32 Gorgeous Hairstyles That You Can Create With Weaves


Weaves are a great way to add length and volume to your hair.  Weaves can be added to almost every type of hair imaginable.  What you might not know is that there are many different types of weaves.  Sections of synthetic or human hair can be bonded, braided, fused or sewn into your natural hair.  Do a bit of research and consult with your stylist before deciding which method is best for you.  A professional weave will look and perform like your own hair.  It can be styled, colored and cut just like your own hair.  Here are some of our favorite hairstyles that can be created with weaves:

wavy hairstyles

wavy hairstyles

wavy hairstyles

  1. Tousled Waves: Length like this can hard to achieve for most women, even with the healthiest hair. When you don’t want to wait years to grow the hair you want, borrow some! For a bonded weave, human hair extensions are sealed to tiny sections of your own hair close to the scalp.  Curl small sections of hair with a big barrel curling iron and comb through with your fingers for a sexy look.



2. Romantic Ringlets: Taylor Swift is known for her ever-changing style, especially her hair.  She loves to play with color and length.  Weaves are a great way to reinvent yourself from one day to the next. You can duplicate this look with sew-in weave.  After tightly braiding your own hair, a weft of synthetic or real hair is sewn into the braids, covering them in the process. This method allows you to easily cleanse and condition your natural hair close to the scalp.    After curling your weave, try Matrix Super Defrizzer Curl Gel to keep curls smooth and defined.



3. Bangin’ Bangs: Bangs can take forever to grow out, making them hard to commit to.  A sew-in weave is a great option to create bangs.  There are some benefits to adding a net to your sew-in. Sewing a net into the braids before adding hair keeps your hair under control and allows a bigger surface area to add hair. However, it does limit access to the hair as far as shampooing and moisturizing.  Discuss which option is best for you with your stylist.   Once your weave is completed, trim the front extensions to create the bang length you desire.  Add highlights for more drama.




4. Curls and More Curls:  Girls with fine hair may not think this look is possible for them.  But with a weave, you can have all the curls you dream off.  A fusion weave is an option to create this fun, curly ‘do.  With a fusion weave, hair is attached to thin sections of your own hair with wax. Fusions can be the most expensive way to go, but are worth the investment for a few reasons.  They last longer (anywhere between 2-4 months) and are often the least noticeable.


5. Special Occasion Sophistication: You might not be up for the time and money investment it takes to maintain a beautiful weave.  However, for those special occasions when you need your hair to speak volumes, a weave will help you to achieve the look you want. Especially for brides, weaves add length and volume that allow your stylist create any up-do imaginable.


6. Short & Sexy:  For some women, even short hair looks are hard to achieve due to excessively sparse hair.   Though hair extensions are usually sold in longer lengths, once incorporated into existing hair, they can be cut and styled just like your own hair.  To achieve this grown-out texturized pixie cut, try a product like Bumble and Bumble’s Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Crème.


7. Funky Bob:  Color-matched to perfection, this bonded weave allows her to go from a pixie to a playful bob in a day. A bonded or glued weave is a good option when you don’t plan to commit to a look more than 6-8 weeks, and when you are on a tighter budget.  Curled with soft waves, this look is young and fun.


8. Timeless Tendrils: To create a feminine evening look, the model added a weave to the back section of her head to give her dramatic curls. When adding this much addition hair, make sure that your weave is not too tight which can lead to hair loss in some women.  A well-executed weave will feel natural, comfortable and painless. A beaded headband or pins take this look from day to evening.  For beautiful curls that won’t budge, try Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl, Define & Hold Crème.


9. Long Layers: The beauty of weaves, is that they allow you to go to whatever lengths you desire.  Thick, long, healthy hair is hard to achieve for a lot of women.  Whether, braided, sewn or fused in, human hair extensions give you the versatility that long hair offers. Clip-in extensions are another great way to add volume. They are simple to use and cause minimal damage to your hair.  Here, long-layers are curled into face-framing spirals.


10. Punk Accents: For punky pops of color, weave in strands of varying colors.  Here, warm brown is brightened up with copper and blond accents.  For less of a commitment, you try POP’s Human Hair Color Strips Extensions in every shade from lavender to teal.  Shampoo, dry and style your hair as usual.  Before adding clip-in wefts, tease the roots gently to create a sturdy base for the clip to attach to. Use clips that contain hair similar in thickness and texture to your natural hair to create a seamless look.



11. Center-Parted Bob: You can add volume to beachy waves to recreate Michelle Pfieffer’s look with a weave.  Be sure to give your own hair a break between weave applications to maintain the healthy of your own hair and prevent loss. Highlights and low-lights give added dimension to this angled bob.  To get perfectly imperfect curls, try John Frieda’s Beach Blond Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray.


BERLIN - FEBRUARY 10: Actress Michelle Pfeiffer attends the premiere for 'Cheri' as part of the 59th Berlin Film Festival at the Berlinale Palast on February 10, 2009 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)


12. Diva Dimensions: Only a true queen can pull off lengths like this.  But when they are done right, they look amazing.  This sewn weave seamlessly blends with her natural hair.  With a side-part and curls, this is a regal look.  Using protein treatments like Aphogee’s 2-Step Treatment on sew-in day, wash days keeps your natural hair strong, healthy and less-prone to breakage.  You don’t want to be disappointed by damaged hair when you take your weave down.


13. Silk & Shine: Kelly Rowland always looks amazing, and this look is no exception.  This long, flowing weave is soft and sexy.  Weaves that cover the entire head should be touched up every 2-4 weeks to prevents frizz and loosening of the attached hair. Be sure to buy the best quality hair that you can afford that is as close to your natural hair as possible. Hair that is too shiny or perfect is a dead giveaway that you’re wearing a weave.  To get Kelly’s shine, try Salon Pro’s 30 Sec Oil-Free Weave Shining Spray.


weave hairstyles 1


14. Ombre Appeal: Weaves offer volume, length and color to your natural look.  Human hair extensions can be dyed and processed just like your own.  Synthetic hair can not be colored and attempts will lead to disastrous results.  Here, butterscotch tones are added to her ends for a sultry ombre effect.


weave hairstyles 3


15. Simple Elegance: Your weave often looks best when just left soft and flowing.  WIth a good blowout and a smoothing product like Andrew Walker’s Get It Straight Styling Crème. Maintaining this style takes more work than a simple spray and curl look, so think about how much time you can devote to your weave before choosing the type of hair you add.  It should also blend well with the texture of your own hair to ensure the most natural look possible.

weave hairstyles 5



16. Quirky Curls: This mid-length curly bob can be achieved with a braided or sewn weave.  To keep hair this bouncy from root to tip, it is important to condition the scalp daily and cleanse the hair frequently.  This keeps your scalp healthy and free of build-up and your style looking fresh. To wash a sewn weave, use a bottle with a nozzle tip to get the cleanser in between your braids. Rinse and repeat the process again.

weave hairstyles 6




17. Seductive Shag:  Kerry Washington’s grown-out shag frames her face and offers enough length to add curls. Visit your stylist to every 2-4 weeks to keep your weave looking its best. Before bed, touch up the ends of your hair with a restorative oil and wrap in a silk scarf.  This will keep your hair from tangling or frizzing while you sleep.

weave hairstyles 8


18. Caramel Tips:  To achieve this look, use a straightening iron from root to mid-way down the hair.  Starting half way down each section, twist the flat iron back away from the face to create subtle waves.  Lighten tips in copper tones to warm up your winter look.  Use color-safe conditioners and shampoos to get the most out of your hues.


weave hairstyles 9

19. Fairytale Fantasy: Creating a hair look by incorporating human hair extensions is all about seeing yourself in a new way.  Add braids and hair jewelry to looks of all lengths for the grown-up version of playing dress up. Forever 21’s Chain Head Piece makes you look and feel like the princess you are.

weave hairstyles 23


20. Prom Perfection:  Every prom queen wants to feel beautiful on her special night.  Adding human hair extensions give her the length and volume needed to create magical curls.  Match your extensions as closely as possible to the color and texture of your own hair for a goddess look no one would believe wasn’t all yours.


weave hairstyles 24


21. Love for Layers: Make the most of your weave.  Add movement and texture with layers.  After braiding and sewing in the weave, this cut was angled to perfection.  Layers create shape and give color extra dimension. 2014 Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award Winner Sexy Hair’s Get Layered will maintain your layers until your next shampoo.


weave hairstyles 25


22.Girl Next Door: Give your weave lots of TLC to keep it looking its best.  Drying your weave is just as important as washing and conditioning.  If you don’t fully dry the hair underneath your weave, mold can develop which leads to a not-so-pleasant odor. To prevent damage to the hair at the root, don’t over-style your weave, use quality products and watch your scalp for pulling, buildup or irritation.

weave hairstyles 26


23. Weave Your Weave: This tutorial shows you how to create a modern take on the ponytail from three sections of hair.  By braiding smaller pieces of hair around the center section and pinning, you have a polished pony that you can take to the office to girls night out. To keep this beautiful braid in place, use Aveda’s Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.

weave hairstyles 29


24. Trendy Tints:  Weaves allow you to add color to your adopted locks that might be too harsh or damaging for your own hair.  Gorgeous tones for fall include ashy grays, rosy pinks and bright coppers and golds. Protect your color with products designed specifically for color-treated hair. If possible, use virgin human hair. It will resist damage and maintain color longer.

weave hairstyles 32



25. Braided Crown: Braids are still on-trend right now and what a better way to show off all that hair with a crown.  Weave three sections of hair into a braid that moves left to right across the front, adding hair to each section as you go.  Pull the remaining hair into a loose ponytail and pin the braid underneath. Spray for all-day hold.

weave hairstyles 31


26. Bridal Bliss:  A bride’s hair is one of her most important “accessories” on her special day.  Adding hair can create a magical look that truly transforms her into a princess.  We recommend having at least two different trial runs with your favorite stylist to make sure you have the look you want on your wedding day.


weave hairstyles 30


27. Pinned Perfection:  Once your weave is in-place, you can create a multitude of styles with your additional tresses.  To recreate this Rapunzel side braid, start with clean, dry hair. Separate your hair into two sections at the base and top of your head. Pull the bottom section over to whichever side you prefer, twisting it forward and pinning at the nape of the neck.  Divide the top section into several smaller sections. Pull each small section over toward the larger pinned ponytail and roll the end into a tight pincurl. Pin each curl securely just above the top of the ponytail. Spray with a heavy hold spray like Sebastian’s Shaper Fierce.


weave hairstyles 35



28.Long Layers: The simple, most versatile way to wear a weave is in long, face-framing layers.  You can wear poker-straight, add big barrel curls, a side braid, or hair jewelry for a change.  Butterscotch highlights are subtle, yet give her color dimension and brightness. Conditioning your weave and the hair underneath is the most important step to maintaining your mane.  Comb a  heavy duty moisturizing conditioner on wash days gently through your hair from root tip.  Let it sit on the hair for a moment or two before rinsing. On a daily basis, condition braided hair at the root with a natural oil like olive or argan oil.


weave hairstyles 39


29. Renaissance Braids: For a more dramatic look, incorporate extensions that are already braided.  Braided extensions can be added quickly with clip-in pieces, or sewn in for a longer commitment.  Braids are still all over the runways and can be as simple as a single side-braid or an intricate partial up-do like this.  Scunci offers fun and easy clip-in braids for a one-time look.

weave hairstyles 42


30. Limitless Length:  A professionally applied weave can give you length you never thought possible.  But maintaining this much hair requires some care. Visit your stylist often to keep up with regular trims, conditioning treatments, and the best products available.  A beautiful weave is an investment that will look as good as the time and care you put into it.


weave hairstyles 41



31. Afro Beauty: You love the look of natural curls, but have never been able to grow your own more than a few inches.  You can give Mother Nature a boost with a full human hair afro curl weave.  Try Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Curl Extend Hair Pudding to moisturize and soften waves.


weave hairstyles 50


32. Choppy Bob: This elongated choppy bob is one of our favorite looks right now and Beyoncé wears is perfectly.  Blond Highlights contrasted with brown lowlights are everywhere this season.  They add warmth, highlight her face and make her eyes pop.  The best part about this color – you don’t have to run to the stylist when your roots come in.



weave hairstyles

Now that you are inspired by these looks, what do you need to achieve the most beautiful and healthy weave possible?

Start with choosing wisely. Choose hair that closely resembles your own for a more natural look.  Discuss the best weave method for you with your stylist.  Ask yourself how long you want it to last, how much time you have to devote to maintaining it, and what your budget is for hair and products.

A weave is a commitment of time, money and care.  Ask your stylist to recommend products that are natural, effective and designed for your hair type.  The highest quality hair won’t perform well if it’s not treated with the right products.

Cleanse and condition.  Follow your stylist’s instructions on the best way to cleanse and condition your hair. To keep it fresh, clean and beautiful, you need to care for your weave as you would you real hair.  Thick, voluminous hair can be yours if you’re ready to commit to a weave.  Now that you know how to care for your weave, go our and make one of these fabulous looks your own!









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