88 Pretty Top Knot Bun That Are Easy to Do


If you are looking for a hairstyle that is quick and easy, then look no further than the top knot bun. These styles always stand the test of time because they are casual and yet still flattering. The top knot hairstyle is one that’s really pretty and easy to do as well. We have plenty of ideas here for you and this style is sure to make you smile. Some of the pictures include tutorials if you are a little stuck on the style itself. These styles are great for any occasion; really the sky is the limit for what you can do with them.

The top knot bun is a popular style these days and one that you are sure going to want to try. It’s a creative knot that is easy to put together in the quickest way possible. Why wouldn’t you want to try this style out?

It’s a fun and pretty style and one that is very versatile. You can personalize the style to fit your own personality and sense of style. There are many ways of doing the top knot and we are going to show them to you. If you need a little inspiration then check out these 88 Pretty Top Knot Bun That Are Easy to Do:

  1. The Back Braid

This unique style has a back braid which is super popular these days. On the top is a messy top knot to finish off the look. These steps will show you how to get the upside down braid as well as the top knot.

2. A Simple Style

These styles are versatile; you could easily wear this on a date or out to run errands.

3. Curly Styles

If you have curly hair, don’t fret, you can still wear the style, in fact, you will look super cute doing it.

4. The High Top

It requires a lot of hair to get a top knot like this one. Not only is it high but it’s wide as well.

5. A Partial Style

You could use your top knot in a partial updo. If you want to leave your hair loose, then this is a great style to try out.

6. A Crazy Style

If you are looking for a style that is truly different from most, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

7. Double Knots

Who says that you can only have one top knot. These styles can easily come in twos.

8. A Loose Style

This would be a great style for a day on the beach. It’s casual, messy and absolutely perfect.

9. Simple and Pretty

Here is another example of the messy top knot. You can wear these style virtually anywhere. In just eight easy steps you can have the style all to yourself as well.

10. A Curly Style

There are a whole lot of steps to get you a style that is truly perfection. We have knots, we have curls and we have braids. There is everything that you need to make an impression. You must try this style out for your next event and then tell us all about it.

11. Loose and Pretty

Another example of s partial style that is loose and pretty.

12. Small Knots

Top knots come in all shapes and styles. You have to find the style that works best for you.

13. Gorgeous Casual Styles

This style is amazing because it’s casual, but you could still ear it out for a night on the town. We love how versatile these looks really are.

14. Short Styles

Just because you have a short style doesn’t mean you can’t have a top knot. This style looks really cool with short hair.

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15. Polished Styles

If you are looking for a more polished style that you can wear to a wedding, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

16. Messy Curls

We could totally see this style on a first date or even a day at the beach. The sky is the limit for what you can do with these styles.

17. Red Knots

This cute style is ready for the night and we also love the red coloring.

18. Tall Knots

This knot would be great for a formal event because it’s elegant and the knot itself is really tall.

19. Twisty Knots

There are many different ways of wearing the top knot and this is a very sophisticated one. We could see this style at your next event.

20. Low Knot

Not all knots need to be high and mighty. This is a great casual style.

21. A Bridal Style

You can even wear these styles for your wedding or even the prom.

22. Braided Styles

This cool knot looks like it was braided first before it was put up.

23. Cool Styles

This cool look has long hair, bangs and an awesome top knot.

24. Braided and Beautiful

Combing braids and top knots together is a very popular style right now. Plus, it’s a look that is going to really stand out. We also love the contrasting colors as well. 

25. Cool and Casual

This is a great style that you can quickly throw together when you need to go to the grocery store.

26. Cool Double Buns

This is a seriously stunning look. We love the coloring, but the braids and the knots together create a style that you are going to be excited to try out.

27. Sophisticated Style

Another polished look that you are sure to love.

28. Celebrity Styles

Even the celebrities are out there rocking these amazing styles.

29. Braided Knot Styles

These blonde styles are so beautiful and we love how they have incorporated braids into the knotted style. If you are looking for a cool look for your next event, you should try this one out.

30. Shiny Styles

A great style that will look cool for a night out with the girls.

31. Big and Messy

This great style looks amazing because of the messiness of it. We love this styles because they look cool when you go out with them.

32. Simple Styling

Another example of a simple bun that you can wear on a lazy Sunday.

33. Spiral Styles

A great messy bun that is sure to steal the show.

34. Elegant Looks

A great style that you are sure to love. It’s magnificent in every way. Imagine this style for your next big event.

35. Tiny Braids

A cool look that has protective braids in the style. This style you can keep in for months.

36. Unique Styles

These upside-down braids are truly unique right now and are growing in popularity. Try it out for your next outing.

37. Bold Designs

A large and polished bun that you can wear to a formal event.

38. Fashionable Styles

Models everywhere are rocking out these messy knots.

39. Double Stacked

An elegant look that has a lot of height to it.

40. Singing Style

This singer knows a good hairstyle when she sees it. We get to see the closeup version as well and we are loving it.

41. A Style for Kids

Your kids and teens are going to love this style especially if they play sports.

42. Tony Knots

This cute look is different from the rest. the knots are much smaller.

43. Stylish and Trendy

Another great look that is messy and awesome.

44. Casual and Lovely

Another great example of a knot that you can wear anywhere.

45. Small Braids

A great look that has a very small knot that is part of a braided style.

46. Side Braids

A great messy style that has some awesome braids on the side.

47. Great Styles

Another great look that is very versatile.

48. A Workout Style

We can totally see this sexy style at the gym with you while you are pumping iron.

49. Red Carpet Look

This actress took her knot on the red carpet. Really you can wear them for any occasion.

50. The Shaved Style

An edgy look that isn’t just about the knot, we love the shaved style as well.

51. Amazing Styles

If you are looking for a casual look, then this is the one for you.

52. Golden Styles

You can definitely rock this style out for your next wedding.

53. Braided Crown

This amazing knot has a braid wrapped around it. It’s unique and truly wonderful.

54. Stylish Waves

A loose style that you are sure to love.

55. Bold New Styles

If you have an event coming up and are looking for an amazing new style, then you must try out these elegant buns. They are similar but also a little different as well. Check out the selection of buns and choose the right one for you.

56. Gorgeous Styles

Another celebrity style that you can use for your own event.

57. A Mess of a Bun

A messy bum that’s both polished and sophisticated.

58. Simple Looks

A great style that even Jennifer Lopez loves. You will adore the style just as much.

59. Glamorous Bun

A stunning style that is sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

60. Red Styles

A messy style that can be worn to the prom or to your wedding. It’s a glorious style that you are sure to love no matter what.

61. A Braid Wrap

A large braid circles the entire bun creating a unique style.

62. Creative Styles

This knot is truly unique because it has different sections to it. We just love these fresh new looks.

63. Tiny Bun

A loose and wavy style that has a very tiny knot in the back.

64. Curly Styles

You are sure to look amazing at your next event with this curly style.

65. Cute Styles

A great style that is both messy and stylish.

66. A Twisty Knot

A great style that you are sure to love. This tutorial is truly amazing and if you follow the simple steps, then you will end up with an amazing hairstyle.

67. Amazing Styles

A great style that is messy and cool.

68. Tight Curls

A stunning look that is both elegant and casual.

69. A Bold and Beautiful Look

A wonderful style that is beautiful and unique. It’s a style that will have heads turning all night.

70. Special Styles

A couple of braided knots that make for a really cute style.

71. Gorgeous Curls

A stunning style that is all about glamorous looks. A bold style that you are sure to love.

72. A Twisty Look

Another great tutorial that you will love because it’s simple and wonderful. If you want something for a casual day, then this is it.

73. A Bold Bun

An elegant style that is not only beautiful but it’s a show stopper. We love the polished looks.

74. Twisted Top Knot

A great style that is created with two twisty ponytails, not just one. It’s a unique style, unlike the rest.

75. Bridal Looks

Another gorgeous style that would look amazing for a formal event.

76. Multiple Knots

This stunning look is elegant and it looks like a top hat. It’s glamorous and it would look great at a formal event.

77. Songstress Styles

Ariana Grande looks amazing in this knotted style. She is always rocking trendy styles. Try it out and see how you like it.

78. Partial Updo

A great look that is casual and messy. You can wear the style anywhere.

79. Beautiful And Lovely

A great style that you are sure to love. It couldn’t be more simple to create.

80. Creative Styling

A bold style that is really messy.

81. Perfect Bun

An awesome style that is messy enough for your casual days.

82. Stylish and Unique

A great style that has bang which really change up the look.

83. Elegant Buns

This is a great style that you can wear to your next party.

84. Before and After

All you need to do is follow five steps to get a whole new look.

85. Lots of Volume

A great style that is big and messy we love all the volume.

86. Blue Buns

We love the gorgeous colors involved with thsi style.

87. Rihanna Styles

A bold style that you can wear anywhere.

88. Crowning Braids

A great style that is really special because of the crowning braids. It has a romantic vibe to it and we’re sure that you will love it.


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