101 Chic and Trendy Tribal Braids for Your Inner Goddess


Black girl magic is all the trend nowadays with Lupita Nyong’o, Solange and the venerable Ms. Janet Jackson rocking the tribal braids with absolute confidence and uber-style.

With so many African-American and black celebrities owning the modern legacy of black culture and the popularity of films such as Black Panther that celebrates African history and heritage, is it any wonder that women of all ages and nationalities are strutting their stuff?

tribal braids

Protective Tribal Hairstyles for Afro Hair

Most tribal braids are rooted in African history and culture, dating back as early as 3500 B.C. That tribal braids have successfully crossed over several millennia even to the digital age is a testament to the enduring strength of Africans and their descendants.

Stylish and fiercely independent have become synonymous to the women who sport tribal braids in the boardroom to the catwalk to the beachfront.

Accessories and ornaments are also abundant with cords and cuffs to all kinds of beads – wooden, glass, cowry shells, even childhood bubbles.

From Cultural Heritage to Fashion Statement

Even young girls nowadays are wearing tribal braids, a far cry from a decade ago when straightening black hair was the norm. With more and more people wearing protective hairstyles and going out in their natural hair as a personal and style statement, tribal braids have evolved.

Historically, braid patters represented status and wealth. They even signified religion and power. Nowadays, they are personal symbols of cultural ownership and chic style. They will never go out of fashion as cornrows became trendy in the 1960s and box braids inundating the fashion shows in the 1990s.

Nowadays, Fulani tribal braids are making a comeback. With innovative hair products, ornaments, and more affordable hair accessories such as extensions, tribal twists and braids are sure to become part of mainstream fashion.

Check Out The Best Tribal Braids

We have collected the best looks for you – from simple and easy tribal box braids to more intricate patterns for those who want something more with elan.

Dramatic Tribal Braids with Cuffs, Rings and Cords

The hair color itself is dramatic with magenta extensions mixed with natural hair color. The ringed middle parting give a true tribal princess vibe and you can be all set to be the queen of the night. However, being playful and mixing other hair ornaments such as cords and cuffs give these tribal braids a sophisticated touch.

Braided with Cords and Beads

Orange may be the new black, but on hair – it is supremely divine channeling the fierce style of Solange. Thread silver cords around the braids and paired up with the metallic silver cuffs and beads, this is true metal.


Box Tribal Braids with Beads

Fulani braids are all the rage nowadays with Hollywood and models sporting the look on the red carpet and on the runways. You can also own the same style with big wooden beads in warm earth colors.

Gorgeous Top Bun for Box Braids

We love our cornrows and box braids, but what we love more are gathering them all up for a wrapped around top knot that is stunningly gorgeous. Leave the ends hanging loose with a cuff or two for an elegant touch.

Lovely in Indigo and Queenly Knot

Magical indigo is the color of choice for our diva model. The color is mesmerizing and with the right kind of lighting, the color will deepen or lighten. The effect, of course, is magical. Finish the look in a queenly high top bun that serves as the crowning highlight of the style.

Rings or Beads – Tribal Braids Fit for a Queen

One hairstyle but multiple looks and effects. Box braids can go for something easy and simple with cuffs or go full tribal braids with a mix of Fulani beads. The effect is markedly different, however, both are stylishly chic and trendy.

Corded Tribal Box Braids in a Top Knot

Beautifully done, these tribal braids are corded and ringed for maximum glamorous effect. The middle parting also adds visual drama to the look. With the braids gathered in  a full top knot, what else can we say but “elegant perfection.”

Stunning of Mix of Crochet Braids and Fulani Tribal Braids

We love mixing protective styles. We have crochet braids here finished off in true high fashion with Fulani wooden beads. You can also mix in some cuffs to maximize the visual drama of the look.

Simple Tribal Braids in Half Top Bun

A more relaxed style compared tot he dramatic cuffed and ringed looks, but these tribal braids remain stylish and trendy. Gather is a half top bun to add a touch of chic.

Amazing Side Parting

Blonde extensions are added to this beautifully-crafted side parting. Add a bit more elan with a front twist to add visual texture to your hairstyle.

Full Tribal Braids Easy Style

Box braids made easy – simple and relaxed. Take care of your protective hairstyle by keeping your hair covered when sleeping. Don’t forget to condition your scalp too.

Dramatic Color for Tribal Braids

A touch of magenta and wine extensions to create this elegantly trendy look.Cornrows are cuffed and corded, but it’s the color that takes center stage.

Stunning Goddess in Red Ghana Braids

Red is attention-getting, but these beautiful Ghana braids are supreme in style.

Beautiful and Easy Faux Locs

Leave these faux locs loose in the ends and let your natural hair go free and wild. The style is refined and aesthetically beautiful.

Simple Senegalese Tribal Braids For Any Occasion

A perfect mix of cornrows and Senegalese twists make this a playful but still sophisticated look. The style is easy but the glamour is hot.

Gorgeous Bantu Knots and Jumbo Braids

The ultimate size queen with these jumbo braids. The simple Bantu knots, however, just give the subtle hints of wild beauty.

Golden Top Knot Crowning Glory

Wear your hair as the ultimate crown – beautiful box braids in golden color with just the right touch of bronze.

Corded Box Braids

Middle-parted box braids are attention-getting, but paired with cords? Subtle elegance.

Fulani Braids in All the Right Style

What else can we say with these jumbo braid in full crowning halo? Glorious! But with these Fulani beads and braids? Goddess!

Crowning Glory – Full Top Bun in Two Tones

Color is a great hair accessory and with your box braids gathered in full top bun? Fashionable and stylish. The great chic and trendy look that will fit all ages and styles.

Tribal Braids in Half Twist

Instead of letting your braids hang loose, gather some in a half-twist for visual texture. The style draws the eye and frames the face beautifully.


Impressive Top Knot Tribal Braids

Feed-in braids that start small and stark before gathering visual drama are made more exquisite with a classic top knot.


Beautiful Corded Box Braids

Simple box braids are dressed-up in high fashion with intricate cording.

Pretty in Butterflies and Beads

Something sweet and pretty – use golden butterflies to highlight your inner goddess. The Fulani beads make the style chic.


Gorgeous Feed-in Braids

Gorgeous does not begin to describe these jumbo braids that beautifully frame the face and highlight the hair’s protective style.

Pretty Perfect Twists

Jumbo beads play up these twists – maximum effect with minimal styling.


Alluring Mid Twists

Beautifully-colored, these braided twists are simple but elegant. With the gaining popularity of Senegalese twists, you can not do any wrong even if you opt not to use hair extensions.

Stunning Box Braids in Twist and Wrap

Box braids are stunning by themselves, but gather half in a simple twist and they are beautifully elegant.


Gorgeous Order – Mid-Parted Long and Loose

As we have said before, middle partings are really dramatic because they draw the eye to the face and the center. This style highlights the best of simple allure.


Make Mine These Mini Braids

Faux locs give the looks, and these mini braids are pretty without coming off as too delicate. For the fierce inner princess in you.


Ribbon to Rock with Tribal Braids in Big Knot

Tie everything up in a big bow which makes the elegant and stylish bun just a touch prettier and more playful.


Scarlet Stunner

Red hot and chill! The feed-in braids are just stunning in color and size.


Perfect Mix and Twists

Play up the baby hair fringe before a beautiful mix of crochet braids and twists.


Fulani Tribal Braids with Cuffs

Simple but sophisticated look by adding cuffs to your Fulani-beaded braids.


Mix and Match Braids

Mix up the braids from simple three-strands to a mix of sizes before wearing a few braids in a halo.

Simple and Elegant Senegalese Twists

Elegantly created with twists and cuffs are hair ornaments – simple can also be truly polished and suave.


Sophisticated Cuffed and Beaded Box Braids

We love the variety and options of the modern tribal braids. here we see a mix of beads, cuffs, and rings.


Elegantly Beautiful Tribal Braids

Framing the face are small box braids before the rest of the hair is sectioned-off and done for a full crown of jumbo 3-strand braid. Finish the look with Fulani beads.


Total Look for Box Braids

Corded and ringed before gathering everything in a wrapped top bun? This style is chic and modern and just right punky urban.


Gorgeous Tribal Fulani Braids

All the right mix for these Fulani braids with the playful use of charming rings and beads.


Golden Bantu Knots and Twists

Set your inner queen free with these Bantu knots in cowry shells and golden beads.


Charming Corded Senegalese Twists

Put on the sweet charm with these corded twists. You can also mix the sizes – from mini to large.


Shaved and Beaded Tribal Braids Chic

The big beads add drama and a touch of playfulness. The short braids and shaving half your hair off – fierce queen of the Nile.


Striking Mini Tribal Braids

These mini braids are pretty and can even be called cute. However, a mix of colored extension just give the right touch of punky chic.

Captivating Tribal Braids in Elegant Chignon

Oh-la-la! Gather all ye rosebuds, but in this case, gather all those box braids for a majestic and dramatic full top bun. Fine baby hair also help frame the face for cosmopolitan flair.

Crochet Feed-in Braids for Perfection

A mix of different-sized feeded-in crochet braids with the front braids gathered at the back to frame the face give an ultra modern touch.


All the Right Braided Cornrows

Simple cornrows still give dramatic effect by changing the size – from mini to big.


Fascinating Fulani Braids in Glass Beads

Middle-length hair is fully accessorized and glammed-up with blue glass beads. You have modern and polished all mixed in for the perfect combination.


Cuffed Top Knot Braided Style

Nothings ays elegance than a hair in an urban updo. But paired with briads and tribal cuffs, utter perfection.

Rings and Cord Tribal Braids Perfection

What makes this look supreme style? You have middle parting, rings and cuffs. And then just the subtle hint of baby hair fringe and you are all set.


Versatile Styling for Box Braids

If you are in the mood for something subtle, add intricate box patterns to these simple box braids. High fashion, anyone?


Gorgeous Elegance for Fulani Braids

Golden beauty shine through with these Fulani braids that are all the rage now. What makes this top-tier? The beads cover nearly half of the braid’s length.


Royally Beautiful Ringed Feed-in Braids

So beautiful and subtle in its delicacy – this style is elegance with even just three rings to highlight the look.


Beautifully Beaded

Something playful and young and fresh – what else can we say more with these funky beads to highlight your braids.


Stunning Big Senegalese Twists

Jumbo Senegalese twists give maximum protection and maximum style impact.


Corded Casual

You will be wearing your protective style for at least 3 weeks, so let your personal style shine with these neon threads.


Charming One-Sided Simplicity

Braids are arranged in a one-sided style that is simple but classically graceful.


Simple and Easy

You can set an intricate patter or two if you want something easy but still stylishly subtle.


Dramatic and Stunning Knotless Box Braids

Knot-less box braids give less hair stress. But top knots give visual drama.


Versatile Styles for Tribal Braids

Same style for two different effects – use beads or cuffs for any kind of box braids and you are set to go..

Charming Cornrow Casual

Something more refreshingly casual, cornrows.

Pretty Elegant Box Braids

Let your box braids hang loose for this casual look.

Neon Glamour

Neon colored beads five the urban touch to an already stylish look.


Classic Box Braids

Ageless and timeless box braids are played up with elegant hair ornaments.

Mix and Match

You have your Havana twists, your crochet and feed-in braids. You have everything in this glamorous mix of styles.


High Ponytail for High Style

Spunky and modern take that will give you high fashion style.


Gorgeous Corded and Cuffed Casual

Beautiful box braids are all set with a mix of silver and golden cords. Cuffs add subtle wit to the look.


Mixed Beauty

You have pull-throughs and three-strand braids with a touch of knots here and there.


Supreme Elegant Simplicity in Wooded Beads and Metallic Cuffs

All the right looks for this elegant style.


Glamour Game for Middle Tribal Braids

Wear your cornrows in a simple pattern that belie the intricacies of these tribal braids. Start from the middle and then go all out with your braids.  Adding gold cuffs sparingly give an elegant touch to this glamour look.


Playful Delight with Baby Hair

Play up the baby hair with these beautiful box braids that come in varying sizes. From smaller to medium braids that play up a beautiful forehead line. Adding cuffs and the minimal use of cords make for a delightfully diva look that can fit any mood. Tribal braids are so versatile that you can take this style from classroom to cafes to the dance floor.


Stunning Tribal Braids with Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists have become more popular because of its versatility. You can easily change sides and partings and wear them in a bun or down and low like those shown here. These large twists give visual appeal whether you wear hair ornaments or not.

Pretty Perfect in Pink Tribal Braids

Nothing says Queen of Style than mesmerizing color. Be more than pretty in pink – be perfect with these cuffed tribal braids that play up and put the hot pink in full-front.


Beautifully Beaded in Puffed Perfection

Puffs are pretty popular and mixed with Fulani tribal braids, they are just so gorgeous. Mix and match the hair ornaments. Here you can see cuffs, golden threads and neon beads. Another reason why this style is perfection is letting natural hair go free but without flying all over.

Another view of this beautiful style that with halo Fulani braids to maximize the queenly impact. Chic  and  elegant,  this  style  is  a true  crowning glory.




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