will fall in love with these styles and the next thing you know you will be rocking side braids all the time. Check out these 87 Beautiful & Stylish Side Braid Hairstyles:

  1. Leaving it Loose

This gorgeous style is all about being loose and messy. The braid is just at the bottom of the hair.

2. Romantic Side Braid

We can see this gorgeous style for your next wedding or event. It’s stunning and reminds us of medieval times.

3. Long Braids

Here are four different styles of the side braid and as you can see they can be incorporated into buns as well.

4. Softening Looks

Another breathtaking look and this one is just a partial braid on the side.

5. Small Braids

A great style that has been around for awhile. It gives you a crowning look.

6. Golden Styles

These three side braids give off the same feeling as a shaved style. Try this out instead of shaving to achieve the same kind of look.

7. Wide Braids

This side braid is breathtaking and it ends in a fishtail braid. It’s another romantic look that would look amazing at your next event.

8. Fishtail Braid

A great style that is very loose and flowing.

9. Simple Braids

A simple braid that falls to the side of the head.

10. Tight Braids

Most of the braids that we have seen so far are very loose. This one gives you a different style idea.

11. Long and Beautiful

The top is left loose and the braid is long.

12. Crowning Braids

If Paris Hilton can pull off a side braid, then anyone can do it. Follow that style Queen.

13. Side Fishtail

This classic fishtail braid looks amazing on the side and it brings you a whole new look. It’s truly unique and you will be the talk of the party to be sure.

14. Crowning Glory

This unusual braid crowns the front of her head and then turns into a side braid. It’s gorgeous and will be perfect for any event that you go to.

15. Thick Braids

If you have a wedding coming up or an event this side braid is a perfect style. This would be a great style for a beach wedding or really any kind of outdoor wedding. It’s loose and people will be talking about it all night.

16. Multi-colored Braid

Sides braids that go into a bun make for a gorgeous style that you can wear to any event. It’s a style that you don’t have to worry about getting out of place. It will stay right where it is all night long.

17. Celebrity Style

This actress knows how to create a gorgeous side braid that is so long and beautiful. This blonde really knows how to show up looking amazing at all times.

18. Stunning Styles

This is a gorgeous style that starts on the side and curls around to the back. It’s a unique style that is sure to have people talking about it all night and that’s exactly what you want.

19. Genuine Styles

This is a soft look that can be worn casually or for a formal event. The color is amazing and we have to say that this is a great choice for style.

20. Loose Designs

Selena Gomez loves the side braid and hers is very loose and casual. She doesn’t really go for too many formal looks and this one is perfect for her.

21. Puzzle Designs

This tight side braid almost looks like a puzzle. It’s a gorgeous design that crowns the head. If you want something that is going to blow the crowd away, then this is the style for you.

22. Flowing Braids

This is one very large braid that starts at the top and moves into a fishtail braid. We love the color as well; it’s a great combination for the braid.

23. Full Braid

This side braid takes all over your hair and creates a crown around your head. It’s a work of art and one that will shine wherever you go.

24. Loose Waves

This woman has incorporated a loose side braid into her wavy style. It’s so shiny and beautiful; we love it.

25. Doubles Fishes

This great design has a double fishtail braid in the middle of the style. It’s gorgeous.

26. Bold Designs

A great style that has a classic side braid that goes into a bun.

27. Romantic Designs

You are going to need a lot of hair for this style, but if you have it, you’re going to feel like Rapunzel.

28. Twist Braids

A twist braid is an unusual look, but it’s great for someone who wants something different.

29. Tight Braiding

If you are looking for a low maintenance style that you can keep it for a while, then this is the style for you.

30. Short Styles

These short styles are gorgeous and it just shows that you can have a braid whether you have short hair or long hair.

31. Celebrity Designs

We love seeing celebrities rocking our favorite designs. The loose side braid is awesome.

32. Braided Updos

A great style that will look amazing for any event.

33. Tight and Small Braids

A great style that looks amazing on one side. Carrie Underwood is rocking this style.

34. Cute Styles

A great style on the side that looks amazing on Jessica Alba.

35. Loose Styles

A great style that is loose and romantic. It’s an amazing style.

36. Longer Styles

A stunning hairstyle that is truly long and beautiful.

37. Edgy Designs

These side braids look futuristic and we love them.

38. Soft Designs

This side braid is a classic design and very simple to put together. You can wear this style anywhere.

39. Side Braids for Days

There are multiple side braids here that complete her whole style.

40. A Messy Style

If you are looking for a style that is messy and informal, then you found it with this side braid style.

41. Pretty Simple Styles

This is another classic design that is easy to put together.

42. Thick Twists

This is another style that requires a lot of hair. The side twist braid is quite thick and long.

43. The Outside Braid

This braid is another great design that you are sure to love because it gives you a different type of style.

44. Soft and Romantic

This is another loose style that gives off the romantic vibe. We love that it’s in the fishtail style.

45. Thickening Styles

We love the color of this braid; it’s gorgeous. This is also a very thick braid that wraps around.

46. Thin Fishtails

A great style that you are sure to love. It’s a thin fishtail braid that goes through the middle of the style.

47. Crimping Styles

This crimped style looks amazing as a braid. It gives you a whole new look.

48. Gorgeous Purple

This great style is wonderful because of the side braid as well as the purple coloring.

49. Classically Beautiful

A great style that is simple and classic.

50. Short and Sweet

A great hairstyle that is short and stylish.

51. Double Braid

This double braid makes for a gorgeous look that you are sure to love.

52. Creative Designs

If you are looking for something that is really creative, then this is a side braid design that you should try.

53. Messy Side Designs

This messy design would be perfect for someone who’s going to a wedding or a larger event.

54. Stunning Styles

A great style that looks amazing with some waves.

55. Small Braids

Another simple style that is great for a casual look.

56. Copper Designs

The great thing about this style is that it’s multi-colored.

57. Icy White

We just love this bright white shade. It goes perfectly with a romantic braid.

58. Bold Braids

This soft style would be great for the office. It’s a fresh style that everyone will love.

59. Slick Styles

Another example of a bun style that is created through a side braid.

60. The High Ponytail

This is a sexy and elegant style that anyone would love. It’s gorgeous and we love that it’s put together with a high ponytail.

61. Edgy and Stylish

If you are looking for something a little edgier, then this style is perfect. It once again mimics the style of the shaved look.

62. The French Braid

This side braid is small, but it’s perfect for a casual style.

63. Sideways Designs

This side braid design is unique because the braids are going vertically instead of horizontally. It creates a brand new look.

64. Elegant Styles

This is a style that is sure to draw the eye. It is gorgeous and elegant.

65. Simple Styling

All you need is a small braid to make an ordinary style look extraordinary.

66. Chocolate Coloring

This braid is all about the coloring and that’s thanks to the chocolate brown coloring that goes through the blonde.

67. Rainbow Designs

These rainbow designs are amazing and they just make the braid pop out.

68. Diagonal Braid

A great style that you are sure to love because of its uniqueness.

69. Diva Style

Selena Gomez is a big fan of the side braid and she always looks amazing with it.

70. Tight Designs

For your braid to look like this one you would have to have really long, thin hair. We love the look though.

71. Incredible Designs

This Pretty Little Liars star is showing off her side braid at an event.

72. The Side Pony

This side pony is lifted with a bold side braid. We love how much volume there is, with this style.

73. Wedding Styles

This style is perfect for a wedding, whether it is yours or someone else’s.

74. Bold Braiding

This outside braid is perfect to create a side braid with.

75. Large Fishtail

A great style that is gorgeous because of the wide side braid.

76. Romantic Styles

You are going to knock the socks off everyone around you with this gorgeous style.

77. Stunning and Stylish

A great style that is truly beautiful and will draw the eye.

78. Changing Designs

This braid starts off tiny and grows to provide an amazing style.

79. Vampire Styles

This Twilight actress proves that even vampires can pull of the side braid style.

Also See:

80. Tiny Braids

Side braids come in all shapes and sizes; it all depends on the type of look that you are going for.

81. Beautiful and Bold

Another simple style that you are sure to love every single day.

82. Uniform Designs

A great style that anyone will love because it’s simple and classic.

83. Creative Elements

This is a different style of braid and a beautiful one if you are looking for a romantic look.

84. Tightening Designs

Another edgy look that you are sure to love for a casual outing.

85. Curly Designs

This is an awesome design; it looks more like art. We love it.

86. Simple Creations

This is a side braid that is sure to catch the eye.

87. Classically Designed

A simple design that you can wear anywhere.


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