99 Stunning Silver Fox Hairstyles


Being a silver fox isn’t anything to shy away from anymore. The trend of the silver hair has come around and it doesn’t look like it’s leaving anytime soon. It’s a gorgeous style that is going to make you wish you would have transformed into a silver fox a long time ago.

If you are looking for a whole new hair color, one that is going to turn heads wherever you go, then you can’t go wrong with the silver color. It’s elegant and glamorous, a trendy style all rolled into one. Having silver hair can change your life and make you feel more gorgeous than you ever have before. Many women are growing older and just allowing their hair to grow into gray and they find it extremely liberating while others are just dying their hair that way. It’s doesn’t matter how you go about it, as long as you find it liberating as well. You will wish that you did it many years ago.

Sure, maybe silver hair isn’t for everyone, it all depends on your personality and sense of style. Depending on your natural hair color it will require just as many touchups as a blonde style would. See if being a silver fox is right for you with these photos.

Check out these 99 Stunning Silver Fox Hairstyles:

  1. The Look of a Queen

Tell us you wouldn’t feel like royalty with a hairstyle like this in a silver fox sheen.

2. Long Locks

A gorgeous look at what silver is like on long hair.

3. Short Styles

If you are interested in an edgy style, then you really can’t go wrong with silver.

4. Medium Lengths

A great style like this one can be worn casually or for a formal event.

5. The Gothic Style

It doesn’t matter what style or personality you are, you can still rock this style flawlessly.

6. Bold Styles

Combine this color with some amazing makeup and you can practically walk on the runway.

7. Darker Styles

Just like with any hair color there are many different hues to choose from with silver.

8. Celebrity Style

This silver is so light that it’s almost close to a white blonde.

9. Add Some Blue

This silver shade has a blue tinge to it and we love it. If you want a rocking style, then try this one out.

10. Trendy Styles

Another glimpse of the short style from before but from another angle.

11. Model Styles

This shade is a very popular color right now and we love it.

12. Rainbow Colors

This extraordinary style has a rainbow going through the silver locks. We love it.

13. Bold and Bright

A unique style that will have heads turning all night.

14. Glamorous Styles

This sexy style is one that you can wear out to your next party.

15. Grey and Glorious

A stunning shade that you are sure to love during these warm months.

16. Ombre Shades

If you love the ombre style, then you are sure going to want to try it with a dark silver color. We love the transition from black to silver.

17. Creative Styles

Braids are one of the most popular styles out there so why not try them with silver.

18. Stunning Bob

This style is so chic with the sleekness of the bob and the awesome color.

19. Bright Colors

There is a burst of brightness to this silver color and it really makes her eyes pop.

20. Elegant Styles

A fishtail braid is a great way to showcase a new color.

21. Blossoming New Looks

Another great example of a very light shade of silver.

22. Popping Style

We’re not sure what the best part of this style is, the amazing curls or the stunning color.

23. Dark Designs

If you want to keep your style dark then why not try out a dark grey shade.

24. Shining Styles

The color here really does just sparkle in the sunlight.

25. Darker Shades

Another great example of a shade that has a medium tone to it. Boy, do we love those curls.

26. White Lights

A bright shade like this one will make you feel brilliant as a blonde.

27. Two Tone Styles

A gorgeous style that starts off dark and ends with a brilliant light shade.

28. Cascading Styles

These long styles always look amazing with waves.

29. Bright Lights

The lightness of this silver is breathtaking.

30. Shiny Styles

Regardless of your eye color, silver will always make your eyes pop.

31. Gorgeous Layers

A stunning style that has the combination of remarkable layers all of the hair and a bright new shade. Try them both out.

32. Neutral Shades

It looks like they have added some beige tones to this grey.

33. Sophisticated Looks

If you are looking for a grey that is classy and sophisticated, then you found it here.

34. Silver Styles

Another awesome example of the silver shades available to you.

35. Floral Elements

A stunning style that goes from dark to light. The floral elements are a wonderful touch.

36. Formal Styles

This is a gorgeous style if you are looking for something for a formal event.

37. Silver Highlights

Silver highlights can be combined with any color of hair. We love these gorgeous styles.

38. Blue Lights

There are some blue highlights in with this silver style.

39. Shaggy Styles

This would be a cool cut and color for the summer months. It’s sure to keep you cool when it’s hot.

40. A Touch of Silver

It looks as if there are silver highlights against a light brown or blonde color.

41. Great Braids

These are some pretty spectacular braids, a goddess style that you should totally try out.

42. Silver Spikes

This great short style has a pretty cool color with it.

43. Silver Waves

This casual style would look amazing at the beach this summer.

44. Short and Stylish

This is an amazing style for any age. We love the bouncy curls.

45. Long Braids

A gorgeous long style with a great color.

Also See:

46. Grey Dreads

Give your dreadlocks the color they’ve been asking for.

47. Shocking Styles

You need a lot of hair to complete this style.

48. A Cropped Style

Make your cropped style a little edgier with a silver shade.

49. Stunning Colors

Another example of a bright silver for the summer.

50. Different Tones

There are lots of different blues and silvers with this style.

51. Stunning Blue

This gorgeous silver style has a hint of blue throughout.

52. Wide Fishtail

A great style that you are sure to love for its elegance.

53. Simple Bun

As you can see, the silver color looks great with virtually any style that you can think of.

54. Bold Braids

Two stunning braids that totally complete the look.

55. Wavy Looks

Another great look that has style for days.

56. Edgy New Looks

A great style that you are sure to love.

57. Short Waves

A bold new look is exactly what you need for this year.

58. Subtle Highlights

Add some subtle highlights to your existing color and it will change your whole look.

59. Super Curls

Let your greys come out naturally and embrace them.

60. Romantic Braids

What a great braided hairstyle to showcase your silver locks.

61. Partial Braid

A great style that has many tones of grey in it.

62. Sparkling Silver

A stunning shade that is going to look really great in the sun.

63. Flattering Styles

This unique look only has the silver in the front of the hair.

64. Stunning New Looks

A great color that goes from dark to light in a flash.

65. Bold New Looks

We love this medium length style with all the gorgeous waves.

66. Short and Choppy

If you are looking for a big change this year then why not go with a great cut and color.

67. Natural Look

It’s a great time to embrace your age and your natural look.


68. White Styles

There are many silver shades that are so light they are almost white.

69. Great Style Choices

This is a great style that can be worn to casual places or formal ones.

70. Warm and Cool

We get the benefit of warm browns and beiges in this style as well as some cool silver shades. It’s a great combination.

71. Slate Grey

The sky is the limit on the many shades that you can choose from for your hair.

72. Braided Looks

These braids are a great way to protect your hair and you can get them in silver shades as well.

73. White Buns

This is an edgy style that combines lights and darks together.

74. Grey and Silver

We have many different shades of both grey and silver with this style.

75. Purple Hues

You can’t go wrong with a style like this one, the hue of purple will be perfect for spring.

76. Add Some Colors

This combination of blue and silver is awesome. This is a great style choice for a new season.

77. Bold Choices

The roots are dark while the rest is light, it’s an edgy style that you are sure to love.

78. Darker Blues

These dark greys and blues together are really amazing.

79. Shimmering Styles

It looks like there is blondes as well as silver in this hairstyle. If you want something that’s going to glow, then this is the color choice for you.

80. Beautiful Silvers

There looks like there is black as well as dark grey and silver with this style.

81. Romance For Silver

It looks like she kept the top portion of her hair natural and lightened up the rest. It’s gorgeous and fresh for the season.

82. Silver Braiding

This is a breathtaking style not only because of the awesome braid design, but the silver is just gorgeous. This is the kind of style that will turn heads all night long. Give it a try at your next event. You won’t regret it.

83. Unique Braids

This is certainly a style that you can take to the next formal event that you have.

84. Darker Elements

If you like darker colors, then this may be the perfect style for you. You also don’t have to worry about your roots in this shade. You can leave it longer in between appointments.

85. Rebel Looks

The dark greys with the light silvers are great color choices.

86. Popular Styles

You are sure to blow everyone around you away with this amazing style. The color is bright and beautiful.

87. Short and Curly

A cool new style that combines a short style with very tight curls.

88. Softer Looks

A light colored look with a lot of great elements.

89. Ponytail Styles

A simple style that you can wear anywhere. If you are looking for something a little more casual, then this is the perfect choice for you.

90. Sexy Styles

Growing your greys out is all the rage right now. Take advantage of it with this fresh new style.

91. Curly Looks

Light and dark colors together are always a great combination. These looks are the kind that is sure to draw the eye.

92. A Shimmering Style

Another great example of a bold silver style. If you want something new this year, then try this style out.

93. Magical Colors

These are the sort of colors that make you feel magical all the time. This shade would be perfect for summer. The lighter shades will always be harder to maintain while the darker styles give you more wiggle room.

94. Crazy Colors

These shades are dark and mysterious; they are perfect for any season.

95. Simple Transition

Another great example of a style that has some amazing transitioning colors. Try this one out this season you won’t regret it.

96. Subtle Shades

Your choice of silver can be subtle; it doesn’t have to be bold and crazy. Do what’s comfortable for your own sense of style.

97. Stunning Twists

Styles with a twist are always great to try out. If you want a simple look for your next event, then try this one out.

98. Gorgeous Designs

We’re not sure what’s better the curls or the color, but we’ll take both.

99. Upside Down Braids

These new braid designs are becoming more popular by the day. If you want something different for your next event, then try this style out. You might as well go for the amazing color as well.


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