55 of the Most Attractive Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles


If you are looking for a striking new look, then try strawberry blonde on for size!

Strawberry is a very popular hair color choice. It’s the combination of being a blonde and a redhead. There’s just something about that sexy reddish blonde look that seems to drive the men wild. Not only is it a sexy look, but it also has a lot of class to it as well. If you are normally a blonde or a redhead you can certainly appreciate the combination. The most well-known celebrity with strawberry blonde hair is notably Nicole Kidman. She’s a strawberry blonde icon and many other leading ladies such as Sienna Miller, Amy Adams, and Isla Fisher have followed suit. It’s hard not to want to copy the look of such iconic and sexy stars.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Color experimentation for females is a fairly common thing, which is why women are okay with changing their hair color so often. There are many different shades of the strawberry blonde look for the girl who likes a little variety. There are being neutral looks as well as tones that have a pinkish hue. Some strawberry blonde looks are warmer and have a more reddish hue. There are lighter versions of the look as well as darker ones.

Can Anyone Be a Strawberry Blonde?

Just because you like a hair color doesn’t mean that it will suit you. All colors are not flattering on everyone, in fact, some colors often look great on some people and terrible on others. Strawberry blonde hair is most flattering with girls who have pale skin and freckles. That’s typically the skin tone that would best suit the hair coloring.

These days with the magic of colorist and even some of the box dyes you can achieve just about any color that you want. If you are looking for the traditional strawberry blonde hue, it best suits fair, warm-toned skin. The same skin color would also look good with the neutral, and cool strawberry blonde hues. If you are already a blonde, you have a great chance of pulling off a strawberry blonde hue as well.

If you have a darker skin tone or are usually sporting darker shades of hair color, it’s probably best to stick with a darker shade of the strawberry cloned look. There are darker versions that hold more of a reddish hue to it. Something that will look great with darker tones. Too light of a hue will only wash you out and leave you looking less than you are. Darker shades also make the eyes pop.

Below are 57 of the most attractive strawberry blonde hairstyles:

  1. Neutral Tones

This short style looks fantastic with a neutral toned strawberry blonde look. It is a great skin coloring that helps the color. The cut also looks great with the shade of color.


2. The Pink Touch

Nicole Kidman is the queen of the strawberry blonde look. She has the porcelain skin that looks great with the pinkish hued tone. If you always wanted to pull off this signature look then try this great shade.


3. Fiery Red

This fiery red look is one that could look great with fair skin or a more tanned look. It can work with fair skin as well as medium tones as well.


4. Reddish Blonde

This is a great look if you want more of a reddish tone when it comes to the strawberry blonde style. There is a mix of neutral shades as well as some bright reds throughout.


5. The Neutral Tone

Another example of the neutral tone that looks incredible with fair skin. If you are naturally a blonde, then this won’t be a big change for you.


6. She’s on Fire

This is an orange look that is great for a girl with some freckles. This sort of hue can bring out the color in your face. Bright orange colors are close to the copper look and are very appealing.


7. The Strawberry Look

This is where the strawberry blonde name came from. This hue gives you a pink look that is perfect for fair skin. Pink is the signature hue for the strawberry blonde.


8. A Neutral Blonde

This blonde hue is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to make a big change. There isn’t a lot of red to the look, but it gives off a warm vibe.


9. Purple Highlights

If the strawberry blonde isn’t enough of a change for you, then you could spring for some purple highlights to jazz up the look. You have the best of both worlds.


10. The Blonde Look

This long blonde look will have you ready for the beach in no time. It’s a great blonde look that is natural and doesn’t require a big change.


11. The Red Hue

The red hue really makes her eyes pop and goes well with her skin tone. The hair color also brings out her eyes, making them pop.


12. Now That’s Red

This is a great start to a red look if you want something different. It’s a darker shade of strawberry blonde that is very sexy. If you have ever wondered what it feels like to be a redhead, then this may be the color for you.


13. Light Blonde

If you like the lighter blonde looks, then try this strawberry hue on for size. It’s light and will wash out a darker skin tone, however, so it’s best for fair skin.


14. For the Darker Shades

This shade is great for someone looking for a darker strawberry blonde look. It’s not a huge change, but it will go well with many skin tones.


15. The Red Look

Why not try out a strawberry blonde look with shades of red? An amazing color choice.


16. Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are some of the most natural shades of strawberry blonde that you can get.


17. Striking Red

This strawberry blonde style takes red to a whole new level. Have the best of both worlds by trying out this red version of the strawberry blonde.


18. A Softer Shade

This is a red shade of blonde, but it’s on the softer end of the color hue.


19. Soft Reds

This strawberry blonde look is a hue that is very warm. The whole look is warmed all over.


20. The Cool Blonde

A cool blonde style that is cool, especially on the fair skin.


21. Blonde and Red

Red is what makes this strawberry blonde style sexy and classic.


22. Icy Blonde

If you have an icy blonde but don’t want to commit to the entire strawberry blonde style then just get some strawberry blonde highlights.


23. Almost a Redhead

This is as close to being a redhead as you can get without taking the jump.


24. Dusty Blonde

A dusty blonde is another example of a neutral strawberry blonde.


25. Eye-catching Red

As you can see this red hue goes great with her fair skin tone as well as it brings out her eye color.


26. A Subtle Red

This is a subtle neutral tone with a shade of red. It’s not a big change, so there isn’t a lot of commitment involved.


27. A Splash of Red

This strawberry blonde has a strong red throughout the layers. The red hair is a great splash of color for anyone who needs a bit of change.


28. Deep Red

This strawberry blonde is a startling red that is quite deep if you are looking for a change. It’s a bright shade of red that will have heads turning all around.


29. The Pink-red

The classic strawberry blonde look is an elegant choice for fair-skinned ladies.


30. On Fire

This shade always looks like an orange sunset. It’s a great coloring if you want a red look.


31. The Warmest Strawberry

This warm red-blonde look is fantastic for someone with tanned skin. It warms up your whole look.


32. Different Shades

If you normally wear darker shades of hair color, then this is a great look with some strawberry blonde highlights to break up the darker shades.


33. Red is Warm

Another example of a warm red hue that looks great with a splash of freckles.


34. The Pink Style

This pink look gives a great look to a fair skin color.


35. Pink and Orange

A hot red color. It’s a mix of orange and pink to give you a boost of color.


36. A Neutral Highlight

These strawberry highlights really make the darker color pops.


37. The Classic Blonde

if you love the classic blonde look, then this is the style for you.


38. Many Highlights

These highlights give about a natural look for someone who doesn’t want a big change.


39. Orange Like the Sun

If you are looking for a color that will pop, this is the one for you. It is sure to make you stand out.


40. Red and Pink

This is a sexy red with a pink hue to it. It’s the perfect combination to give you a great strawberry blonde hue.


41. Pink Highlights

Pink highlights really bring about the strawberry blonde look. It gives quite the pop to any look for fair skin.


42. The Copper Look

The copper look really works well with medium tones as well as fair skin. It’s a great look especially if you have freckles. It’s a warm look that is sure to bring more color to your skin tone.


43. Bright Red

These bright red locks are striking if you have ever wanted to be a redhead without the commitment. The color will last longer as the shade of red is not as bright and won’t require a lot of maintenance.


44. Bright Pink

This strawberry blonde hairstyle is one that has some bright pink highlights to go along with it. It’s a bright color that is sure to be eye-catching.


45. Neutral Zone

She has a pinkish skin tone and the neutral color in her hair works well with her coloring.


46. The Bold Red

This red tone is on the pink side, but it’s the kind of color that just pops.


47. Bright Pink

The strawberry blonde look is extremely sexy because it’s all about the extreme color. The bright pink is for someone who wants a sexy look that will really stand out. It gets lighter as it flows to the bottom.


48. A Bright Top

The top of the head is a lot brighter than the rest of the look. It has an ombre appeal to it that is very flattering.


49. Copper Tone

The copper tone is a great strawberry blonde look that is great for someone who wants a different look.


50. The Natural Look

If you want little change to the natural look, then try this neutral strawberry blonde. It’s a sexy look with a lot of elegance.


51. Red Blonde

A beautiful shade of red-blonde that is sure to go well with most skin tones. If you are looking for a reddish glow, then this is the one for you.


52. The Bright Sun

Red and pink highlights together look amazing. They will pop every time you walk out in the sunlight. These colors look great with fair and medium skin tones.


53. The Natural Creamy Look

The creamy blonde is not only a natural look for you that has a soft strawberry style to it. You will love the color, and it goes with fair skin tones.


54. A Darker Tone

This dark tone is a darker variation of a red tone. If you are looking for red tones, then try this one out for size.


55. Dark Red

A dark red tone is a great strawberry red style to get close to being a redhead. It’s a great look for medium skin tones.


56. Red on Fire

If you want a fiery red look, then try this strawberry red style. There are a few variations of red in the style that gives you an original look.

59250816-strawberry-blonde-hair57. The Classic Blonde

It’s another example of the classic strawberry blonde look that is sure to please any blonde. It’s a shade that typically goes well with light skin tones. If you have tanned skin, it might wash out your color.



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