117 Breathtaking Waterfall Braid Ideas


If you are looking for a breathtaking braid to rock out this year, then this look is the one for you. This is just not any braided style; this look allows you to weave a diagonal, circular or horizontal plait through loose hair. The strands of your hair flow through the design and it makes it look like a waterfall. These are eye-catching styles that can literally blow your mind. These styles can be worn to formal events or just a casual day, the sky is the limit for what you can do.

Check out these 117 Breathtaking Waterfall Braid Ideas:

  1. Mesmerizing Styles

With a style like this, you can virtually turn everyone’s head wherever you go.


2. Curly Styles

the waterfall braids are less noticeable when it’s in curly hair, but it’s still a cool style.

3. Soft Styles

You can even achieve these braids with short hair.

4. Flower Styles

A great partial updo that has a flower as the centerpiece. It’s a gorgeous style.

5. Cascading Waves

A simple style that has a great braid flowing through.

6. Bold Braids

This is a special style and one that you are sure to love.

7. Bold Colors

If you want to create an actual waterfall in your hair, then you might want to try out these gorgeous colors in your hair.

8. Straight Styles

A simple style like this is made magnificent with waterfall braids.

9. Soft Waves

A soft style made with waves and a cool little braid.

10. Bright Styles

This style isn’t overly fancy, but it’s a style that you could still wear to a formal event.

11. Blonde Braids

This waterfall braid can be worn at the beach or even to a formal event.

12. Diagnonal Falls

These waterfalls are in the diagonal angle which gives a completely different look.

13. Wavy Looks

A great braid that flows through these beautiful waves.

14. Sweet Styles

These mesmerizing styles are unique because they fall in a diagonal line.

15. Loose Braids

These soft styles are created with loose braids. It really stands out and catches the eye.

16. Circular Styles

An amazing style that circles the head. You must try out one of these waterfall braids.

17. Small Braids

A simple braid that circles the head. It’s a great style that you are sure to love.

18. Cascading Braids

We love this awesome braid that goes from one side of the head to another. If you want an eye-catching style, then you just found it.

19. Side Styles

This is a thicker braid that falls loosely. It’s a gorgeous look that you are sure to love.

20. Falling Braids

These braids fall elegantly on the side of her head. The braids intersect together in a unique way.

21. Simple Braids

Even the simplest waterfall braids still give you an eye-catching style.

22. Fishtail Braids

A great style like this is created with fishtail braids.

23. Game of Thrones

Even popular TV shows like Game of Thrones have incorporated the waterfall braid into their style ideas.

24. Flowing Styles

One style is casual while the other is formal. The waterfall braid is a very versatile look.

25. Ponytail Styles

A great look like this is all you need to have a cool but casual style.

26. Bun Styles

This bun style could easily be used for a formal event.

27. Messy Bun

This bun style is a little less polished, but it still has the right look for a formal event.

28. Bold Blondes

A great style like this is romantic and gorgeous.

29. Ladder Styles

This waterfall braid looks like a ladder that you could climb. We love how the braid falls down the back of the head.

30. Bold Looks

A great look that has some stunning layers.

31. Creating The Braid

A look like this is truly beautiful and we can see how the braid is created.

32. Short Styles

Even with short hair, you can take advantage of the waterfall braid.

33. Side Styles

A unique style that has all the hair pulled off to the side and braided. It’s a very unique look that you are sure to love.

34. Bold Braided Designs

A long style like this is elegant and beautiful. These styles will always draw the eye.

35. Sweet Braids

A straight style that is polished and really put together.

36. Messy Waves

A sweet style that is loose and large. It’s a very different look that is one of a kind.

37. Diagonal Looks

A gorgeous look like this is truly eye-catching.

38. Different Styles

These are two very different styles, one is straight and the other is curly. You can see how different they look. Choose the one that’s best for your event.

39. Formal Looks

These three styles are breathtaking and they would be perfect for a wedding or another formal event. Pick the braid that suits your personality.

40. Simple Looks

A great look that is simple and casually strung together.

41. Braided Updos

A gorgeous updo like this is exactly what you need to create the best look that you can for a formal event.

42. Sweet and Stylish

Another cool look that is polished and woven elegantly.

43. Soft Waterfalls

This is just one of many designs that you can create with a waterfall braid.

44. Celebrity Styles

This actress may play a vampire, but she also has some stunning styles.

45. Bold Colors

These stunning purples and pinks really make these waterfall braids really stand out. If you want a bold new look, then you can’t go wrong with this waterfall braid.

46. Cool Partials

A fun style that is really pretty. This partial is created with the waterfall braid.

47. Gorgeous Ponytail

This eye-catching style is sure to make you the talk of any party that you go to.

48. Thin Braids

A thin and twisty braid creates a unique look.

49. Flat Braids

This flattened braid gives you a completely different look.

50. Cascading Braids

A great look like this is all you need to have a unique look. The braids just fall down as if it’s raining.

51. Simple Braiding

If you are looking for a more casual look, then this is the one for you.

52. Pretty and Soft

This long style has some soft and loose braids; it creates a very pretty look.

53. Gorgeous Curls

A unique look that you are sure to love for your next formal. This special style will have people talking all night long.

54. Kid’s Styles

Your child is sure to be a hit at the next birthday party with a style like this one. It’s complicated yet beautiful and your child is sure to love it.

55. Casual Styling

A great look like this is all you need for a fun and flirty style.

56. Side Buns

How could you not love this special updo? It’s a special because the waterfall braid goes around the head.

57. New Styles

Another great style like this one is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

58. Circular Looks

You are sure to feel like a Queen with a circular waterfall braid like this one. It’s a breathtaking look that anyone would love.

59. Fishtail Styles

This waterfall braid also has a fishtail braid with it.

60. Different Strands

There are many different ways of creating a waterfall braid. You can create different looks based on how many strands you use.

61. Beautiful Colors

The great thing about having different colors in your hair is that they look really cool when you braid your hair. We guarantee that you will have a hard time finding a braid as stunning and eye-catching as this one.

62. Goddess Styles

You won’t find a classier updo than this goddess style. If you have a formal event coming up, then this is the style for you.

63. Hot Styles

The braid pops in this photo because of the contrasting colors.

64. Sleek Styles

This gorgeous look really has strands that are pieced out. It doesn’t look like it’s even hair.

65. Tight Styles

Another waterfall braid that is cascading down the hair.

66. Bold Blue

A great style that has purple and blue together. These styles look incredible because of the contrasting shades.

67. Sweet and Small

These small braids look amazing with the large one.

68. Cool Designs

Another great look that is sure to brighten your day.

69. Ringlet Styles

This stunning look is filled with braids and ringlets.

70. Short Sides

This short style looks amazing with the braid.

71. Creative Braids

A stunning ponytail style that has a ton of different braids in it.

72. Swirling Styles

This waterfall braid is pulled into a swirling circle.

73. Cool Styling

A look like this is all you need to make your event perfect.

74. Crowning Glory

This crowning braid makes this bob style look very cool.

75. Layered Braids

Another gorgeous look that has a few layered braids around the head.

76. Thicker Braids

A thick braid like this makes for a cool and casual look.

77. Diagonal Styling

Another great style that is polished and pretty.

78. Stunning Styles

A cool look that is easy to put together.

79. Sideways Braid

A gorgeous braid that crosses the back of the head.

80. Intersecting Looks

A simple braid that goes around the head.

81. Swirling Styling

This unique braid is curving all over.

82. Cool and Pretty

A bold look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

83. Bold and Braided

A curly style like this is made unique by the waterfall braid.

84. Soft and Braided

This style would be great for prom or your next wedding.

85. Braided Crown

A stunning crown that is made up of two different types of braids.

86. Contrasting Looks

A long look with a very loose braid.

87. High Bun

A stunning waterfall braid crowns the head with a high bun.

88. Braided Designs

A gorgeous look that is truly unique and will draw the eye.

89. Casual Styling

This look could be causal, or it can be formal, either way, it’s beautiful.



90. Artwork Styles

If you want a hairstyle that is more like a work of art, then this is the style for you.

91. Straight Braids

A straight look with a cool braid.

92. Diagonally Styled

A simple style with a very cool braid.

93. Circle Braids

There are two braids here circling the style.

94. Glorious Styles

This short style looks truly amazing with the circular braid.

95. Bright Styles

A stunning braid that has some pretty bold colors.

96. One Simple Braid

This style would be great for the beach or your next pool party.

97. Pretty and Precious

Another style that you need to try out this year.

98. Cool Styling

This pink style is unique and gorgeous. We love the square design.

99. Pretty Falls

Another cool look that has a braid falling down the back.

100. Formal Designs

If you need a formal style, then this is an easy one to try.

101. Flower Styles

A special look that has some floral accessories.

102. Bold and Big

An amazing large braid that goes down one side of the head.

103. Shiny Vibes

Pretty waves mixed with braids.

104. Incredible Braids

A bold look like this has some amazing and loose braiding.

105. Tighter Braids

We can’t help but love a style that is tight and pulled together well.

106. Gorgeous Braid

The braid is in the front of the style which creates a very different look altogether.

107. Darkening Styles

The contrast between colors can really create a great look when you add braids.

108. Hot Braids

A great braid that is showcased on the top of the head.

109. Short and Wavy

An amazing short style that has a ton of waves and braids to it.

110. Loose Styles

It’s hard to tell there is even a braid here with all the curls.

111. Thin and Sweet

A simple look that is sweet and pretty.

112. Bold and Gorgeous

A stunning braided style that is elegant and classy.

113. Chandelier Styles

A circular braid that is formed into a flower. The little braids drop like little chandelier jewels.

114. Creative Braiding

We love when two different braids come together to create a completely beautiful style. It’s gorgeous and well pulled together.

115. Neon Shades

Braids always bring out the best when it comes to colors.

116. Gorgeous Levels

Another style that is gorgeous and creative.

117. Simple and Unique

All these styles are unique and pretty. This look is one that you can wear anywhere.


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