79 Magical Unicorn Hairstyles That Will Transport You To Another World


If you are looking for something magical, something truly different from what you are used to, then unicorn hairstyles are right up your alley. This stunning look is not only super fun but beautiful as well. Unicorn hair is different and you might love it because you are also different and you like styles that really stand out.

You may wonder what the unicorn style is all about it. It’s very simple. It’s about color and brightness, quirkiness and yes sometimes there is even a horn involved. How can you be a unicorn without a horn after all? We love these styles and you will too. There are tons of different looks that will bring more color and fun into your life. Trust us, you will want to be a unicorn one day.

Check out these 79 Magical Unicorn Hairstyles That Will Transport You To Another World:

1. Unicorn Style

You can’t get much more magical than this look. We have a horn that truly does make you a unicorn and then all that glorious and colorful hair. There is just so much awesome to this picture.

unicorn hair

2. Bright Shades

Eeeek! If you are looking for a remarkable style, then you can’t go wrong with this stunning shade. It’s blue, it’s bright and we love it. It then spills into a shade of pink that is truly remarkable.

3. Pastel Shades

This style is beautiful because you get all the pastel colors together as one and we love it. It takes a lot of upkeep however to maintain a style like this one. These colors will fade quickly so you will have to keep the color up regularly.

4. So Many Choices

As you can see here, the sky is the limit for what you can achieve with the unicorn look. This style is breathtaking and if you love color, then you have come to the right place.

Tips: Not All Color Is Created Equal

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that different natural shades will react differently to color when you put it in your hair.  If you have light brown hair or blonde hair, then pastel colors will show up brilliantly and will show up just like they show in the pictures. But if you have dark hair whether it’s black or even dark brown, these colors won’t show up as well and they won’t look like the pictures. You will have to try darker colors that will show up. If you want the pastel shades or fashion colors, then you will need to bleach your hair first.

We always recommend going to a salon to try out styles like these ones because you can end up with a mess if you do it yourself and a mistake is made. Color correction is very expensive.

5. Soft Shades

These colors are so magical and pristine. In order to achieve a style like this one, you would have to be a platinum blonde or get to that point first. It would be well worth the effort however because it’s absolutely stunning.

6. The Process

The picture on the left is what it takes to get the color that you want. The picture on the right shows the completed process. We love how amazing this style is, it’s so beautiful.

7. From Light To Dark

Unicorn hair isn’t always pastel colors, sometimes it’s bright and neon colors as well. This style starts as blonde and it bleeds right into some bright, neon colors.

8. Hot Colors

If you love blue, then you are sure to love this color combination. We have blues and purples here together to create a one of a kind style.

9. Bright Bows

This is sure to be a style that turns heads wherever you go. The colors are bright and beautiful.

10. Soft Shades

A stunning shade that has some pretty colors to it. They are softer here and remind us more of the unicorn style.

11. Neon Shades

The bright blue shade here bleeds into an aqua green. These colors look like they belong from the sea.

12. Hot and Bright

These hot shades are neon and extraordinary.

13. Cool Shades

We love how this shade starts off blue and then turns into a white and purple. It’s a great color combination.

14. Bright Pink

The colors here are created in a diagonal fashion. The colors are bright and magical.

15. Pale Green

If you are looking for a pale shade, then why not try this cool green color.

16. Different Shades

There are so many different shades to choose from and the colors are all pretty amazing. You may have trouble picking just one. That’s the great thing about unicorn hair, you can have all the colors if you want.

17. Dark and Bright

A stunning style that has dark colors and bright colors all mixed in together.

18. Hair Horns

This unicorn horn is made from the hair itself. You could be a unicorn for a day if you want.

19. Hot Pink

If you are looking for a beautiful shade, then why not try a hot pink color.

20. Rainbow Shades

We love these colors and they are in a rainbow formation.

Tips: Deciding What Product To Use

Sure, you have to choose a color to try out but one thing you have to decide is what product to use. You can go to the salon and make the whole thing permanent but there are other methods as well that are less permanent as well. You can use chalk or cream and it all depends on how long you want it to last.

Chalks will brush out and wash out right away. As soon as you take a shower, the color will be gone. There are shampoos that will allow you to keep the color a little longer. There is some washout shades that will stay it until you have taken six or seven showers. Semi-permanent colors will allow you to keep the shade for close to a month, it all depends on the color. Of course, the other choice is to go permanent and you can keep the color for a long time until your next salon appointment.

21. Deep Greens

This is one style that starts off with the natural dark, stays dark for a little bit and then goes into a light salmon kind of color.

22. Bold Reds

Another dark shade that is truly remarkable and if you want to try red, then this would be a great color to try out.

23. Stunning Purple

If purple is your favorite color, then you are going to love this color. It’s darker at the root but overall, it’s truly a magical look.

24. Bright Rainbows

A stunning style that has so many rainbow colors all over it.

25. Darkness and Light

We love all these colors, the blues and greens together create a look that is truly beautiful.

26. Short Looks

This short look really showcases these pastel shades.

27. Sweet Styles

A great style like this is beautiful and unique, truly a one of a kind style.

28. Shimmering Colors

These colors are stunning and soft. If you want a style that is truly magical, then this is the look for you.

29. Light Shades

This is another magical shade because it’s so light and special. It’s a very light platinum look and the colors really change up the whole look.

30. Fushia Shades

If you are looking for one solid color, then why not try fushia out. It’s a gorgeous shade.

31. Bright Braids

Braids are the best thing that you can ever do for your color. They showcase colors, especially different ones, in the best way possible.

32. Blonde Shades

We call these blonde shades because they are so light that they might as well be blonde. But they’re not blonde, it’s still colored hair.

33. Stunning Colors

Whatever color combination that you can think up in your head can be created in a salon. As you can see here, there are a lot of creative things you can do with your color.

34. Bright and Beautiful

We see the rainbow shades again but this time they are pastel shades.

35. Bright Neon Shades

These colors are darker but no less beautiful. The color changes in stages.

36. Bold Shades

These stunning shades are really remarkable, we even see some orange in there.

37. Neon Purples

These neon shades are super special and they are sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

unicorn hair

38. Hot Styles

There are hot colors mixed with dark colors to create a style that is breathtaking, to say the least. we love all these beautiful shades and you are sure to get a ton of compliments from it.

39. Fading Shades

The color bleeds in and out in this style to create a truly unique style.

40. Soft Shading

These beautiful colors are soft and pretty.

41. Blue and Purple

A great color combination is this blue and purple shades.

42. Purple Highlights

A great style that has colors as just highlights.

43. Soft and Wonderful

There are so many beautiful colors that we see in this style and it’s a style that any woman would love.

44. Hot Shading

We see some glorious shades here starting off as a dark blue and then fading into beautiful, neon shades.

45. Pastel Love

This beautiful style has blondes and pastel colors mixed together.

46. Hot And Stunning

These are some pretty stunning shades here and they are sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

47. Soft Green

An amazing style that has some soft colors that come together to create something really pretty.

48. Soft and Pastel

This glamorous style has multiple shades in it and the shades are pastel.

49. Seafoam Green

This solid shade is gorgeous and it makes us think of mermaids and the ocean. It’s a stunning shade that you are sure to love.

50. Bright Curls

This gorgeous style is truly rockstar material. How could we not love such a stunning display of colors. We have cool shades and the curls really make all the colors pop in the most beautiful way. If you have curls like this, then you must try out this color combination.

51. Soft Blue

Another solid color, in this case, it’s a soft blue coloring.

52. Bright Colors

We love this color because it starts off as a mystery. It appears as if the pink is the only color until you lift the colors up and you see all the rainbow colors underneath. It’s a unique style and we love the peek-a-boo rainbow that is there underneath.

53. Unicorn Designs

We love the colors and we love the unicorn horn on top. These horns are usually in the form of a headband and they are really fun to use.

54. Brighter Looks

We love a style that is illuminating and this one takes the cake.

55. Soft and Sweet

These pale shades will need a lot of care. They will fade and you will need to book salon visits to keep the colors fresh.

56. Long and Pretty

The long style has some pastel colors that are truly beautiful and unique.

57. Hot and Neon

Another great style that has some beautiful, neon colors.

58. Soft Purples

A soft shade that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

59. Blue Styles

This is another style where the colors are so light that they could just be blonde. The colors, for the most part, are blue in nature and they are stunning.

60. Hot Shading

Another great style that has some beautiful bright colors.

61. Stunning Pink

The style starts off as grey and then it bleeds into a gorgeous pink shade. It’s so beautiful that we recommend trying this unicorn style right away. This is the kind of style that you should start a new year with.

62. Unicorn For A Day

Who wouldn’t want to be a unicorn with stunning shades likes these? They are stunning and well put together.

63. Gorgeous Colors

A great style like this has some pretty amazing colors to it. From top to bottom we have different shades that are really meant to draw the eye.

64. Bold Shades

These unicorn styles are pretty cool and they definitely are meant to make you feel like you live a magical life.

65. Green and Blue

Green and blues always look great together and this is a wonderful example.

66. Bold Choices

These hot colors are sure to bring you a ton of compliments wherever you go.

67. Pale Pink

This bubblegum pink color is truly one of a kind. If you want a cool shade to try out, then this is the one for you.

68. Ombre Shades

This cool shade is truly stunning. It is an ombre style that starts off blonde and goes into a bright, hot pink that is so eye-catching. It’s a gorgeous look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

69. Cool Pinks

Pink is definitely a popular color and this one is a special choice.

70. Hot Reds

This is the kind of red really makes you say, “wow.” It’s stunning and it really goes well with her amazing makeup. The whole package of this look is rather remarkable.

71. Glorious Color

There is a splash of color to this look that is truly beautiful. You can even keep some of your blonde hair with this unicorn look.

72. Before and After

Talk about an amazing before and after picture. We have a messy blonde style in the first picture and then in the second picture we have a brilliant array of color. It’s a pretty great makeover.

73. Bold Colors

This style looks like her hair has been dipped in paint. Most of the style stays blonde except for the tips. How could you not love the creativity of this hairstyle?

74. A Painted Horn

The horn here is once again made from hair and she has painted it likely with just hair chalk so that she could be a unicorn for a day. This coloring would wash out right away.

unicorn hair

75. Shaved Styles

If you are looking for an edgy look, you can’t go wrong with this style. It’s even kind of a heavy metal style. The sides have been shaved and the rest of the hair is tied up in a ponytail. The hair is colored purple to create the style.

76. Fading Shades

This is a great example of how much a color can fade if you aren’t maintaining it. The purple goes quite light and has that washed out look that isn’t as appealing the bright purple we see on the left.

77. Soft Shading

The colors here are soft and pretty and there aren’t a lot of them. It’s just a small touch of color that makes a look pop.

78. Bright Shades

We love these shades, especially the yellow. We don’t see a lot of yellow when it comes to unicorn hairstyles and the yellow is rather welcoming. The colors here are quite bright and beautiful. The colors will fade quickly so they will need some upkeep.

79. Magically Blue

We love this stunning style that starts off as a breathtaking blue and moves into other colors. It’s almost neon, and it’s one of the most magical colors here.


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