52 Classy Weave Ponytail Ideas You Are Sure to Love


If you are thinking of new things to do with your weave then why not simplify your life by incorporating a sexy ponytail into your life. Not only does it make your life easier but there are so many classy styles that will brighten your day.

The ponytail is one of those most practical hairstyles available to you. You can do anything from hit up a BBQ, to go workout at the gym or even run some errands. The ponytail allows you to do everything that you need to do. Ponytails are amazing because they can be polished and messy, it depends on what kind of style you are looking for. We have a bunch of different options for you to try out. Get inspired by these weave ponytails and change up your everyday style. There are new styles that you can try out and you never know; you may love your new style.

Check out these 52 Classy Weave Ponytail Ideas You Are Sure to Love:

  1. The High Pony

This ponytail is amazing! We love all the body it provides and the high ponytail is always a classy choice.

2. Braided Styles

A simple ponytail can be made different just by adding some braids.

3. Side Pony

A side pony is always a fun style that looks great curly or straight.

4. The High Top

This fun style is more of a bun than a pony, but we love it anyway. If you are looking for a cool style to go out with then, this is it.

5. Top Braid

You are sure to turn heads wherever you go with this weave ponytail. We love the braid on top.

6. Shiny Styles

We love all the shine that this weave has. A tight pony is perfect for any event.

7. A Cool Style

If you are heading out for a night out on the town, then this classy ponytail is exactly what you’re looking for.

8. Curly Styles

A gorgeous style that is going to make you feel amazing regardless of where you go.

9. Messy Ponytail

This messy ponytail will allow you to get anything done during the day.

10. Tons of Volume

If you are going to try any kind of weave then why not try out one that has tons of volume like this. It’s a stunning high ponytail that you are sure to love.

11. Stunning Braids

If you need something for an event this year or even for prom, then you must try this amazing ponytail. The top is a loose, thick braid while the rest is a loose pony.

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12. Backward Braid

This ponytail is off to the side so that it can show off the epic braid in the back. This is a gorgeous style that you must try out.

13. Smooth Styles

This gorgeous weave ponytail is super smooth and then it opens up into some serious curls.

14. Fashion Styles

This Gossip Girl knows how to have serious style when it comes to a red carpet event. We love this messy style, especially with the bangs.

15. Celebrity Style

It doesn’t matter what Kate Beckinsale does to her hair she always looks incredible. We do love this messy ponytail. You can rock this celebrity style to your next event.

16. Long Styles

This long ponytail weave is truly inspiring. We love the length as well as the cascading curls. It’s a style that you can wear to the office or to a gala.

17. Ponytail Styles

This is a cool ponytail style that you can try out for your next event. It’s a classy style that doesn’t need to be polished.

18. Combination Style

This awesome ponytail is a combination of a regular ponytail and a braid. We love this different style. You won’t find a more unique style than this one. People will be jealous of your style all night long.

19. Slick Styles

If you put your wet hair into a braid, you can create the amazing waves that you see in the second picture.

20. Bold Colors

Colored weaves are always fun to play around with. This stunning color is one for the books. We love high ponytails because the hair always looks like it’s falling all around it. Wow, the crowd with this amazing hairstyle.

21. Tight Styles

The weave is tight to the scalp, but then once again the high pony lets the rest of the hair loose. It’s a truly classy style. We would totally recommend it.

22. Red Styles

We are in love with this color! Stunning. It’s another example of how you can have a high ponytail for your next event.

23. High Styles

This ponytail is piled high on top of the head to create an amazing updo for your next event.

24. Super Curls

If you love tight curls, then this style is for you.

25. Tons of Hair

When you get a weave, you can choose any length of hair you want and we love all these bouncy curls.

26. Singing Style

Rihanna knows how to rock a seriously blonde weave. We love the shaved side.

27. Classy Style

Brandy took her ponytail to a red carpet event and looked amazing while doing it.

28. Sweet Styles

This is a pretty simple ponytail that can be worn anywhere.

29. Formal Styles

You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous style. If you are looking for a formal ponytail for your next event, then you must try this one.

30. Simple Styles

This is another example of a simple ponytail that can be worn casually or to an event.

31. Creative Designs

Sometimes you don’t want just any ponytail style. This is a creative design that you can totally rock out.

32. Sexy Styles

This is not only a really long ponytail, but it’s a pretty sexy style that you can use at any time.

33. Celebrity Styles

This actress looks amazing in this high ponytail that has braids incorporated into the style. This would be perfect for a formal event.

34. A Partial Pony

This is another style that only has a partial pony, but it’s such a pretty style that we had to add it. We love these simple looks because you can wear them anywhere.

35. High and Messy

This gorgeous style is really unique. It’s a messy style that you can wear on a lazy Sunday. We love how cute it is even though it’s messy.

36. Blonde and Beautiful

This is a classic style that is incredible because it starts off as smooth and then we see this gorgeous curls cascading around the style.

37. Sleek Styles

Beyonce looks amazing with this classy ponytail. It’s polished and elegant, perfect for a red carpet event.

38. Messy Styles

Another great example of a messy ponytail that you can wear to the beach or to a fancy event. These types of ponytails are very versatile.

39. Side Styles

A long ponytail that has plenty of volume as well as length. It’s a gorgeous style that you can wear with a gown.

40. Braided Styles

We love this high ponytail because it’s really unique. The braids on the scalp really complete the look and pull it all together.

41. Bold Designs

This is yet another beautiful weave ponytail that has a lot of body to it. You won’t find a prettier style like this one and it will make you feel like a princess.

42. Tight Styling

This stunning ponytail is really creative and this is a style that you can even wear to the office if you choose to.

43. A Beautiful Mess

This gorgeous ponytail is loose and messy. This is the type of style that you can wear anywhere that you want.

44. Vampire Styles

This vampire knows that she can wear a casual ponytail and she will still look amazing at any event that she goes to. This is a great example of a simple style.

45. Blonde Styles

This blonde weave is truly stylish and it’s the type of style that you can use for many different occasions.

46. High Creations

If you are looking for a ponytail that is sure to turn heads wherever you go then this is the style for you. There is a really unique braid on top that stands up high.

47. Curly Styling

There is a whole lot of hair to this style and we are loving all of it. This curly weave is a stunning example of what a lot of body can do for your hair.

48. A Touch of Wave

A simple style that is very classy. You can wear this style to an event and be the talk of the night.

49. Simple Ponytails

Another example of a simple style that would still look great for a formal event. These styles are truly unique.

50. Sexy Braids

This ponytail is very sexy mainly because it’s loose and then there is that incredible loose braid in the middle.

51. Tight Updos

This great updo looks awesome because of all those tight curls. This is a sexy and classy style.

52. Classy and Beautiful

Olivia is truly rocking this simple ponytail on the red carpet. It’s a low maintenance style that will still turn heads.


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