117 Stunning Straight Hairstyles For Any Length


If you want a trendy style, then you can never go wrong with straight hair. There are a ton of different styling choices that you could do with straight hair. There are plenty of styles that are popular right now. If you are bored with your style, then there are plenty of ways that you can change things up and we have all the options for you. Depending on the length of hair for you, there are a lot of fun styles for you.

Check out the 117 Stunning Straight Hairstyles For Any Length:

  1. Freeing Looks

A great style like this is polished and layered. It’s a bold look that anyone can try.


2. Short Looks

If you are looking for a big change, then this is the look for you. It’s a bold style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

3. Braided Looks

This is a simple style that has a braid along the side.

4. Middle Parts

Jessica Biel looks amazing with this straight style. It’s parted in the middle which gives it a balanced style.

5. Beach Styles

This is a very special style that has a twist braid in the back.

6. Short Bob

A gorgeous hairstyle that is sharp and edgy. If cutting your hair off is what you are looking for, then this cute style is the look you want.

7. The Side Part

A very simple style that is classic and pretty. You can wear a style like this one anywhere.

8. Bold Designs

This is an edgier look that has a very structured and blunt bang. The sides are shaved which really gives the style a very different look. If you want something different from the rest, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

9. Very Long Looks

This is a great look for those that would never think of cutting their hair. This style is beautiful and free-flowing.

10. Sharp Styles

A bold look that is straight and simple.

11. Choppy Styles

There is a side bang with this style and it’s a style that is choppy and cool.

12. Cool Looks

We’re not used to seeing Taylor Swift with long hair anymore but how awesome does she look with this long style.

13. Celebrity Styles

A style like this is a simple and classic one. Dakota Fanning has been sporting this style for a long time. Why not throw some blonde in there to spice up your style.

14. Shiny Styles

A simple style that is parted in the middle. The style is sleek and spectacular.

15. Medium Length Styles

A side part like this showcases a very cool and polished look.

16. Bold Colors

Sometimes all you need is a cool color change to have a fresh new look. The cut is bold and choppy as well as a style that has some crazy cool colors.

17. Cool Styling

This is a very unique wedding style. It’s an interesting look that has the one side sleeked over to one side. It’s an awesome look for anyone.

18. Bold and Cool

We love this edgy style that Rihanna is rocking. It’s a blunt cut that has bangs that are just as blunt. The bright colors are a fun addition.

19. Cute Looks

A simple bob cut that has bangs. This cute style is perfect for any girl.

20. Cool Fishtails

A cool partial updo that has an amazing fishtail braid. Try it out and you will see how much this style will brighten your day.

21. Bold Bumps

A polished look that has a high bump. The sides are pulled in and tied underneath.

22. Layered Looks

A casual style like this with plenty of layers. It’s a great look for work and play.

23. Bold Styling

A stunning look that is messy and wavy. You could toss this look to any side and it will look amazing.

24. Adorable Looks

It doesn’t matter what age you are, straight styles are super popular right now and this cute look is perfect for a young girl.

25. Cool and Straight

A medium length hairstyle that has a blunt cut.

26. Gorgeous Styles

Reese Witherspoon is rocking this gorgeous long style. She looks amazing in bangs and you will find that bangs can turn around your whole style.

27. Highlighted Looks

Not technically straight but it just has a touch of waves to it.

28. Pixie Cut

Another great look that is short and sweet. If you are looking for a more dramatic style, then this could be the look for you.

29. Long Bang

This is a very deep bang and the look is bold and dramatic. This straight look is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

30. High Ponytail

If you want a striking style for your next event, then why not try out this high ponytail style.

31. Slick Styles

If you like polished styles, then you are sure to love a look that is a sleek as this one. You could easily wear this style to an event.

32. Fresh Looks

If you like casual styles, then this is the look for you. It’s a style that you can wear anywhere.

33. Bold and Messy

A wonderful look like this is casual and special. You could wear this style on your next first date and rock it out of the park.

34. Choppy Bob

A bob style that is truly unique and amazing.

35. Hot Styles

The best part about this style is the hot white blonde coloring. It’s a short look that is classic and beautiful.

36. Angled Bob

This angled bob is rounded around the edges. If you like short looks, then you should try this style out this summer.

37. Shaved Looks

A short style like this that is shaped in a bob style. The ends and the back have been shaved.

38. Creative Styles

Another short look that has a blunt cut around the edges.

39. Blunt Bob

Heidi Klum is showing off her supermodel style with this gorgeous bob that has a side bang. She looks great as a blonde and it’s a look that you should totally try out.

40. Different Braids

We have a waterfall braid and a crowning braid. Both styles look amazing with straight hair.

41. Classic Looks

Selena Gomez is wearing a classic straight style and she is pulling it off beautifully.

42. Straight Bangs

Having bangs with your hairstyle can completely change up your look. It’s a cool look that you are sure to love.

43. Amazing Looks

This is a very long look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. If you don’t have hair this long, you can always try extensions. You could totally rock out this look at your next event.

44. Edgy Looks

This straight style has transitioning levels. There are waves and straight looks through the hairstyle. Try it on for size and you will love it just as much as Lauren does.

45. Blunt Styling

A sharp bob like this is unique and beautiful.

46. Curl Control

These curls have been straightened to into a long look. This style is breathtaking and sexy. You will blow the socks off your friends with a gorgeous style like this.


47. Long Side Styles

A medium length style that is both sexy and flirty.

48. Bold Highlights

This insanely long style has some amazing highlights throughout. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is add highlights to create a fresh new look for yourself.

49. Cool and Classic Styles

Another simple look that is fresh and well put together.

50. Gorgeous Looks

This actress looks amazing with this long hairstyle. It’s a sexy style that anyone would absolutely love.

51. Bold and Red

This long style has some choppy layers to it. If you want a cool look, this style is a great one for you. Add the red to it and you are sure to love it.

52. Short and Sweet

A short style that is blunt all over including the bangs. If you need a new changed, then bangs may be exactly what you need.

53. Cool and Polished Looks

This is a fresh look that has a deep part. A great style that is classy and polished. You can take this style to the next event that you are going to.

54. Blonde Bombshell

You should try a stunning shade of blond for your new look. The straight style has a deep part in it.

55. Long Bangs

A blunt style that that has a long bang. This is a bombshell style that is perfect for those hot summer days.

56. Classy Styles

A simple style that has always been a classic look.

57. Supermodel Styles

A long hairstyle that is straight and narrow. The bangs are unique and wonderful.

58. Messy and Casual

You could basically wear this style anywhere as it’s all about the casual look.

59. Stunning Looks

This style can be worn for work or even a first date. It’s sexy and polished, try it out this year.

60. Simple Styling

It’s the same hairstyle, but these are two different ways to style the hair. You can pull it back or leave it loose. The second style has a blunt cut.

61. Layered Looks

Layers are a great way to break up a standard style.

62. Volume Styles

A bold style like is great for a night out with the girls.

63. Blunt Styling

This actress is wearing this blunt style on the red carpet.

64. Framing the Face

This layered look is meant to frame the face. It’s a gorgeous look.

65. Angled Bob

The angled bob is still a very popular look. This one is longer in the front than most.

66. Casual Bob

Your bob doesn’t always have to be polished, you can wear it casually sometimes too.

67. Blunt and Blonde

If you are looking for a fresh summer look, you should try out this blonde and blunt cut.

68. Free-flowing Walks

A stunning loose look that is free-flowing in a pretty way.

69. Iconic Styles

Jennifer Aniston has been rocking this amazing long hairstyle for years. It’s an iconic look that you are sure to love.

70. Sexy and Classy

A style like this is meant to be classy for a professional environment.

71. Criss-cross Styles

This hairstyle is really long and we love the criss-cross look in the back.

72. Polished Bows

This long style is cut bluntly and pulled back in a precious style that ends with a bow.

73. Double Braids

Loose and flowing waves that have a double braid with it.

74. Special Styles

A casual look that is simple and awesome.

75. Simple Braids

Straight styles are simple and uncomplicated looks to create.

76. Circular Styles

A choppy bob that is edgy, it’s especially a cool style with the blonde.

77. Partial Styles

These partial styles are always great because you can wear them for any occasion whether it’s a beach day or a blind date.

78. Gorgeous Lengths

Kim Kardashian is looking fresh with this long style.

79. Messy Looks

A medium length style that is messy but still cool. Summertime is a great time to try a new style.

80. Bold and Cool

Hailey Baldwin looks amazing with this very blunt look. If you want a high fashion style, then this is the one for you.

81. Rounded Styles

This blonde bob looks incredible because the edges are styled inward.

82. Casual Grooves

Another cool look that people will notice wherever you go.

83. Polished Princess

Regardless of your age, you can wear these straight styles and love every minute of it.

84. Cool Lengths

A very short look that is close to a pixie but still can be considered a bob.

85. Formal Styles

This formal look can be worn to any fancy event.

86. Romantic Looks

This messy look makes us think of romance. The braid on the side really completes the look.

87. Simple Braid

A bold look that is long and has a simple braid in the back.

88. Choppy and Bold

If you want a big change this year, then you have to try this style because it’s amazing.

89. Formal Designs

A stunning look that is loose and free. This style is perfect for any occasion.

90. Bold and Edgy Colors

This short style looks pretty cool with black and red together.

91. Supermodel Styling

A polished look like this is sure to make you feel like a supermodel.

92. Twisty Trails

Another great look that is simple but has a very interesting partial twist in the back.

93. Sweeter Looks

Another great look that is sweet and simple.

94. Socialite Styles

A long look that is straight and cool.

95. Trendy Styles

This trendy look is full of edgy layers.

96. Classic Styling

Kate Hudson is rocking out this long and straight style.

97. Pretty Layers

This stunning style is long and has some gorgeous layers to it.


98. Cool and Groovy

An awesome style that is pretty simple.

99. Dark Styles

These dark styles are cool with the caramel highlights in it.

100. Blue Looks

A crazy color that goes well with a straight bob. If you are looking for an edgy look, then this is the style for you.

101. Sleek Styling

A sleek look like this will have heads turning wherever you go.

102. Bold Grey

A stunning look that looks amazing with grey. If you want a bold look this year, then this is the one for you.

103. Super Short

If you love short hair, then go super short. This white hot look is sure to please you.

104. Sweet Partials

A straight style that has a simple partial.

105. Bun Styles

If you need an updo for your next event, then this is the style for you. These two styles are different, but they are both beautiful for formal events.

106. Short and Slicked 

A short style that is polished and wonderful.

107. Hot New Styles

This is a pretty striking style that is truly unique.

108. Diagonal Looks

Her hair is cut at an angle at the bottom. It’s a cool look that you should totally try out.

109. Waterfall Styles

Straight styles are perfect if you want to try out waterfall braids.

110. Pretty Bobs

This look is sure to keep you cool all summer long. A soft style like this is great in blonde.

111. Add Some Accessories

Sandra Bullock is rocking this straight style. There is an accessory on the side that really makes the look pop.

112. Pretty Braids

There are cool braids that really complete this straight look.

113. Standard Bob

Reese looks amazing with this short bob. The side bang is always a trendy look.

114. Special Looks

This style is polished and cool. It’s a great look that you can wear for any occasion.

115. Soft Looks

A solid look like this is amazing because it’s long and polished.

116. High Looks

This style is incredible as a high style. Try it out this year and see how much you love it. We love the braid that is wrapped around the ponytail.

117. Stylish Styles

A bold style that is straight and well put together. This is a great look that would be perfect for a formal event. Try it out and you will see what we mean.


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