60 Awesome Sock Bun Hairstyles With Tutorial


The sock bun is a fun new trend going around that will never go out of style. If you want a great new style that is simple to achieve, then the sock bun is exactly what you’re looking for. If you need something quick that you can use for a bad hair day or second hair day, then this is a style that will always look professional and put together. It’s great if you need a simple style to go to work with and everyone will think it took you a long time to get ready. So how do you do the sock bun? Well, according to Therighthairstyles.com it’s pretty simple:

“How to Do the Sock Bun?

  • Prepare the sock: steal one from your boyfriend or dad and cut the toe part off the sock. You need a sock with a tight band for a better hold of the updo. Roll the sock down to make a donut.
  • Pull your hair back into a ponytail and brush it.
  • Holding the ponytail up or at an angle, pull its end through the donut. Wrap the end around the donut once and tuck it under the band of the sock to stay in place.
  • Now turn the donut over and over, moving down towards the base of the ponytail, letting the hair to wrap around along the way. Try to cover the sock and distribute the hair evenly.
  • Use bobby pins if needed.”

If you are dying to try the style out for yourself then check out these 60 Awesome Sock Bun Hairstyles:

  1. Twisty Hair

A great sock bun that looks polished and it has a twisty braid going around it. Through these 17 steps, you can see just how easy it is to put together this style. Try it and you will see for yourself.

2. Shiny Styles

We love this sock bun style because not only is it polished but there is a strand wrapped around that gives it an elegant look to it.

3. High Bunt

This sock bun is super high and it’s brought together by a hairband. Kate Beckinsale usually always rocks any hairstyle that she chooses.

4. The High Top

This sock bun is all bun and it sits high on top of the head. We love the curly hair and if you’re looking for a new style, this is it.

5. Messy Styles

If you want something that’s a little less polished, then this is the style for you. We also love the braid that goes up the back.

6. Casual Style

It’s an amazing sock bun that you can wear on a lazy Sunday or if you are out running errands.

7. Add a Scarf

This is a great way to style your sock bun. Add a scarf and really brighten up the whole look.

8. Sweeping Style

Another great style that has a sweeping curve underneath the bun.

9. Celebrity Style

This actress was looking for a bun that was polished to perfection and she found it.

10. Braided Designs

A great sock bun style that is high on top. We love the thick braid that circles the bun.

11. Simple Styles

This is a nine-step tutorial that will show you how to get the sock bun style quickly and easily.

12. Sophisticated Style

If you are looking for a style that you can wear to the office, then this is it.

13. Simple and Easy

That’s pretty much the gist of this hairstyle. You don’t get much more simple than this one.

14. The Messy Bun

A great style that is sexy and messy all at the same time. We love this casual style.

15. Bun Love

Another example of a great sock bun style that you are sure to love.

16. Multiple Braids

This is a stunning style that you can wear to your next event. We love all the braids.

17. Quick Designs

Another polished look that you can wear to work or any event.

18. Thick Braids

Another great sock bun idea but this one has an extra thick braid.

19. Stylish Designs

A great style that is as simple as it is sexy.

20. Perfect Designs

Perfect is definitely the word that we think of when we see this amazing sock bun. Through this tutorial, you will see exactly why they call it a sock bun.

21. Polished Sock Bun

These are all great looks and if you want something that will look great at the office then try this style out.

22. Classy Styles

This actress knows that a sock bun is the perfect look for a red carpet event.

23. Partial Style

A sock bun that works well with a partial updo.

24. Try it Messy

This great tutorial will show you how to get a messy sock bun for those lazy days.

Also See:

25. Classic Styles

Another great look that has that classic feel to it.

26. Royal Style

We’re not sure that we could find a sock bun that looked more perfect than this one.

27. New Style

We love this sock bun style because of the braid that sits on the top of the head.

28. Classy Looks

This style is beautiful because of the sweeping piece that surrounds the base of the bun.

29. Lower Bun

This sock bun sits a little lower than all the rest.

30. Pretty Styles

This is the kind of style that you can virtually wear anywhere that you want to.

31. Curved Designs

Another great example of what can be achieved with a sock bun hairstyle.

32. Braid to Bun

This eight-step tutorial will show you how you can achieve this stunning sock braid bun design.

33. A Special Style

We just love the different variations of the sock bun designs.

34. Pretty Accessories

Like with any updo adding some accessories can change the entire style.

35. Making a Bow

This is an easy five-step routine to getting yourself a sock bun with a bow on the side.

36. Swift Ties

A great style that is all about trendiness. We love the swift ties in the back.

37. The Perfect Bun

This is a classic sock bun and one that you can wear anywhere.

38. Crimped Design

There is a lot of awesome to this sock bun design.

39. Hair Accessories

A great style can be made better with a little accessorizing.

40. Tiny Braids

Braids and buns always look amazing together.

41. Wedding Style

A great style that’s just a little messy. Add an accessory to class up the whole style.

42. Casual Style

If you are looking for something you can wear on a casual day, the this is the style for you.

43. Gorgeous Designs

This creative sock bun is gorgeous. The added braids within the bun are creative and a really gorgeous touch to the hairstyle.

44. Perfectly Styled

You won’t find a sock bun prettier than this one.

45. The Perfect Coif 

Slick styles are great for the office. Follow these easy steps to create a Hunny bun for yourself. As you can see it’s very simple to achieve and you will be happy with the results.

46. Red Styles

We love this style because of the braid that circles the bun.

47. Simply Casual

You don’t get much more casual than this style. This is what you need if you are running errands or going to the gym. Simple and easy.

48. Steps to a Sock Bun

A seven-step process to getting a pretty polished sock bun that anyone would love to have. We love this different style because of the bangs. It’s great and gives you a different look.

49. Super Straight

A few steps are all it takes to get the most perfect sock bun. It starts with super straight hair and finishes with a beautiful style.

50. Standard Bun

A great style that can be worn at the office or at a great event.

51. Create a Sock Bun

Creating a sock bun is easy and we can even show you how to do it with these easy steps. It just takes a few to get you there. It’s awesome because there is not only a braid, but it finishes into a bow as well. They finish it off with some purple as well.

52. Multiple Braids

This gorgeous sock bun starts off with some amazing braids in the front.

53. Twisting Braid

We love this style because the braid goes all around the crown of the head.

54. The Braid Trail

A great style that anyone would love because of the beautiful braid.

55. Creative Buns

This is not a polished bun, but it’s no less beautiful.

56. Add a Braid

A great style that is made stunning because of the addition of the braid.

57. Add a Trail

We love how this braid starts at the nape of the neck and goes up and around the bun. Gorgeous.

58. A Ballerina Style

This is the perfect braid to have if you are running errands or working out. Follow these steps to get the messy bun.

59. Standard Styles

This hairstyle is messy and yet it will work when you need something simple for work.

60. A Solid Style

Another example of a classic sock bun that you can wear anywhere, it’s beautiful.


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