64 Undercut Hairstyles For Women That Really Stand Out


The trendiest look for women in 2018 just so happens to be the undercut hairstyle. If you’re not sure what an undercut style is then it’s simple; it’s just a haircut with one or both temple areas shaved or cut really short. It is typically known as a popular men’s hairstyle but women are starting to pick up on the trend and they are running with it. You should take a look at the following styles and see what cool ideas are out there.

There Are Serious Undercut Styles for Women

These styles are truly amazing and they could be used on long hair, short hair or even medium hair. It’s not a style that any woman can pull off, sometimes it just depends on the shape of your head. Many women do give it a shot though and if you are brave enough, then it is sure to give you an edgier look. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try; hair will always grow back.

It’s always best to discuss extreme hairstyle with your stylist and ask for their advice. If she or he feels that the hairstyle would suit you then go for it.

Check out these 64 Undercut Hairstyles For Women That Really Stand Out:

  1. Create a Design

You have the choice to do a standard shave, or you could be extra badass and have a design shaved into your head. How awesome would that be? Get a talented stylist though because not everyone is this artistic. 

2. Manipulate Long Hair

A great style for women with long hair. It’s one of the sexiest and edgiest styles that you can have for 2018.

3. Shaved That’s So Close

Not all shaves are created equal. This gorgeous actress too her shave all the way to her head. You don’t have to get this close of a shave if you don’t want to.

4. A Shade of Purple

If you are a girl that likes color, then you can really create an edgy look by combining color with a shaved side. It’s an amazing look.

5. Braided Styles

We love this sexy style because it combines a braid with a shaved side and that’s incredibly sexy.

6. Blue Like The Sky

If you are looking for a cool color this year, then this blue style is what you need in your life. It really offsets the shaved side quite nicely.

7. A Rainbow Color

If getting a close shave freaks you out too much then try a longer length to start just to see how you like it.

8. A Subtle Shave

If you want to try the undercut hairstyle but don’t want anything dramatic, then you can try it underneath your hair. The undercut can be completely hidden until you raise your hair up into a ponytail.

9. Compliment a Tattoo

A stunning tattoo on the back of the neck looks great with a shave.

10. Braids and Shaves

A great style is truly unique. Look how awesome this style is when you combine platinum hair, a few braids and a small shave. The undercut isn’t a large piece either, so it’s not too dramatic.

11. A Style With Edge

A great style that is truly unique. The undercut isn’t a shave but just a short cut. It’s a unique style that anyone could rock.

12. A Celebrity Style

This gorgeous cut looks amazing on Kristen Stewart. This girl has learned how to rock a short style to perfection.

13. Platinum Styles

This is one truly edgy look for that badass girl out there. It’s a short undercut and we love the platinum edge to it.

14. Intricate Designs

Having a style etched into your hair is a great way to show off your new hairstyle.

15. With a Touch of Curl

We can’t get enough of this gorgeous undercut. The curls soften the whole look entirely.

16. Sexy Styles

We love this style that has long hair and a braid. The undercut looks truly amazing with it.

17. A Touch of Purple

If you like the mohawk look, then you are sure to love this curly style. The undercut looks amazing with the curls.

18. A Circular Style

There is some rhythm to this style. It’s circular around the head.

19. The Rainbow Style

If you love Rainbow Bright, then you are sure to love this bright and colorful style. The back undercut looks like a rainbow.

20. A Very Close Shave

Her style is pretty classic until she lifts her hair into a ponytail. The shave was quite close if you want something badass.

21. Sophisticated Style

If you are into more of a stylish hairstyle, then try out this edgy look. You don’t have to look like a rock star to have a great undercut.

22. A Choppy Style

This choppy style is great if you like the mohawk look. The undercut compliments it nicely.

23. A Designer Look

The back of your neck is a great opportunity to create a unique style. It’s beautiful and it can be showcased whenever you want.

24. A Sexy Ponytail

A simple style like this one is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a big change.

25. A Simple Style

If you want an undercut but don’t like the drama, the try out this classic look.

26. Sexy and Unique

If you are looking for a style that is unique and will turn heads, then this is the style for you.

27. Some Wavy Styles

A great style that you are sure to love because it’s truly unique.

28. Try Out a Brand New Style

If you are looking for a new style this year but don’t want to go overboard, then this is the style for you. The shave is not right to the head either.

29. Great Lines

What a stunning design that incorporates curls with some edgy designs shaved into the head.

30. Soft Pink Designs

This is a truly unique style and one that you are sure to love. The hair is smooth and stylish and then we see a peek-a-boo of an undercut.

31. Loving the Heart

A long hairstyle that is made even more gorgeous with a heart-shaped designed shaved into the side of the head.

32. A Strong Mohawk

If you love the mohawk, then you must try this undercut style with a very high and curly mohawk.

33. A Thin Undercut

This undercut is quite thin around the neck and it can be hidden by the hair once it’s left down.

34. Floral Designs

This girl has gorgeous long hair and she has a floral design etched into her undercut. It’s a gorgeous design all around.

35. Celebrity Shave

This classy celebrity decided to mix up her red carpet look with an undercut.

36. Bright White Style

This edgy style is gorgeous because of the color and the undercut. It’s a great style that anyone would love.

37. A Truly Rockstar Style

Obviously, a real rock star knows how to rock an undercut hairstyle. She has the combination of a mohawk and a side undercut.

38. Gorgeous Short Styles

This amazing style is all about the short hairstyle. She has added an undercut to it and the curls looks awesome with it.

39. Red Hair Styles

This stunning style is truly remarkable because of the design etched into the undercut. The color of the hair is beautiful with the design.

40. A Short Style

The style that we have here is quite short. The undercut goes around the head. It’s a dramatic style that you are sure to love.

41. Sexy Pony Styles

This is a great style and one that you can use whenever you want. If you want it hidden all you have to do is wear your hair down.

42. Hot Styles

You are sure to feel like a rockstar with bright hair like this. We also have the undercut in a rainbow fashion.

43. Striking Styles

A bowl haircut that is a very classic look. The undercut goes around the head. The hairstyle is very edgy if that’s how you want to bring in the New Year.

44. The Pixie Cut

A pixie cut that is truly amazing because it has the undercut with it.

45. Shocking Styles

This is a gorgeous style that you can wear to a rock concert or an office. We love it because it’s classy and edgy all at the same time.

46. Green-Eyed Monster

These pigtails are unique not only because they are bright green but also because the undercut is being showcased by it.

47. Great Green Styles

This amazing undercut is unique because the color looks like it’s painted on the undercut. The colors are incredible with the whole hairstyle.

48. A Full Shave

If you are looking for a bold look, then try out this undercut that goes all the way up. The very top is all that’s kept long.

49. Bright Red

A shockingly short undercut with a bright red shade that is truly gorgeous. If you are looking for a style that will really stand out, then this is the one for you.

50. Straight Lines

A great mohawk design with a wonderful undercut. The designs on the side are perfectly straight. The etchings are remarkable if you want something dramatic.

51. A Bold Look

What a gorgeous style that is long in the front and short in the back. The undercut is covered by most of the hair.

52. Colorful Designs

She has a style that she can showcase when her hair is in a ponytail. The undercut is colored in a way that really brightens up the whole look.

53. A Severe Style

This ponytail is quite severe and it’s made even more dramatic by the fact that the undercut is visible as well.

54. A Diagonal Line

A gorgeous style that is really amazing because it’s in a diagonal line. The one side is an undercut while the other side is a shorter style.

55. A Standard Undercut

This is a great undercut and it’s quite high in the back. The front is left long while the undercut goes around the head.

56. Just the Bangs

This is a very different look indeed because most of the style is shaved and only the bangs are left longer. You have to be truly bold to take on this look. It’s definitely not for everyone. Make sure that you are truly committed before attempting this style because it’s a lot more hair to grow back.

Also See:

57. Gorgeous Celebrity Looks

This is a beautiful style that is long all over except with a small portion of a side undercut. Undercuts always look beautiful with long hair. The waves are gorgeous with this hair and it’s unique. It’s got a lot of body to it which is a great look for any event.

58. Edgy Designs

A great medium length style that has the undercut on one side as well as some amazing designs etched on the side. We love the curls because they add volume to the look. The designs are the remarkable part of it. But it all works together.

59. Gorgeous Etched Designs

A very short bowl haircut has some colored dimensions to it. The undercut is also quite short and the etched design is truly artistic.

60. Pale Purple Style

A great purple design that has an undercut underneath. This style too has etched designs. We love the pale purple. It’s truly a cool design that is stylish as well.

61. White Hot Styles

This style is truly a bright one, practically as bright as the sun. We love the mohawk style with the close undercut around the head. It’s a close shave with an awesome mohawk on top.

62. Stained Glass Style

She has a great long hairstyle and she’s combined an undercut to it. It’s amazing because the design and colors resemble a stained glass window. We love the beautiful colors and it’s a different design that is original.

63. A Simple Undercut

An undercut doesn’t have to be edgy or dramatic. It can simply be sophisticated and stylish.

64. Triangle Designs

A great undercut style that is just left in the back. We love the triangle designs that are on the back. Having a design shaved into the back is truly unique. They are gorgeous.


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