130 Intriguing Women Tattoo Designs


Female tattoos continue to grow in popularity and gain momentum with each passing year. If you love creative, colorful and unbelievably beautiful art, you’re going to love these tattoos.

  1. Leg art is gaining notoriety all the time especially with the hipster movement. This canvas opted for a colorful and dramatic display that is eye catching and downright gorgeous. It tells a fascinating story and this is a fantastic piece. The coloring and contrast is simply beautiful.


2. This skin and black art is creative and thought provoking. It’s an interesting piece and the artist did a great job with the line work.


3. Swallows are popular among women of all ages in the tattoo world. Here’s a beautiful depiction of two birds flying while surrounded by flowers.


4. Words stenciled in never goes out of style. This canvas may have written out the verbiage and the artist copied it or perhaps she found a font she loved and used that instead. Either way, it’s a simple yet profound piece.


5. This black piece is vibrant though it lacks color. Trees are often symbolic and can mean a variety of things depending on the person. This could possibly be representative of strength or leadership through hard times.


6. This spot between the breasts is actually a pretty gnarly spot to choose because it’s right on the sternum. Props to this woman for a beautiful image as well as getting a design in a tender spot.


7. This is a really precious image. The elephants look so realistic. The artist did a great job capturing the essence of this animal. The detail and shading are on point.


8. These bows are beautiful and unique. They go quite well together and look proportionate.


9. This is so great. The artist did a great job with the line work. She’s set herself up to easily add other designs and make her back piece look really good.


10. The teeny fox is perfectly placed and aligned on her dainty wrist.


11. There’s a lot going on in this piece and her color choices are fantastic. Since there are so many different images, this piece could easily be overwhelming but since she stuck with a two color palette, it’s easy for the eyes to navigate and examine each image.


12. She chose a unique placement for these bats. The shading is well done on each one.


13. The artist did a great job with a 3D like image. The bee looks quite real in this image.


14. Safety pins could have a plethora of meanings and this artist did a great job with the line detail and outline.


15. Rock on! Love this shading of the guitar.


16. This small birds variation of red coloring is subtle and sweet.


17. Those arrows are perfectly placed on her finger. They might mean that she is perfectly suited for her mate.


18. The outline of this K is on point. Have you ever considered getting your initial inked on?


19. The placement of this bow is original. It’s a great starter tattoo and leaves plenty for the imagination to create more pieces in the future.


20. We love the unique idea to tag herself “Me.”


21. Little paw prints are great ways to give a little shoutout to the furry friends in your life. Smaller foot tattoos always look really good with heels.


22. This is so life like. The sewing machine looks like it’s coming off her leg and the lace looks so authentic. The artist is tremendously talented. The image is nearly flawless and the color choices are perfection.


23. These little birds are just the sweetest. The outlining here is well done and though there’s no color, the effectiveness of the piece is conveyed really well.


24. Over the last decade, the handwritten pieces continue to gain popularity. A lot of women like getting their tattoos on their rib cages. It creates a somewhat sexy and mysterious aura.


25. The foot is another really prominent placement. The mountains here could represent strength and the number of mountains could also hold significance.


26. The simple heart says a million things that words cannot.


27. Right above the ribcage and beneath the armpit is another popular spot. This stenciled heartbeat is profound and touching.


28. Whether you call it the number sign, a hashtag or pound, the middle area before the wrist and below the forearm is an excellent spot for a small and simple image.


29. Hand tattoos done well are out of this world fabulous. Her choice of a balloon is exquisite. It’s fun and edgy and she looks like a total rockstar.


30. The small moon almost in the crook of her arm is perfectly placed.


31. The skull and cross both look a little faded which only adds to the mystique of her story.


32. Here is an example of a thumb tattoo. What would you choose to get on your thumb?


33. This is an interesting spot for a question mark. The artist did a great job with the shading.


34. Pineapples are a popular choice among females and this placement is interesting. It sets up the rest of her leg for more images in the future.


35. A girl and her truck means one happy lady. The detail here is really great.


36. The placement is interesting here because even wearing a long shirt, the tattoo will still be obvious. We love the yellow and green pop to this fruit. It’s vibrant and refreshing.


37. The inside of the hand is less popular than you think for tattoos because it wears off easily. You’ll have to get it touched up fairly regularly.


38. This girl seems to be inferring that diamonds might just be one of her favorite things. She chose a great place for it.


39. This rabbit is so cute and is very hipster in placement.


40. The Egyptian eye is a popular design and she chose a great spot on her back. Many women opt for this placement because it’s easy to showcase the design with tank tops or swimsuits.


41. Maybe she’s a cat lover or maybe it’s her name, but either way, the middle of the back of the neck is a rad spot for ink.


42. The equals sign is growing in popularity for hand tattoo designs.


43. A simple heart stitched is cute and unassuming. You can tell it’s brand new due to the red surrounding it.


44. A simple O is great idea for the ankle. The squiggle and feather is a funky added touch to the ensemble.


45. This bee is so detailed and well done. The mid wrist is great placement because it can be easily hidden or displayed depending on the occasion.


46. The dots in combination with the arrow creates such a hip, cool vibe, don’t you think? We particularly liked the dots because they are so subtle, you hardly notice them at first.


47. This inner hand coffee design is a java lovers dream.


48. Ear lobe designs are beautiful and fun. This whimsy flower and star are the perfect combination.


50. The puppy love on the wrist is the perfect combination of simple and sophisticated.


51. The and sign right beneath the bicep is genius.


52. Who needs a holster when you’ve got your guns inked on? This is a pretty sensuous design and probably just a teeny bit painful as it would go right over her hip bones.


53. This feather has beautiful hues in it. It looks so lifelike and she chose a popular and seductive placement. It’s easy to cover and display when she so chooses.


54. This little lady bug is adorable. It’s bright and vibrant and has so much personality. The artist did a great job of capturing it’s spunk.

Small beetle tattoo designs are very suitable placed on the wrist, because it would be easy to hide with a watch that we wear. This design is very cute to wear a girl who is afraid to show off her tattoo.

55. We love how simple and subtle this look is. Most people think of chest pieces as very invasive but this is quite the opposite and it looks fantastic.


56. These cherries are so funny! They are entertaining and humorous and the artist did a great job capturing what they canvas was trying to convey.


57. These musical notes seem to practically dance up her leg. The color is great and the various degrees of shading, contrast and detail are well done.


58. This butterfly is exquisite. It looks like it’s taking flight. The colors are gorgeous and the attention to detail is on point.


59. The bottom of the foot is another risky spot to get inked because of the general wear and tear that occurs on the soles of people’s feet. You’ll probably have to get it retouched more often simply because it will fade faster.


60. White tattoos are becoming more and more popular. They aren’t always the easiest thing for the onlooker to see, but the canvas knows exactly where to look.


61. We love this cursive design of warrior. It’s simple and understated yet so elegant.


62. At first, we thought the lizard was part of the design! This is a great image of the world. The artist did a superb job of mapping it out.


63. This outline of a shell is well done.


64. These dramatic colors offset one another as the story unfolds on her half sleeve. It’s a beautiful design all brought together by a common theme.


65. These outlines of roses are absolutely gorgeous. It’s becoming more and more popular for women to get half sleeve and full sleeve tattoos.


66. It’s hard to tell where one begins and the next one ends but these are all beautifully done. She has an impressive amount of work done and they look beautiful.


67. There’s a lot of action going on right here. The artist didn’t use very much color which makes the piece even more bold.


68. She has simple and understated pieces that probably mean the world to her. The back is a very popular spot among many women.


69. Her full sleeve is absolutely stunning. It’s dramatic, well done, has excellent shading and looks incredible.


70. The simplicity of this piece makes it uncomplicated and beautiful.


71. This dragonfly is so whimsy and dreamy.


72. The artist did a great job with this art. It looks so much like the original character from the color palette to the detail in its smile.


73. The splashes of color here couldn’t be better placed. They did such a great job with this piece.


74. Right above the elbow is a great choice in placement.


75. The coloring and shading done on this image is tastefully done. It shows startling amounts of contrast.


76. The paw print is simple and well sketched.


77. The elegance of this flower cannot be said enough. The artist did a great job and the choice in color is on par.


78. This is reminiscent of Peter Pan. The coloring is vibrant and bold and the creativity in each character is charming.


79. This sweet and simple design and quote is unique and original.


80. Another pineapple design paired with the initials makes us wonder if she’s going to add more to her sleeve.


81. A simple flower with significant meaning. The forearm is a popular spot to get inked.


82. This is a crazy patriotic design with lots going on.


83. This eagle taking flight is beautiful. The artist did an exceptional job on the wings.


84. The sun and the moon are very vivid and detailed.


85. A simple word that holds a world of meaning to the canvas.


86. Boo! A great idea for a ghost tattoo.


87. Love the font here on her foot. It’s also pretty unique where she placed it since it won’t wear off if she wears sandals although and other shoe might cause some issues.


88. Solid font choice for this letter.


89. This is a really gorgeous design. The artist did a great job with the exquisite detail and various degrees of shading. Having it in the center of the back allows it to be inconspicuous if need be.


90. This is an interesting piece because they flower doesn’t really go with the rhythm of the rest of the piece. That aside, it’s a great piece. The colors are bold and beautiful and the attention to detail is exceptional.


91. Love the intricacy of this image.


92. This is a great spot for the images she chose.


93. This lion appears so domineering even though it’s so small.


94. She has several placed all over her arms. Which one is your favorite?

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95. This is a bold statement and she’s not too worried about keeping it’s message hidden.


96. There is so much variety within these pieces. The shading is beautiful and the story looks so fascinating. She has room to fill in more of her arm if she so chooses, what images do you think she will do?


97. The color palette takes this work from ordinary to extraordinary.


98. Simple birds flying upward is always a great starter choice.


99. White ink is always a really great idea.


100. The artist did a great job showing contrast here.13291115-tattoo-designs-for-girls

101. This simple design looks clean and fresh.


102. The simple moon is quite popular as you can probably tell. This one is fairly new since it still has redness all around it. Don’t forget to protect your new ink and moisturize it in order to keep it from peeling.


103. This rabbit appears so lifelike. The artist did a phenomenal job with the contrast and shading.


104. She’s had extensive ink done and it looks like it all goes together. It’s very vivid and descriptive.


105. A great example of a compass. The attention to detail is so well done.


106. We pretty much love everything about this. She’s obviously a wanderlust and she’s inked some of that passion on her back.


107. Leg tattoos are just so cool. These seem to stick with the primary colors, giving it an enticing aura.


108. This sketch of a bunny is somewhat endearing, don’t you think?



109. There is so much intricate artwork in this piece. 23291115-tattoo-designs-for-girls

110. She has a wide range of tattoos and variations in color and design. It’s a very skater girl look that makes her look really cool and hip.


111. This simple picture of a dove carrying an olive brach holds significant meaning.


112.  A simple heart to commemorate love. It’s so tiny and almost minuscule yet it pops right off of her finger in a loud statement.


113. Kneecaps are always tough spots to get inked because it’s right on the bone. She’s a trooper to get both knees done and the finished result looks fantastic.


114. This is such a unique, original design. It’s such an interesting piece.


115. Here is a descriptive cross right behind the ear. It’s rather large so it’s not easily concealed but she may not want it to be. Though it’s not bright and colorful it is profound and meaningful.


116. This is representative of henna artwork. Something to keep in mind about hand art is that though it is beautiful, it’s hard to cover up if you need to hide your ink at work.


117. This is such an interesting depiction of the solar system. Unique and intriguing is how we would best describe this design. We really like the variation in colors and the way that the sizes also vary.


118. The classic rose is always an age old go to. This one has such crisp and clean lines.


119. Does this remind anyone else of Aerial? It’s like she’s swimming to the surface. We really like the way she decided to do shadows. It shows so much contrast and is so descriptive.


120. We love everything about this. There is so much contrast and shading. The color scheme is beautiful.

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121. This leg tattoo is intense. There are so many variations going on and it’s so interesting that she only chose to use the color black. The artist (if it was the same one for every image) did a fantastic job from everything to details to shading and everything in between.


122. We are blown away every time we look at the line work in the flowers here. It’s exceptional work. This piece could have easily overpowered her back but instead it’s clean, crisp and tastefully done.


123. This sweet dandelion has the most perfect petals. It’s so dainty and the ankle is the perfect selection.


124. We particularly like this piece because there are so many dimensions that encompass it.


125. Everything about this is so well done. The color choice is great and the artwork is fantastic. We really like how the legs match and how the stories seems to go together. She’s had extensive work done and all of it flows really well.


126. She has definitely set it up to finish the sleeve, especially since she got that top rose on her shoulder. The detail in these roses is exquisite. The various shades are gorgeous and the entire piece is just simply gorgeous.


127. We love how the flower pops out from her shirt and half of it remains hidden. The artist did a fabulous job with this piece.


128. These giant X’s aren’t what they appear to be. They have roses enclosed and take on a girly nature that’s fun and winsome.


129. There is so much variation in this piece. If it was your arm, would you go ahead and fill the rest of the canvas in?


130. This wolf is a great piece to end on. It’s so real and yet has a doll like quality to it. It’s fierce and then almost looks friendly.


All of these pieces belong to women who love tattoos and love sharing their art. As you perused, what stuck out to you most? If you’re considering getting inked, here are a few things to keep in mind. Decide where you want it placed. Don’t forget to check with work to make sure it’s ok to get artwork done. If it’s not, then consider getting inked in an area that is easy to conceal. Then decide what you’d like to get done. Do you want imagery that is significant to you or that tells a story? Do you want words or a word that’s meaningful to you? There are so many options available so be sure to think about it for a while before just spontaneously doing something. Find an artist that you enjoy working with and check out some of their past designs. If you like what you see, book an appointment, share what you want them to ink and have fun!


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